22 Best Trumpet Book Reviews 2021 (Best Books to Learn Trumpet)

Best Trumpet Book & Best Book to Learn Trumpet

Best Trumpet Book & Best Book to Learn Trumpet

The trumpet is a common wind instrument used by jazz or classical bands. Trumpets are also played in the orchestra. It is made from brass. The origin of trumpets dates back to 1500 BC. There are different types of trumpets, each identified by the keys, and the sound it produces.

Many years ago, people who desired to learn how to play the trumpet had to get formal music education from higher institutions. Things have changed. Now you can teach yourself how to play the trumpet by finding a trumpet guidebook to buy online.

These books have been written and published by professionals who have mastered how to blow the trumpet. There are so many advantages of using such trumpet books sold online. By studying these books, you can have access to a professional trumpet player who studied music and these instruments in the higher educational institutions.

What are the Best Trumpet Book to Buy?

2) Standard of Excellence Book

  • Music Theory & Practice Lessons
  • Easy To Use
  • Suitable for All Ages
  • Tips to Improve Fingering Techniques & Tonguing

1) Essential Elements 2000

  • Step By Step Guide
  • Large Collection of Songs
  • Comes with a CD-ROM which contains the MP3 songs
  • Interesting and Educative

3) Play Trumpet Today

  • Comprehensive Guide
  • Tips for Caring and Maintaining the Trumpet
  • Understanding How to Use the Fingering Chart
  • Instructional Videos

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What type of trumpet instructional books should you buy?

There are so many options online. However, your choice will depend on what you plan to accomplish through the lessons. In addition, your skill level will also determine the best trumpet instructional book for you. For example, some of the books sold online have been written for beginners.

Others have been simplified to make it easy for children to read understand and learn how to play the trumpet. You will also find trumpet instructional manuals online that have been written specifically for intermediate or advanced players.

Another point to note when buying these books online is the area covered by the lessons. For beginners, you may need a book that starts teaching you the basics such as the right posture to assume while blowing the trumpet, tonguing techniques, how to control your breathing and learning about the keys.

Some aspects of blowing the trumpet such as reading sheet music and the charts are also important. This means, if you do not have these skills, it is best to buy one of the instructional books that include the lessons.

Learning how to blow the trumpet independently is a gradual process. Some learning packages online also include DVDs to improve your studies.

We have found some good books online that can help you start learning and improving your techniques with the trumpet.

22 Best Trumpet Book Reviews

1) Essential Elements 2000

The lessons presented in this trumpet instructional guide have been structured to help beginners start their musical journey. Following the step by step guide, students who study this book will learn the notes, and keys which are essential to producing the best tones while playing the trumpet. The book is especially recommendable because users can learn at their own pace.

The lessons have been divided to help students understand music theory related to the trumpet. The simple lessons can also be comprehended by young children as from ten years who wish to learn and start practicing traditional trumpet techniques in a few weeks.

Intermediate players or others who may need to refresh their trumpet techniques can also use this book. The easy to comprehend instructions will guide students on the best techniques that can be used to produce the right notes. The author has also included a large collection of songs to help students practice with the trumpet after studying music theory topics covered in the content.

The package comes with a CD-ROM which contains the MP3 songs. Students will find songs from classical old-school music to new recordings that will make their practice sessions interesting and educative. It is a good book for students who wish to have a daily warm-up practice session before starting the main lessons.

2) Standard of Excellence Book

It is a good starter guide for students who want to learn how to play the trumpet. Everyone can independently learn how to play the trumpet by following the guidelines and instructions. The curriculum features a mixture of music theory and practice lessons for all users.

At the end of the study, students will learn about improvisation techniques with the trumpet, composition, playing the trumpet by ear, and tips to help them improve fingering techniques and tonguing.

The music theory aspects also include information about music history regarding the trumpet. It is a good book for students who plan to learn or improve their techniques in hopes of playing in jazz band ensembles or the orchestra.

Teachers will also find the instructions presented in this trumpet guide helpful when introducing the musical instrument to younger students. The practice sessions are basically about putting the music theory into use, by following the lessons students and other users of this instructional guide should not have problems.

These simple steps that help users to start playing songs are also encouraging especially for those users who have never played the trumpet before. It is easy to use and suitable for all ages of learners.

3) Play Trumpet Today

Everyone looking for a special instructional series to learn the basics about playing trumpets will be happy to have this book. The lessons have been created for beginners. It is a comprehensive guide with lessons arranged in a way that the users will not get confused during the course. With this trumpet learning guide, students will read about the best posture for playing trumpets.

In addition, there are tips for caring and maintaining the trumpet as well as how to position the mouthpiece. There are also tips to help students master the right breathing patterns to enable them to practice longer. Instructors will also find their jobs easier with this trumpet learning guide. Their students can learn the basics of reading music, understanding how to use the fingering chart, and getting the right rhythm during practice.

The song collection in this learning guide will interest young and older learners. The collection can serve as an engaging accompaniment to encourage users during their practice session. After students have studied the aspects of music theory, the direction of lessons in this book becomes quite practical.

At the end of each lesson there are exercises which include practice songs to help students become more confident while playing the trumpet. The package also includes a DVD which features instructional videos to help improve students practice sessions.

4) Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method for The Trumpet

It is one of the popular instructional guides to help students learn how to play the trumpet. The book features a curriculum that includes music theory and practical lessons. It, however, follows a more practical approach to learning how the trumpet is played. There are hundreds of practice lessons and exercises to help students improve their skills.

Students who study this book can learn tips and instructions to improve improvisation, tonguing methods, fingering techniques, articulation skills, and how to produce the correct tone while playing the trumpet. The author has created the exercises in this learning guide based on personal experience as a professional trumpet player.

The Arban approach to playing the trumpet is quite popular because of its unique features. While students can study the tips which cover music theory, they will find it easy to start playing songs quickly due to the learning structure in the book. It is also a good guide for intermediate learners who need to refresh their past skills and learn new tricks.

The Arban method is one of the oldest trumpet books, it was printed many years ago, and this explains why the print is quite small. However, it is still a good practical guide.

5) Accent on Achievement

The lessons in this trumpet learning guide can be used as a proper introduction for young learners who want to play ensembles in bands. There are so many tunes to keep the younger learners excited and engaged.

The author has also included brightly coloured pages in the book to hold the interest of students. From these lessons, students will learn how to read music, understand the chorales and scales while applying the twelve major and minor trumpet keys.

The lessons have also been prepared to feature tips and repetitive exercises to help the young learners remember the lessons. The music collection has been mixed because of the varying class of learners. Teachers and instructors can offer students the opportunity to choose their preferred songs during the practice sessions.

The author has thoughtfully created the lessons to progress from the easier topics to more complex aspects of playing the trumpet. This was done in a way that is not intimidating, so all learners can be encouraged to try different lessons after completing a level.

The print used in this trumpet guide has been made quite larger because of the younger learners who use the material. Overall, it is easy to use and offers beginner and intermediate learners a chance to become better at playing the trumpet.

6) Tradition of Excellence Book

The structure in which this trumpet instructional guide was created is aimed at encouraging students to start and finish the lessons without stress. Learning how to play the trumpet traditionally gives the students the confidence to apply and enhance their techniques over time.

Students are introduced to the trumpet and guided how to hold the musical instrument during play. Other lessons cover areas such as reading sheet music, learning about the scales and keys, as well as improvisation methods.

The practical lessons are presented in a format that encourages students to practice their techniques for a few hours every day. Everyone who wishes to belong to a band can find useful trumpet techniques which can make them invaluable members of bands due to their musical contribution.

Students who prefer to have a variety of practice options will find the contents in this trumpet guide helpful. The availability of options makes it easy to discover particular skills that can be improved over time.

Busy learners will also find the DVD helpful even when they have only a few hours to practice the lessons. The content also includes useful tips on how to care and maintain the trumpet to make it last longer.

7) First Book of Practical Studies

People who may have had some previous experience playing the trumpet will find these learning materials very helpful. It starts with a practical approach that can help the user refresh their skills and learn new tricks during practice. The lessons make it easy for the student to progress from one stage to another.

The first courses cover reading sheet music and understanding the scales. Students are also guided on how to use different methods that help them remember the notes. This makes the practice sessions even better. The book has a notably more direct approach than other similar trumpet guides; however, advanced learners may find the lessons too basic.

The author’s methods and presentation make it easy for students to focus and improve their techniques at the different levels of practice. The lessons also progress from the simplest lessons to more challenging topics to stimulate student’s creativity. It is also a good practice guide for people searching for a book with a large number of interesting etudes.

8) Accent On Achievement

The Accent of achievement offers students a proper start to learning the skills for band ensembles. The study areas that have been covered guide students through the basics and get them to start playing their favourite songs quickly. The instructional guide follows the American standards for music lessons. Students from grade five to eight will find the lessons in this book easy to comprehend and practice.

The author has also included a series of fun exercises that are engaging and encouraging. The book also features brightly coloured illustrations to guide students in areas such as fingering techniques, and the best positions to assume while playing the trumpet.

The book can be used by teachers in the classroom or private instructors. This is possible because the lessons make it easy for students to read the notes. Young learners eager to join and perform better in their band classes will also be encouraged by the content of this instructional guide. Older students may not need the guidance of teachers because the exercises are well arranged and comprehensive.

The mix of songs has also made this book unique. The author has selected classical and songs in other genres to ensure that all users of the book can find their preferences to play during practice sessions.

9) The Jazz Method for Trumpet

The learning transition introduced by this author will guide students and other learners from the lessons for beginners to intermediate lessons. The lessons begin with useful tips to guide students to understand how to create the first notes for jazz ensembles. Students are also taught simple methods of improvisation, playing by the ear, tips to help them benefit from listening sessions, and understanding the basics about scales.

The package also features a CD to aid practice with accompaniment. The CDs contain high-quality jazz recordings to improve listening sessions and for practice. There are also tips to help students read music. The lessons in this trumpet book can be used by older students who want to learn how to play the trumpet independently.

The scope of lessons covered in this book is quite vast. Intermediate learners who need to refresh some of their skills will also find useful tips in the book. The author has also added some premium improvisation recordings from notable jazz musicians to make the time spent using this material even more beneficial.

Instructors who need an engaging book that will keep students interested will be happy with this trumpet learning guide. The lessons are arranged in an order that makes it easy to progress from one stage to the other until students can confidently play their favourite songs.

10) Tradition of Excellence Book 2

The band methods introduced in the tradition of excellence is suitable for young and old learners. The content in these series include specially arranged lessons that cover the essentials of playing the trumpet. The fundamentals of playing the trumpet have been covered.

In addition, areas such as postural guidance while playing the musical instrument, learning the notes, and scales, as well as tonguing techniques, have been properly described in the lessons.

The practical exercises are quite interesting. Young children who use this book will find practical exercises engaging. The curriculum, however, covers mainly the basics, so intermediate or advanced learners may find the lessons too simple.

Everyone who enjoys practice sessions with the trumpet will be happy while using this book. The practical exercises feature a wide range of songs that are fun to play. The main aim of the lessons presented is to give students a first experience on improvisation and how to practically use the band methods.

The review methods added to the band lessons also make it easy for students to identify the reasons they may be missing notes and make the corrections. The easy to follow lessons make this book a favourite for all beginners.

11) Listen To My Trumpet

Using an illustrative book like this is a good way to introduce very young children to musical instruments such as the trumpet. In this illustrated book, the author describes the conversation between two characters – the elephant and a piggy.

Very young children will need an adult to perform the actions and make the sounds as the piggy tries to impress her friend by playing her new trumpet. It is fun and exciting, the trumpet sounds and the pictures illustrated in the book give the young audience an idea of the sounds produced by the trumpet.

In the book, little Miss Piggie is not really an expert trumpet player, but she carries on anyway. Her friend Gerald, the elephant, is forced to pretend she is making good music with her trumpet. In reality, piggie is not creating the best tones to make the music sound appealing.

The events help young children understand the importance of creating good music by learning the right methods first before proceeding to play the trumpet. While parents will need to help their children understand the story, older children may be able to use this book independently.

12) The Real Book for Beginning Elementary Band Students

The creative abilities of young elementary students who wish to join bands can be unleashed with books such as this copy. It has been designed to feature interesting looking illustrations that can stimulate the young minds. The book provides a basic foundation to expose students to the role of trumpeters in band ensembles.

With these lessons, students learn the right processes to play along jazz bands, gospel, or bands that play pop music. Apart from the practical approach used in this book, students will also get an opportunity to learn about music theory. The ability to read music will help them improve their chances of contributing to bands.

Teachers will find this book helpful while instructing younger learners. The illustrations in the book have been made bigger to enable the young learner’s view and understand what the scales and notes mean. Practice sessions will also be a fun time because of the collection of popular songs many young learners find interesting.

Longer practice sessions will make it easier for the students to remember the notes. Some teachers who like to give their students the chance to select their practice songs will be happy with the collection offered in this practical guide.

13) Standard of Excellence Enhanced Book

This is a good guide for young children who wish to learn how to play the trumpet in bands. The band methods introduced in this book provide information that can give the students confidence to learn and practice their techniques. Students are introduced to music theory and how to read sheet music.

In addition, the basic aspects of improvisation, playing the trumpet by ear, and tonguing techniques have been carefully explained in this instructional guide. The users of this book will also have access to recordings that feature some accompaniments to guide their studies.

It is a good book for beginners who want to learn the best band methods. The exercises make every student practice session fun. It also provides an easy way for older learners to teach themselves how to play the trumpet independently.

The arrangement of lessons in this guide makes it easy for the users to learn the techniques at their own pace. This practical approach supports the learning process of students who need to start playing songs with the trumpet quickly. It is a good book, easy to use and comprehensive.

14) The Beginning Band Fun Book

Children who are interested in joining bands can get started with this trumpet learning guide. The package includes the book and CDs which are sold separately. The content of this instructional guide has been simplified to help children as young as six years old achieve their dreams of playing the trumpet.

The lessons start with reading sheet music tips and exercises in this area. Then the students are introduced to articulation and the best tips to use when fingering. There are also guidelines that help all users understand the right posture to assume when playing the trumpet.

The exercises in this book last only for a few minutes; they are however engaging and directly cover essential areas in the music theory. It is a good book for teachers who need to show young band members how to play the trumpet in the schools.

Private instructors can also use this guide to teach students in their homes. The print in this trumpet guide is enlarged to make it easy for students to read. This is a good foundation for young children to start their journey as trumpet players in their favourite bands.

15) Big Book of Trumpet Songs

Many learners who have passed the stage of studying music theory for trumpets will find this book very helpful. It contains different nice songs that can improve practice sessions. There are also instrumentals that form good accompaniments to help learners test their techniques and find ways to improve.

The book is easy to use, even by beginners who are just getting ready to join the bands. The layout of this trumpet practice book makes it easy to find songs and start practicing. It is also a good book for learners who need simple warm-up exercises with their trumpets before the main practice session starts.

Teachers and instructors will find this book resourceful because of the different songs it contains. It can be used as a long-term reference to help students enjoy more productive practice sessions.

Using such a book for practice makes it easier for students to practice their breathing patterns, and develop more endurance and confidence while playing the trumpet. However, learners will need to get a good understanding of sheet music to get more value from this book.

16) Measures of Success

The concept presented in this trumpet band method book is focused on encouraging all users to start and finish the lessons. Some essential areas have been covered in the curriculum; they include music theory, learning the notes, understanding the scales, tips of the right breathing pattern while playing the trumpet and how to use the fingering charts. Older children may be able to learn and practice with this trumpet instructional guide independently.

However, younger children will need the guidance of instructors. The book is also suitable for use in classroom settings. Students can have their first experience playing the trumpet with accompaniment because the learning package includes a CD.

By following the lessons, students can experience better practice sessions. The structure of lessons in this trumpet book helps students to have a daily practice session which lasts for a few minutes depending on the available time.

At the end of each lesson, there are special exercises which can be used to measure the student’s success. From the author, students who can adequately perform all the exercises can proceed to start studying more advanced trumpet lessons.

17) Trumpet Lessons for Beginners

This is a comprehensive guide that presents trumpet lessons and exercises that can help students and others who want to learn how to play the trumpet independently. The basic lessons in this guide make it easy for people who have never played the trumpet before to learn. There are a collection of songs from different genres to encourage students.

The first lessons cover areas such as how to hold the trumpet and postural guidance. Students are also instructed on the right mouth piece placement while blowing the musical instrument.

In addition, the first notes are introduced, and students are provided with tips on how to read music and use the fingering charts. Other information such as tuning the trumpet and tips on how to maintain proper breathing rhythm while playing the trumpet have been included.

The author has improved the book by adding coloured pages of illustrations to help students understand the lessons. The exercises at the end of lessons are also essential to help students develop confidence while playing the trumpet. Some of the exercises are about practicing blues, pop, or jazz songs.

The package comes with DVDs which feature videos of professional trumpet players playing the tones and scales that have been explained in the book. Students also get an opportunity to improve their listening abilities by viewing the DVDs.

18) Essential Elements for Trumpet

The curriculum used in writing the Essential Elements for Band follow a simple structure to help young children in grade seven and above learn the essentials of playing trumpets in bands. The lessons cover areas for beginners such as how to hold the trumpet, the right posture and mouth placement, reading the fingering charts, and an introduction to the glossary for trumpeters.

Other aspects to support practical sessions such as articulation, improvisation, and playing the notes are also covered. The learning package is enhanced with CDs which contain recorded songs to help all users. The materials in this learning guide have been prepared and compiled by six professional trumpet players.

The book is in high demand, mainly because many schools require its use as a text in the music room. Teachers find it easy to encourage their students to continue their lessons because of the simple format used in the creation of the book.

In total, there are over fifty exercises to keep students engaged. The etudes have also been selected to cover different music genres. The simple lessons in this book can also help older adults understand the basics of playing trumpets.

19) The Yamaha Advantage

Every child has an opportunity to learn the best techniques by following the action-oriented instructions in this trumpet guide. The book can also be used by older learners. In the content, users can find instructions on how to start and blend in different ensembles as a trumpet player.

The lessons cover how to read sheet music and apply the notes while practicing with the trumpet. Users also have a chance to learn the basic skills needed to develop their embouchure even at a young age. The tips featured in this guide make it easy to master the right embouchure and avoid issues in the future.

The package comes with CDs which contain songs users can play along during practice. The author has also added features to make lessons engaging. Young learners will experience a thrill by playing their first songs within a few weeks after learning the music theory.

The lessons are easy to follow, and the exercises help students remember their notes and other tips provided in the book. By following the author’s instructions, children can develop their skills to join and contribute to their school bands.

20) Alfred Sound Innovations

The lessons in this learning package for trumpet players have been designed for beginners and intermediate learners. Following the guidelines, students can successfully develop their unique embouchure. This will allow the student to play longer tones and maintain a proper rhythm.

Further lessons introduce the students to the notes. Learning how to read music and using the fingering charts will help students understand the role of notes while playing the trumpet.

Learning how to play a few notes will give students the confidence to start playing songs, learning about their difficulties and making corrections to improve their skills.

The lessons in this book follow a pattern that helps students get a few minutes or an hour of practice every day. The book contains about forty-eight pages of instructions. The package comes with CDs and DVDs which help students improve their listening and practice session.

The CDs contain songs that students can play along. Overall, using this material will improve the student’s ability to read sheet music and produce better tones.

21) 101 Hit Songs

There are over one hundred and sixty pages in this practical guide. The author has compiled some of the best songs to provide multiple options for students who need more practice. The songs presented in this book have been drawn from different genres. Students who wish to play in bands or orchestras will find suitable songs in this practical guide.

It is also a good option for teachers who need a source of songs to encourage their students in the formal classroom setting. Using this practice manual, students will find songs to enable them to play the G notes or higher depending on the song they have chosen. It is a good starter book for students because the longer practice sessions will help them master their trumpet skills.

The copies of this trumpet practice guide have been written in the English language. For easy comprehension, the songs have been arranged in an order that makes it easy to search and find preferred songs.

Older students will be able to use this practice guide independently. However, instructors can mark pages for younger students who want to have more practice sessions. Overall, it is a good book for young beginners.

22) Essential Elements B Flat Trumpet Book

Taking it to the next level young children and other beginners can continue improving their trumpet playing techniques. This book introduces the b flat. The format used by the author in writing this instructional guide is simple and easy to comprehend.

Hence, young students can teach themselves the b flat scale while playing the trumpet or learn under the guidance of an instructor. The exercises are presented in an order that progresses from easy to more complex tasks.

However, there are properly presented instructions to cover the different aspects and provide the needed information for each exercise. The book also features a fingering chart to aid users who need to learn the notes and application while playing the trumpet.

The lessons in this book can also be structured as private lessons or group studies to teach more people. Starting the musical journey by learning this method makes it easier for learners to adapt and have more flexible skills as they learn advanced trumpet lessons. The book covers an impressive scope and is easy to use.

Choosing the Best Books to Learn Trumpet

Many trumpet books have been packaged in bundles which include CDs or DVDs. These additional learning materials make it easy for students to observe the music theory they have read in the books being practiced by professionals.

These packages, therefore, offer more value to beginners. It is also a good idea to find out if the authors have added external links to their websites or sound libraries. This means, after buying the book you have access to more practice songs since the online libraries accommodate more songs that CDs.

2) Standard of Excellence Book

  • Music Theory & Practice Lessons
  • Easy To Use
  • Suitable for All Ages
  • Tips to Improve Fingering Techniques & Tonguing

1) Essential Elements 2000

  • Step By Step Guide
  • Large Collection of Songs
  • Comes with a CD-ROM which contains the MP3 songs
  • Interesting and Educative

3) Play Trumpet Today

  • Comprehensive Guide
  • Tips for Caring and Maintaining the Trumpet
  • Understanding How to Use the Fingering Chart
  • Instructional Videos

If you are unsure about the best trumpet book to buy, it will be helpful to ask the school’s music teacher. They are in the best position to suggest a suitable learning guide for students of different ages. This way, you can avoid buying a book that may confuse or discourage your child. Overall, well structure trumpet books offer more value because they encourage students to progress to the next lessons with confidence.