7 Best Trumpet Lessons for Beginners Review 2021

Trumpet Lessons for Beginners

Trumpet Lessons for Beginners

The trumpet belongs to the brass family of musical instruments. Many years ago trumpets were used as signaling tools, over time, musicians and composers found ways to incorporate the trumpet into their ensembles. Trumpets are versatile musical instruments; you can find them being used in orchestras, musical bands, or during solo performances. Trumpets also complement songs from a wide range of music genres.

Blowing the trumpet requires a skill that can be learned online. The trumpet lessons for beginners, which are available to everyone online, now make it easy for students from all over the world to learn and play the trumpet. The lessons for beginners take into consideration that students participating in the program may have never played the trumpet before. For this reason, most online trumpet lessons for beginners start from scratch.

It is quite easy to choose a suitable online course for beginners to learn how to play the trumpet. For example, the courses offered online feature short descriptive texts that inform the potential students about the course and the areas that will be covered during the online lessons.

Some people can also make arrangements for private trumpet lessons. It is possible to find music teachers who are willing to offer this private service to new learners. In many cases, the students who choose private lessons are interested in becoming professional trumpet players. Others who want to learn for fun or to impress friends and family will find all they need in the standard trumpet courses for beginners.

There are many steps to playing the trumpet. The multiple procedures make it necessary for music teachers to break down the online trumpet lessons into short and simple lessons. This is mostly the format used for all trumpet lessons at the basic level.

Learning how to play the trumpet gives you an edge as a musician. The pitch delivered by this musical instrument adds a unique sound to improve songs or musical performances. The trumpet can also be played along with other musical instruments such as the flute, guitars, and drums, which makes it easier for a trumpeter to make it into a band or the orchestra. Learning how to professionally play trumpets as a solo performer also opens up opportunities to compose your songs and make a name in the music industry.

The following trumpet lessons for beginners offer remarkable opportunities to learn everything about the musical instrument.

7 Best Trumpet Lessons for Beginners Review

1) Artistworks: Trumpet lessons for beginners with David Bilger

artistworks Lessons for Beginners

This learning program has been packaged by a professional trumpet player whose aim is to help more students learn the classical trumpet. During the course, students will be guided on how to create their first tunes for classical ensembles through a course that combines music theory and exercises.

The lessons have been coordinated in a way to allow busy people find time to participate. After an introduction to the trumpet, the students will be taught lessons that cover aspects such as learning about intonation, rhythm, the concept of buzzing and improving sounds during practice.

There are tips available to all students during this program. These guidelines help students understand how to hold the trumpet, and the right standing posture needed for effective practice. During this course, students will also participate in breathing exercises which help increase endurance while working the muscles needed to blow the trumpet.

There are also segmented lessons which are focused on helping students who want to develop their solo repertoire achieve this goal. The format used in creating this beginners course will help the new learners develop an approach of consistency in practicing the lessons even after completing the course.

The lessons in this course are presented as video files. They have been premade, and feature the music teacher showing students how to play the trumpet and explanations about the different concepts. During this course, students are also permitted to upload their practice videos for an assessment by the music teacher.

David Bilger, a music teacher, and performer is the coordinator of this course. Bilger has prominently been playing his trumpet with the Dallas Symphony, the Houston and Oakland Symphony, and the Philadelphia Orchestra. His goal while creating these trumpet lessons for beginners is to help all students attain a practical knowledge of the trumpet fundamentals at the basic level.


2) Udemy: Learn to play the trumpet- Lessons for beginners

udemy-course-1 Trumpet Lessons for Beginners

This online course for beginners is suitable for everyone who is searching for a course that highlights the necessary trumpet fundamentals.

During this course, students will learn how to assemble and care for the trumpet, the proper way to hold the musical instrument, how to stand while blowing trumpets, and breathing exercises. There are also lessons that teach students how to develop embouchure, and the basic approach to improvisation.

The music theory taught in this course will help students understand how to interpret music intonation, and all about the scales, notes, and rhythm. There are dozens of tips in this course to help beginners recognize the different notes and how they can be used to play their favorite tunes.

The course, which features over one hundred instructional videos, helps everyone who is passionate about the trumpet understand the processes that can help them become professional trumpeters. The instructors have also provided sheet music and other downloadable learning materials students can use to improve their skills.

During the program, each student is encouraged to participate in the different exercises aimed at helping them adopt a practically oriented approach necessary to improve their techniques. At the end of the course, all participants are expected to be confident trumpeters who can play basic tunes independently.

The music teacher for this beginner’s course is John Holt. He is a music professor and a professional trumpeter. Throughout John’s career, he has played in trumpet as a solo performer and in the orchestra. John has recorded seven solo CDs for the trumpet, and he has played for notable composers such as Carlo Maria Giulini, James Conlon, Kleiber, and Riccordo Chailly among others.

3) Udemy: Trumpet lessons for beginners

udemy-course-2 Trumpet Lessons for Beginners

Students searching online for trumpet lessons that last for only thirty minutes every week will find this course useful. These trumpet lessons for beginners include a combination of music theory and exercises. Students have a chance to learn the basic concepts behind playing the trumpet for different songs.

During this online learning program, each participant will undergo special training exercises focused on giving them an idea of what is required to play the trumpet in the lead role. The course will also be helpful for all students who plan to further their training and become professional trumpeters.

The lessons in this trumpet course for beginners start with an introduction to the program. Students will also take lessons that teach concepts such as applying the notes, understanding the concept melody, harmony and rhythm, and all about the trumpet chords.

After taking lessons on music theory, students can start the practical exercises. The lessons in this course have been simplified to make it easy for new learners to master the right trumpet techniques. As part of the training program, students are taught the best methods of switching roles from the lead to playing as accompaniment.

These trumpet lessons are presented as high-quality videos to help students understand the concepts. By studying the videos, students can observe the techniques applied by the music instructor for each part of the course. To make it easy for beginners, the music teacher has created lessons to cover each aspect of the course.

This trumpet course has been created by Steve Dyte. He is an experienced music teacher and professional trumpeter. Steve has been featured in many musical presentations on radio, TV, and live performances on the stage. The lessons Steve has compiled for this course are aimed at helping students become confident and acquire the trumpet techniques that can be passed on to others.

4) Udemy: Trumpet lessons for beginners

udemy-course-3 Trumpet Lessons for Beginners

Everyone who needs practice-oriented trumpet lessons will find this online course helpful. The music teacher breaks down concepts such as using the chords, breathing patterns, and the hand positions to give students a clear idea of how they can improve their techniques while practicing with the trumpet.

Each lesson covers a core area of the course. This makes it easier for students to start and complete the program without missing vital knowledge regarding playing trumpets.

In total, students will take twenty-four lectures for this course. They cover fundamental areas such as tonguing techniques, buzzing with the mouthpiece, how to apply the scales, and notes to create the right tunes, and understanding how to use basic fingering methods to achieve high and low notes.

Every student who takes this course will also learn the right fingering techniques to play the staccato, legato, and vibrato with the trumpet. There are also tips to help students understand how they can play the trills during performances with the trumpet.

Each lesson is presented as a video file which features the music teacher demonstrating the right techniques in a way that students can play along while watching. The music teacher has also added PDF files which can be downloaded by every student taking this course. The PDF files will be helpful during future trumpet practice sessions.

This course provides all students an opportunity to learn from Danny Carney, a professional trumpeter and music teacher. Danny started playing the trumpet at the age of ten. Over the years, he has become a notable instrumentalist and teacher. Danny has created this practical course to help students who need a fast approach to learn how to blow the trumpet without making common mistakes.

5) Etrumpetlessons.com: Trumpet lessons for beginners

etrumpetlessons Trumpet Lessons for Beginners

For a course that offers a learning structure and opportunity to monitor progress, everyone interested in playing the trumpet stands to gain remarkably. The concepts for playing trumpets have been simplified in this course. All students taking this course can learn at their own pace without any problems.

Students who have registered for this course get a chance to learn using the free lessons offered by the teacher. The lessons help to prepare the students for the course and also reveal some common terminology they need to know as beginners.

The lessons start from the trumpet fundamentals. This approach makes it easy for students who may not have an idea of the first important lessons they should take. The first lessons focus on teaching students music theory, they learn about the notes, scales, rhythm, and melody. Also, students are taught how to breathe while playing the trumpet.

There are also tips and helpful guidelines to teach students how to improve their embouchure and the methods of playing the trumpet in the leading role or as a supportive band member. Each lesson is backed by practical exercises to help students apply the knowledge they have acquired.

This course is suitable for young and older students. The video lessons offered in the course are of high-quality, which makes it possible for everyone to understand the music teacher’s lessons. Students also have a chance to learn about sheet music and how it can be used to improve their techniques.

This course is coordinated by Brett Manges; he has extensive experience playing the trumpet in orchestras and bands. Brett has created this course with the aim of giving young people a chance to learn and become trumpeters. He started playing trumpets at the age of eleven, and this course gives everyone a chance to begin, regardless of their age.

6) Trumpet lessons online: Trumpet lessons for beginners

trumpetlessonsonline Lessons for Beginners

In this course, students are presented with a learning program created to give an expert training experience. This course prepares beginners to accomplish more even after completing the program. At the end of this course, students will have the basic knowledge of playing trumpets which can get them slots in music schools, auditions, or to impress friends and family.

The course is for people who are yet to have their first experience with the trumpet. Students are first introduced to the trumpet, its parts, assembly, how to hold the trumpet and other postural guidance tips for beginners.

Through the lessons, all participants in this course can understand the notes, chords, and how to create a strong embouchure as beginners. There are also helpful tips to guide students on how the trumpet can be used for improvisation. After each lesson, the students are presented with practical exercises to help them develop their skills.

At the end of this course, all participants are expected to understand the tonguing and fingering methods and how to blow the trumpet to produce the right notes. After studying the video lessons, it will be easy for the students to practice and have productive sessions with the trumpet. The lessons have been structured to make it easy for both young and older students to participate and get value from the course.

These trumpet lessons for beginners have been arranged by an experienced trumpeter and music teacher named Bruce Chidester. Bruce has been playing the trumpet for over thirty years. Before setting up this private teaching program for the trumpet, Bruce was part of the team of music teachers at the University of Northern Iowa. He applies new teaching methods to ensure all students who take this course understand the concepts and can easily handle the practical exercise.

7) Mysterytomastery.com: Trumpet lessons for beginners

mysterytomastery Lessons for Beginners

Everyone interested in free trumpet lessons for beginners can have a look at this online music course. It offers students and others a chance to learn how to play the trumpet from scratch starting with a seven-day free trial. The lessons are structured to make it easy for all students taking the course to start and complete it successfully.

During this course, students will be taught fundamental trumpet techniques to help them avoid common mistakes beginners make while learning. The step by step process used by the music teacher helps students to understand the different concepts and how they can be applied during practical training sessions.

The lessons for this beginner’s course cover areas such as an introduction to the musical instrument to help students decide the style they will like to learn. Everyone who takes this course will also learn the right breathing patterns, fingering and tonguing methods needed to get the right notes. The learning approach for this course helps students develop a routine which will help them practice more and get better at playing the trumpet.

This beginner’s course is presented as video lessons and downloadable files to help students gain more knowledge about playing trumpets. There are about thirty hours of videos in this learning package. However, students can make plans to take each lesson at a convenient time. With this approach, the participants in this course can ensure they have completely mastered a lesson before moving on to the next.

Greg Spence, the creator of this trumpet course for beginners, has the vision to help everyone globally get a chance to learn and master professional trumpet techniques. His methods are simple and easy to follow during the course. Greg offers a lengthy free trial period to enable students to decide if the program is best for them. Greg has written eBooks and method books for the trumpet and a university degree.

Choosing the Best Trumpet Lessons for Beginners

Before choosing an online trumpet course for beginners, it is essential to confirm that the lessons have been presented in a format you can use easily. For example, some students learn better by studying video lessons. Others prefer listening to audio files or reading PDF. However, not all beginners’ trumpet lessons offer these options. It also helps to register for trumpet lessons online during which students have direct access to the music teacher.

You can also save your money by determining the type of course you want and how it meets your needs. For example, some students only wish to learn how to play the trumpet for fun. Others are interested in becoming professionals who can take on lead roles as trumpeters. The basic lessons are not very expensive; however, the in-depth courses for potential professional trumpeters cost more. The knowledge from the more elaborate courses gives you the foundation and knowledge to take the more advanced courses.