All About Sawtooth Guitars

All About Sawtooth Guitars
All About Sawtooth Guitars

The guitar has been a popular instrument throughout music history. Its portability and versatility put it at the top of the list of all musical instruments.

From pop music to rock, it can play just about every music genre and perfectly complements other instruments as well, making it one of the most versatile instruments.

With that out of the way, it is important to purchase a guitar from a well-reputed company. If you have done some research, you’d know that the guitar market has never been more competitive.

However, only a few companies have managed to retain their position in the industry. Sawtooth World is one of them.

Based in California, USA, Sawtooth World is a renowned company that manufactures exquisite guitars and other accessories, such as guitar amps.

The company has been around for a long time and has established itself as one of the leaders in the guitar industry.

No doubt, guitars manufactured by Sawtooth World are reliable and well-constructed. However, it is crucial to have complete knowledge about the guitars before purchasing one.

Which guitars does the company manufacture, and how are they designed? Do they offer value for money? And most importantly, how do they sound? In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Sawtooth guitars.

All About Sawtooth Guitars

Sawtooth World is best known for its electric guitars. Let’s take a closer look at Sawtooth electric guitars and see how they differ from other brands.

Sawtooth Guitars

For starters, the Sawtooth electric guitars feature relatively smaller bodies. They have thinner strings and necks and are more flexible than their acoustic counterparts.

These lightweight electric guitars are easier to travel with, and you can take them anywhere whenever the inspiration strikes.


As far as the construction is concerned, the Sawtooth electric guitars tend to be relatively lighter than other guitars. As mentioned earlier, they have lighter strings, making them a bit easier on your fingers.

If you are into aggressive music, consider choosing a Sawtooth electric guitar. Thanks to light strings, you can pluck the strings aggressively without hurting your fingers.

The Sawtooth electric guitars come with a C-shaped guitar to ensure easy playability. It features 22 medium jumbo frets with dot position for the best playability.

They have the right width and height and are not as big as jumbo frets. This makes them easy to bend, and you can easily get under the strings.

Sawtooth World has a history of manufacturing highly durable guitars, and its electric guitars are no exception. From neck to head, everything is constructed meticulously with premium quality materials.

Its fingerboard is made of maple, which not only gives it an attractive look but also improves its durability.

Sawtooth Maple Neck

Of course, the fingerboard is one of the most important components of a guitar, and its material directly impacts a guitar’s tone and feel.

Thanks to its superior maple construction, the Sawtooth electric guitar has a premium look and is easy to clean.

Sounds and Tones

It goes without saying that tonal quality is the most important aspect of any guitar. The Sawtooth electric guitar has a bright tone, and musicians are all for it. It is highly versatile, and you can use it to play many genres.

All in all, you can rest assured that there won’t be any compromises on the tonal quality of the guitar.

Having said that, it is pertinent to mention that, like most electric guitars, the Sawtooth electric guitars may not produce tones at higher volumes.

So, if you are a playing professional, you may need a guitar amp. It is a tool that strengthens your guitar signals, so you can use it to amplify your guitar signals when performing at gigs.


The kit includes a 10-watt amp, which is portable yet powerful enough to perform on stages. It has a user-friendly layout, and the knobs have been positioned well for your convenience.

It packs lots of innovative features and can amplify the signals without showing any signs of distortion.

As a cherry on the cake, the amp is super compact, and carrying it around won’t be a problem for you. So, if you are a professional player and travel a lot, this amp would be a great travel companion.

The Offerings

The best thing about Sawtooth World is that it includes all the necessary accessories in the package. The accessories include an assorted pack of picks, a strap, a clip-on digital tuner, a ten-foot cable, and a stand to keep everything in place.

Apart from that, you also get a vinyl gig bag to store the guitar and its components when not in use.

Sawtooth ES Series Bundle

The Sawtooth ES series bundle is another great kit offered by Sawtooth. It has been priced reasonably and offers tons of value for money.

The thing that sets it apart from the other bundles is its aesthetic design. It has been designed exceptionally well, and you get lots of color options to choose from. Furthermore, the painted headstocks also add to its charm.

Sawtooth ES Series

Another distinctive feature of the Sawtooth ES series bundle is that its guitars have sycamore bodies and three single-coil pickups.

Like most other offerings, Sawtooth World offers many useful accessories with the package. And yes, you also get a bag to store the guitar and its accessories.

Sawtooth Acoustic Guitar Bundle

Sawtooth guitars have a wide lineup that covers all guitar types, be it acoustic to electric. The best selling point of the acoustic guitar bundle is its affordable price.

If you are low on the budget and are not willing to spend much, the Sawtooth acoustic guitar bundle is the perfect choice for you. It has all the features and offers a great playing experience.


The Sawtooth acoustic guitar bundle has a dreadnought shape, which happens to be relatively larger than other guitar shapes. Expectedly then, it weighs more too, which could be a problem for people with back problems.


The bridge of the Sawtooth acoustic guitar bundle is made of laminated wood. It looks great and also amplifies the guitar’s bass response. In addition, the saddle and nut of the guitar are made from a compensated synthetic plastic.


In terms of sound performance, the Sawtooth acoustic guitar bundle produces a warm and beefy tone. It has a larger soundhole and is capable of producing tones at higher volumes.

All in all, the Sawtooth acoustic guitar bundle has powerful sound output.

Sawtooth ST-AMP-10 Guitar Amp

As its name suggests, the Sawtooth ST AMP-10 has 10-watt power output. It is also manufactured by Sawtooth and perfectly complements the acoustic guitar bundle.

  • 10-watt Amp

The Sawtooth ST AMP-10 offers a wide range of tones in a compact size. It is designed for gig performances, so if you use it in your studio, it is recommended to use headphones.

  • Sound

The Sawtooth ST AMP-10 does well what it is supposed to do, i.e., amplify the signals. It has a great sound quality, and you can play at high volume without getting distortion.

However, you may face the clipping issue if you keep overdriving it beyond its capacity.


Sawtooth World is a well-known guitar manufacturing company. In this article, we have discussed different offerings by Sawtooth World. Its guitars sound great and are built with premium quality materials for improved durability.

The amps also have an impressive sound quality, and you can use them to enhance your guitar’s playability.

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