All About Sawtooth Guitars

All About Sawtooth Guitars
All About Sawtooth Guitars

The Sawtooth World has managed to provide top-notch musical instruments in the past. Be it the ukulele or acoustic guitars, amps or drums, harmonicas to cajons, and keyboards or violins, they have added everything for their guitar enthusiasts. If you are a Sawtooth enthusiast, we have added multiple products. These are the most popular products designed and offered by Sawtooth World. So let’s start!

All About Sawtooth Guitars

If you have been looking for the sawtooth electric guitar, this kit will make a perfect option as there is an electric guitar along with multiple accessories. The accessories include an assorted pack of picks, strap, clip-on digital tuner, a ten-foot cable, and a stand to keep everything placed effectively. In addition, there is a lined vinyl gig bag in the package for users to keep everything protected.

This kit has been designed for the beginners who have enthusiasm for electric guitars. Be it the price range of quality, everything is unmatched about this kit. The fit and finish of the kit are exceptional. If you talk about the guitar, it has a basswood body that is available in different finishing and color choices.


The neck of the electric guitar is designed in a C-shape to ensure ease of playing. There are 22 medium jumbo frets with dot position inlays aimed at teaching the playing while the entire fingerboard is made of maple to ensure durability. There is an asynchronous tremolo bridge in the instrument along with two-tone controls, master volume control, five-way selector switch, and three single-coil pickups. This kit is designed for right-hand users and weighs only twenty pounds.

Sounds and Tones

This kit has been designed to be versatile and the output is a solid and rich tone. The tones are designed to implicated with multiple music styles. Each instrument is designed to offer a stylish, classic, and sleek look while ensuring zero compromises on the sound. However, there is the ease of play. There are top-notch truss rod covers, chromed finished tuners, along with knobs and nuts. In addition, there are three-ply pickguards in the design which are added to optimize the playing experience.


This kit has 10-watt amp which is pretty small in size but the performance is exceptional and you will be able to create high-quality sound. In addition, there are optimal volume levels designed according to the size of the guitar. At the exterior, there is a vinyl gig case that is padded while the size has been made compact which makes everything easy to carry around.

The Offerings

This kit has everything that a beginner needs and the quality has been cranked up to ensure professional players have no issues either. For the price it is offered, the value is amazing and to be honest, you won’t find anything better than this in this price range.

Sawtooth ES Series Bundle

This is another kit designed by Sawtooth topped with convenience and is priced pretty reasonably. There are color options available to choose from. The headstocks have been painted to pose an effective, stylish, and high-quality outlook. These guitars have sycamore bodies and three single-coil pickups have been added.

Also, there are maple necks associated with functional hardware. Many people consider the hardware to be basic but as long as it’s functional, one cannot complain, right?  If you are a beginner trying your luck on acoustic guitars, this kit series is great to start with. There are accessories in the kit to help ensure effective playing experience. To keep all the accessories and extra, the gig bag comes in a kit and everything is readily available.

Sawtooth Acoustic Guitar Bundle

This is the most reasonably priced guitar designed by Sawtooth and if you have the enthusiasm to learn, this bundle with a guitar will be an apt choice. The additional features of the guitar bundle have been added in the section below;


This bundle is designed with a dreadnought shape as it commonly used in the guitar world. These bodies are designed to offer effective bass and a huge power scale. This is the main reason people are so happy about the dreadnought’s presence on the guitar. As a beginner, you will like the addition to high bass response. People are calling it bulky but to be honest, it is pretty easy to adjust to.

The guitar’s top is made from spruce wood as it is durable. The lamination has been designed to ensure zero hindrance in the resonation of wood between mid and high tones. This is possible by dulling the sound of the lamination. To add to the outlook, mahogany sides and back have been added. These laminations and sides are ensuring the sturdiness and durability of the guitar.

The neck of the guitar has been designed with mahogany with the optimized arrangement of tonewoods. However, the fretboard is the most important part as it designed with smooth rosewood.


The guitar’s bridge is designed with laminated rosewood which poses a very nice image. This bridge also amplifies the bass response. Yes, it will enhance the already enhanced and powerful bass. In addition, the saddle and nut of the guitar are made from compensated synthetic plastic which has enhanced the harmonics. The harmonics might be enhanced but you will be able to keep the buzz at the lowest. However, the overall design is made from chrome!


For the price it is offered at, the sound produced is pleasant yet is pretty powerful. There is a dreadnought body protection that is responsible for the sound. This is because it has enhanced bass response and in some cases, people were able to create booming sound. However, the booming sounds can be prevented by keeping the enthusiasm in check.

The mid-tones can be created if the higher tones are played perfectly. The sounds created are designed for beginners because professionals find it unsatisfactory. Overall, the feel of the sound is powerful and vibrant to ensure optimal sound output.

Sawtooth ST-AMP-10 Guitar Amp

This is a highly affordable amp with a 10-watt size. As a beginner, you can effectively use this bundle to ensure learning. The additional details of this masterpiece have been added in the section below;

10-watt Amp

This amp has been designed a three-band EQ which is pretty effective. However, to use this bundle, you need to use headphones for effective music production. The back design is designed in the enclosed configuration which is responsible for enhancing the bass to overcome the challenges that are usually associated with small amps.


This amp can be integrated with vocals, guitars, and keyboards all the same. The users need to find the sweet spot that causes a change in the audio. This can be implemented on different dials to ensure effective sound output. This amp offers great sound with acoustic guitars.

The ST Series is a wide array of musical instruments inclusive of guitars. The guitars in ST series are pretty high-performing and you can see them at the video below;


With this article, we have tried to mentioned top products offered by Sawtooth World. There are bundles, kits, and amps that are all designed for beginners. So, prioritize what you need and find the right product for your next training session!


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