15 Websites to Learn Acoustic Guitar Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

Learn Acoustic Guitar Lessons Online

Learn Acoustic Guitar Lessons Online

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An acoustic guitar is a musical instrument that generates sounds acoustically as opposed to electronically. Its shape and design allows it to produce acoustic sounds by vibration.

This happens when a player strums the guitar strings to produce a sound that resonates through the instrument.

When the strings of the guitar are plucked, the vibrations pass to the saddle which transfers it to the soundboard of the guitar. After which the vibration is amplified and released through the sound hole. Learning how to play this amazing instrument is not an easy task, but it is possible.

All you need to get started is a nice acoustic guitar and top expert lessons.The great thing is that you can even have your acoustic guitar lessons online anywhere and at any time. However, getting to find the right learning platform that will suit your learning needs best might be a little bit tricky.

We understand this challenge and have put together some of the top websites you can use to learn acoustic guitar lessons online. These different eLearning platforms consist of expert-led training programs and courses on learning how to play an acoustic guitar.

The majority of the training programs are structured in a way that allows you to learn at your own pace. Here are some websites you can use to learn acoustic guitar lessons online:

15 Websites To Learn Acoustic Guitar Lessons Online Review

1) GuitarTricks.com

GuitarTricks.com Learn Acoustic Guitar Online

Guitar tricks is one of the oldest online guitar learning websites. This website has been in existence since 1998 with an impressive record of over three (3) million students that have been taught via its training program.

Guitar tricks also boasts of an extensive guitar lesson library consisting of over 11,000 lessons, and 1,000 plus songs. All the lessons are designed and put together by top-leading instructors from around the globe to deliver the best learning experience for all the participants.

On Guitar tricks, you can easily search and discover expert-led lessons on how to play an acoustic guitar. They have different training techniques and styles for all learning levels.

Getting started on this website is relatively easy and straightforward. All you need to do is create an account, fill in the required information and choose your preferred membership.

You can try the full access for a 60-day risk-free period before making a decision on what you want. Guitar tricks website is easy to use and navigate.

In addition, all the courses have been structured to teach you the basic elements you need to develop and master top guitar playing skills. Their lessons are not only helpful but also easy, fun and fast to learn.

2) ArtistWorks

ArtistWork Learn Acoustic Guitar Lessons Online

The Artist works website provides online acoustic guitar lessons for beginners. This Beginner's Guide to Acoustic Guitar is an expert-led course and focuses on teaching you the basics of guitar chords, strumming patterns and picking techniques using easy songs.

The training program is comprehensive and teaches you the fundamentals of playing the acoustic guitar. They also try to make learning fun by using popular and exciting songs that you can easily learn how to play.

As at the time of writing, this lesson is on live presale that gives purchasers first access to certain exclusive and free offers. The process of getting started is straightforward and requires you to fill in vital personal information.

Thereafter, you can proceed to select a musical instrument and style of your choice. In addition, to your expert-led online lessons, you can submit a video to your instructor for review using the website's Video Exchange Learning platform.

Your instructor will review every video submitted and respond via video with directions on how you can improve. The Artist works website is easy to navigate along with an extensive lesson plan and learning platforms.

3) TrueFire

True Fire Learn Acoustic Guitar Online

TrueFire's website has one of the largest online libraries on guitar lessons. The platform boasts of 40,000 plus videos on guitar lessons from well-seasoned guitar players.

With over 450 instructors, you can be certain of finding the right teacher to guide you on your musical journey.

You can register on TrueFire for free and enjoy a thirty (30) day free trial access to acoustic, beginner, blues, jazz, rock, or country guitar lessons. Your lessons will be via a pre-recorded interactive video with high audio quality.

TrueFire also has a variety of different easy to use tools. These tools allow you to track your learning progress, slow down or loop a video until you ace an instruction and so much more.

Other great tools available include a tuner, a metronome, and charts. TrueFire is also available for downloads on multiple devices from Google Play and the AppStore.

4) Udemy

Udemy Learn Acoustic Guitar Lessons Online

Udemy is a popular online learning platform that provides training programs on different subjects. All the courses listed on Udemy have a thirty (30) day money-back guarantee.

This allows you to try a course and if you do not like its content or its instructor you can request a full refund.

Udemy has a variety of easy to use features that you can use to filter your search results based on a specific topic, level, language, price, features, rating, video duration, and language type. You can also sort your search results based on most reviewed, highest rated, most relevant, lowest and highest price.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced learning level you can find a course on Udemy that suits your learning needs. All the course pages have a professional layout and are also very easy to navigate.

You can easily identify top courses by the bestseller badge, plus the number of positive ratings and reviews by past students. Additional information you might need include the course's cost price, language type, and date of last update.

If you are interested in a course but having second thoughts, you can always add it to your wishlist. All the courses typically include downloadable resources, on-demand video, certificate of completion, access on mobile devices & television and full lifetime access.

The requirements of each course varies but it is expected that you have an acoustic or classic guitar before your lessons begin.

5) Skillshare

SkillShare Learn Acoustic Guitar Lessons Online

Skillshare is a digital learning platform that provides thousands of courses on different subjects including music, photography, illustration, video, design, and so on.

Through this online community, you can receive inspiration, gain new skills, acquire in-depth information and learn new techniques for playing an acoustic guitar. Skillshare also has a mobile application that is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

Using the platforms filters, you can narrow down your search results based on class type, length, and time created. You can view additional information like the scheme, teaching resources, discussions, and reviews on a particular lesson.

The great thing is that Skillshare has both free and premium classes. There is a fourteen (14) free trial window when you have unlimited access to numerous classes. This way you can experience the platform and determine if what it offers is the best for your learning needs.

The lessons on playing an acoustic guitar is via a prerecorded video. This is great for learning how to play an acoustic guitar because you can easily pause, rewind and stop the video anytime.

6) Lesson Face

LessonFace Learn Acoustic Guitar Lessons Online

LessonFace is an eLearning platform on which you can have access to expert-led live music lessons.

These training programs are on a variety of different musical instruments and are also available in multiple languages too. LessonFace primary function is to connect students with highly qualified teachers for live acoustic guitar lessons.

The platform has a simple yet professional design. It is also very easy for users to navigate the entire website. All the teachers have been properly screened and confirmed as having the ability and experience to impact the necessary knowledge on every participant.

With a variety of additional filters, you can narrow down your search results based on pricing, availability, and others. When you search for a specific lesson, you can arrange your search results either by default, popularity, pricing or rating.

You can also obtain more information about a specific lesson and its instructor before enrolling. By clicking on any of the results, you can view vital details like the number of reviews, lesson fees, available promotions, brief instructor bio, teaching style, and curriculum.

If you find an instructor and lesson you like, you would need a tablet or computer with a webcam and internet access for your lessons.

7) Justin Guitar

JustinGuitar Learn Acoustic Guitar Lessons Online

Justinguitar.com is a website for learning guitar lessons for free. This website boasts of over 1000 free lessons, 500 plus free songs and over 200,000 users, is owned and managed by top guitarist Justin Sandercoe.

Justinguitar.com provides training modules for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. A quick search for acoustic guitar lessons on justinguitar.com does not result in any comprehensive lesson.

However, there are a variety of other lessons on how to play the guitar. This lesson ranges from guitar buying guides to the basics of chords, strumming, and techniques.

The different lessons and music songs programs on this website are categorized according to a grading system. In addition, there is a beginner song course application available for download on your mobile devices.

This mobile application consists of hundreds of songs specifically selected to support beginners during the learning process. As a registered member on this website, you also have access to a tool that allows you to track your practice progress, create a learning schedule and so on.

This website also has various channels for you to interact with other active users, ask questions or share your opinions about the lesson program.

8) Guitar Compass

GuitarCompass-learn Acoustic Guitar Lessons Online

Guitar Compass is an eLearning platform that gives you access to high-quality online guitar lessons. They are one of the oldest providers of learning materials on guitar lessons.

Guitar compass has an extensive collection of learning materials in the form of CDs, DVDs and downloadable lessons on a variety of musical instruments. Guitar compass has a very simplistic design that allows for easy navigation by users.

The platform has a search bar where to make course searches for students easy and convenient. All the courses also touch a substantial number of different styles and techniques playing an acoustic guitar.

Guitar compass has both free and premium courses in its broad digital library of acoustic guitar lessons. The platform has a seven (7) day free trial option for its premium lesson plan.

During this period, you can test the available features and products. The premium membership plan gives paid members access to hundreds of exclusive lessons, high-quality videos, expert instructors and a highly structured training program. You can access, view and learn your guitar lessons through your phone, computer or tablet.

9) Take lessons

TakeLessons Learn Acoustic Guitar Lessons Online

TakeLesson is one of the leading online learning platform that boasts of 310 courses offered, over 6000 professional tutors, 2,000,000 plus monthly users, and 3,000,000 plus lessons given.

On this platform, you can receive live lessons online, at the teacher's studio or in your home from an expert instructor on different subjects. The average cost for a sixty (60) minute acoustic guitar lesson is $68.

While the exact cost will vary depending on your instructor, lesson type, and location.You can easily book an acoustic guitar lesson by following the easy steps below:— Search: Input the term acoustic-guitar lessons in the platform's search bar.— Match: You can easily find a teacher for your acoustic guitar lessons based on prices, reviews, location, attributes and more.

If you experience any difficulty, you can contact the platform counselors for help.— Meet: Once you find a teacher you can either meet online or in-person (if you are in the same location).— Book:

This platform has a safe, secure and convenient system for booking a lesson.— Learn: After making your payment, you can start receiving in-depth acoustic guitar lessons from your instructor.

Before booking a lesson, you can go through the course page to obtain additional information like the course review, ratings or read up on your instructor's experience, education, levels taught, etc.

10) Secret Guitar Teacher

SecretGuitarTeacher Learn Acoustic Guitar Lessons Online

Secret Guitar Teacher is a subscription-based online learning website.You can receive high-quality lessons either on an acoustic or electric guitar.

The platform's acoustic guitar course for beginners is specifically structured for participants who have no prior knowledge of playing the guitar.There are three payment plans including the free trial option (available for 30 days), subscription plan ( which costs £12/ $13.13 USD a month (plus VAT), and download (which costs £19.99/$21.87 USD).

Each of the membership options vary in their level of access to learning materials and resources. All lessons will be by an expert guitarist, Nick Minnion who will teach you all the techniques you need to master your instrument and become a pro in no time.

The in-depth courses will help to improve your musical knowledge even as you improve your guitar playing skills.If you experience any difficulty during the process, you can contact your instructor directly via email.

You can also take advantage of the platform's free thirty (30) days trial to explore what the platform has to offer, before deciding whether to cancel or proceed with a membership plan.

As a member, you will have complete access to the platform's rich learning resources, discount on the yearly subscription, discount on individual courses, offline access, and package tailored to your specific learning needs.

11) Active Melody

ActiveMelody Learn Acoustic Guitar Lessons Online

Active Melody is an online platform that provides weekly lessons on how to play, write and enjoy music using a guitar. All the lessons on Active Melody are taught by a single instructor, with new in-depth videos released every Friday.

Active melody has three membership options, each with its own benefits. These include:— Free Membership: this is free to sign up and gives you access to the platform's forums where you can interact with other participants.—

Monthly Membership: this plan costs $10 per month and you receive full access to new videos, past lessons, downloadable tracks, unique features, learning materials, forums and a whole lot of additional benefits.

You can also cancel this plan at any time.— Yearly Membership: this plan costs $69 for a year and you get to enjoy the same benefits as the monthly membership, but for an entire year.

You can also cancel this plan at any time. Also available on Active Melody are “Micro lessons”- which are short lessons that teach you practical techniques on playing the guitar.

12) Guitar Cast

GuitarCast Learn Acoustic Guitar Lessons Online

Guitarcast is a subscription-based learning platform that provides beginner and advanced classes to all guitarists.

The Guitar cast platform caters for a variety of different guitar styles such as acoustic, electric, folk or blues or jazz or classic rock Guitar cast has a thirty (30) day free trial option that gives you full access to its lessons and features.

At the end of your free trial, you can decide whether or not to cancel or continue with your subscription. Guitar Cast's platform is very responsive and easy to navigate.

You will experience no difficulty finding your way around.A quick search for acoustic guitar in the platforms search bar will produce an extensive result list. Using the filters you can narrow down the results shown based on the Music category or Authors.

Guitar cast is accessible on both mobile devices, tablets, and computers. This way you can receive your lectures anywhere and at any time.

13) Acoustic Guitar

AcousticGuitar Learn Acoustic Guitar Lessons Online

Acoustic guitar is a print and digital publication on all guitar-related content. It is one of the oldest platforms with over two decades of involvement in the industry.

Acoustic guitar's primary focus is to provide students, musicians, and guitar enthusiasts access to news, gear reviews, songs to play, an ever-increasing library consisting of thousands of guitar lessons and so much more.

The guitar lessons on this platform are usually from professional guitarists with vast years of experience.

The lessons are also available in a written and video format. This way you can watch the lesson and read up on it later or any other method that works best for your learning needs.

Acoustic guitar is an entirely free service with unlimited access.You can also subscribe to the platform's email service to receive early access to any new publication by Acoustic guitar. This way you remain up to date and not miss out on what's new and trendy in the industry.

14) Swelee

Swelee Learn Acoustic Guitar Lessons Online

Swee Lee is a top leading online merchant that deals in a variety of musical equipment. Swee Lee also has an online music academy that provides; acoustic guitar lessons, electrical guitar lessons, bass guitar lessons, ukulele lessons, and drum lessons.

Swee Lee music academy provides participants with:— Comprehensive Lessons:Swee Lee's academy adopts a distinct teaching methodology and comprehensive course syllabus to suit the learning needs of individual participants.

The lessons will guide you through the basic principles of your preferred musical instrument and help you develop a strong music foundation.— First Class Music studios:The Academy's music studios are equipped with high-quality musical instruments and electrical installations for a superb teacher-student learning experience.— Superb additional benefits:

As a student in this Academy, you will have exclusive access to workshops and seminars organized by top musical artists.

All the instructors with this Academy are well-trained music experts with vast years of experience as teachers and performers. Your instructor can also provide you with professional advice and recommendations during the entire learning process.

15) National Guitar Academy

NationalGuitarAcademy Learn Acoustic Guitar Lessons Online

The National Guitar Academy is one of the largest online guitar learning platforms. This platform boasts enormous web visits by students and learners from all over the world.

On the National Guitar Academy platform, you can take free lessons on different subjects including chords, guitar scales, guitar strumming, and songs.

This ten (10) step guitar training program, will teach you quick & easy steps on playing the guitar, must-know guitar scales, tips to master guitar chords and boost your guitar progress.

The platforms Acoustic Guitar Lesson program has been designed for instantaneous success.Learners are provided with professional guidance on the basics, some of which include:

• Buying a good quality acoustic guitar.

• Learning how to tune an acoustic guitar (plus recommendation on the type of tuners you need.)

• Good sitting posture

• Top Guitar techniques.

• Strumming the guitar.

• Fingerpicking.

• Learning Guitar scales.

The National Guitar Academy also has provisions for a guitar podcast which you can listen to, a YouTube channel with loads of amazing guitar videos and a free lesson on major & minor chord lessons. All these learning resources are available to help foster the learning process.

Choosing The Best Acoustic Guitar Lesson Online

All the websites mentioned in this guide that provides online guitar lessons vary in their structure, teaching format and price.

You can find both free and premium courses from top experts and professionals in the subject matter. While the free courses help you save some money, you cannot compare its content and scope to that of a paid course.

The paid courses are more in-depth, comprehensive and detailed in contrast to a free course.Most of the websites also have a mobile application for download on both Android and iOS devices. This allows for greater convenience to participants in accessing their lessons and keeping track of their progress.

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