3 Solutions For Guitar Amp Hum Nothing Plugged in

guitar amp hum nothing plugged in
guitar amp hum nothing plugged in

Guitar amps are a blessing and while in the old days, guitars were all about the strings and the resonance of those strings when you picked them on the wood of the guitar, times have changed and guitars have gone to fully electric form acoustics and semi-electric.

These electric guitars or even some of the semi-electric guitars make the tones better and clearer with the help of their sound engine and the sounds and all the tones are getting you the perfect loudness and clarity. Yet, you will need an amp to amplify those tones to the right levels and that is something that you will be loving.

Yet, managing the amps and using them right is something that you must know about. The guitar amps that you might be using need to be in perfect condition and if not, you might be having some issues with the clarity on these amps. At times, you might be getting a humming sound from the amp even if nothing is plugged in and that is something that you will want to fix. A few things to check on if you are getting that hum on your amp are:

How to Fix Guitar Amp Hum Nothing Plugged in

1. Check the Wiring

Naturally, the first thing that you will need to take care of is the wiring. There could be a damaged wire that might be causing the static due to improper transmission of the current, and even if the wire looks fine on the outside, you will need to look out for some sharp bends or some wire that might look it could’ve had some broken connections inside.

That is something that you will need to be careful about and if you see any such thing, you will need to make sure that you are replacing that wire and that should be doing the trick for you.

You will also need to be careful about the connections and make sure that no connection on the inside of your amp might be loose or getting off and that should do the trick for you. Lastly, you will need to check on the wall outlet and ensure that the switch is properly connected to it since a spark at the wall outlet can be causing the humming sound on your amp as well.

2. Clean the Connectors

Another major reason for your amp to be facing this problem is some rust or dust accumulation on the connectors and the charges on that dust or rust might be causing you the humming sound on your amp. That is pretty easy to solve and you need to get some rubbing alcohol on a clean wipe and rub it on all the connectors that you can see on your amp.

That should be doing the trick for you and will clear all such connectors that might be dirty and not only that, but it will also be helping you out to ensure that you are getting rid of that annoying hum on your amp as well on the same time while nothing is plugged in on your amp.

Moving forward, to avoid getting this problem in the first place, you can try cleaning the amp and all such connectors periodically and that should be ensuring that you don’t have to face this problem.

3. Check the Amp Body

Lastly, you will need to make sure that you have placed your amp on a flat surface and no metal part of your amp is in contact with some other metal and especially the ground. The paint on your amp generally works as an insulator to keep the static limited to your amp body.

But, at times you can get chipped paint on the body of your amp that can produce the static, and when in contact with some conductor, that can cause you to get this hum on your guitar while you don’t have any other instrument connected on your amp either.

So, making sure that it is well placed would be the thing that you might need to make it all work for you. You can also look out for exposed metal parts of the body or if the paint is chipped off, and repainting that will get the job done for you.

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