20 Best Noise Gate Pedal Reviews 2022 (Best Noise Gate Pedal Brands)

Best Noise Gate Pedals & Best Noise Gate Pedal Brands

Best Noise Gate Pedals & Best Noise Gate Pedal Brands

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Getting the best noise gate pedal should be of great importance to lots of guitarists out there. But it has been discovered that few guitarists make use of the noise gate pedal while others do not even know its usefulness.

In fact, the noise gates are one of the most effective effect pedals a guitarist can own. This buying guide is designed to help guitarists shed some light on this product and to serve as a guide to those who intend to buy the best noise gate pedal.

What are Noise Gate Pedals?

Noise Gates are guitar effects pedals that are majorly used by guitar players and bass guitarists who are keen on minimizing unwanted signals created as part of electric set-up. The Noise gate pedals are usually used by guitar players in recording studio environment or during live performance to create quality and professional sound.

What are the Best Noise Gate Pedals to Buy?

2) Behringer Noise Reducer NR300 Ultimate Noise Pedal

  • Simple to use
  • Two LEDs
  • High-grade component and incredibly rugged construction
  • High Quality

1) Donner Noise Gate Guitar Pedal

Donner Noise Gate Guitar pedal
  • Two working modes
  • Adjusting the noise reduction degree
  • Aluminium alloy classic, stable & strong
  • Affordable Price

3) Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor Pedal

  • Easy to control
  • Highly Rated
  • Effective
  • Durable and convenient
  • Great Value for the Money

Purpose of Noise Gate Pedal

The noise gate pedals are devices which are used for elimination or cancellation of unwanted hum, hiss and feedback. The cancellation of unwanted sounds and feedback are achieved by removing audio signals which reduce below a particle pre-set point as configured by the user of the pedal. The Noise gate pedals are designed to eliminate hiss sound that occurs due to any of the following conditions:

  • Sensitive pickups
  • Loud amps
  • Pedal board

The Working Principle of a Noise Gate Pedal

The working principle of a noise gate pedal is fairly simple. All you need to do is to set a noise threshold above which no noise will emanate from the amp. The petal shuts off immediately once the signal volume reaches the set threshold.

You can set the threshold to be high or low, it all depends on the level of noise you have in the signal chain. This is how it works, your guitar goes off immediately the sustain runs out on the last note while playing a chord or riff.

How to use a Noise Gate Pedal?

When it comes to using your noise gate pedal, the placement is of paramount importance. The exact place you put your pedal in your signal chain is extremely important. A perfect way out is to put a noise gate pedal at the end of the chain.

When this is done, you are placing an excellent buffer between the amp and your gear. However, this may not give the desired result if there is temporal pedal at the end of the chain.

To create perfect harmony and cohesion between the pedals, you have to divide the noise gate into effect loops of your amps along the pedal being used. You also have to consider the interaction of the compressors and the noise gates.

The compressor functions by ironing out the sounds you want to hear while the noise gates perform the function of ironing out the sound you do not want to hear. The compressors and noise gates work perfectly together, and it can be said that they complement one another.

We have reviewed Best Noise gate pedals available in the market to help you choose the best noise gate pedal for you. These reviews will furnish you with adequate information regarding the uses of the best noise gate pedals and the outstanding features.

20 Best Noise Gate Pedal Reviews and the Best Noise Gate Pedal Brands

1) Donner Noise Gate Guitar Pedal

Donner Noise Gate Guitar pedal

This is an effective noise gate pedal that gives you great value for your money. It is designed to perform the function of noise cancelation beyond the expectation of a guitarist. It comes with two working modes – the hard and soft working mode.

The hard working mode offers a hard effect of noise minimization while the soft working mode provides a soft effect of noise minimization. Apart from the fact that this guitar petal comes in a full metal case, it is compact and exquisite making it stand out among other noise gate pedals.

To enjoy the functionalities of the product, it is advised that the pedal should not be used in a high humidity, high temperature and extremely cold environment and the pedal should not be used under the direct sunlight. The manual should be kept safely and consulted when situation demands.

Guitarists that are keen on getting rid of noise effectively should consider getting this pedal as it enhances audio quality and boosts the overall music performance.

2) Behringer Noise Reducer NR300 Ultimate Noise Pedal

The Behringer Noise pedal functions by effective removal of unwanted hum and noise without affecting the quality of your tone. This is a wonderful product that is equipped with fantastic functionalities that makes it compete favorably with other leading product in the market.

The device leaves the dynamics of your sound intact while preserving the original attack and envelope. It functions as two pedals packed in one. When in reduction mode, you can adjust the decay dials and the threshold to effectively keep your sound intact. When the device is in mute setting, the devices turn to a great silent on and off toggle for your instrument.

Another aspect where this product outshines others is in the area of usage. It is very simple to use and features two LEDs. The first LED will indicate when the device is activated while the second one will let you know when it is suppressing noise.

The noise pedal comes with many eye-catching features that make the product worth the price. It comes with high-grade component and incredibly rugged construction to make the product serve you for long. Also, it is endowed with a signal integrity bypass and runs on a 9V battery. It features additional send and return loop for noise minimization of the external effect units.

3) Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor Pedal

Are you looking for a quality product with reasonable price? The Boss noise pedal is definitely one of the best gate pedals to go for. It comes with myriad of amazing functionalities that makes the product unbeatable. This noise suppressor pedal will cancel any unwanted noise and still keep the original sound.

In fact, it is a high-quality product that worth the penny. Apart from the outstanding qualities of this product, buyers will enjoy excellent customer service from its manufacturer.

It works by taking out the unwanted white noise hiss making it a perfect addition to any pedal board. An important fact about this fantastic device is that it very easy to use. Once you set up this device and its placed on a reduction mode, it will spot out unwanted noise and cancel them out.

It is designed to give you the greatest satisfaction however, for effective result; you should read the instruction on where to put the device. This device is blessed with lots of awesome features that you can only enjoy when you purchase this noise suppressor pedal.

4) Donner Compressor Pedal Ultimate Comp Guitar Effect Pedal

With Donner compressed pedal, you are sure of a smooth compressed tone as well as the enhancement of the punch of your tone. It is very easy to control, and it is fantastic product will make your sound look as if it was mastered in a professional studio.

The three function knobs enable you to control the device effectively. The knobs are the tone, level and comp function Knob. Apart from the function knobs, this device is endowed with myriads of functionalities that make it exceptional.

The two models of this guitar effect pedal are normal and treble. To enjoy quality and noise-free music, all you need is to control the three functions and select the model with which you want to make music tone.

Another notable feature of this noise gate pedal is the classic design. This device comes in a classic mini size. Apart from the mini size, it is also durable and convenient. It is endowed with a true byepass switch that allows signal of your instrument go through non-electronic bypass line after the disengagement of the effect, serving your app pure and undiluted signal from your instrument.

5) ISP Technologies Decimator II Noise Reduction Pedal

The ProRack G system is a fantastic addition to this noise cancellation wizard. It enables you to track the instrument directly by connecting a decimator between the amplifier and the guitar and a second connection in the effects loop.

Connection is made between them via 1/8th inch connector cable. The features of this amazing noise gate pedals qualify as one of the best noise cancellation devices in the market.

The ISP Technologies Decimator II Noise Reduction Pedal is a product that is worth buying. It provides improved clarity of the expander’s release response. The device also offers the most transparent release response of any available noise cancellation system.

Unbeatable is the right adjective for this pedal because it is designed to virtually removes any release ripple to give amazing smooth decay of notes. It comes with a new linearized time vector processing which is a significant improvement in the expander tracking.

6) Electro-Harmonix The Silencer Guitar Noise Gate Pedal

This is a fantastic noise gate pedal to consider buying. This product is designed to tame a single pedal or a whole effect loop. This noise gate pedal will give you a satisfactory value for your money. It is endowed with three controls for accurate tuning to match your playing style, rig and axe.

It comes with numerous fantastic features that make it one of the best choices in the market. It features a buffered bypass and can be used to function as either inline noise gate or the entire loop effect gate.

Another area where this product deserves accolade is the design, it is painstakingly built to look attractive. Apart from the attractive design, it is compact, and the chassis is rugged for durability.

Also, it comes with 9-volt battery and delivers up to 70 dB of noise reduction. The Electro-Harmonix is an excellent product to buy for effective noise cancellation and clear audio output.

7) MXR M135 Smart Gate Noise Gate

Ingenious is the appropriate word for this noise gate pedal. It silences your string stomp box and tames your whistling, disturbing amp as well. It performs exceptionally beyond expectation and it is recommended for every guitarist tired of noise.

With this excellent device, you can make three choices of noise reduction type that are capable of handling nearly all signal type.

This product works effectively by reducing hum and sizzle of signal to the minimum. The smart noise gate does not reduce the quality of your sound while performing its noise cancellation function; you will hear the smallest details of your sound.

Endowed with uncommon ability to sense accurately the time and occurrence of its engagement, the Smart gate is an excellent companion for all guitarist as it will never cut off sustain.

All incidences of sustain will be wringed out of the chord without termination. It is endowed with some powerful features that is worthy of mention. Some of the features are accurate threshold trigger, hardwire bypass and incredibly clean circuitry.

8) MXR M195 Noise Clamp reduction/Gate Pedal

Do you seek a pedal with awesome noise cancellation ability? The MXR M195 is the right device to buy. It is worthy of the price because it allows crank your stomp pedals the way you like without harboring any fear of too much noise or hiss.

The Noise clamp minimizes the level of noise within the effect loop by sensing the dry signal of your guitar and it is endowed with the ability to reduce the noisiest signals.

The advantage of this device is that it is very easy to control. You can always set the volume of threshold you want the pedal to be active through a single trigger knob. It has a green LED that indicates whether the gate is on or off. If you want to reduce the level of noise to about 26dB, you have found a perfect device that will help you achieve that goal.

9) Rocktron Hush Noise Reduction Pedal

The operation of the Rocktron noise reduction pedal is quite simple. All you need to do plug the device into the after-distortion boxes, noisy vintage effect, wah-wahs or any other noisy unit then, adjust the control knob until the unwanted sound disappears.

Another important peculiarity of this product is that it does not truncate the endings of your notes; it actually forms a one-ended noise reduction that keeps tabs on your track and limits the noise level to a level at which you will not be able to hear the noise.

Designed to eliminate all unwanted sounds such as disturbing pickup buzz and feedback, this power noise cancellation pedal is very essential for guitarist. It is an excellent device that gives incredible performance when used properly. The Rocktron Hush noise reduction pedal performs its duty perfectly without interfering with your music signal integrity.

The Hush pedal delivers up to 65dBsignal clean up while your sound is unaffected. The guitar player magazine gave this product a recommendation, it wrote that that the hush pedal will work perfectly for all noise problems related to guitar. It went further by saying that the perfect and the potent noise killing ability of the hush pedal were fully appreciated.

Are you a guitarist in search of an effective noise cancellation companion? You don’t have to search further. But you must note that the device must be properly set up to achieve the desired result. When you set up this product correctly, you will marvel at quality of performance as all excess noise will be wiped out.

10) RocktronMicroHUSH Guitar Noise Reduction Stompbox

If you are in search of a noise gate pedal with smaller pedals and with exceptional ability to wipe out unwanted sounds as well as feedback, search no further because you have finally found what you are looking for? The Rocktron Micro HUSH is what you should go for. This device has the ability to offer up to 65dB of signal clean up without sacrificing your music signal clarity for its effective noise cleanup functions.

The Guitar player magazine stated that a HUSH pedal will work for all issues relating to guitar noise and that it is a potent and perfect noise-eliminating would be fully appreciated. Its compact yet strong chassis thereby minimizing the footprint it has on your pedal board. This amazing Noise gate pedal is a true byepass pedal. It gets out of signal path when it is turned off.

One plus about this excellent device is very easy to operate, plug in the device after the distortion, noisy vintage effect, wahs or any other noisy unit, tune the threshold control knob until the noise is eliminated.

Apart from the fact that it is simple to operate, it does not remove the end of your notes or alter your sustain. This is a product that will put an end to noise forever. When you buy this product, you have put an put an end to noise forever.

However, you must have it at the back of your mind that it does not remove the 60-cycle ground loop hum and it requires 9V DC power source which is sold separately.

11) JOYO JF-31 Noise Gate

You will be amazed at the performance of this pedal, it works like a charm. JOYO JF has received lots of positive recommendations for its ability to outstanding performance when it comes to the production of quality and noise-free sounds.

It is a pocket-friendly product designed to serve its intended purpose without any hassle. You can consider buying this product on your next visit to market to enjoy the great features that this noise gate pedal offers.

Endowed with the usual ability to effectively reduce noise from your input line without sacrificing your signal quality, the Joyo JF-31 noise gate ensures that all your playing goes through. One of the merits of this noise gate pedal is that it is very simple to operate. It works by using the control knob to correct the sound level.

It comes with a proper bypass design that enables you to reduce tone loss greatly. The device is a perfect choice for professional as well as an amateur play. It will deliver the best performance in both cases.

12) Mooer EQ Effects Pedal, 2.25 × 4.25 × 1.75 (Noise killer)

If you need a noise killer that has two working modes for effective performance, the Mooer EQ is a great buy in this regard. The working modes are the hard as well as the soft modes.

The hard-working mode provides the hard effect of noise reduction why the soft working mode provides the soft effect of the noise reduction. Pedal comes in a full metal shell. It is product is exquisite, compact and it is endowed with a true byepass.

Apart from the far that the Mooer EQ performs beyond expectation, it comes at a pocket-friendly price..Therefore, If you are considering buying a noise gate pedal that is affordable and built to deliver extraordinary performance, the Mooer EQ Effects Pedal is what you should opt for. Apart from the great performance of this device, it comes in a solid construction.

13) Rowin Guitar Noise Gate Suppressor Effect Pedal

Rowin Guitar noise Gate Suppressor Effect pedal is an effective Noise gate pedal that performs up to expectation. It comes from manufacturers of top-quality pedals. The aim of the manufacturers is to produce a high-quality pedal at an affordable price that everyone will be able to afford.

In addition, they provide quality after sale service to all buyers. One reason you should consider this Noise gate is that it functions effectively to reduce noise from the input signal and preserve the genuineness of your sound.

While this Noise gate Suppressor effect pedal keeps the originality of your sound, the tone is not reduced making this product one of the best performing noise gate pedals in the market. It has two working modes which are hard and soft effect.

The product is portable and exquisite as it comes in a full metal casing and just like other high-performance effect pedals, it has true by-pass. It also has an indicator which shows the working state of the device.

Another area where it outshines others is the solid construction. It is made of high-grade zinc alloy, making the device sturdy and durable.

14) TC Electronic sentry Noise Gate Pedal w/ 2 Patch Cables

TC Electronic sentry Noise Gate Pedal w/ 2 Patch Cables

Have you been trying noise gate pedals and the results have not been satisfactory enough? The TC Electronic Noise gate pedal is a noise cancellation device with a difference. You will never be disappointed with the performance of this high standard pedal.

It produces fast as well as transparent operation and gives a total silence when not playing. The product with great number of customization options with the toneprint software. You can change the knob functions to include reversing the low values to high values, shaping the knob range as well as inclusion of multiple controls in a single knob.

It is a relatively cheap pedal that it does exactly what you desire, cutting the noise off without altering the tone of your rig. The sound remains original and noise-free. Many users of this product have given great comments concerning the device. It is not only inexpensive; the set-up sound is also unbeatable.

This product is very easy to set-up; you don’t need to sweat before getting it into action. . It is a highly recommended noise gate pedal that competes favorably with most of the expensive noise gate pedals in the market.

15) CNZ Audio Noise Gate – Guitar Effects Pedals

Are you looking for an effective Noise effect pedal to tame your signals, overdrive pedals and the whole effect chain? The CNS audio gate is a product to consider buying. This pedal is absolutely a perfect device to minimize buzz in your signal while you are not playing. This unique noise gate pedal has two settings.

The settings are hard and soft setting. The hard setting is good at removal of unwanted string noise and producing a clean silence between the notes of a heavy metal riff. The work of the soft setting is to ease up the release allowing it to end gently.

It comes with a true byepass foot switch that enables your tone to pass through the pedal without any alteration in the off position; you must be well informed about the setting of the threshold.

When you set the threshold to a value above 10, great effects with reverb as well as heavy distortion can be produced. The purchase of CNZ audio Noise gate is an awesome way to inspire your music.

16) Joyo JF-324 Gate of Kahn Noise Gate Electric Guitar Single Effect

Equipped with the advanced VCA Technology, this superior noise gate pedal is a new and modern approach to getting quick results in terms of response time. It allows your notes to ring out naturally without erasing them by its gentle response to low input signals.

The original sound of your guitar is preserved thanks to its special features that soften its the effect on the original sound The Joyo JF-324 Gate works effectively by acting like an undetected tool in the background that eliminates noise between notes without noticing anything in the first place.

This device comes with some jaw-dropping features that make the product worth buying. You will have a good feel of these excellent features once you start using the product.

Guitarists that are keen of producing great and quality sound should consider adding this device to their collection. Apart from the fact that this product is very easy to use, its performance is unbeatable when it comes to effective noise cancellation.

17) Caline Mini Noise Gate Pedals for Electric Guitar

When it comes to minimization of noise hum and buzz of other pedals in your pedal chain, the Caline Mini noise Gate Pedals takes the lead. Known for its effective noise reduction capabilities, Caline effect pedal comes with two main controls for effective operation.

The sensitivity control determines the level when the noise gate sets in. Apart from the two main controls, this excellent noise gate pedal has two modes which are the hard and the soft effect. The hard effect is perfect at aborting the sound tail and it is ideal for rhythmic music while the soft effect gradually decreases the sound until it fades away, which sound soft and smooth.

You don’t need to look elsewhere for a gate pedal that makes your music presentable with better expression, it comes with all you need to make great devoid of unwanted sounds. In short, this product affords you good and quality music experience. This unequaled noise gate pedal has some intriguing features like Aluminum iron housing, excellent quality and aesthetics.

It is one that most users have been satisfied with, with rave reviews of how it has been helpful to them. Other features of the product are mini-size, space saving and very durable.

18) ISP Technologies Decimator II Noise Reduction Pedal (New)

ISP Technologies Decimator II Noise Reduction Pedal (New)

Introduced by ISP technology, the decimator II is a new product that comes with many unparalleled features. Some of those features are new design, unmatchable performance and includes the link in and link out that enables the two pedals to be connected through a common 1/8 inch end. The new design allows the processing channel connection to be introduced into your effect loops.

It is the second generation of Decimator product. The device is designed to deliver effective performance to give its user maximum satisfaction. It comes with amazing upgrades and improvements. It comes with an upgrade of the expander tracking through the introduction of the modern linearized time vector processing.

This upgrade offers an improved linear release time constant response for downward expander’s exponential release curves. The release response remains constant for a certain period of time when the expander is significantly increasing the expansion and also systematically changing its response to match the envelope of the input signal.

This enhances the clarity of the release response of expander and gives any noise reduction system an excellent transparence.

19) MXR M195 Noise Clamp Noise Reduction Guitar Effects pedal

A stress-free and effective way to deal with feedback or unwanted noise and preserve the originality of your sound is through the acquisition of this pedal. It does not only transform your rig, it is also simple to use. You don’t have to fiddle with any setting, it is easy to control for maximum audio output. So, if you are considering a noise gate pedal that is very easy to control.

This is one of the products you should consider The MXR M19 noise gate pedal reduces noise up to 26dB. It maintains the riff definition at a high gain level. It has a single threshold trigger knob that is easily adjustable. And, this noise gate pedal has the ability to effectively remove hiss as well as excess noise from your effect chain.

Another functionality of this unique noise gate pedal is the green LED which indicates when the gate is on or off. One other advantage of this Device is its ability to calm down the noisiest signals and give you a smooth audio output. Guitarist should consider getting this product for enhanced and noise-free musical performance.

20) Muzizy Noise Killer Guitar Noise Gate Suppressor Effect Pedal

Are you looking for a noise gate pedal that worth the price? The Muzizy Noise killer pedal is one of the best Noise gate pedals to consider. It is endowed with a fantastic Noise gate guitar suppression effects ant it comes with two effective working modes of noise reduction.

The two working modes are the soft and the hard-working mode. The hard-working mode offers a hard effect on noise reduction while the soft mode offers a soft effect on noise reduction.

It is made wholly with Aluminum alloy making the pedal look attractive, strong and durable. This Noise gate pedal is worth buying because of its many features. It has a true bypass that offers a transparent tone and comes with a LED indicator that shows the working state of the device.

This noise gate pedal is also endowed with a DC-in Power jack and a threshold Knob. If you seek an effective noise gate pedal for effective noise cancellation capacity, this product is one of the best Noise gate pedals to consider.

Choosing the Best Noise Gate Pedals

As technology progresses, new advance pedals are being created thereby adding to the existing ones. This makes choosing the right product difficult.

2) Behringer Noise Reducer NR300 Ultimate Noise Pedal

  • Simple to use
  • Two LEDs
  • High-grade component and incredibly rugged construction
  • High Quality

1) Donner Noise Gate Guitar Pedal

Donner Noise Gate Guitar pedal
  • Two working modes
  • Adjusting the noise reduction degree
  • Aluminium alloy classic, stable & strong
  • Affordable Price

3) Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor Pedal

  • Easy to control
  • Highly Rated
  • Effective
  • Durable and convenient
  • Great Value for the Money

However, this buying guide should help you to eliminate confusion and give you enough information to make a good choice. It is highly recommended that you dedicate some time to doing your research so that you can know what each product option offers to you and also be able to know what you need from a noise gate pedal and choose what is most appropriate for you.