13 Websites To Learn Lead Guitar Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Lead Guitar Lessons Online

Learn Lead Guitar Lessons Online

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Looking cool with a guitar is everything one dreams of, but there are other benefits of playing guitar as well. While you are on the point of gripping up the ax, an online course is a fantastic place to start. One can learn the basics and learn how to pluck the strings. But there are other benefits of learning lead guitar as well.

First of all, it relieves the stress as it shifts away the focus to the guitar. You stand beside the kitchen counter and play your favorite tunes that set your mood right. In addition, playing guitar will teach discipline because one keeps on practicing until they are perfect. Be it learning the chords or reading the music, playing guitar demands multi-tasking, and it helps in enhancing brainpower.

According to science, listening to music can ease chronic pains. So, if you are creating music, the anxiety and pain will be out in no time. On top of everything, playing guitar is interesting, and if you start playing it, you learn how to follow the passion and stay consistent. The best thing about the guitar is that it offers a boost for your creative mind as well.

But many people don't play or learn lead guitar because they don't have time to join the classes. So, we have come up with websites to learn lead guitar lessons online. These websites offer online classes and video lessons. So, the lead guitar enthusiasts can learn to play the guitar and follow their passion. Let's see what these websites got for you!

13 Websites To Learn Lead Guitar Lessons Online Review

1) GuitarTricks

GuitarTricks Learn Lead Guitar Lessons Online

Guitar Tricks is a subscription-based one-stop guitar learning website that houses experienced guitar instructors whose aim is to help you be a good lead guitarist. Besides providing courses with easy-to-follow lesson, Guitar Tricks also offers guitar tutorials grouped according to your preferred styles.

One of the effective ways to master your lead guitar playing skills is to follow one Instructor of your choice, where you can focus on perfecting one style first. The following are Guitar Tricks Instructors that are happy to learn with you:

Any Style Instructor: Bobby Howe, Christopher Schlegel

Rock Style Instructor: Anders Mouridsen, Ben Lindholm, Lee Wanner, Christopher Schlegel, Mike Olekshy, Hanspeter Kruesi, Andy Gurley, Douglas Showalter,

Jazz Style Instructor: Christopher Schlegel, Hanspeter Kruesi

Blues Style Instructor: Christopher Schlegel, Neal Walter, Andy Gurley, Doug Fearman, Anders Mouridsen, Ry Kihn

Artist Study Instructor: Tony Lee, Dave Celentano,

Country Style Instructor: Anders Mouridsen, Andy Gurley, J. D. Jarrell

Acoustic Style Instructor: Anders Mouridsen

Bluegrass Style Instructor: J. D. Jarell

Funk & Soul Style Instructor: Ben Lindholm

Metal Style Instructor: Ben Lindholm, Don Madison

Classical Style Instructor: Ben Lindholm

Once you have found your Instructor, you can schedule a private lesson for intensive training. However, you must register as a full access Guitar Tricks member to enjoy this unique feature. To learn more, please visit Guitar Tricks website!

2) TrueFire

TrueFire Learn Lead Guitar Lessons Online

To play the lead guitar, you must develop good improvisational skills to elevate the expression and mood of the music your band is playing. TrueFire recognizes that it is essential that a good lead guitarist must be well-prepared for real live performance. With that in mind, TrueFire introduces In The Jam series for you to practice playing your lead guitar.

TrueFire’s In The Jam is a series of video jams and audio tracks produced by TrueFire’s top artists. Instead of having to be in a physical jamming studio, you get to experience this one of kind jamming session with the industry’s best musicians in the comfort of your home.

The best thing about TrueFire’s In The Jam series is that you are in control of how you’d like the music to be. You can solo, adjust the volumes, or mute other instruments within the jam track.

Suppose you don’t have the basics to start jamming, no worries! You can search hundreds of lead guitar courses within the TrueFire course library. Narrow down your search with TrueFire refinables, where you choose your preferred lead guitar courses according to your skill levels or styles.

Can’t wait to start your first lead guitar lessons? Register with TrueFire today! Get 14 days free trial upon your first sign-up with TrueFire. If you are happy with TrueFire, you can always subscribe to gain unlimited access to TrueFire’s materials and tools.

3) Udemy

Udemy Learn Lead Guitar Lessons Online

This website has become a top-rated name for online courses. There are online courses for every possible subject. Be it music or physics, moral lessons, or dance; you can find everything here. Similarly, there are lead guitar lessons available on Udemy.com. There are beginner courses through which students can learn the fundamentals.

Also, there are intermediate lead guitar courses for everyone who wants to enhance the basic concepts. All in all, this website is pretty integrated and has something for every skill level. The website offers video lessons in every course. This is because video lessons are engaging and promise better results. The guitar enthusiasts can learn an easy way to play lead guitar.

Udemy.com offers lead guitar handbooks through which students can increase accuracy. Also, there are speed-picking techniques available on Udemy.com. The website teaches students to learn rhythms and chords. Overall, students will gain the confidence to play lead guitars. There are downloadable resources available for offline learning.

There are mp3 jam tracks available through which students can easily practice. Once you sign up on Udemy.com, you can access the courses for a lifetime. The students can access the coupons as well through which they can get discounts on paid courses. At the end of each course, students can get a certificate of completion, a proof for creativity, right?

Before signing up, the website offers instructors and course reviews. These reviews will provide insights if a course is the right fit for you. So, just search up for lead guitar in the search bar, and you'll be set to learn lead guitar to become a pro!

4) LinkedIn

Linkedin Learn Lead Guitar Lessons Online

Learning to play lead guitar is an amazing decision, and if you don't want compromise on quality, LinkedIn.com will connect you to experienced instructors. In addition to instructors, students can find courses based on skill level, time duration, and course type. The website offers a free trial before you buy the course.

The students can access the reading tabs and chord sheets. In addition, there are lead sheets for beginners who want to learn how to read music. The courses are available for beginners as well, who want to understand the difference between lead, rhythm, and pull-offs. LinkedIn.com also offers music theory workshops, empowering students to write their own songs.

The courses are available for individuals who want to brush up their guitar skills. However, there are group courses as well (if you are creating the band!) The majority of the courses are designed with video lessons and extra reading materials. Overall, the course rating is pretty great. These ratings reflect how you will get the value of your time and money.

5) SkillShare

Skillshare Learn Lead Guitar Lessons Online

If you need personalized course options, Skillshare.com is the right option for you. The website allows the users to search for lead guitar lessons based on a free and premium basis. The students can access the courses based on duration and release date. Skillshare.com has been designed to offer excellent lead guitar learning opportunities.

The students can access the courses based on their skill level, beginner, intermediate, and advanced people. Skillshare.com offers much more than lead guitar lessons. There are ear training sessions while accessing music fundamentals. The students will learn rhythms and produce music. No matter which course you take, students can share their final projects, speaking of their progress.

There are premium courses available, but also, students can get discounts through gift cards. Also, if you are too good, potential scholarships are waiting for you. The website has designed its smartphone app, which can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. The website pays close attention to instructors and their experience.

Skillshare.com allows students to get the trial period before signing up for the course. Besides, there are video lessons available that enhance the learning experience. The website offers team plans as well if you want to train your whole band for lead guitars. On top of everything, there are regular discussion sessions with which students can clear their concepts.

The discussion sessions are held with teachers and students. Last but not least, you can check the instructor profile before signing up for the course. The profile will tell about the practice and teaching experience, which improves the final decision.

6) LessonFace

Lessonface Learn Lead Guitar Lessons Online

Learning lead guitar might sound complicated but if you find the right instructor, the entire journey will be smooth. With Lessonface.com, the students can easily connect with instructors and check the respective courses. In other words, the website lets the students find their ideal teacher. So, students need to choose the musical instrument and relevant instructor list will be provided.

The website has been working since 2013, and since then, they have been connecting students and instructors at one point. The website holds live sessions online for students who need online classes. However, some instructors offer in-home and studio classes as well. The lesson location can be negotiated with the instructor via private message options available on the website.

This learning forum empowers the students to find individual and group lessons. All the instructors on Lessonface.com are legit as there are regular background checks. As far as the courses are concerned, they are PCI compliant. Lessonface.com offers live sessions, but students have the liberty to record the lessons for revision and practice purposes.

Lessonface.com lets the students find courses according to their skill level and time availability. Each instructor offers multiple time slots and day availabilities to cater to diverse students' needs. Some instructors on Lessonface.com offer extra reading material such as music reading and scale sheets to optimize lead guitar learning.

Overall, the courses are designed by keeping in mind multiple skillsets. There are some fundamental skills courses, and for intermediate and advanced players, there are successive courses available. So, just sign up, and you won't regret making this choice!

7) Reed

Reed Learn Lead Guitar Lessons Online

If you are looking for lead guitar options, Reed.co.uk has multiple options to meet diverse goals and needs. From study methods to time duration, there are versatile features integrated into the lead guitar courses. The website has courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced courses for every skillset level.

Some courses on Reed.co.uk has been designed with tutor support for students who need to get their doubts and concepts cleared. With exceptional learning, students can gain CPD scores, which provides discounts on the courses. The students can filter out lead guitar lessons based on teaching location, online, or classroom.

There are multiple price ranges which help students access the course that meets their budget. Through the beginner course, the students can learn the analogy of lead guitar and basic strums. Reed.co.uk allows students to buy the course online. As far as the payment is concerned, multiple payment options are available such as credit card, bank transfer, and PayPal payment.

The courses of Reed.co.uk are designed with online video lessons. In addition to video lessons, there are downloadable resources for offline practice and learning sessions. The students can gain tutor support for customized learning techniques. By the end of each course, there are completion certificates. If you want, some courses offer on-demand lessons as well.

All the courses are self-paced as students can learn at their will. There are no strict schedules to comply with to offer secure online learning. So, if you are ready, start adding the courses in your basket and become the lead guitar professional!

8) LeadGuitarLessons

Leadguitarlessons Learn Lead Guitar Lessons Online

If you play guitar, you automatically become more attractive. But for some people, creating tunes and listening to their own music is therapy. Some people are interested in 12-string guitars while some are interested in classical guitars, but if you are into lead guitar, learning to play those strums is pretty exciting.

LeadGuitarLessons.com is an amazing opportunity for everyone who is looking for online courses. The website will teach you how to play solos and in a group all the same. The website has adopted a step-by-step approach as it optimizes learning. Also, the techniques learned in lead guitar lessons can be implemented to acoustic and electric guitars as well, pretty versatile, right?

The initial steps will teach how to play the lead guitar and improve the picking techniques. But as you move forward, you can learn the major and minor scales and chords. While you learn the lead guitar solos, the website offers lessons teaching how to use vibrato. There are specialized lessons for learning some serious moves.

If you are a beginner, the website offers a 50-step free lead guitar course for everyone. The best part is that the beginner course is free, and all you need to do is sign up using the email address. The website offers a video training program to ensure focus on details. The video lessons are interactive and engaging, so there is no boring factor.

The website is pretty easy to use with a streamlined interface. In addition to video lessons, there is an audio library that helps students access the jamming tracks for your practice sessions.

9) CyberFret

Cyberfret Learn Lead Guitar Lessons Online

Learning to play lead guitar might sound like a big deal (it is!), but it doesn't have to be difficult. So, if you want to learn lead guitars and become a pro, Cyberfret.com is an excellent option out there. The website will teach the guitar licks. Also, there are specialized lessons through which students can learn arpeggios and scales most interactively.

Cyberfret.com offers a free strum pattern cheat sheet for everyone who needs optimal learning. The website has been in working since 1999. The authenticity of the website is evident because this website is the extension of a private teaching studio of Shawn Bradshaw. All the courses and lessons have been designed by this experienced guitarist.

The students can quickly learn how to play lead guitar by improvising on basic skills. In addition, the students can learn a basic chord, major and minor scales, and other techniques. There are special music theory workshops available on the website. With this website, the students can practice the songs as well from the 60s and 70s.

Cyberfret.com is an interactive website through which people can find their desired course. There are individual courses for beginners to lay down the foundations. However, if students want to learn the chords, pentatonic shapes, and triads, there are specialized lessons available. The website has focused on blues tunes as well because they focus on lead guitars.

With this website, the students will be able to learn the hand position and solo playing as well. So, just sign up for the course and become the member to access all these perks!

10) NationalGuitarAcademy

Nationalguitaracademy Learn Lead Guitar Lessons Online

If you have been looking for lead guitar lessons, you are in the right place with NationalGuitarAcademy.com. This website has been offering online lead guitar lessons and courses to millions of students. Students from all around the world are learning lead guitar lessons through this website.

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner who wants to access the basics or an intermediate player who wants to brush up the skills; this website has something for everyone. The courses on this website are very easy to follow. The courses promise quick learning with its step-by-step approach. The website offers live coaching sessions.

However, if students don't have time to join live sessions, they can access the video lessons as well. The video lessons are designed by experienced guitarists who have years of experience. In addition to lead guitar lessons, the website offers free tips and techniques as well. These tips and techniques can be accessed by signing up on the website with your email address.

The students and email subscribers can also access the ninja tips. These tips will eventually help in learning lead guitar effectively. The website will teach students to understand the keys and identify them in the song. In addition, the students will learn how to analyze and play chords, pentatonic, and scales.

The website clearly focuses on major and minor scales and the blues scale. Also, the students will learn the right position to use these chords, scales, and shapes. All in all, you will become the pro with this course.

11) YourGuitarAcademy

Yourguitaracademy Learn Lead Guitar Lessons Online

If you are a beginner and want to get started with lead guitar, YourGuitarAcademy.com is an apt choice. As a beginner, the students can learn the spider exercises and harness other fundamental techniques. There are regular practice sessions with fellow students and instructors that improves learning. Also, the students can share their experiences as well, which helps each other learn.

Once the students are done with basics, they can start the riff journey and progress to guitar solos as well. YourGuitarAcademy.com mainly focuses on rock scales as they improve the overall experience. Overall, there are specialized sessions through which students can learn the dexterity. Also, finger flexibility sessions will pose a positive impact on picking and strumming.

The initial lessons focus is on reading the tabs and harnessing the first exercises. The students can learn multiple playing techniques that enable them to improvise during their final playing. There are numerous lessons that not only teach the shapes but focus on major and minor chords as well. The students will eventually learn how to add bends in their solo playing.

As a student, you can see the reviews on the website that which will help in making a decision. The website offers live sessions where the instructor offers interactive learning. However, there are recorded video lessons available for students who miss the live sessions. The students can interact with instructors through private messages.

There are extra reading and learning material available for your practice sessions. Last but not least, if you are signing up for the first time, there are gift vouchers for a discount on courses!

12) NYCGuitarSchool

NYCguitarschool Learn Lead Guitar Lessons Online

If you want to learn lead guitar from the best, NYCGuitarSchool.com is the right place for you. The website has been offering guitar lessons since 2004. Since then, hundreds and thousands of students have learned led guitar from them. The website has complete information about the instructors, so students can match with their desired instructor.

In addition to online lessons, the students can access physical classes in Manhattan as well. There are group sessions and private lessons available for the students. But the best thing about this website is that they offer courses for kids and their summer camps as well. There are multiple events that provide insights about the lead guitar and music overall.

There are beginner and intermediate courses readily available on the website. There is a specialized rhythm course for students who want to play solos but don't have prior lead guitar experience. The exercises are pretty simple yet interesting to spark learning. The website focuses on hammer-on, hammer-offs, pull-on, scales, chords, slides, and bends.

NYCGuitarSchool.com offers drop-in classes as well for students who want real-time learning. On top of everything, there are vocal workshops that enhance the vocals and music creation. At the end of the course, students can earn the completion certificates as well. So, sign up for the course that meets your needs and become the lead guitar pro!

13) PlayLeadGuitar

Playleadguitar Learn Lead Guitar Lessons Online

If you've always been attracted to lead guitar, it's high time to follow your passion. But if you don't have time to enroll in college, PlayLeadGuitar.net is an amazing website. This website has been designed for everyone who wants to learn how to play lead guitar online. The site has only one instructor who is responsible for teaching lead guitar.

There are zero compromises on learning because the teaching methodology ought to help everyone. The website has been teaching lead guitar for over 15 years now. The best part is that all the courses are customized and tailor-made to the student's needs. In other words, there are private lessons for everyone who signs up.

The website offers online lead guitar sessions through Skype. However, the instructor provides teaching sessions in his studio as well. In the case of studio sessions, the instructor provides cables and guitars as well. However, the online sessions are pretty interactive because students can ask questions directly and get their answers instantly.

The website has some free video lessons available to provide an idea about teaching methodology. These videos are basically for beginners to help them get an idea. Besides, there are tips and technique sessions, such as blues scales and picking techniques.

Choosing The Best Lead Guitar Lesson Online

Lead guitar is an trendy musical instrument that every musician wants to learn. So, if you want to learn how to play lead guitar online, this article reflects some of the top choices.

The listed websites have multiple lead guitar courses and lessons to cater to diverse student's needs. All you need to do is find some time and have internet access to start learning from your home!

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