MasterClass Tom Morello’s Electric Guitar Lessons Online Review

MasterClass Tom Morello Electric Guitar Lesson Review

MasterClass Tom Morello Electric Guitar Lesson Review

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Most of us grew up wanting to be rock stars, especially when “Rock Band”, “Music Master” and “Guitar Hero” were all the rage in the gaming space. The jamming, the fame, and the soul-rousing music … the whole shebang. However, these video games didn’t do much when it comes to teaching us how to play bass and electric guitar.

So, if you are a budding rock star or a veteran guitarist looking to add a few tricks up your sleeve, you don’t have to wreck your nerves trying to find a personal guitar instructor in your area. Newsflash! You can now learn electric guitar online directly from the master.

That’s right; Tom Morello now teaches electric guitar exclusively through the popular online education platform MasterClass. He is hands down one of the most recognizable names in the electric guitar scene as well as the music industry at large.

The two-time Grammy-winner has poured years of experience and wealth of knowledge to create a library of top-notch video lessons. When you enroll, you will get unlimited, lifetime access to these fantastic videos so you can learn to play guitar from the ground up, and at a pace, you’re most comfortable with.

MasterClass Tom Morello Instructor

What’s more, Morello’s lessons are complemented by industry insider advice, exclusive materials, and much more. The icing on the cake is that Morello takes a revolutionary approach to teach students a variety of guitar techniques – from crafting a multi-layered song from scratch to building a guitar riff and everything in between.

Whether you are a rookie, intermediate or advanced student, learning to be a guitar wizard has never been this easy. Like all MasterClass lessons, you can enroll with only $90 for lifetime access to Morello electric guitar class. Alternatively, you can shell out $180 every year for an All-Access Pass. This gives you unfettered access to all lessons on MasterClass, including upcoming ones.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the electric guitar lesson by Tom Morello on MasterClass.

MasterClass Electric Guitar Lessons Online with Tom Morello Review

A Little History about Tom Morello

Tom Morello

Tom Morello

Tom Morello, born Thomas Baptiste Morello in 1964 in Harlem, New York, is a well-known musician and one of the most revered electric guitar players of our time. He’s a two-time Grammy Award-winning singer, musician, actor, songwriter, and political activist, all rolled into one.

Morello is perhaps best known for being part of Rage Against the Machine, a highly popular rock act of the 1990s that he co-founded with Zack de la Rocha. He’s had a stint with rock bands Audioslave, Axis of Justice (also co-founded), and Street Sweeper Social Club. Morello is now a member of the superband, Prophets of Rage.

The politics and music bug bit him while still in high school. However, it was not until he graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree that he pursued his music career full-time.

Today, Morello is famous for his creative and distinct guitar playing techniques, style and personality. More specifically, his unusual picking, tapping, effects, and feedback noise. He is also well known for incorporating guitar effects heavily into his acts.

He has also been recognized severally for his prowess and contribution to the world of electric guitar and music as a whole. For instance, Rolling Stone magazine has named him one of the 100 Greatest Guitarist of All Time.

Student Experience

By design, MasterClass is a robust platform that allows all kinds of students to learn from the crème de la crème of the subject. And this guitar class is no different. Tom Morello is the best of breed when it comes to electric guitar, and his prowess shines through his video lessons on the platform.

Morello takes an unsurprisingly unique approach to teach students guitar techniques. He uses exclusive methods, practice materials and fun to keep students engaged and interested throughout each lesson. Given his long-standing expertise and in-depth knowledge in the music space, Morello’s lessons are pleasantly easy to follow, no matter your level of expertise.

MasterClass Tom Morello Class Sections

He doesn’t just want the students to learn. Morello uses every bit of opportunity to challenge them to come up with their own musical styles and playing techniques. Thanks to the interactive and captivating nature of the video lessons, students are bound to be engaged right from the get-go.

The lessons are grouped into sections, which are further broken down into easy to learn chunks. Unlike most guitar lessons, this course is designed for students of all proficiencies, from the self-taught and hobbyist guitarists to professionals who want to brush-up on their techniques and everyone in between.

The highlights for the students include expert advice from Morello himself, downloadable workbooks, and the ability to learn at your own pace.

MasterClass Tom Morello Workbook


There are a total of 26 video guitar lessons offered by Morello on MasterClass. They include a comprehensive introduction, how to develop your creative voice, building guitar riffs, how to use pedals to generate sounds/tones, noise charts, practice video lessons, and music/guitar theories, just to mention a few.

MasterClass Tom Morello Getting Started

Students will begin their journey by learning how to write a song with only 2 notes and advance to how to express their unique voices.

You can get lifetime access to the course for $90, or get annual MasterClass All-Access Pass for $180. The latter is billed at $15 per month.

Key Features

  • 26 high-quality video lessons taught by the master
  • Downloadable class workbook
  • Learn at your own speed on PC, mobile or Apple TV


  • Lots of Tom Morello’s own signature guitar techniques. You can never these anywhere else.
  • Taught by the expert so you can learn to write, record and perform your own songs like a pro in no time.
  • Lifetime access to all video lessons by Tom for a one-off fee of $90
  • The cross-platform lessons make it easy for you to learn to play electric guitar at your own pace.
  • Designed for students of all levels and experiences


The number of video lessons might be a bit lower than other guitar lessons available online. However, Morello makes up for that in comprehension and level of detail.

Verdict: Tom Morello online electric guitar lessons on MasterClass are an unmissable opportunity for anyone who wants to learn from the best. The video lessons are detailed, comprehensive and designed to be interactive, and yet also fun and easy to follow. Whether you’re a self-taught guitar player or an expert, this Master Class course is what the doctor prescribed.

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