All About Hadean Guitars

All About Hadean Guitars
All About Hadean Guitars

With the increased or easy access to music, people have forgotten what real music is or what goes behind the doors of music production stores. The music is no joke rather it’s a mystery created by musicians with hones finger skills on guitars. So, guitars sure seem like the miraculous musical instruments.

With this notion, it’s needless to say that there are different manufacturers available in the market, but can we trust them all? Well, not really! Our top pick is Hadean Guitars as they have manufactured a wide range of guitars and we have talked about some of those in this section. Have a look because this array of options has something for everyone!

All About Hadean Guitars

Hadean EG-462 Hadean 2TS Electric Guitar

This is the latest model in the market with a treasury and classical look that’s a perfect combination of modernism and vintage. If you are an intermediate player or starting off as a beginner, this is the most easy-to-play electric guitar. This guitar is constructed from solid basswood for the body which creates the rock-n-roll sound.

In most cases, these guitars are designed with plywood but to ensure luxury, this has the solid basswood. There are three highly powerful single-coil pickups in this guitar topped with a five-position pickup selector, so you can switch through different types of sounds. Also, there are two tone controls and one volume control for creating a wide range of sounds.

The guitar has a maple neck designed with rosewood and the truss rod has adjustable construction to promise higher stability. The adjustable truss rod ensures there is no forward bending force caused by the tension created by steel strings. This configuration is readily available in advanced electric guitar. The fretboard is designed with ultra-fast rosewood.

There are six adjustable saddles thorough which you can adjust the intonation, height, and radius. Also, the pickguard is constructed with three-ply and three colors i.e., white, black, and white. Last but not least, there is a vintage fulcrum bridge is integrated which helps create multiple sound effects with the availability of a tremolo bar.

Hadean EG-628 CGR Fretless Guitar

If you have been looking for the top-notch and fully floating tremolo system, this guitar will be the answer to your wishes. There is a fretless neck in this guitar that promises ultra-low action. However, the position markers have been added at the side of the neck mark where frets are usually available. There are two humbuckers in this guitar.

The humbuckers are designed to reduce the noise and hum while promising top-notch performance. This is ensured by the production of fuller and thick sound as compared to the single coils. These humbuckers tend to create huge magnetic fields through which the power pickup will increase, while the dead spots can be eliminated easily.

There is a bolt-on the maple neck while creating the stained maple fretboard. There is a 3-way pickup selector switch through which the sounds can be created and amplified. There is one tone control and one volume control available. Also, this guitar is designed into a dual cutaway body which ensures you don’t get tired even with hours of playing guitars.

In this guitar, a double locking floating tremolo system has been integrated which empowers the players to create cool sounds. The scale length is designed to be 25 and ½ inches while the body length is only 18 inches to ensure you can carry it easily. Also, it weighs only 7lbs while the neck thickness is 5/8 inches to ensure easy wearing and high playability.

Hadean UKB­23

There have been multiple brands in the market working as a part of a guitar instrument but most of them have a high price tag which can be difficult to afford for everyone. For every such person with an enthusiasm for guitar but being on a budget is a problem, this guitar will be the ultimate choice. This guitar is created with an interesting design according to aesthetics and advanced technology.

The majority of the brands are working on guitar manufacturing with koa building but Hadean has always been different which means they used a different material. So, Hadean used walnut to construct this guitar and when you measure the performance metrics based on the models, it’s completely different when compared to the price range.

The overall design looks very crisp, clean, and well-designed. Once you start using this guitar, you will know what a real and top-notch musical instrument feels like. There are binding around the back and the top. The fretboard is highly functional and ensures a smooth finish. In addition, there are standard inlays with the rosewood piece. Overall, this guitar provides great value at the most reasonable rate.

When it comes down to the hardware components, they are not too fancy but function pretty effectively. The bridge is designed and constructed through solid rosewood and there are four independent compensated saddles as well. There is an in-built preamplifier in the guitar that promises optimal tuning with the implication of three bands EQ.

As the guitar has a walnut construction, it provides an additional edge as compared to other guitars. This guitar is an optimal choice for the players who need to create sharp sound. The sound will be definite and clear. When you use the amplifier, it will help shape the tones while reflecting the authentic sound. With this guitar, it’s needless to say that it’s a bundle of high-performance designed with affordability.

Hadean EA-100 NA

This guitar has a two-piece solid spruce top designed with mahogany sides and back. The neck is also made of mahogany with the fingerboard is designed with rosewood. The guitar’s body is very easy to handle with the slim cutaway design and is easy to play with the lightweight configuration. Through this guitar, the players will be able to produce a clear and smooth sound.

You can also use the guitar with an amplifier or without one but the sound performance remains the same. There is three-band EQ in the guitar that reflects on treble tonal control, mid control, and bass control. There are a phase and volume control designed separately in the guitar. In addition, there are nylon strings in the guitar that ensure classical performance.

This guitar has a chambered body while the tuners are designed in open and classical design. Furthermore, there is an in-built tuner to ensure you have perfected the sounding pitch. The overall length of the guitar is 39 and ½ inches while the neck radius is twelve inches to ensure it’s easy to carry. The best part is lightweight as the guitar only weighs eight pounds.

This guitar has the tendency to fit the EGC intrepid case and EGC-400 LP case as well. These cases will protect the guitar.

The Bottom Line

The guitars are nearly mandatory for every person who has a knack for music and tunes. With this article, we have tried to shed light on different Hadean guitars which are perfect to kick start the guitar experience. Every guitar has different features and configurations to ensure top-notch playing experience. So, choose the one that suits you and your playing skills and say hello to the fan who would love to watch your play the finger dance on strings!


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