Comparing Squier Classic Vibe vs Fender Mim: Which Is Better?

Squier Classic Vibe vs Fender MIM
Squier Classic Vibe vs Fender MIM

There are multiple models of guitars available in the market but many people struggle to find compact guitars with high-end performance. However, Squier Classic Vibe and Fender MIM are two compact guitars and promise great sound clarity and utility.

There are some differences between these two guitars that you must know to select the most suitable one!

Squier Classic Vibe vs Fender MIM Comparison

Features Squier Classic Vibe Fender MiM
Frets 21 22
Radius 241.3mm 241mm
Body Type Alder Solid-body
Finish Gloss polyurethane Polyester varnish coating
Nut Width 1.650-inches 1.685-inches
Nut Material Bone Synthetic bone

Squier Classic Vibe

Squier Classic Vibe is available in multiple versions but the ‘50s is the most common version. The guitar is known for its two-tone design with honey-brown and black hues, which look amazing. It has an appealing grain in the alder body.

It is designed with five-way switch control and has three fully-loaded single coils to enhance the quality of sound. It has been designed with two-tone pots as well as a single-volume pot to control the volume.

Squier Classic Vibe

The guitar is integrated with a vintage vibrator that’s tightly spaced and a bridge to improve the quality of sound. The bridge is made from high-quality material, which improves the overall feel of the guitar.

The guitar’s neck is made from one-piece maple wood and the shaping is pretty amazing. There are 21 frets on the guitar, which makes it convenient to use. The best thing about this guitar is that you can upgrade the pickup and hardware according to your music preferences.

1. Sound

The single coils of this guitar are designed to offer subdued tones and warmer sound. In addition, it adds trebly and zings to the music. If you use the four and two positions on the guitar, they will be more brittle and crystalline.

The guitar has a higher gain, which means the neck coils and bridge will promise a traditional sound. It can drive at a low gain, leading to a full tone and higher warmth in the sound. In simpler words, the guitar offers a vintage sound.

2. Playability

This guitar is extremely easy to play and has a comfortable design, which makes it a promising choice for intermediate as well as beginner guitarists. It has a nut width of 42mm with a 9.5-inches fretboard radius, which means the neck is narrow.

However, the fretboard has a smaller curve, which feels natural and settles well in the hand. For this reason, it’s a suitable choice for playing chords and rock riffs. In particular, the guitar has a C neck shape, which is the prime reason it’s suitable for beginners and intermediate guitarists.

The guitar’s fretboards have rolled edges, making it a cleaner and safer choice. Similarly, the guitar is easy to work with bending, hammer-on, and pull-off.

On the other hand, some users complain about fret buzz, even when you purchase a new guitar but it can be fixed by adjusting the truss rod. Squier Classic Vibe has a vintage tuning machine that maintains the tuning but it would be better to switch to tuners with ESP LTD.

Overall, there are some minor issues with the guitar but the aesthetics are pretty nice and the sound errors can be resolved by optimizing the setup and fixing the truss rods.

3. Additional Features

The guitar is designed with a five-way blade switch, with which the guitarists can experiment with the tones. There is also a 1.65-inches bone nut that enhances the string-to-body resonance, promising minimal distortion in the sound.

The best thing about this guitar is the 21 frets as they are narrow and tall, promising comfortable and convenient playability. Also, it has a synchronized trem, which moves the tailpiece and bridge to promise better control of the pitch.

Classic Vibe Stratocaster '50s

Lastly, there are single-coil alnico pickups in the guitar, which promise highly responsive pickup. In addition, these pickups lead to smooth sounds, making it a promising choice for playing rock and blues.


  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Narrow neck
  • Natural fretboard
  • One-piece maple wood construction
  • Rolled edges on the fretboard


  • Scratch plate is thick

Fender MIM

This is one of the best electric guitars available in the market, which are designed with the combination of cutting-edge build quality and distinct sound quality, promising ultimate value for money. It has an iconic design and the neck looks sleek and welcoming.

A Fender MIM

The neck has a thin satin polyester varnish coating, which seals the guitar. The guitar is constructed from one piece of white maple, which not only improves the sound quality but enhances the durability as well.

The neck has a C profile, which provides better control of the neck. The guitar is integrated with medium-jumbo fretwire, which looks modern and has easier bending. In addition, the fretwire is able to retain the character of Fender.

The strings have a ball end, which is anchored with the help of a huge bridge block to sustain the synchronized vibrato – it actually beefs up the vibrato. The guitar has squarer curves, which actually creates a timeless design.

1. Sound

The guitar tends to have a more robust tone as compared to Squier Classic Vibe since Fender has added a new bridge block. It cannot be used with the metal rhythm sounds but will work well with the Beatle-like music and rock music.

In particular, it’s suggested to tune your 6th string to the D for supporting the rock music. It is integrated with the maple neck, which enhances the brightness of the sound. The neck and middle pickups are not very woodsy but they will suit a variety of music genres.

The neck position of the guitar is suitable for playing the smoky electric blues. There is internal shielding in the guitar which helps clear the excessive background noise.

For the same reason, it can be connected to the computer monitor without compromising on sound clarity. Many people have complained about the background humming but the problem can be resolved by using the noiseless pickups.

2. Playability

The guitar is integrated with an array of pickup arrangements, including SSS, HH, HSH, and HSS, which means it can detect different types of vibrations coming from the strings and amplify them to create the music.

Since it’s made with lighter construction, MIM promises better control over the features. There are six tuning pegs to help you adjust the string tension and delete the fret buzz. In addition, the use of ceramic nuts delivers a higher sound output and strong mid-range tones.

3. Additional Features

Fender MIM is integrated with the five-way pickup which extends the overall functionality of the electric guitar. This is more because it provides multiple tonal options but you need to be extremely particular about switching the positions.

However, you can also connect it with the three-way switch but it will reduce the tonal options. There are single coils for the neck, which helps the guitarists to attain more control over the music.

In addition, it includes a two-point tremolo bridge that allows easier manipulation of the guitar’s strings. It also helps balance the tension between the back and front components of the guitars, promising smoother vibration.

Fender MIM

There is a micro-tilt adjustment in the guitar, so you can adjust the string action by shimming the neck. However, many guitarists complain about the lack of alnico pickups but you can add them to the guitar or more nuanced, brighter, and richer sound.


  • Beginner-friendly design
  • Robust tones
  • Micro-tilt adjustment
  • Higher sound output
  • Improved mid-range tones


  • No alnico pickups

The Final Verdict

Fender MIM is a suitable choice for people who want a sweet and soft music experience as well as rock and Beatles-like music.

However, if you want to create only heavy metal music, it’s best to use Squier Classic Vibe since it has low gain to ensure full tone. In addition, the Squier Classic Vibe has alnico pickups but Fender MIM doesn’t have these pickups.

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  1. I got a classic vibe 60s stratocaster and it’s a great guitar. I’ve owned many guitars over the years in my collection is the Ritchie Blackmore stratocaster. Recently upgraded the pickups in the classic vibe with fender custom shop 69 pickups and it now sounds just as good as the Blackmore strat. Don’t regret buying the classic vibe, it’s well built, stays in tune and sounds good. As for the stock pickups in the Squire classic vibe they’re fender designed
    alnico ii and they sound great in fact I probably should have saved my 350.00 and went with them. Don’t get me wrong the custom shop 69s are better but not enough to justify spending the extra 350.00

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