4 Ways To Fix Guitar Volume Control Not Working

guitar volume control not working
guitar volume control not working

The guitar is a well-known musical instrument used by many musicians. Almost every person has seen a guitar and heard its sound. It is loved by many people. The guitar is one of the most played musical instruments all around the world. It has its own fan following that exceeds the count.

There are many types of guitars available on the market. There exists an immense variety of electric guitars and many people tend to like them. However, many users of the electric guitar have been complaining about “guitar volume control not working.”

If your guitar is also making such problems for you then here are a few troubleshooting tips and techniques, you should try.

How to Fix Guitar Volume Control Not Working?

  1. Clean The Guitar

An electric guitar can last for a lifetime if proper care has been provided. However, even after proper care, many spare parts of electric guitars stop working because of excessive wear and tear. Guitar volume control not working is one of them.

It is possible that the volume control is not working because of some dust particles interfering with the volume system.

If the volume control of your guitar is not working or if it gives a cracking voice when the guitar is connected to the speaker, then try cleaning the guitar. There are two ways to clean the guitar. Either ask a professional to clean the guitar for you or you can clean it by yourself.

To clean the guitar by yourself, turn the volume knob back and forth vigorously a few times. This will make the dust particles attached to the knob to fall off. To clean the rest of the dust and debris, use an electric guitar cleaner. Then wipe the rest of the surface of the guitar with the help of a damp towel or cloth.

  1. Check The Volume Pot

The Volume knob mainly controls the volume system of the guitar. The volume pots act as potentiometers and increase and decrease the volume and pickups when you turn the knob down. They also shape the tone of the guitar. This can be done by changing the number of breakups produced by a pickup.

Check if the volume pot is working properly. Check the ground connection of the volume pot. If the ground connection breaks, then the volume pot will not function properly. Try reheating the connections. This will resolder the connections of the metal pins to the volume pot and can potentially fix the problem for you.

  1. Loose Jacks

Another reason for your guitar volume control not working can be loose jacks. As we know, electric guitars involve excessive plugging and unplugging of cables. This continuous plugging and unplugging can cause the output jacks to loosen up.

As a result, the cables will not connect properly, and the guitar will not be able to provide proper volume. Eventually, you will start hearing cracking sounds when your guitar is connected to the speaker. The cracking and unclear sound indicates a loose jack and ground wire. In such situations, you will have to solder the ground wire and tighten the jacks.

  1. Replace The Pickups

Another solution to your problem can be replacing the pickups. However, it is recommended to make sure that you first try the above-mentioned solutions. If these solutions do not work, then replacing the pickups is the option.

It seems to be a complex task, but it is quite simple. However, make sure that you choose the right pickup for replacement which replaces the previous one in size and working. Replace the pickups properly. Connect the wires with the pickup carefully. Lastly, sit the pickups in the cavities.

The Bottom Line

To summarize the discussion mentioned above, electric guitars have a long life span if they are given proper care. However, such guitars come with excessive wear and tear of their spare parts because of the excessive plugging and unplugging of the cables, vigorously turning the volume knobs, and whatnot.

Therefore, these guitars need adjustments and repairing of their pots sometimes. This ensures proper volume and tuning of the guitar. If none of the above-mentioned solutions work to fix the volume control, it is recommended to contact a professional and get your guitar checked and repaired by the experts.


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