Apple Reinterprets Musical Experiences On 14 Devices

Apple Computers, makers of the industry and technology innovations of i­Everything are also masters of the creation of a new type of musical instrument, even if that was not their original intention. Thanks to the creativity of a unique band, a series of computer and phone devices were synced together to create a different kind of music.
knock knock apple devices
The result is a song called Knock Knock from indie rockers Brunettes Shoot Blondes. 14 screens utilized at the same time make this not only a remarkable feat of timing, but accent the technological advancement of the Apple product. Any other device could be prone to glitches, spotty interference or even locking up in the middle of the piece. But who’s to say that didn’t happen during the recording of this video?

The brilliance of the storyline playing out through each of these different devices, all playing along to the singer­songwriter tune. We’re used to experiencing life on our phones, tablets and laptops using social media and other apps. But capturing our attention spans for more than a few seconds requires something truly unique and remarkable, which is what Brunettes Shoot Blondes have achieved here. Well done.

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