10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play the Saxophone

Reasons Learn to Play the Saxophone
Reasons Learn to Play the Saxophone

Looking for the reasons why you should learn to play the saxophone?

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Learning how to play the saxophone is now easier than ever before because there are so many quality saxophones out there that are also inexpensive to invest in. Though the sax gets a bad rap as a complex instrument, it actually one of the easiest things to learn how to play because it was designed fairly recently compared to other instruments like the piano and violin that have been around for centuries.

The one thing that actually intimidates most students from picking up the saxophone at a young age is actually its appearance. You should know that once you learn how to handle the instrument, the progressions that follow are relatively easy to keep up with and master, which should encourage you to give it a fair shot.

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Best of all, if you are keen about pursuing it further, you will be glad to know that the sax enjoys a great repertoire, which will give you plenty of opportunities to experiment and grow into the musician that you have always wanted to be. If you are interested in pursuing the saxophone seriously, here are 10 impressive reasons why you should sign up for your first lesson:

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play the Saxophone

  1. Playing the sax will allow you to express yourself

Learning the saxophone will allow you to express yourself and explore your creative side by experimenting with different styles and emotions. Additionally, the sax is a complex instrument, which means that there will always be something for you to learn.

  1. The saxophone is a very versatile instrument

There aren’t many instruments that are as versatile as the sax. When played, the saxophone produces vocal-like sounds, as though someone is actually singing. It is because of this quality that saxophones are included in many genres at varying degrees. You can include saxophones in anything and it will still sound great.

  1. There are many great opportunities for Saxophonists

The saxophone is used widely in many music styles, which means that there will be plenty of opportunities for you to find work. Saxophone players that are usually able to play an assortment of styles can make a great living performing and are more likely to attract well-paying opportunities like studio recording gigs.

  1. Experiment with the different types

There is more than one type of saxophone, which means that there is a type for everyone. The most common types of saxophones include the baritone, tenor, soprano and alto saxophones which vary in size and in pitch. When learning, you can take your time to discover which one works best for you.

  1. It is one of the more social instruments

The saxophone has quite a unique look and appearance that makes it mysterious. When you have it, you can be sure that you will pull a crowd wherever you go. The sax has a presence that accompanies most other brass instruments and because of its sophisticated sound, it is one of the most mainstream instruments available in most popular genres like soul, blues and jazz.

  1. For the memory boost

You may already know by know how important instruments are to the human memory. Like most other instruments, the sax has the ability to boost your brain power, which ultimately impacts the way you process and interpret information, as well as the way you make decisions.

  1. It will increase your awareness to sound

When you finally master the sax, you will quickly start yearning for other sounds to play and experiment with. Exploring extended sounds in this manner will not only expand your musical ability but also your sonic options as well. Often times, the process of discovering sound make individuals into better musicians and mastering different sounds often leads to more creative ideas.

  1. Do it for the solo opportunities

There will be plenty of opportunities for you to play solos if you settle for the sax as your instrument of choice. The benefits that come with playing solos are many and documented. For instance, solos allow sax players to experience autonomy and independence that is typically lacking in many ensembles. With solos, you can dictate the direction that your career will take and it will make it even easier to join bands if the interest should arise late on.

  1. To improve your breathing

If nothing else, you should sign up for sax lessons to improve your respiratory function. To play the saxophone properly, you need to have proper control of your breathing otherwise you would be unable to play extended phrases without completely running out of breath. Proper breathing is essential for wind players as your breath is a large part of how you will sound, and this consequent improve the way that you breathe long term.

  1. It really is not as complicated as it looks

As mentioned earlier, the sax is a relatively easy instrument to learn because it was introduced much later compared to other instruments like the violin. Furthermore, when compared to other woodwind instruments used commonly in the orchestra, the sax’s fingering system that is relatively uncomplicated. The alto sax is especially recommended because it is easier to control than other varieties like the Bb Soprano Sax.


Learning how to play the sax is a great opportunity that offers plenty of benefits including improved coordination as well as reduced stress. If you think that you would like to start learning the saxophone but are not exactly sure where to start, you will be glad to know that there are many resources that can help you thrive in your saxophone lessons.

Better still, there are many sax teachers and sax programs online that can allow you to learn freely in the comfort of your own home. When looking for sax teacher, be sure to find one that specializes in the style that you want to pursue and that your teacher is a great fit in terms of personality. This way, you will get the opportunity to take the lessons seriously so that you can become the best sax player you can be.

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