20 Websites to Learn Saxophone Lesson Online (Free and Paid Saxophone Courses)

Learn Saxophone Lesson Online, Free and Paid Saxophone Courses

Learn Saxophone Lesson Online, Free and Paid Saxophone Courses

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The saxophone is one of the most popular woodwind musical instruments. It was invented as early as 1841 by an inventor and musician named Adolphe Sax. We can attribute the popularity of the saxophone to the unique melodious sounds it produces.

There are also so many hit songs by our favorite musicians that sound so good because saxophones were used during the recording. Thanks to the internet, it is now possible to learn how to play the saxophone online.

There are so many reasons to become a saxophonist. It is a wonderful hobby, people get paid a lot of money to play the saxophone, and it is a skill that can help boost music careers.

The online saxophone lessons are mainly flexible and easy to follow. They are pre-made by professional saxophonists who have had many years of experience. Also, anyone can learn how to play the instrument without previous experience by following the simple online guidelines and instructions.

The following websites offer online saxophone lessons.

20 Websites to Learn Saxophone Lesson Online Reviews

1) Artistworks

artistworks Learn Saxophone Online

This website has become very popular for its online music lessons which cover many musical instruments. Saxophone happens to be top of the list on the site. The online jazz saxophone lessons have been prepared by Eric Marienthal, who is a Grammy award-winning jazz saxophonist with six recorded albums.

On the website, saxophone lessons are created as instructional videos which introduce students to the instrument and how it is played. The lessons also cover crucial areas such as the best tips and hints to help students improve their skills while playing the jazz saxophone.

On the site, students can record their practice sessions and upload the videos. These videos will be reviewed by Eric to point out errors and offer more advice to help the students improve their skills.

The website is open to a global audience. There are hundreds of online saxophone video lessons which cover the different styles and other useful information to help students. Receiving custom feedback from the instructor also guides students on how to avoid common errors that have been identified.

The practice videos posted by students can also be viewed by others who can learn from them. The online saxophone lessons are structured as Three months, six months, and one-year lessons. Students can enroll for the basic lessons, intermediate or the advanced online saxophone lessons.

2) Udemy Online Saxophone Lessons

udemy Learn Saxophone Online

Udemy provides a platform for experienced saxophone players to teach students from all over the world. On this site, there are over thirty saxophone instructors offering their services.

Students can make choices based on the type of saxophone they wish to learn. You can find instructors who offer video lessons and instructions for the alto saxophone, jazz saxophone, or Tenor saxophone.

The instructors also offer beginners lessons, and advanced level lessons for students who may have had previous experiences playing the saxophone. It is easy to select an instructor on this website.

The teachers have provided useful information on their profiles to help students decide whether the offered lessons can meet their needs. The instructional videos have been divided into lectures to help students monitor their progress while learning online.

The online saxophone lessons on Udemy usually last for about thirty minutes to one hour daily. Lessons may, however, last longer depending on the instructor’s program. During this time students learn how to assemble and care for their saxophones. Other areas of study include learning how to blow the saxophone, counting the notes, reading music and the major scales and a lot of practice with the musical instrument.

3) Taming the Saxophone

tamingthesaxophone Learn Saxophone Online

This website offers a vast online platform where students can find experienced saxophone teachers led by Pete Thomas who is the lead instructor. The online saxophone lessons have been designed to help beginners and intermediate saxophone players improve their skills.

The lessons are generally organized via video streaming applications such as Skype or Facetime. Depending on the level the students are starting, they will be guided through a personalized online program aimed at helping them become professional saxophone players.

The saxophone lessons on this website are mainly structured for the jazz saxophone. Students will learn how to play jazz tunes, blues, classical and smooth jazz songs. New learners are guided on how to organize their personal practice sessions which can be used even after the program.

Other areas of practice include learning the chords, scales, inversions, tonguing techniques, intonation, and tuning. The learning program also covers practicing the best breathing rhythm and fingering exercises during practice.

Asides from the personalized online saxophone lessons, online visitors also have access to the shop. Hundreds of learning materials are always on sale such as books, play along materials and video recordings on CDs.

4) Mattotto Online Saxophone

mattotto Learn Saxophone Online

There is a lot to learn on this website if you are searching for online saxophone lessons. The website layout has been structured in a way that makes it easy for visitors to find the information they need about the saxophone.

The categories on this site cover all the areas of playing the saxophone for leisure or professionally. You will find offered Skype lessons for all learners and other targeted areas to help students improve their skills.

There are one hundred targeted lessons on the site. Also, special learning guides have been provided to ensure the students have a successful daily practice with their saxophones.

The different categories feature Mp3 files and PDF files which contain the practice instructions and guidelines. There are categories aimed at improving saxophone improvisation. They include lessons which teach the broken arpeggios, triplets in 4’s, mastering the intervals and scales, Learning the chords and playing saxophone by ear.

The archive is regularly refreshed to ensure all users find the information they need while developing their embouchure. The online lessons are designed to follow a simple approach which makes it easy for beginners and advanced players to learn.

5) Tim Price Jazz Saxophonist

Tim price has built a global reputation as a renowned jazz saxophonist. He has made it possible for people from all over the world to learn his techniques through this website. On this site, Price offers lessons to help beginners and intermediate jazz saxophonists enhance their playing skills.

The aim of his online lessons is basically to keep the jazz saxophone language authentic. The students who register for the courses online are taught the important tips to help them improve tone quality while playing the jazz saxophone. Tim also teaches his students how to read the notes, understand the chords and play along with jazz music.

Students have access to hundreds of instructional and practice videos on the website. Tim Price also offers private lessons to help amateur saxophonists improve their improvisation abilities. Tim has found ways to mix his techniques with the standard saxophone techniques while maintaining the original jazz saxophone sounds.

After the online lessons, students who have passed the advanced level are expected to have their repertoire for jazz music in addition to other skills they have been taught online. The video files shared are of a high quality to help the students understand and practice with their saxophones according to the lessons.

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6) Dan Christian Online Saxophone Lessons

danchristian Learn Saxophone Online

This website danchristian.net has a wide range of online saxophone learning options for a broad audience. Beginners can start here, to learn the first lessons about playing the saxophone. On the website, there are free introductory lessons to reveal everything about the saxophone and starting tips.

All that is required to participate in the online saxophone lesson is a good saxophone. The courses are organized live on Skype. These real-time lessons are interactive, and the students have an opportunity to watch and practice with the instructor. In addition, there are hundreds of videos, audio files, and PDF to provide theoretical knowledge about playing the saxophone.

Dan Christian has over ten years’ experience as a music teacher. His style of teaching is suitable for people of all ages. It will be easy to use this website. The landing page features all the lessons covered in the program, and there are links to Dan’s video recordings which can be viewed by all visitors.

The site also has a blog. The blog covers important topics that educate and encourage the visitors to start their online saxophone lessons without delay. The site is also regularly updated with important information to guide and encourage beginners and advanced saxophonists.

7) 8Notes.com

8notes Learn Saxophone Online

The online saxophone lessons on this website start from the basics. The learning platform is targeted at beginners who may have never played the saxophone before. On the site, a comprehensive report of the scope of studies is provided to guide the students.

The lessons begin with introducing the saxophone and its different parts. Students are guided on how to buy the best mouthpieces. The entire course outline is divided into eight parts to help students become professional saxophonists at the end of the lessons.

The first parts of the lessons cover crucial areas such as learning the first notes. Furthermore, after mastering these areas, students are introduced to more advanced notes in the subsequent online lessons. The program is designed to be fun and informative with practice sessions inserted in the courses to help students immediately practice the information they have received.

The main lessons on the site are offered in the English language; however, students have the option of learning how to play the saxophone on this site in German, Spanish, Japanese, or French languages.

8) Sax Class

saxclass Learn Saxophone Online

The instructors on this website introduce the saxophone as one of the easiest musical instruments to learn. This encouraging information will help their audience make the bold move to sign up for the courses. The online lessons are designed for beginners and intermediate learners.

Experienced saxophonists who may need more practice are also welcome to improve their knowledge and skills. On the site, students are provided free sheet music and learning materials. There are multiple communication options for students to interact with the instructors during the program.

There are hundreds of video files and PDF files which present useful learning information on the website. The step by step approach makes it easier for the students to track their progress during the course. Advanced lessons are also available to guide students who wish to learn professional saxophone techniques to play along with blues.

You can also find additional information on the site such as features to consider when buying a new or used saxophone. And the different types of saxophones are explained as a guide for students. The instructions cover learning the saxophone notes and using the fingering charts. Students will also be taught how to master the proper breathing techniques while playing the saxophone.

9) The Jazz Approach

beginningsax Learn Saxophone Online

This website is managed by Randy Hunter; he is an author and professional Jazz saxophonist. The website has been particularly designed for beginners who have just started practicing with the saxophone. The learning courses on the site start from the scratch, to help beginners get the basic information needed to start playing and practicing with their jazz saxophones.

Everyone can purchase books written by Randy about playing the saxophone. The online lessons are prepared as instructional videos which demonstrate how the saxophone is played in a gradual process to ensure comprehension.

The lessons cover Mp4 video files, Mp3 files, and audio files as well as the online books. The free videos on the site teach students how to assemble and care for the saxophone as well as the basics of playing the musical instrument. Students also have access to free sheet music, transposition guide, and fingering charts.

Access is also granted to play along files and guides to help students practice independently. Private lessons are also available on the site for busy people who need special schedules to learn how the saxophone is played online. The website is regularly updated with new information to ensure the students get the value for their investments.

10) How to Play Saxophone

howtoplaysaxophone Learn Saxophone Online

This is a website that offers free saxophone lessons online. Students can make the decision to further their lessons after benefitting from the free courses. On the site, the instructors have pre-made fourteen free lessons to guide the students.

The lessons are for beginners starting from the basics. The first lessons cover areas such as postural guidance, how to blow the saxophone, learning the notes, and jamming in a group or independently.

Intermediate saxophonists who wish to improve their jamming skills are also encouraged to participate in these online lessons. They learn how better improvisation skills for jazz and blues using the saxophone.

The membership opportunity on this site gives students access to the premium learning content. This includes hundreds of videos, PDF, and audio files. The lessons aim to help students learn how to breathe while playing the saxophone. Other areas covered include learning the main keys, finger positions, and understanding how to use the major and minor scales while playing the saxophone.

The online saxophone lessons are highly interactive with dozens of fun lessons that keep the students engaged during the course. To participate, students are required to own a saxophone and have access to computers or mobile devices to start the lessons.

11) Cambridge Saxophone

cambridgesaxophone Learn Saxophone Online

The online saxophone courses on this website have been developed to be compatible with mobile devices and laptops. The website offers free and paid online saxophone lessons to people of all ages.

On the site, learners are guided to prepare personal development plans to help them improve their skills at the different course levels. The learning programs are developed for beginners, intermediate and the advanced levels.

Benefits include free lessons, and direct feedback from the instructors to help students improve their skills. The online saxophone lessons cover all the basic areas students need to start confidently practicing with play along songs and sheet music.

On this site, students can enroll for the private online courses. These lessons are organized via Skype and are highly interactive. The offline courses include pre-made videos and audio files packaged in the learning bundles. Some core areas covered include learning the chords, rhythm changes, blues progression and helping students maintain fluency while playing the saxophone.

The website is easy to use and friendly. The innovative learning programs make it easy to follow and understand the saxophone techniques, and lessons can be received from anywhere in the world.

12) Hello Saxophone

hellosaxophone Learn Saxophone Online

Everyone who wishes to become a saxophonist can use the starter’s guide on this website to begin the online lessons. The free courses are designed to introduce beginners to the basics of the course. It also includes beginner lessons for other lessons at other lessons which are preparatory guides to encourage people who choose to start learning at those levels.

The lessons are prepared as YouTube videos accessible on the free courses and paid lessons. The starter guides offer free lessons that help students to master the basics to start playing along with bands quickly.

The website also offers tips and hints to all students. These lessons aim to improve fluency while students play the saxophone. While tips will be provided to help students learn how to breathe while playing, they will also be guided on how to change chords, and play by ear. There are hundreds of instructional videos to watch and learn.

In addition, students can download PDF files which contain useful learning materials. Understanding the basics is a priority; however, the online courses encourage students to practice as many times as possible daily to improve their skills as saxophonists.

13) SaxHub

saxhub Learn Saxophone Online

Many people who need step by step instructions on how to play the saxophone can take advantage of this website owned by Greger Hillman. He offers free and paid online saxophone lessons for beginners and intermediate saxophone learners.

The online course includes video lessons for sheet music; saxophone fingering charts, altissimo notes, and tips to help students play the saxophone fluently. The free lessons are bundled as video and MP3 files which include sheet music. New learners are also taught how to position the mouthpiece and the how to read the first notes.

Everyone who desires to learn all about fingering charts will find so much information on this website. There are thirty-three videos on the fingering charts which the students can study while practicing. The site also features a blog. The posts are all about playing the saxophone; they include topics that inform and encourage upcoming and experienced saxophonists.

The website which offers online saxophone lessons in the English language welcomes students from all over the world who can teach themselves how to play the saxophone. This will be achieved by following the simple guidelines on this website.

14) Sax station Speak Saxophone

saxstation Learn Saxophone Online

This website offers a series of steps to learn how the saxophone is played without a struggle. The course outline on this site is focused on teaching the students how to play notes, improve their sounds and get more practice. The proactive approach of the instructors encourages students to interact more with online or offline communities of saxophonists.

After subscribing, students are given access to free resources to aid their practice. The beginners can have their first experience with the fingering charts online. In addition, private lessons are available via Skype for people who would like exclusive guidance.

After the beginners level, you can continue practicing, and recording your progress. The website permits the upload of practice files for review by the community online. After receiving proper feedback, you can make corrections and improve your playing skills.

Overall, all subscribers have access to PDF files, audio and video files which promote the basic instructions needed to become professional saxophonists through the online course.

15) Lesson Face

lessonface Learn Saxophone Online

The teachers on LessonFace make learning how to play the saxophone a fun and interesting experience. This can be seen from the reviews provided by users of this website. There are over fifty teachers to choose from on this online learning platform.

The courses have been created as bundles which cover instructions for the different types of saxophones. Using the website is easy. People can choose the instructors who specify they offer courses for particular types of saxophones the student wishes to learn.

Also, the instructors have been rated based on the public’s favorites and instructors with whom other students have had a wonderful learning experience on the site. Some instructors have offered as many as 300 lessons; the rates vary, while the average duration of the session is thirty minutes.

Students who would like to test the offered courses can also select trial courses. These trials are offered by particular teachers as a way to encourage higher patronage from the public.

The patronage on Lesson Face is quite high because many of the teachers have had many years of experience as online or offline saxophone teachers. Some teachers also offer promotions to encourage students who are interested in becoming saxophonists.

You can find promotions that offer extra lessons for free after subscribing to the basic course. The platform also makes it easy to learn because the lessons can be purchased independently in cases where the teacher has multiple lessons.

16) Take Lessons

takelessons Learn Saxophone Online

This website offers an online training platform with over 200 saxophone teachers. The courses are offered online in different formats. Students will need to purchase the lessons posted by the teachers. They could be in the form of instructional videos, audio files or PDF files. It is quite a broad learning platform.

Students who wish to receive special lessons for the alto, tenor, or jazz saxophones can find the teachers who offer these lessons on the site. The online saxophone lessons last for thirty minutes. This time is spent learning the basics or practicing how to apply the saxophone techniques under the guidance of the instructor.

It is a user-friendly website. The teachers have been rated by previous students, so it is easy to find a suitable teacher who has a good record. The rates are also competitive so students can find courses that are affordable.

Some teachers also make it easier to learn how to play the saxophone with a suitable plan that fits the students’ schedule. The online lessons on this site are also designed for all levels of students, so beginners, intermediate and advanced learners can achieve their dreams to become better saxophonists.

17) Preply Online Saxophone Lessons

preply Learn Saxophone Online

The online teachers on this site offer everyone a chance to become professional or casual saxophonists. The teachers have been carefully vetted by the website administrators to confirm their training and abilities to teach people online.

The saxophone lessons are offered as individual training sessions which are interactive and easy to follow. The lessons combine a theoretical approach followed by extensive sessions during which the students practice what they have learned in theory.

Preply stands out as one of the online saxophone platforms where people from all over the world can learn how the musical instrument is played. The instructors indicate their preferred languages in which the lessons can be received.

The rates on this site are priced per hour instead of per session like many other websites. The instructors have also been rated by previous students based on their experiences while learning how to play the saxophone. To have an experience of the online lessons, students can book the trial course which lasts for a few minutes.

It is an introductory program that highlights the areas that will be covered during the lessons and the value student can get after subscribing. The site is user-friendly, and students can learn to become better saxophonists on their terms.

18) Play with a Pro

playwithapro Learn Saxophone Online

This is a premium website that offers everyone a chance to become professional saxophonists. The teachers on this website are mainly professionals who have built a remarkable reputation as saxophonists all over the world. The website Play with a Pro offers people a unique opportunity to learn from these experienced saxophonists.

The website is easy to use; each instructor has created a unique profile that explains what they offer regarding the lessons. Students who find an offer that matches what they need can make the payments to begin receiving professional guidance online. The lessons cover the basics but are mostly targeted at students who already know how to play the saxophone but need more training to improve their skills.

It is an excellent site for people training for auditions or examinations. The professional saxophonists on this website offer online lessons for different types of saxophones such as the alto or jazz models. Many of the teachers on the platform can also be personally verified due to their popularity as saxophonists. The rates are also quite higher than the regular websites where students learn how to play saxophones online due to the premium services.

19) Musika

musikalessons Learn Saxophone Online

Before subscribing for the paid saxophone lessons on this website, you can participate in the free trial sessions to know if the lessons match your expectations. The online lessons are designed for teenagers and adults.

The lessons cover the basic training for beginners who have never played a saxophone before and intermediate players. The teachers on this site offer their lessons based on a flexible schedule that suits the needs of the students.

The lessons cover areas such as mastering the keys, notes, learning the chords, and practicing the right breathing patterns. Students are also offered multiple tips and hints by the teachers.

On this platform, many teachers offer to guide students in step by step approach to help them become confident. The aim is to enhance fluency while playing the saxophone. Students are also advised on the best saxophone to use after consulting with the experienced teachers who consider the student's goals.

Students also get professional guidance on how to use the fingering charts and the sheet music during practice. The reviews from the past users on this site are good. Students who can find time to practice will get more value for their investment.

20) Tutorful

tutorful Learn Saxophone Online

The learning platform offered by this website accommodated beginners, intermediate and advanced saxophonists who need to improve their skills. The site offers 100% guarantee with options to change lessons if the student discovers they are not getting ahead with their current teacher.

The teachers have created personalized profiles on the site. Their profiles reveal the instruments the scope of their courses and the potential value each student can get after the course. They have also been rated on the site. Students can view the number of repeat buyers who use their services and the rates offered.

The lessons cover the basic areas students need to learn. This includes how to position the mouthpiece, learning the notes, understanding how to use sheet music, playing saxophone by ear, and using the scales.

The lessons are flexible; students can make proper plans to adapt the saxophone lessons to their busy lifestyle. The lessons last for only a few minutes daily. However, students can continue practicing using the resources and tips received from the tutors online.

Choosing the Best Saxophone Lesson Online

Online saxophone lessons make it easy for people who have had some previous experience to pick up their lessons from where they stopped. The step by step approach used by many instructors online also makes it possible for beginners to achieve their dreams of becoming a renowned saxophonist.

There are so many websites online that offer these services, so it is easy to find suitable and affordable lessons. The basic requirement of these sites is the ownership or access to a saxophone which will be used for practice. There are different types of saxophones so you may need to research the exact type you wish to learn before making payment for an online saxophone lesson.

The best advice experienced saxophonists give to beginners is to practice as often as they can. This means the online learning platforms you choose should be more practical oriented to help all the students learning on the site practice often to improve their skills. It is also common to find online teachers who offer hundreds of free learning resources to guide their students. However, premium resources for more advanced lessons may only be accessible after subscribing for the paid lessons.

The opportunity to receive private lessons makes it possible for students to learn directly from world-renowned saxophonists online. These private sessions are mostly done in real-time. They are also scheduled at convenient times. It is also important to choose online saxophone lessons that specify a course outline that has been divided into different levels to ensure no part of the lesson is omitted during the course.

It is also a great idea to learn how the saxophone is played on a website that has promoted the growth of a thriving online community. You will be able to interact with other players at different levels of their training.

On these sites, there will be thousands of practice videos that have been recorded and uploaded by members of the community. These videos are discussed, and useful information is revealed that can help the other members of the community. Learning how the play the saxophone online is fun, inspirational and convenient.

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