PRS vs Schecter: What’s The Difference?

PRS vs Schecter
prs vs schecter

There seems to be no end when it comes to the number of guitar manufacturer brands. The reason is that guitars are the most popular musical instruments out there.

You certainly get to enjoy the best performance edge on a guitar if you choose the right one according to your needs and requirements. The brand has a lot to do with the features of your instrument, and it goes well beyond brand loyalty only.

There has always been a debate between guitarists as to which brand would be perfect for them to choose.

Choosing a guitar

PRS and Schecter are two such guitar brands that are highly sought after, and why shouldn’t they. There are plenty of features and characteristics offered by these brands that make players pick their guitars.

Although both of these brands are highly reliable in terms of performance and durability, still, there are certainly a few factors that you must consider if you are looking to get your hands on a guitar suitable for your needs and budget.

It is better to go through the description of the individual features offered by PRS and Schecter first before moving to study their comparison.

PRS vs Schecter

Features PRS Schecter
Top Wood Carved Maple with Flame Maple Veneer Quilted maple
Scale length 25" 25.5"
Bridge PRS Patented Tremolo, Molded Floyd Rose Tremolo (though you can also choose the Tune Pros string-thru Tune-O-Matic
Fretboard Wood Rosewood Rosewood
Price Expensive Affordable

PRS Guitar

Paul Reed Smith, most commonly known as the PRS, is an American guitar manufacturer that is known for some of the best guitars and a bunch of other musical instruments.

They are based out of Maryland and are known to be the manufacturers of some of the most premium and exotic guitars. They have been making electric guitars that are the best in terms of efficiency, durability, and performance.

The standard of PRS guitars is so high that every other guitar is compared to them. The top position of PRS guitars on the list of greatest electric guitars in the world is not without any reason.

It’s not just the versatility in the sound that is promised by PRS but also the grand quality and splendid looks.

The veneer finish and the signature birds on the fretboard with the use of Rosewood have managed to gain attention and likeness from a wide range of audiences.

PRS guitars surely allow you to enjoy the best edge of looks and performance in a single place.

Moving forward, PRS guitars also feature the right tones and controls on the guitar that help you to control the output according to your playing style and preference.

Play a PRS guitar


The beauty of PRS guitars is that it doesn’t matter what your musical learning or playing style is; they can fit your requirements efficiently.

They gave modern classics to rock your world. For the cure of blues, there are semi-hollow guitars. If you want to imitate the tone of legends, you better opt for the signature guitars of PRS.


Affordability might be a bit of concern for you if you are looking for something that will not put a dent in your pocket, as these are some of the guitars that are on the higher side when it comes to the price.

With PRS, you might need to rethink what you are planning to buy.

Schecter Guitar

Schecter Guitar Research is also an American guitar manufacturer company based out of CA, USA. They started out as replacement parts manufacturers for Fender and Gibson

But they certainly excelled in the field and are manufacturing their own quality guitars now. Not only are these guitars from Schecter are high in demand, but they also carry the signature style of both Gibson and Fender.

Therefore, Schecter is indeed the right choice for anyone to pick. In addition to all that, you get the best of both worlds in terms of looks, durability, and playing comfort.

Neck And Fretboard

The neck and the rest of the body of the guitar are made of Mahogany. The thin neck of Schecter is known all around the world. This neck is the reason behind the easy accessibility to the upper frets. You can also play faster when the neck is thin.

The buildup material of the fretboard is Rosewood. The 14″ radius of the fretboard allows you to use a bunch of pitch changes.


The body of Schecter is a traditional double-cut super strat. The top is curved. The use of Mahogany for the body of guitars can attract plenty of players because of the reverb it offers.

Schecter Guitar

The big warm sound of this guitar adds to its suitability for any stage. The EMG pickups are the reason behind the production of defined sound.

The variation in the tone is yet another feature of this guitar. Heavy metal lovers can get the most out of Schecter, thanks to its good clarity and high gain.


For volume, there are two different controls, while the tone is adjusted by one control. Pickups are under the surveillance of volume control.

If you want to add smoothness and softness to the sound, you have to turn 1 knob down. This is the perfect depiction of the ‘two mode design introduced by Schecter.


Players are bound to notice the most obvious thing in the guitar, i.e., a thin neck. While playing the guitar, you can feel the ease of playing notes on the fretboard.

The playability of Schecter is brilliant, and it lasts quite long. The credit for it goes to the sound construction of the guitar.


Schecter guitars might not have a wide inventory to compete with PRS, but there are enough options that one might need to make sure that you are getting the right choice without compromising on anything at all.


The captivating looks of the PRS guitars complement their performance in the most subtle way. The use of PRS guitars for multiple applications speaks for their versatility

On the other hand, Schecter guitars are perfectly great in terms of looks, design aesthetics, and efficiency, and that is all a player needs in a guitar.

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