4 Common Problems With Richlite Fingerboard Troubleshooting

Problems With Richlite Fingerboard
Problems With Richlite Fingerboard

In the world of music, a guitar is one of the most sought-after music instruments, but it’s not just about playing; the features of a guitar also play an essential role in helping you create the sound you have in mind.

Every guitar part is equally vital for your preferred music genre and playing style.

The fingerboard of a guitar is a primary feature as it has the strings attached to it, and you can only play the guitar by picking the strings from the fingerboard through your fingers or using a small tool called a pick.

You must choose the right fingerboard, as the wrong one can be troublesome for you. The world of musical instruments, tools, etc., keeps on evolving, and you can now find a huge variety of fingerboards that can help you create the music you desire.

Among different brands, the Richlite fingerboard is one of the prominent names, and it is an acoustically superior fingerboard compared to other fingerboards available in the market. It is also widely known to be the best alternative for Ebony fingerboards.

Many big brands such as Gibson have also released guitars with the Richlite fingerboard; this is an exquisite fingerboard. It is unlike other fingerboards available in the market.

Generally, people who like to collect guitars find this ideal because of its premium quality.

The Richlite fingerboard has the correct thickness and density of the wood, which is required to generate music for more profound genres that can only be played through various guitars.

As impressive as the Richlite fingerboard is, yet of course, like most equipment, you are like to face some problems with it.


Before you dig into the cons of the Richlite fingerboards, there are certain things you need to keep in mind, such as this fingerboard is known for its high maintenance.

If you are a guitarist with little to no time to maintain their equipment, then the Richlite fingerboard will not be helpful for you in the long run.

You should know how and which problems can arise with the Richlite fingerboard beforehand so you can be well-prepared to deal with these problems. Some of the most frequently occurring issues of the Richlite fingerboard are:

Problems With Richlite Fingerboard

1. Maintenance Routine

Richlite fingerboard is known as one of the most premium quality products, but at the same time, they require a timely and extensive maintenance routine.

If you want to ensure that your Richlite fingerboard has a long life, you have to be specifically careful about maintaining it on a regular basis.

The maintenance routine of the Richlite fingerboard is time-consuming, and you can only thoroughly clean with products that are compatible with your Richlite fingerboard.

Any wrong product used for the Richlite fingerboard’s maintenance can cause more damage than repair.

Officials of Richlite highly recommend that you only use mineral oil with your Richlite fingerboard as this oil has more absorbing features and can help keep the fingerboard clean and damp.

Mineral oil

The Richlite fingerboard is recommended to be kept clean and damp because it has a high quality of absorbing and locking in moisture; this can play an essential role in letting you play your guitar smoothly.

Besides using mineral oil, you also need to be careful that you use the correct amount and number of oils at one time.

By overusing any of the maintenance oils you will notice that you have more problems with playing on the fingerboard as it is likely to remain too oily even for basic use.

2. Specific Genres

One more thing that you should be kept in mind is that not all genres can be played on the Richlite fingerboard.

You need to opt for suitable genres that would be compatible with this fingerboard, the genre choices may seem less, but these genres can be perfectly played on the Richlite fingerboard.

Richlite fingerboard

The density of the Richlite fingerboard is manufactured so that it requires thick and rich genres to be played on it. Genres with usually low amplitude yet are played with thicker tunes are ideal for you to play on your Richlite fingerboard.

Aggressive genres are not recommended to be played on this, as you will feel that the tune and flow of the fingerboard will not work as efficiently as they should.

Before you choose the Richlite fingerboard, you need to have a clear idea of which genres you plan to play on this.

The Richlite fingerboard is very fragile and cannot handle any type of aggressive playing, it will most likely break or get damaged. If you are a guitar collector, then a guitar with Richlite fingerboard would be a great addition for your collection.

If you aim to play deep bass or folk music, choosing the Richlite fingerboard would be an excellent idea.

However, if you want to experiment with playing multiple genres or try playing a wide range of genres, then the Richlite fingerboard is not a feasible option.

It cannot withhold the pressure of different genres, and it is best to restrict the use to one or two genres.

3. Installation Issues

The Richlite fingerboard is very fragile, and it is attached to the guitar through the use of epoxy. You cannot use nails or other materials to connect the fingerboard with your guitar.

This can be a huge problem, and if the Richlite fingerboard is not correctly installed, it can cause damage to the fingerboard and your guitar.

The key problems you will face if the RIchlite fingerboard is not installed correctly is that you will not find the perfect posture on the guitar and other similar problems. These problems can cause hindrance for you in playing your guitar.

Even if you do decide to play the genres that are most compatible with the Richlite fingerboard, at times, you might still have to face problems caused by improper installation.

When your Richlite fingerboard is not rightly installed, the fingerboard will show signs of instability, and you will also see issues with the playback.

Apart from these basic issues, the epoxy tends to get off sometimes, which means you would have to get your Richlite fingerboard completely re-installed and ensure that this time, there are no problems with the installation.

Ensuring that the installation is done correctly, you have to be very careful with the whole installation process and ensure that your fingerboard does not get damaged.

Since the Richlite fingerboard is sensitive, the whole process of installation should be done carefully to avoid any damage to the fingerboard.

Once you have ensured that your Richlite fingerboard is perfectly installed, the next step is to be careful with its use and try your best to keep the Richlite fingerboard in optimal condition.

The Richlite fingerboard is a top-of-the-line product and requires high maintenance.

4. No Moisture Damage

The Richlite fingerboards are immensely popular for their moisture-absorbing qualities; this fingerboard does not require heavy oiling to keep it moist.

However, if your Richlite fingerboard begins to get dry, there is no moisture, it can cause trouble while playing your guitar with the Richlite fingerboard.

Richlite Fretboard Guitar

This is one of the common problems that can occur if you do not regularly work on the maintenance of your Richlite fingerboard. It is not made of wood, so it is highly likely to stop absorbing moisture due to climate change.

As mentioned earlier, the Richlite fingerboard is high-maintenance and requires proper time and attention. When you excessively play your guitar on the Richlite fingerboard, it can also dry up the moisture by the friction of your fingers or pick.

Although the Richlite fingerboard is known for its moisture-absorbing quality, if you find the fingerboard drying up, it can cause damage to your guitar, and it might also damage the Richlite fingerboard ultimately.

You can use mineral or lemon oil and clean the fingerboard regularly, this will help keep the moisture absorbed, and you won’t have any trouble using the Richlite fingerboard on your guitar.

Many people tend to compare the Richlite fingerboard with Ebony, Richlite fingerboard guitars are either bought by guitar collectors or musicians who play softer and deeper genres and who understand how maintenance is required and should be done very carefully.

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