LR Baggs Anthem vs Anthem SL Comparison: What’s The Difference

LR Baggs Anthem vs Anthem SL
LR Baggs Anthem vs Anthem SL

While acoustic guitars are the default choice for anyone who wants to learn an instrument, many people also want an option to connect their acoustic guitars to an amp. This is possible with the help of a pickup.

Acoustic guitar pickups are easy to fit on, and there are many popular options that you can consider.

Looking at the list of guitar pickups, LR Baggs Anthem and Anthem SL are one of the most popular pickups to be used in the enhancement of the right tune in an efficient manner.

The number of similarities between LR Baggs Anthem and Anthem SL can confuse most people. Therefore, having an idea of the differences between these two pickups can make it easy for you to choose one.

The Difference Between LR Baggs Anthem vs Anthem SL

Features LR Baggs Anthem LR Baggs Anthem SL
Installation Process Advanced Beginner
Control Module Absent Present
Mix control Yes N/A
Bass notes More balanced Not quite balanced
Sound Less bright Brighter
Price More Less

LR Baggs Anthem

Coming with all the required systems in a single package, LR Baggs Anthem is the best option anyone can have as a pickup for their guitar.

As the pickup and performance of the guitar are directly related, most of the time, LR Baggs Anthem pickups are used in live performances to offer excellent sound quality, with bright, full tones.

LR Baggs Anthem

You don’t have to bother about any missing good sounds of the studio microphone because LR Baggs Anthem is very good at its job. It is going to capture all the good sounds while canceling out unnecessary noise.

The authenticity of sound received from the microphone is significantly improved with the LR Baggs Anthem pickup.

As a result of sound amplification, you receive a perfect and vivid tune. You also receive resonance, thanks to its patented Tru-mic.

The frequency of the pickup is lowered to improve the frequency of the guitar. Guitars usually have honky qualities and boxy beats, which get canceled by an LR Baggs Anthem.

LR Baggs Anthem not only records precise, exact tones from the instrument but also gets rid of any sharpness or noise in the background.

The capability of this pickup allows it to suit a wide range of acoustic guitars, thanks to the phase inversion, ultrasound volume, and battery check.

You will also appreciate the feedback controlling power of LR Baggs Anthem. It is replete with the necessary features that you’d expect from a decent, high-quality pickup. The width of strings and spacings allow its smooth fitting.

People who are fond of live performances should definitely choose LR Baggs Anthem pickup. It has got everything you need from a pickup.

LR Baggs Anthem SL

It is unfair to devoid the guitar of its true tone by letting a wrong pickup attach to the mic. However, when you choose LR Baggs Anthem SL, it performs quite a proficient job. It has several significant features that make it one of the best Tru-Mic Acoustic pickups.

Anthem SL

With LR Baggs Anthem SL, there is an addition of extra sound quality to the resonance. You don’t have to deal with any hassle while fitting it into the system of the acoustic guitar, thanks to its small size. It is ready to spread its magic as soon as you install it into your guitar.

The best thing about LR Baggs Anthem SL is that it helps you retain the original sound while maximizing it and giving you an option to connect with different amps. It is also quite versatile in its function.

The advanced technology used in its manufacturing makes it a handy and usable attachment to your instrument. The power of resisting feedback of LR Baggs Anthem SL is like no other pickup.

The 9V battery and less time for recharging make it a better pickup to purchase. The playtime of LR Baggs Anthem SL is around 1500 hours. You can make adjustments in the sound sensitivity as per the environment you are in.

It allows the string to balance properly, picking up even the slightest of vibrations. You are not disturbed by any other sonic sounds from the environment. The frequency response of 250Hz-20kHz allows you to focus on your main tune.

The adjustment of the microphone is in your hands as well. The installation of LR Baggs Anthem SL is very simple. Its compact structure is easy to handle.

Comparison Between LR Baggs Anthem And Anthem SL

There are certain differences between the two pickups on the basis of some factors.

Tonal Factors

The sound produced from the LR Baggs Anthem is crystal clear as you can smoothly hear the bass strings and treble. There is a more balanced touch to the base notes. If you are plucking, you will receive a completely stabilized output.

When we compare the sound of Anthem with Anthem SL, it is easy to say that the latter has a brighter sound. It doesn’t matter whether the style of music is Spanish or classical acoustic; it can excel in both of them. The quality of output is no less than the studio quality.

With Anthem SL, you will achieve satisfaction whether it’s flamingo-style acoustic playing or just plucking.

Mic And Pickup

Although the mic and pickup included in both LR Baggs Anthem and Anthem SL are the same, the difference lies in sound quality and range.

With Anthem SL, users can make adjustments in the settings to increase or decrease the brightness of the sound. However, Anthem lacks this feature.


The lack of maneuverability and handiness in LR Baggs Anthem means that the installation process is a bit time consuming and it’s also slightly difficult to install. For the installation of the mic in your acoustic guitar, you need to peel and stick adhesive.

On the other, you don’t have to bother with the adhesives while installing the Anthem SL, thanks to the advanced technology used in its manufacturing.

You can carry out its installation in way less time than the Anthem. It is so compact and precise that you can easily take it with you when you have to perform live.

Install Anthem SL

Control Module

When the comparison between Anthem and Anthem SL is set on the basis of the control module, Anthem SL wins. The presence of a small screwdriver makes it easy for the users to make adjustments to any range of their favorite sound.

If you want to have a grim and dark effect in the sound, you can take a look at the manual and follow the instructions to fix it accordingly. There is no controlling module in LR Baggs Anthem, but that doesn’t affect its efficiency in improving the tune of the guitars.

Mix Control

Musicians are most concerned about the feature of mix control whenever they have to choose between the pickups.

If you go with Anthem, you get a fantastic combination of sounds with Element Pickup and Tru Mic Pickup because it carries the mix control feature. However, Anthem SL is devoid of this stunning feature.


There is a remarkable difference in the cost of Anthem and Anthem SL. The latter is quite budget friendly, so it’s a good choice for people who are just getting started with acoustic guitar pickups. On the other hand, Anthem is expensive, but the features it offers are worth the price.

Bottom Line

Regardless of the pickup you choose, if you are unaware of the ways to utilize it, you cannot make the most out of it.

However, if you want to give the feel of studio mics without having budget restrictions, LR Baggs Anthem might be the right pickup for you. However, 100% natural sound comes with the LR Baggs Anthem SL pickup.

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