4 Approaches To Resolve Jamman Looper Problems

jamman looper problems
jamman looper problems

Loopers are used with guitars and some other musical instruments to ensure the perfect bit of editing and remixes for any musical tune that you might be playing for and with these loopers, you get to enjoy a certain perfection of having the best of both worlds. With that being said, you will need to make it a bit more enticing for EDM.

Loopers are just the perfect thing that you can need to make it all work for any of these applications. In addition to that, you also get certain presets and effects on loopers to be added to your music and have perfection at all the possible aspects. There is a wide range of loopers available out there in the market. Jamman loopers from DigiTech are such great loopers that you can get.

You can enjoy all the great features on them while making them work for any sort of performance with guitar or some other musical instruments. Yet, there are certain things that you must know about these loopers if you are looking to buy them, and they are not without some common problems that an average user might have to face while using these Jamman Loopers. A few such common problems that you might have to face are:

Reasons and Solutions for Jamman Looper Problems

1. Accuracy

While you get a digital LCD on the looper that shows you power, and several other aspects on the screen, it often lags when it comes to accuracy and might not be properly configured with the knob that you are using to control it. That is certainly something that you will need to be careful about.

You can easily mistake it while you are playing the instrument during a performance and there are hundreds of other things on your mind at the moment. The accuracy can be a trouble and you need to focus on the actual output that you are getting or the knob positioning instead of relying on the digital screen that you get on the Jamman loopers.

2. Distortion

The distortion is another major problem that you will have to face on the Jamman looper if it is not being maintained properly on regular basis. Even the slightest bit of dust and rust inside the connectors or on the connectors can cause you to face these issues with the distortion that you wouldn’t want to be having for sure.

That is why you will need to make it certain that you are correctly maintaining the looper and especially take extensive care of the looper connectors since they play a major role in terms of giving you the right output that you might be seeking to make it all work.

3. Paint Chipping Off

While not all the model of Jamman loopers have this problem, that is certainly a major problem with many of these Jamman loopers and you might feel like the paint is being chipped off at certain points and that is something you would never like to have on your looper since you have to use it in your studio or take it to outdoor performances as well.

So, if you have a thing for aesthetics and don’t want to face that problem, a wrap would be your best bet, or you can simply ensure to pick some model that is known for its paint durability instead of those that are getting you similar problem with the paint being chipped off.

4. Presets Not Found

Another common problem that you face on the looper is with the presets. At times you will find all your presets gone and that is the worst inconvenience since you will have to save them again and that is something time taking.

So, if you need a looper for basic needs and there is not much requirement for the presets, then this could be just the option for you since it is one of the most cost-efficient loopers out there. Yet, there have been issues with the presets and if you rely a lot on presets during the performance, and need a looper that would go perfect with them, this might not be the right choice for you.

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