Cillian King Music Performs Paganini’s Moto Perpetua on Concertina

Paganini’s Moto Perpetuo makes even the most dedicated violinist struggle. That is why we found it very surprising that someone was able to play it flawlessly to time. Cillian King started up his metronome and put himself into a trance of rhythm and took four minutes to produce an exquisite rendition of the musical piece.

Playing the Moto Perpetua is virtually a task for breathing and the pieces are challenging to play continuously. Cillian could perform the piece impressively.

If you wish to see more of his videos, you can check him out on Facebook.

Moto Perpetuo, Op.11 by Paganini transcribed for concertina. Please excuse the over- celebration at the end…definitely not written for the squeeze box. #paganini #concertina Ropeadope Records

Posted by Cillian King Music on Wednesday, March 1, 2017


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