How Much Do Violin Lessons Cost (Average & Private Violin Lessons Cost)

How Much Costs To Learn Violin
How Much Costs To Learn Violin

If you are a music fan, you would know that the violin is one of the most classical instruments out there. Well, there is one more thing; the violin seems very romantic and the melodies are meant to captivate your attention. With this being said, many people are interested in learning how to play the violin but they hesitate because of the costs.

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To begin with, people wonder about the costs of the violin and the lessons themselves. So, if you are interested in playing violins as well and wonder how much costs to learn violin, we have the answers for you in this article.

How Much Do Violin Lessons Cost

1. Online Violin Lessons

When it comes down to the online violin lessons, the costs will differ from the online lessons and courses. With this being said, ArtistWorks is one of the fine choices for people who want to learn violin techniques online.



Classical Violin with Richard Amoroso

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In case you want to master the art of classical violin, this course with Richard Amoroso will settle your needs perfectly. The course is designed with the curation of Richard’s year of experience. With this course, the students can learn the fundamentals of violin and access the cross string exercises. These exercises will help master the skills.

Even more, there are specified lessons on shifting which means you will know how to shift from one tune to another. Also, the course offers access to the solo and etude repertoires that helps learn in-depth skills. The course is taught by Richard Amoroso and he has been working as a Philadelphia Orchestra member.

He has managed to gain popularity around the working, such as Wiener Musikyere, Carnegie Hall, and Suntorryi. The best part is that he has been playing the violin since he was fourteen years old which means he has decades of experience. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he is known as the premium classical violinist on a global level.

With this course, the students will learn basic bowing, along with the right posture. Also, you will learn how to build the fret of the hand. All in all, this course is suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced violinists. As for the costs, the three-month plan costs $105, the six-month plan costs $179, and the one-year plan costs around $279. So, you can choose the desired plan and learn at your own pace.

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2. Private Lessons (Start From $30 – $50/0.5 hour)

While you are trying to harness the new violin skills, we suggest that you make the right investment by choosing the right lessons. So, if you want the instructor to focus solely on you, private lessons are perfect for you. The costs of the private lessons will differ with the duration of lessons and the area you are getting the lessons from.

For instance, the duration ranges from half an hour to forty-five minutes and an hour. In case you are a beginner, the half-an-hour will be enough and it will cost ranging from $30 to $50. On the other hand, if you are an intermediate or advanced violinist, the lessons should be around forty-five minutes and it will cost anything from $50 to $80.

The costs of private lessons are high for two main reasons. Firstly, the instructor focuses only on you and they are dedicating the time to you. Secondly, intermediate and advanced violinists need more in-depth lessons and instructors actually have to design the course content and outline for you.

3. Individual Lessons (Start From $65/hour)

In case you opt for the individual lessons, the costs will differ with the duration of the lessons. To begin with, the half-an-hour lessons will cost around $40 on average while the forty-five-minute lessons will cost around $50 if we look at the average price. Lastly, if you opt for the one-hour lesson, it will cost $65. However, these costs are on average and can vary with the tutor, location, and expertise.

4. Group Lessons (Start From $25 – $40/hour)

Some people don’t like to learn alone and that’s the prime reason that they think about group lessons. The group lessons are suitable since they offer an intuitive and interactive learning experience. As far as the costs are concerned, the group lessons will be usually more economical, ranging from $25 to $40 on a per-hour basis.

On the other hand, if you opt for a monthly subscription, they usually come with the family pass that offers two-hour weekly lessons. Such group lessons will range from $400 to $500, depending on the group you choose.

5. Package Discounts (Start From $25/0.5 hour)

When it concerns the violin lessons, some people always think that costs are too high; well, we get them. With this being, if you sign up for more than five lessons, some private instructors are likely to provide package discounts. These discounts are also available when you offer the upfront payments, so you can save the bucks.

For instance, if you find a platform that offers more than five lessons, the costs will reduce to $25 for the half-an-hour lessons. In addition, you can sign up on the online learning websites as they offer regular discounts and open up sales.

Things To Keep In Mind

While choosing the right course for learning the violin techniques, the costs always play an essential role and we are pretty sure you would be wondering what causes the cost variations. With this being said, there are certain aspects that you need to consider. To begin with, the location matters a great deal while calculating the costs.

For instance, if you have to commute to the instructor or coaching center, we suggest that you add $15 to $20 to the costs. On the other hand, these costs will be subtracted if the instructor is up for Skype or Zoom sessions. In addition to location, the instructor’s expertise will matter as well. That’s to say because the more experience the instructor has, the higher will be the cost of lessons.

The Bottom Line

Violin has become the seamless choice for everyone who needs to learn music techniques without compromising on elegance. So, if you’ve been wondering how much the violin lessons cost, we tried to share everything you need to know about the costs associated with violin lessons!

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