4 Best Ways To Learn Violin

Best Ways To Learn Violin
Best Ways To Learn Violin

Violin, is one of the most ancient musical instruments that is still being played and loved widely all over the world. It has its routes from the early 16th century in Italy. Undoubtedly is one of the marvels reflecting the glory and artistic advancement of the roman empire back in the day.

Further, the violin is also known as a fiddle and is similar to a guitar in the shape but much smaller in size. Unlike the guitar, the violin is played with a horsehair bow that strikes and rubs against the strings on the violin. It has some cool and soothing tunes to it and that makes it a perfect choice for multiple genres of music.

If you are looking to learn violin, there are different methods out there that you can choose from and most of these methods would help you get the right edge of the violin. Some methods that you can use to learn violin are as below.

Best Ways To Learn Violin

1. Online Violin Lessons

Today, we have everything much easy, convenient, and more efficient thanks to technology. Learning and education have got their fair share of advancement, and there are tons of new methods being introduced for learning that can help you with all sorts of learning including violin lessons.

Online violin lessons are just the perfect thing for you to learn and you need to understand that it is the safest and most efficient method in these hard times as well. With least and in some cases no connection to any other person, you get the chance to learn all the necessary violin skills.

In addition, online violin lessons allow you to enjoy a sense of comfort and convenience for your learning journey and you can have all the leisure of learning at your own schedule and comfortable pace. You can learn all the skills that you like and choose the method of learning on your own. Online learning also ensures that you don’t have to miss out on anything and wherever you feel stuck with anything, you will be able to choose to repeat that lesson anytime you want to.

Violin with Richard Amoroso

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With online lessons on violin, you can get some of the best advantages and access to resources like music tunes, posture lessons, how to maintain the rhythm, and all that easily. Now, there are some cool lessons that you can find online to help you through your violin learning journey including the ones on ArtistWorks.com. These violin lessons with Richard Amoroso are just the thing that you might be looking for to have the perfect online experience with learning violin.

These lessons are broken into over 100 videos each focusing on certain and important aspects of learning violin. Not only that, but you can get a better learning experience with Richard Amoroso, as he explains the violin from beginner level skills, taking it to those highly advanced tunes and music rhythms that he is famous for. With the help of these lessons, you will also be able to play those videos with violin lessons in slow motion or loops to learn them at their best.

If you are a perfectionist who would settle for nothing less than the best, then this is just the thing for you to learn violin. No matter where you are starting from, these lessons will take you to an expert level violin player in no time at all.

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2. Get a Music Degree

This might sound like a dream for most people a couple of decades back, but nowadays, there are multiple music institutes and universities out there that are allowing you to pursue a formal education in music that is your passion. These universities and colleges allow you to study music to its very roots and subsequently earn a degree in music.

You can choose the violin as your major and learn all that you need to know about it. Having a degree will secure your future, along with getting you all the knowledge about not only how you can play the violin to the best of your skills but to connect with its soul and have the full use of your instincts.

These degrees also allow you to have a deeper insight into all the history of the violin so you can know all about its evolution, learn about different genres, eras, and other parts of the violin and how it became its current form.

Moreover, all the knowledge will help you gain those skills that are a must-have for anyone looking to play the violin. You will be able to play violin in an orchestra, a band, or even as a solo prayer for any sort of audience and performance like you have always wanted to.

These degrees will also help you get assistance in inspiration and enhancing your creativity so you can not only know the theory and have violin playing skills but also make up those tunes of your own that you can play around confidently to entertain and surprise your friends and family. With a proper degree, you will have no hurdles starting your career in music and giving it a great head start.

3. Join a Music Studio

Music studios are still one of the best methods to learn music and especially the violin, no matter what. Now there are no second thoughts about the fact that the violin is not an easy instrument to play with and you cannot easily get your hands on the right skills without proper guidance.

While a degree will be emphasizing on learning the theory and concepts more, a music studio allows you to have a more focused and determined approach towards all those practical skills that will be making sure that you can play the violin like a pro rather quickly.

A music studio will allow you to interact with other students that might be on the same level or better than you so you can learn from the mistakes and experience, share your journey with them, and get a better approach towards practical learning. You will be surrounded by the right company at all times, and have the guidance of your music teacher whenever needed so you will never have to worry about a thing and you can enjoy the best violin learning experience with a music studio.

Furthermore, a music studio not only allows you to learn all the basics such as skills to play violin, tunes, creativity, and more but the right environment for you to learn, having the right equipment and more focus towards practicing all those skills will take you to your destination pretty faster than any other method out there and you will be able to play the violin like a pro for any given occasion or audience.

4. Personal Tutor

If you think that all the above methods are not for you and you need to have some dedicated and special approach towards learning violin, you can opt for having a personal violin tutor for yourself. With a personal violin tutor, you don’t have to face the limitations like attending classes on a schedule or make time for it. You can mutually decide upon a suitable time, shuffle it up if need be, and carry on with your life along with your violin lessons from an expert teacher.

Moreover, you can also decide upon the place that you are comfortable with, so you can take those violin classes at your own home or teacher’s place. Having a personal tutor might be a little more expensive than the other methods out there but it assures you that you will be having the best attention and guidance among all the violin learning methods out there.

A personal tutor can help you with maintaining the right posture, holding the violin properly, how to deal with it, and supervise your practice. This way, you can have your mistakes if any, pointed out in real-time and the tutor will be able to guide you with a solution right there. You can practice along with your tutor, ask out any questions or confusions that you might have in your mind, and learn whatever you want on request and the tutor will guide you through the journey.

So, if you think like you need some dedicated assistance and more focused learning towards playing violin the right way, this would be just the thing for you to choose and you will be able to learn the right skillset according to the goals that you have for yourself in mind and achieve them pretty quickly.

The Bottom Line

Violin learning style depends on your own personal preference and needs. What schedule you are comfortable with, which learning method and place suits you more, and what are your goals? All these contribute greatly towards the learning style or option that you will have to choose to play the violin.

The methods mentioned above are pretty effective and some of the best ways to learn how to play the violin. So, all you need to do is pick up a way to learn how to play the violin and start moving forward as all these small steps will contribute greatly towards your success as a violin player.


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