21 Websites to Learn Violin Lesson Online (Free and Paid Violin Courses)

Learn Violin Lesson Online, Free and Paid Violin Courses

Learn Violin Lesson Online, Free and Paid Violin Courses

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Violin is a demanding and beautiful instrument, and it requires much dedication and practice to become a competent violin player. Fortunately, it is possible to find online courses that can teach you everything from the basics to the most advanced songs.

You can customize your lessons based on your level of experience, so whether you are a brand-new player or an old-timer looking to brush up on some of your skills, there are options available to you. If you are serious about learning the violin, consider these sites for your online lessons.

21 Websites to Learn Violin Lesson Online Reviews

1) MasterClass Itzhak Perlman Teaches Violin

MasterClass Itzhak Perlman Learn Violin Lessons Online

Have you always wanted to learn how to play the violin? A lot of people have a desire to learn how to play this wonderful instrument, but they lack the time and money to enroll in a traditional music school. Fortunately, there is a more affordable alternative for anyone who is interested in taking violin lessons remotely.

At MasterClass.com, you can receive online violin lessons that are taught by world-renowned violinist Itzhak Perlman. His resume includes 15 Grammy Award wins as a violinist and numerous television show appearances, including on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Everyone from the royal family of Great Britain to U.S. President Barack Obama has been entertained by Perlman’s exquisite talent over the years.

Perlman currently teaches at the famous Julliard School in New York City. However, you don’t need to become a student of Julliard to learn from Perlman’s teachings. He offers up to 19 violin lessons at the MasterClass.

You will feel like Perlman is really teaching you in person because these are video lessons which enable you to see and hear him. All you need is a decent mobile device, laptop, desktop computer, or smart television with internet access.

The lessons are designed for beginners who’ve had little to no experience with a violin. Perlman talks about the techniques which he has used personally to improve his performance.

As you watch and learn from his video lessons, you can have your violin out and ready to play along. After you sign up for the class, you’ll have access to the lessons 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This is very convenient for working adults who have a limited schedule.

The price of Perlman’s single violin class at the MasterClass is $90. This is a one-time charge which gives you exclusive access to all his video lessons and learning materials. Some of these materials include a downloadable class workbook with colorful illustrations and violin exercises in it.

If you want to save money by taking multiple classes at the MasterClass, you can choose to pay $180 per year and have access to all the classes available by the instructors of the MasterClass.

2) Artistworks - Richard Amoroso Violin Lessons

Artistworks Learn Violin Online

Richard Amoroso is a longtime member of the Philadelphia Orchestra, with two decades of residency in the highly-acclaimed ensemble. He’s also played prestigious concert halls as a soloist including the much-respected Carnegie Hall.

Richard certainly has the skills to be a top-class violin instructor, and his lessons are highly rated and well-received. With excellent reviews across the board, it’s no doubt that Richard’s lessons have helped students all over the world achieve their dream of learning how to play a violin. He has helped beginners learn the basics and professionals hone their skills and become elite players.

With 3 different packages across four different skill levels, anyone can take advantage of Richard’s online courses based on their needs and time allotments.

The 3-month package comes in at $105, the 6-month at $179, and a yearly package is $279. The savings increase as you choose longer courses, but these are still all great deals considering you are learning from a true master.

The courses include video exchange archives and the ability to submit your videos to the teacher. There are riveting music theory workshops and even special, one-of-a-kind VIP content for all subscribers.

3) Udemy Online Violin Courses

Udemy Learn Violin Online

Udemy is a popular online learning platform that perfect for beginners and professional adults who want to learn new skills. Among its many courses are a wide range of violin courses, so you are sure to find something that suits you if you are interested in playing the wonderful instrument.

It has courses for all levels of player, so whether you are picking up a violin for the first time or simply want to revisit years of playing, you’ll be able to learn. There are free courses, and one that comes in at $39.99, but most are priced at a very affordable rate of $9.99.

Udemy has a variety of courses including a beginners 101 course and a masterclass that will teach violin in great detail. There’s even a class that focuses specifically on vibrato, so you can find specialized courses that are geared towards your needs.

Another class focuses on creative violin, helping you to write your own music and create a unique, distinctive sound. There is no end to what you can learn on the Udemy platform, and it is extremely affordable, so it may be worth it for you to take several classes to learn all you need about playing the violin.

4) Fiverr

Fiverr Learn Violin Online

Fiverr is an online platform that matches freelancers with potential customers. If you are interested in learning violin, there are several freelance teachers that can get you started. There are packages starting as low as $5 for a lesson, ranging up to $60 for a full hour-long lesson on any violin topic.

This makes Fiverr a great platform for beginners, intermediate players, or even experts. Because there are a variety of options and you can chat with the teacher before booking your package, you have the opportunity to find the perfect match for your skill level.

Fiverr is easy to sign up for and offers many cheap packages, so learning violin through the platform ensures that you’ll be matched with the write teacher and that payment will be a breeze.

The customer service is exceptional and will help you if there are any issues with the lesson or the payment. If you learn enough with your lessons, you may even consider teaching through Fiverr and making a little extra money! It is an excellent choice for lessons.

5) Violin Lab

ViolinLab Learn Violin Online

Violin Lab is one of the largest online databases for learning the beautiful instrument. It has options for beginners, intermediate students, and advanced students. If you are just starting your journey into learning the violin, there is a very effective beginners program that is geared towards helping you learn the basics.

The sequence of the program starts off slowly so that you can familiarize yourself with the instrument, but they get more and more in-depth as you go along. You’ll have 24/7 access to all of the courses in the beginner program, which includes a library of over 600 videos.

As you progress, you’ll notice your technique improving as well as your ability to play songs and hit the correct notes. You’ll be able to download sheet music and audio files from a large library and gain access to an exclusive Members Only page where you can upload your video for feedback or participate in the discussion about music and method. There are no recurring charges for this website – just a one-time fee that you can renew if you decide you want to keep moving through the curriculum.

6) Fiddlerman

Fiddlerman Learn Violin Online

Fiddlerman is a website that is dedicated to helping its students become the best violinists that they can be. Run by a one-man team with occasional help from others, there are many videos available that can help teach technique, skill, and the basic understanding of the instrument.

Fiddlerman gives you access to a variety of games that will help you learn the basics while having fun. There are other online learning tools such as a metronome, a tuner, and others. The website also provides a fingerboard chart and a rhythm chart so that you can stay on top of your chords and notes while you learn to play your favorite songs.

Fiddlerman will help you understand the importance of form while teaching you to play across a wide variety of genres of tones. You’ll also learn how to tune your violin and measure yourself so that you can purchase the perfect size instrument.

One of the best parts about Fiddlerman is that the website is absolutely free, so you can watch the educational videos without paying any money. You can even subscribe to the site for free email updates that will help keep you motivated.

7) Violin Lounge

Violinlounge Learn Violin Online

Violin Lounge is another website that offers over 250 free online violin lessons. The site is run by Zlata Brouwer, a classically trained violinist and teacher from the Netherlands. She is passionate about music, particularly violin music, and remains dedicated to helping her students learn all of the ins and outs of the instrument.

She combines modern technique with classical sounds so that you can become a versatile, talented violin player in almost any realm of music. Her large library of videos will help you learn the basics before you move onto bow technique, vibrato, intonation, and more advanced levels of violin.

She also offers advice on the type of violin that you should use to suit your needs and explains the differences between the types. Not only will you learn the classics, you’ll also become a better player overall and be able to put together your own compositions after learning from Zlata.

The violin lounge is an informative, personalized approach to learning violin that will keep you interested from day one. You’ll truly come out of your experience in the Violin Lounge as a better player.

8) Violinspiration

Violinspiration Learn Violin Online

Violinspiration is a free website that offers lessons for beginners, intermediate players, and advanced violinists. Whether you are just starting out or simply need a refresher course, this website has everything you need at no charge. There is a beginner boot camp course available for $97 if you feel like you need an in-depth look at the basics of violin.

You’ll benefit from one-on-one interaction and longer, more detailed videos that will help you understand why you may be struggling to learn the violin. If you don’t feel that you need this course, Violinspiration offers a large library of videos that can help you hone your technique and improve your skillset.

You may even learn something about the history or structure of the violin, as well as catch some bad habits that you may not have been aware of. The website is run by a professional violin teacher who has been giving lessons for years.

She is passionate about the music and motivated to keep all of her students happy. Her website will provide you with sheet music, lessons, and most importantly, a new way to look at playing the violin and enjoying every minute of it.

9) Alison Sparrow

Alison Sparrow Learn Violin Online

Alison Sparrow is a professional musician who specializes in piano, violin, and music theory. Her online lessons are some of the comprehensive courses available, and they come absolutely free of charge.

She offers videos for both beginning and intermediate players, as well as a variety of easy-to-use song tutorials that can help you learn your favorite tunes in no time. She also teaches about the differences between the genres of violin and can explain how you can alter your style to fit in with any one of these.

For intermediate players, there is a package that includes instructions on how to read music, a section focused solely on vibrato, and even a video collection that is dedicated to teaching you some of your favorite intermediate songs. She also has multiple videos about technique and a section where she reviews a variety of products and accessories.

Alison Sparrow is truly a dedicated teacher who provides a comprehensive website of violin lessons that is sure to make you a better player. The best part is that all of these lessons are free, so you don’t have to worry about paying a hefty fee to learn your favorite instrument.

10) Violin School

ViolinSchool Learn Violin Online

Violin School is an online educational website for violinists that offers free and paid lessons. For the beginner, an entire course is free of charge so that you can determine if you are interested in continuing on with the program.

The beginning courses are personable, fun, and easy to use. You’ll quickly find yourself understanding the basics of the violin that you may have never been aware of before watching these videos. It is clear from the beginning that the Violin School members are committed to teaching violin and that their passion shines through.

After finishing the beginners’ course, your membership provides you with the option to continue and learn more about the violin to become even more of an expert. You’ll learn about the best setup for your particular instrument as well as get tips and gain insights about your personal style of play.

There are videos that are focused solely on teaching songs, and you can benefit from watching these and becoming smoother as you learn. They’ll even focus on helping you build a repertoire of songs and pieces that will help you become your own unique musician.

11) Violin Online

Violinonline Learn Violin Online

Violin Online is a free website that will teach you how to play the instrument through a comprehensive library of written pieces. For those who learn better through reading, this is the perfect resource. All of the instructions are in-depth, thorough, and informative.

From the basics of learning how to hold the violin to performing a full concerto, you’ll enjoy the experience you receive from working with Violin Online. Whether you are just beginning or need to refresh your memory about some chords and techniques, this website has it all.

It may look simple, but it packs quite a punch when it comes to learning one of the most difficult instruments there is to learn. You can even buy strings, accessories, and books from the online store, giving you the perfect complement to your lesson.

Violin Online is a free, accessible website that can provide anybody with the knowledge they need to learn to play the violin.

12) Pro-Am Strings Online Campus

proamstrings Learn Violin Online

Pro-Am Strings Online Campus is a paid website that allows learners to purchase content as they improve. There is no obligation to commit to an entire course or pay for multiple videos at one time.

If you need to learn some of the basics first and take a break before continuing on, that is easy to accomplish at Pro-am Strings. There are videos that cater to beginners, intermediate players, and experts, so you can pick and choose which lessons you want to take based on your current skill level.

The videos are highly informational and fun to play along to. None of them drag on for too long, making it simple to pay attention and to learn at your own pace. The Online Campus was founded by Henriette de Vrijer, a professional violinist who has played for the Continuo Chamber Orchestra in the Netherlands as well performed multiple times on Dutch TV.

She is committed to teaching the beauty of violin to both young and old players, and the Pro-am Strings Online Campus provides the outlet she needs in order to promote such education.

13) Maestro Musicians

maestromusicians Learn Violin Online

Maestro Musicians provides a prescription service that comes in at only $10 a month as well as free videos for those who want to take a more economical approach. The premium online lessons contain over 4 hours of video that range in level from beginner to advanced, so it is worth it to subscribe because of the low price.

If you are serious about violin, this course has a little bit of everything that can guide you in your journey to becoming a professional player. The basic courses will teach things like fingering, tuning, and notes, while advanced lessons provide information on scales, patterns, and composition.

Maestro Musicians has been around since 2010 and has garnered excellent reviews from parents and children alike. They take a proactive approach to teaching children and adults everything they need to know about playing the violin. The violin school is headed by Dr. Daniel Broniatwski, who is a professional violinist that focuses on the Suzuki Method of playing.

He has been teaching violin for over two decades and has a passion for music and education. Under his direction, the Maestro Musicians violin school has helped countless children become the advanced violinists that they always dreamt of being.

14) Online Violin Education

onlineviolineducation Learn Violin Online

Online Violin Education provides an e-book and a large catalogue of videos that can be accessed after a one-time payment for every course. There are a variety of topics for both beginners and professionals, and anybody can have an enjoyable time learning the instrument through the guidance of this course.

From fingering techniques and scales to tuning and music theory, there is a little bit of everything sprinkled throughout the courses available on Online Violin Education. The teachers are dedicated to taking everything one step at a time, making sure that students are well-versed in one topic before moving onto another.

OVE was written by master violinist Heather Broadbent, who currently performs in Bulgaria. She has experience with over five major orchestras that performed across the US, so her expertise is a great quality for somebody running a violin skill. She took her skills to the internet in 2012 after making educational violin videos for both Bulgarian and American children.

Heather’s books and videos will guide you through every step of the process as you take on this difficult but highly rewarding instrument. In addition to videos, you’ll have access to VIP Lounge for extra motivation.

15) Violin from Scratch

violinfromscratch Learn Violin Online

Violin from Scratch is a comprehensive video site that allows access to its entire catalogue for a low one-time fee of $27. This is a great deal for anybody that wants to learn how to play the violin, and the quality of the lessons is on par with any other professional course.

The course starts with the very basics of the instrument, allowing even first-timers an ample opportunity to learn the violin. Everything from how to hold the violin to tuning will be covered and new students will feel comfortable playing in no time.

Deborah, the owner of the site, has had a passion for violin since she was 10 years old. By the age of 15, she was performing concerts in Holland. She has a strong background in music theory and music education, so she is the perfect candidate to run a website that is dedicated to teaching violin.

There are no questions about the credentials of this website, so it may be the perfect chance for you to learn violin or to improve the skillset that you already have. With cohesive videos at a low price, this is truly an excellent option for learning music.

16) Violin Master Class

violinmasterclass Learn Violin Online

Violin Masterclass employs many highly respected musicians who are committed to teaching the violin to anybody that wants to learn. One aspect of the site that is unique to online learning is that it offers live classes with either Professor Sassmannshaus or any of the teachers that he has selected.

These are paid classes, but they are well worth the money as you get a personal, one-on-one experience that will allow you to ask questions and receive constructive criticism on your technique and style. Every teacher has plenty of experience with the instrument, so you are getting a deal no matter who you work with.

Whether you are holding a violin for the first time or simply want to refresh your memory about certain songs and scales, Violin Masterclass has the course for you. There are free video tutorials that can guide you through any of the subjects that you may be struggling with.

If these don’t offer enough, you can schedule a live class with any of the teachers employed by the skill. It is up to you what you want to pay and what pace you want to move at as you learn the violin.

17) The Violin Site

theviolinsite Learn Violin Online

The Violin Site is a classical website that is dedicated to not only teaching how to play violin, but also helping students learn about the history and the making of the violin. You can learn plenty of interesting facts about violin production and maintenance simply by browsing through the website, free of charge.

There are parts of the site dedicated to different topics about playing the violin, including intonation, form, and the Suzuki Method. These videos and pamphlets are free of charge, so they are perfect for the beginner who isn’t sure where they belong in the music world.

There are also virtual lessons that can be done live through video with the teachers. These prices vary based on the equipment required and what sort of lessons you are looking for. What’s nice is that they can be catered to your personal needs and skill level, so you are getting everything you need to improve your play as a violinist.

These courses allow you to ask questions and get valuable feedback that you may not benefit from with pre-recorded videos, so they are a great option if you want to learn more about the instrument.

Websites to Find Violin Teacher

18) Lesson Face

lessonface Learn Violin Online

Lesson Face is a website that connects aspiring musicians with potential teachers for their instrument. With a large range of teachers who specialize in violin, there are plenty of options for beginning violinists. There are also teachers that can help advanced players hone their skills and learn more about music theory.

Lesson Face allows you to choose your teacher based on skill level, genre, pricing, and availability. With this platform, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to find the teacher who matches your personality and style of play.

Lesson Face can also help you determine what kind of lessons you want to take. You can learn about the teachers through their profiles and decide if they are writing for your level of play. You can check their reviews to see how other students have enjoyed their services, making your decision even easier.

New and experienced teachers alike can use this platform, so the options are seemingly endless when it comes to booking your lessons. The nice part is that you are not committed to any long-term engagement, you can pay for a single lesson and see how things go from there.

19) Take Lessons

takelessons Learn Violin Online

Take Lessons provides an advanced platform that will search your area for an instructor that can teach you in person. You can filter by location, availability, or price. This means that you’ll find the teacher who best fits your transportation and economical needs.

Students can rate each of the teachers, so you’ll be able to see just how well they are performing in your area and decide if you want to move forward with taking lessons. If you don’t want to stick to online lessons, Take Lessons is a great way to find a physical presence in your neighborhood.

Detailed profiles are given for each teacher, so you can learn quite a bit about them before you even contact them to inquire about lessons. This makes it easier for you to determine if you think you’ll be a compatible match for them.

You can also check their availability and limits of travel, allowing you to save time to see if they will be able to provide their services for you. You can see their basic prices and even inquire about lesson packages, where you may save money by committing to a certain number of lessons.

20) Preply

preply Learn Violin Online

Preply offers connections to violin instructors who operate via Skype. You’ll be able to search for their rates, reviews, and languages to see which instructor matches up best with you. You can even chat with them over Skype before committing to a lesson, helping to ensure that you don’t spend money on a teacher who may not match your style.

This is an excellent platform for finding someone who can provide lessons on Skype, allowing you to ask questions and get feedback about your technique. You’ll be able to learn from your mistakes by working with a live person over the internet.

With Preply, you can view profiles to get a feel for each individual teacher. You can even book lessons with multiple teachers and decide who you like best in order to move forward with your playing. If you live in a remote area, this is a great option, as you may not have many violin teachers in your region.

With a strong internet connection, you can contact these teachers to provide you with everything you need to become the best player that you can be. You can see what times every teacher has available so that you can coordinate your schedule with theirs.

21) Play with a Pro

playwithapro Learn Violin Online

Play with a Pro is an excellent website that is dedicated to teaching music to students around the world. You choose your instrument, language, and experience level as well as your price range, and the site automatically matches you with several different teachers.

You can view their profile to get to know them a little better and decide if they offer the services you are looking for. These professional instructors are highly vetted and have all the credentials required to meet Play with a Pros strict standards. With this site, you can guarantee that you are being matched with a worthy, talented instructor.

Because you get to set your parameters, you will find exactly the teacher that you need in your price range. You won’t have to browse through a bunch of mismatched profiles thanks to the advanced filtering system.

Some teachers even offer a free introductory course, so you can work with them once to determine if they are right for you. There are professional teachers available for every violin level and need, so you can be confident that you will be learning everything that you need to become an advanced player.

Choosing the Best Violin Lesson Online

Violin is not an easy instrument – it takes years to learn and a lifetime to master. Even the greatest players of all time had much to learn about the violin. The instrument truly provides a beautiful sound across a variety of genres and should be held in high regard as a wonderful instrument. If you want to learn violin, you are going to have to stay committed to practicing on a regular basis and be ready to take on some major levels of frustration. That’s okay though – your mistakes will only serve as lessons to help you get better.

One way to improve at playing is to take violin lessons. In certain areas, it can be difficult to find anyone that’s ever even seen a violin let alone someone that is good enough to teach it to others. Fortunately, thanks to technology, you can now learn violin online through a variety of platforms. You don’t need to go to a physical school to be matched with a worthy instructor or to get feedback on your own personal technique. You can simply log onto the internet and find a seemingly endless supply of premade videos and online courses.

There are many free videos that can help teach you the basics of violins. Search through these websites and find what style you like and which ones seem to work the best for you. Certain websites offer paid courses, so find one that works with your budget in order to increase your playing ability. Practice is highly important, and by watching these videos and playing along with them, you’ll be getting your practice in while learning new things along the way.

Many of these sites offer educational reading that will help you to further understand the nuances and challenges of the violin. Videos are great, but you still need to stay on top of the required reading of your lessons. Violin is a multi-faceted instrument, and you need to treat it as such. Fortunately, online lessons provide you with the resources you need to take on every angle of the instrument.

For more hands-on learners, there are even live online lessons in which you can interact personally with an instructor. These can be done through Skype or other web conferencing programs. These are great because they allow you to get real live feedback about your technique and they let the teachers see what mistakes they can help you with. Recorded videos make a great foundation, but you’ll take your playing to the next level when you work with a live instructor, whether online or in person. Some sites even help you to find an instructor in your area.

It’s no secret that the violin requires years of practice. Fortunately, there are many options to help you along the way. With instructors from all over the world offering their services on the internet, you can find the perfect teacher and website to help you become the elite violin player that you’ve always dreamt of becoming.

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