Floyd Rose vs Fixed Bridge: Which Is Better?

floyd rose vs fixed bridge
floyd rose vs fixed bridge

Picking the guitar, learning the strings, and picking patterns is one thing, but the professionals who are in this field for quite some time think beyond all that and they are moving towards steps that are ahead of all this. While the guitar is primarily about picking the strings right and creating the right tunes out of it, you will also need to understand that there is a lot more that goes behind picking the right tunes on your guitar.

You certainly need to know and understand how these things work. The bridge of a guitar is certainly the most important part since it manages the tension between strings and the tunes that are being picked out of the guitar help you to understand better how you can easily make it work for you and how you are playing some tunes on your guitar.

Simply put, it is the best way to sort out the right guitar picking for you. Now, if you have learned all about intonation and you are looking to move forward and try out some new things on your guitar, you will be thinking about the fixed or floating bridge. A few key differences that will help you understand the working mechanism and dynamics in a better style would be:

Comparing Floyd Rose vs Fixed Bridge

Floyd Rose Bridge

Floyd Rose is a floating bridge type that has managed to gain quite the popularity and hype due to the best possible design dynamics and utility and it is now seen as one of the most popular floating bridges not only in the US but also all over the world. The basic purpose of a floating bridge or Floyd Rose on the guitar is that you can tighten or loosen the strings on your guitar without having to worry about anything.

That is certainly great and will help you out in performances where you expect to play the guitar for different genres. Some of the pros who are playing multiple genres on their guitar love the Floyd Rose since it doesn’t only make the intonation better for them but allows them extended control over their guitars as well which would make it work for all the different needs that they can have.

Moving forward, there is much more to it that anyone would love to have on their guitars such as customizable tuning options, choosing the number of strings on your bridge, and more.

Yet, it is a bit complicated to be managed and maintained by a new guitarist, so you will need to learn the application and tuning on such a floating bridge first and install it correctly as well if you are looking to get the best experience out of your floating bridge or Floyd Rose on your guitar.

Fixed Bridge

Fixed Bridge that is also most commonly known as the hardtail is a bridge that is fixed at a certain level and it doesn’t move at all. While that might seem like losing a valuable option for some of the expert guitarists, it helps the beginners keep their tones and nodes at the same level.

This way, they can make it certain that they are simply getting the best edge of their guitar by keeping the guitar tuned at all times and enjoying a perfectly fine experience with it on the same time. Moving forward, you also need to understand that a fixed bridge means a limitation of tunes and the playing styles that you can play on it.

So, if you are willing to go with the fixed bridge since you are not comfortable with the Floyd Rose or some other floating bridge on your guitar, you will not be able to change the genre on your guitar unless you loosen the strings manually and then tune them once again for the genre that you intend on playing on this guitar.

That would simply be the best thing for you if you are practicing a particular genre on your guitar, or have some performance to prepare for where you are not expecting to play the guitar for multiple genres.

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