8 Websites to Learn Jazz Blues Guitar Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

learn jazz blues guitar lessons online

learn jazz blues guitar lessons online

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Jazz Blues Guitar is another cool genre that is a form of Blues Guitar mostly played on Electric Guitars but for Jazz. We already know that its all about rhythm when it comes to Jazz and with Blues Guitar that can get a bit tricky.

You are going to need that endless stamina and spark with your fingers, not to mention the skills that you are going to need to play it right. All this can be a bit overwhelming for anyone who is taking a fresh start into the world of Jazz Blues Guitar or is trying to learn playing Jazz Blues Guitar while shifting from some other genre of playing guitars.

You need to know that all it takes is the right consistency and determination to learn any musical instrument including the Jazz Blues Guitar and you need to keep working towards it.

Since the learning never stops, you shouldn’t either and with the right knowledge, guidance and practice, you can also start playing Jazz Blues guitar like a pro. Online learning has been the talk of the table for quite some time as we are going through a busy era and no one can spare enough time to actually go to some place to attend classes for a specific instrument.

So, the best course of action that you can get is having access to some online lessons that can get you the liberty of studying any musical instrument on your own with your own schedule. A few such websites that can help you learn Blue Jazz Guitar would be:

8 Websites to Learn Jazz Blues Guitar Lessons Online Review

1) TrueFire

truefire learn jazz blues guitar lessons online

Truefire.com is one of the best websites that are offering some great content for free so that you can learn playing the modernistic genres of music. They also have a paid version that has exclusive content and you need to pay in order to get access to all that.

The edge that Truefire.com has over other websites of same nature is that it is not about the concepts or basic stuff but they are focused more towards attracting the younger generation to channel their energy positively through the right music and use the fire inside them to learn playing Jazz Blues Guitar and then perform for concerts, solo, or with the bands. So, the website essentially contains all the information that you are going to need to learn playing Jazz Blues Guitar.

With this website, you will be learning about applied theory for playing Jazz Blues Guitar and a lot more. You will be learning all about Arpeggios, arrangement, Backup, Bass Grooves, Bass lines and more.

The most complex and complicated skill that is hard to get your hands around while playing Jazz Blues Guitar is Bending and that is covered in depth with this course so you will not have any issues at all while practicing or trying it on your own. Not only that, but you will also learn about accompaniment so you can practice along with any other track or simply play with any bands.

2) GuitarTricks

guitartricks learn jazz blues guitar lessons online

GuitarTricks.com might not be the right choice for absolute beginners who have just stepped in the world of playing guitars for learning Jazz Blues Guitar as the content that you can find on the website ranges from intermediate to expert levels.

So, you will have a hard time picking on the narrative and exercises if you are new to the genre or don’t have any significant experience with the guitar previously. You are going to learn Jazz Blues Guitar as well as country style music with electric blues guitar with this course. You have a variety of instructors to choose form if you go with the premium access on the site.

There is also an interactive toolbox that can help you track your progress that you are making over the Jazz Blues Guitar lessons. Not only that, but you will also be having a better insight on what’s going on in the world of Jazz Blues Guitar with their exclusive news portal that will help you stay up-to-date on all the happenings around the world.

You can also make sure to follow the latest trends and practice them easily with the help of this website. There are also top tracks that are designed for the students to play along with them so that all the students can practice Jazz Blues Guitar efficiently and be confident about the skills that they have learnt.

3) Udemy

udemy learn jazz blues guitar lessons online

Udemy.com is the website that requires no formal introduction as this is undoubtedly the most popular online learning platform across the globe. They are pretty much oldest in the field as well and that gives them an advantage over other websites that they have the most extensive library when it comes to online courses.

There are thousands of genres that are covered by Udemy.com and Jazz Blues guitar is one of them. You can find thousands of courses on Jazz Blues Guitar with Udemy.com platform and that will allow you to have the liberty to choose a course that you want to learn. For those who are a bit choosy and want to pick their own curriculum, this website would be the perfect thing to deal with.

You get a wide range of courses on Jazz Blues Guitar listed on the website that you can have the best advantage from. With that being said. You can choose the courses based on experience level such as beginner, intermediate and advanced.

You will also have a lifetime access to the course that you buy on Udemy.com to learn the Jazz Blues Guitar and that allows you to learn at your own comfortable pace and revise any lessons whenever you feel like it.

Moreover, there are also some additional resources with the courses that will allow you to prepare for any sort of exercises and that is how you can grow your skills to the level that you want to. Udemy also allows you to pay only for the course that you want to learn from, saving you lots of bucks and there is no monthly subscription either.

4) ActiveMelody

activemelody learn jazz blues guitar lessons online

ActiveMelody.com is one of the most practical learning websites with the right narrative and all the guidance that you can possibly need. The best thing is that they have an active community of the players who have extensive experience with not only playing the Jazz Blues Guitar but also teaching it.

So, you will have some great courses on the websites that will help you start from the very beginning and get a grasp of all those basic concepts and skills that will help you move upwards and becoming a professional Jazz Blues Guitar player.

The courses also have a sample in the beginning so that you can try out the lessons before committing to anything and paying for it. This way, you can invest in your learning properly and don’t have to waste the bucks if you feel like the course is not going to work for you.

The narrative and understanding level is subjective and for those who have liked the website, they would highly endorse learning from ActiveMelody.com. You can also get access to a forum on the website where you can discuss the skills, courses and different guitars and get the right guidance.

5) Wyzant

wyzant learn jazz blues guitar lessons online

While talking about online learning, Wyzant.com is one such website that is not about those traditional learning methods but they are offering a more interactive learning module.

Wyzant.com offers you the choice to learn in-person or online, but there are no recorded video lessons and for those who feel like they want a more dedicated learning process and are not satisfied with the videos, Wyzant would be the perfect choice for them.

While online video lessons are a great thing for anyone to learn from, they all have a basic flaw that they are recorded for a diverse range of audience and you might find most of the stuff or some content in such courses unnecessary and that will make you lose your attention.

So, with Wyzant.com, you can either choose to hire an in-person tutor to learn Jazz Blues Guitar, or you can possibly get the best online tutor as well. With the right online tutor, you will have the advantage of undivert attention and the comfort of learning the guitar at your own home.

This way, you can practice along with them, ask the questions that you might have popping in your mind and a lot more. There are certain features on the website that will make finding the right tutor for learning Jazz Blues Guitar easier for you as you can filter them on the basis of your schedule, the area, language, skill level and a lot more.

The best thing is that you will only be paying for the time that you will spend learning from the tutor and website sign-up is totally free and there are not any subscription charges either.

6) GuitarCompass

guitarcompass learn jazz blues guitar lessons online

GuitarCompass.com is another great website that has a basic interface but that makes it easier for those to use who are not that tech savvy and want to get their hands on some website or online learning platform to help them with the right lessons with Blues Jazz Guitar.

The website has tons of free lessons on Jazz Blues guitar so you can learn all that you need to about the genre and practice along with the tracks available to make your skills perfect and you can play them for any sort of performances.

Not only that, but you can also get your hands on some great premium lessons for a minimal subscription fee. Those premium lessons have some highly complex and experienced level skills that will enable you to play Blues Jazz Guitar like a pro in no time at all. All you need to learn from this website is the will to learn and a right electric guitar that you can practice with.

7) JazzGuitar

jazzguitar learn jazz blues guitar lessons online

As the name might suggest, this website is not like other websites we have been reviewing. JazzGuitar.be is essentially one of the very few online learning websites that are dedicated to the Jazz guitar and that allows you to have a chance at learning the Jazz Blues Guitar with absolute perfection.

With all the lessons being focused on the Jazz Guitar, you can start from the very beginning and have a wholesome approach and learning narrative that will enable you to step up the game and that way you can easily make it work towards your goal.

The website has a great section for Jazz Guitar Lessons, and Jazz Guitar chords so you can learn all those chords that you are going to play with and then you can take full advantage of those lessons. You will also find some extensive information on the Guitar Gear so you can buy and choose the best possible equipment that suits your playing style and you will be comfortable with.

8) JensLarsen

jenslarsen learn jazz blues guitar lessons online

Jens Larsen is a true sensation for all those who are looking to get their hands in the field on the Jazz Blues Guitar. He spreads some true magic on the guitar and this is a free learning blog that does not only have the right lessons but you can also create your own account on the website and manage all the lessons and the progress you are making on each of them.

The website also has an online webstore that allows you to buy premium stuff and gear that will help you through your learning journey and you can be confident about the right equipment that you have.

With Jens Larsen’s experienced insight on these lessons, you are in for a true treat and you can achieve all the goals that you have set for your learning experience with the Jazz Blues Guitar.

Choosing The Best Jazz Blues Guitar Lesson Online

While it is not such an easy task to learn playing Jazz Blues Guitar, it is not that hard either. Online learning can help you get the perfect command over the instrument and all the chords that you can possibly need to play.

These courses may vary and you will need to check which one would suit your needs precisely to be learning the Jazz Blues Guitar.

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