Choosing Between Elixir 80/20 vs Phosphor Bronze Strings

Elixir 80/20 vs Phosphor Bronze
Elixir 80/20 vs Phosphor Bronze

Without a shadow of a doubt, the guitar holds a unique place in the music industry. There is something special about the guitars that has kept them relevant even after centuries.

Their tone and shape are recognizable, even for those who are not into music. It has come a long way since its invention and has gone through many changes over time.

There is so much to think about the guitar and its accessories that the strings often get glossed over. They are undoubtedly the most crucial guitar component and play a key role in your guitar’s overall tone.

They breathe life into your guitar by improving its tone and even feel. Cheaper guitar strings can cause tuning and other problems, putting your entire playing experience down in flames. This is why it is recommended to invest in high-quality guitar strings.

Guitar string

Talking about the quality guitar strings, you cannot leave the Elixir 80/20 and the phosphor bronze guitar strings behind. They are widely used in all kinds of guitars and are a go-to choice for thousands of guitar players across the globe.

But what’s so special about them, and which set of strings is right for you? Figuring it out could be challenging on your own so that we will be comparing both sets of strings in this article, and you will be able to choose the right one for you by the end of this read.

The Differences Between Elixir 80/20 vs Phosphor Bronze

Below is the comparison between the Elixir 80/20 and the phosphor bronze guitar strings.

Features Elixir 80/20 Phosphor Bronze
Coating Nanoweb Nanoweb
Tone Bright Rich
Price Moderate Moderate
Weight 0.8 ounces 1.41 ounces

Elixir 80/20

Elixir 80/20 guitar strings are popular strings embraced by many guitar players. They have impressive tonal characteristics and superior durability, making them great for seasoned players and professional guitarists alike.

The Elixir 80/20 guitar strings are manufactured by Elixir Strings, a company known for manufacturing top-of-the-line guitar strings. They have a history of manufacturing reliable guitar strings, and the Elixir 80/20 guitar strings are no exception.

The Elixir 80/20 guitar strings are the traditional old-school guitar strings. They rose to prominence when there were no guitar amps.

They are made of steel, which gives them enough loudness. So, they filled the market gap and became popular right off the bat, thanks to their high loudness.


The Elixir 80/20 guitar strings get their name from their construction. They are made of 80% copper and 20% zinc, making them brass strings. Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper, so the Elixir 80/20 guitar strings are actually brass strings.

Nanoweb Coating

There are many reasons to love the Elixir 80/20 guitar strings, but the reason that stands out the most is that they come with a superior coating for ultimate protection.

Elixir has coated these strings with nanoweb material to protect them from moisture and dust.

It’s no secret that guitar strings are vulnerable to dust and moisture. This is why they wear out over time with usage.

While it might not bother someone with an extensive guitar collection, it is undoubtedly a matter of concern for guitarists who only own one or two guitars.

Taking your guitar to a gig or a cafe for a jamming session attracts dust and moisture from the surroundings. This is where the nanoweb coating on the Elixir 80/20 guitar strings comes in handy.

Elixir 80/20 coating

The nanoweb coating protects your strings from dust and moisture. No matter where you travel and how often you play your guitar, this coating will protect the guitar strings.

It extends the life of your guitar strings, and you can use them for at least several years. So, if you are sick and tired of using your strings every now and then, consider opting for the Elixir 80/20 guitar strings.


Another good thing about the Elixir 80/20 guitar strings is that they reduce the finger squeak for the best playing experience.

The tone tends to be rich and bright, which makes them a more versatile option since you can use them to play just about all genres. All in all, the Elixir 80/20 guitar strings are sturdy and great-sounding guitar strings.

Phosphor Bronze

Phosphor bronze is another widely used set of strings by Elixir Strings. They are particularly known for their warm and clear tones and are an excellent choice for anyone looking for guitar strings to use with any guitar type you want to use.

Phosphor Bronze


In terms of construction, the Phosphor bronze guitar strings are made of 92% of copper, but instead of zinc, it has tin and a small amount of phosphorus. So, both have pretty similar construction and are highly durable.

Nanoweb Coating

Like Elixir 80/20 strings, the Phosphor bronze guitar strings also feature the nanoweb coating for improved durability and peace of mind.

The nanoweb coating is a bit thinner than the poly web coating, but it works wonders when it comes to protecting your guitar strings. In addition, it enhances the look of the strings by giving them a touch of elegance.

Any guitarist will tell you that guitar strings lose their tone and strength after a month or so. There is nothing more frustrating for a guitar player to change the strings week in, week out.

Not only does it take time, but it also costs a great deal of money in the long run. Thankfully, these strings retain their quality, and you won’t have to replace your guitar strings any soon.


Whether you own an electric guitar or an acoustic one, the Phosphor bronze guitar strings are up for it. And yes, you can use them for jamming, performing, and other playing needs.

All in all, the Phosphor bronze guitar strings are an ideal option for people who are into warmer tones.

Budget-wise, the Phosphor bronze and Elixir 80/20 guitar strings have a similar price range. Although the Phosphor bronze strings are slightly costlier, the difference is so small that it hardly makes any difference.

These strings may sound expensive on the surface, but their sturdiness and premium sound quality means that you get full value for your money.

Final Verdict

The 80/20 and phosphor bronze are the most sought-after guitar strings by Elixir and are prized by thousands of guitarists. They both have similar construction and coating, but their tones make the difference.

The Elixir 80/20 is generally preferred, thanks to its brighter and louder tone. On the other hand, the phosphor bronze guitar strings have a warmer tone.

In the end, it’s a matter of personal taste, and you can choose either of them depending on your preference.

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