16 Best Portable Electronic Drum Set Pad Reviews 2021 (Best Travel Electronic Drum Set)

Best Portable Electronic Drum Set Pad, Best Travel Electronic Drum Set & Best Portable Electronic Drum Set Brands

Best Portable Electronic Drum Set Pad, Best Travel Electronic Drum Set & Best Portable Electronic Drum Set Brands

The advent of technology in the modern era has dramatically elevated music to a height never contemplated previously. There is hardly anything today that has not been influenced by technological development—and musical instruments are great benefactors of the technological cake. The evidence is overwhelming when it comes to electronic drum sets—a development that has given every drummer something to think about, especially when the right budget is there to spend.

In this review article, we are going to be talking about all that you need to know concerning portable electronic drum sets pad. We shall also be looking at some of the best and most affordable electronic drums sets you can purchase in the market. So let’s take a gradual ride into the elegant world of electronic drum kits.

What are the Best Portable Electronic Drum Set to Buy?

Check complete set of electronic drum set (less portable) or traditional acoustic drum set if these portable electronic drum set pads are not what you are looking for.

2) Pyle Electronic Drum Set pad with Built-in Speakers

Pyle Electronic Drum Set Pad
  • Great for All
  • All-in-one Design
  • 7 Pads
  • Flawless Playability

1) Yamaha DD65 Electronic Drum Pad

  • High Quality
  • Reputable Brand
  • 8 Touch-Sensitive Pads
  • Hand Percussion Mode

3) RockJam RJ760MD Electronic Roll Up MIDI Drum Kit

  • Affordable
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • 9 Pads
  • Rolled

What are electronic drum kits?

Electronic drum kits are nothing short of a collection of pads technically connected to a module. Such module refers to a little box that’s placed next to the kits, and which generate the sound, together with administering every other function of the kit.

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Typically, the most common drum module of the modern era comes with a wide variety of drum kits and sounds to chose. A solidly built electronic drum module will come with regularly used kits style. That is, they will typically have sounds such as jazz, rock, fusion, bass, and more.

Some of these modules are more expensive, but such usually come with improving functions, flexibility, and more options.

To get sounds, samples are recorded and programmed into the modules. Therefore, when you strike any pad on the kit, and it plays out a snare sound, that’s the evidence that such sound was initially recorded in a studio, and you are witnessing it playing back. Most of the highly rated electronic drum set employs this medium to get their sounds.

Other features of an electronic drum

Some other features you can find with the module of an electronic drum kit include the ability to play songs and record your playing, and sometimes come with a metronome.

Pads or triggers refer to the physical things that you strike on the kit.

Regarding setup, most electronic drum set comes with 5-piece design, which also mimics the standard nature of the acoustic drum kit that you play sometime.

Most of the drum modules that come with some brands give room for you to add an extra pad to the original setup if at all you need it.

All drum pads come with a unique type of pickup that is highly sensitive to vibrations. Once you hit a pad, the pickup quickly senses the level of hardness at which it has been hit—all from the vibrations. By this function, you can play different styles and beats on the drum kit.

Notable difference between electronic and acoustic drum sets

Certain factors differentiate electronic drum sets from their acoustic counterparts. These are:

  • Electronic drum sets are louder while acoustic drum sets are softer. Thanks to the ability to change the volume of electronic kits.
  • The sound produced by electronic drum kits comes from an external source, but that of acoustic is right there in front of you.
  • Electronic drum sets come with pre-recorded kits and sounds, but acoustic drum sets doesn’t.

16 Best Portable Electronic Drum Set Reviews and the Best Travel Electronic Drum Set

Below is a well-detailed review of 16 portable electronic drum sets this year.

1) Yamaha DD65 Electronic Drum Pad

All eyes focused on Yamaha whenever their electronic instrument carrying the brand’s logo storms the market. It is one of the best brands in the market and any of its products are worth the consideration.

The Yamaha DD65 is an electronic drum set with 8 pads that are highy sensitive to touch. The pads allows you to have an incredible and expressive flow in play. The design is all drummer-friendly with appealing style and taste. It gives you everything you need to play right out of the box.

The DD65 is versatile drumming instrument with features like a pair of headphone for quite playing, two foot pedal that you can assign to kick, hi-hat or such other voice. It also features an ability to control the tempo bu making use of the ‘tap start’ device. With 254 GM voices, you can assign play style and voice to any pad.

You have access to 100 built-in songs, 50 kits and custom kits that you can easily program to your liking, as well as 32 note polyphony to choose. You can record your favorite song while enjoying great sound quality from the stereo speakers.

2) Pyle Electronic Drum Set pad with Built-in Speakers

Pyle Electronic Drum Set Pad

Pyle is bringing a new model with an all-in-one design. The kit is highly compact and portable, just like most electronic drum kit in the market. As usual, Pyle incorporates hundreds of built-in sounds and demos in this machine unit. Considering the fact that this model is made in the US, you can expect durability as a result of compliance with best quality. So what do we have in here?

Apart from the build in sounds, the Pyle Drum Set is a 7 pad design. It includes snare drum, a hi-hat, tom, crash and rider cymbals. You also have a hi-hat and bass drum pedals for maximum control. Also featuring in the design are volume and adjustment tools for tempo, rhythm, beat, and EQ processes integrated in the model. For big drummers, the pedal controllers are a key part for achieving flawless playability.

Now, the drum kit also comes with a ‘drum trainer’ function—something that enable you to improve quickly as a beginner. You can connect to your computer or MAC platforms to mix, edit, and record sounds with ease. Everything is just on point for you to achieve your aim.

3) RockJam RJ760MD Electronic Roll Up MIDI Drum Kit

Here is another good product from RockJam—a versatile 9 drum pads with excellent sound yielding results. The sound that this drum set produces is like the one you get from a real acoustic drum. The drum set gives you access to high tom, crash cymbal, an open-close hi-hat, ride cymbal, floor tom, and more.

You can connect to external devices like your computer, using the USB part to upload MIDI files or beats to spice up your play or customize your style. The RockJam is compact yet sturdy, the type of drum a beginner drummer would cherish.

You want to travel or store it portably? Just roll the drum pads and you are good to go. The drum set enables discreet play if you don’t want to use the built-in speakers. Just connect your headphone and enjoy a quiet, peaceful play.

Aside the fact that you can use this drums set on a power supply, there is also a USB port through which you can connect your phone or computer to the band to create improve and layered sound. The unit also features a pair of drum sticks to get you playing from the start.

4) PylePro Portable Drum Tabletop Drum Set

The PylePro is a typical is a digital drum kit that brings lot of versatility. It functions in an excellent manner, with the ability to play and sound the way an actual drum does. Just like other digital drum sets; the PylePro is equally compact and extremely portable. You can play the drum along the included pre-recorded drum kits and songs, or just play the beat that you prefer.

You can take the PylePro to any place of choice and use the included AC adapter to power it or simply go wireless by running the unit on a 6 C batteries as you jam out in glory. The USB cable allows you to connect the drum kit to any portable device such as your computer, MP3 or your mobile phone. It also function as a MIDI controller, and with it, you can customize your music and obtain better functionality with different style and play.

The built in speaker allows you to pump up the electronic drum kit and play to entertain a crowd. But if you want to go discreet, then take advantage of the headphone jack by connecting your earphone and enjoy undisturbed, personal drumming experience, even as you monitor your performance from the included LCD screen.

5) Yamaha DD75AD Portable Digital Drum

With Yamaha, you can trust what you are buying. The DD75AD offers professional quality design for the ardent drummer. It comes with a PA150 power supply for non-stop use of the instrument. There are eight sensitive pads in the DD75AD. All of them render top-quality sound that fit professional playing style.

While the two drum pedals gives you versatility, the aux function enable you to play along with most of your favorite songs right on your portable device such as on your computer. With the aux line unit, you can connect and play any type of music with your headphone.

The MIDI connection function also gives you additional room to connect more external devices like a sequencer, tone modules or computer. Play back and enjoy the sound that comes from the built in speakers. The Yamaha DD75AD is the drum kit that usher you into a professional playing career.

6) Alesis Compact Kit Portable 7-Pad Electronic Drum Kit

Alesis is a reliable brand when it comes down to electronic instruments. A lot is expected from this unit (considering the company’s track record in producing good quality) and it didn’t disappoint at all.

The drum set comes with an AC adapter that you can plug into your AC outlet system in your home or stage. Put it on, unwrap the drumstick that comes with it and starts playing right away.

Mobility is something people lookout for when shopping for a portable electronic drum set. The Alesis Compact Kit is a typical compact device that you can take anywhere. It comes with C battery support, which you will have to buy separately. With this in hand, you can play anywhere, even in the jungle.

The drum kit comes with two pedals and 7-velocity sensitive pads that give that quality sound that’s available only to high-grade drum sets. There are over 250 percussion voices, 100 play-along songs and 45 preset drum kits included in this model.

With a built-in metronome and self-recording feature, you can customize your play and get the best sound for the best album.

7) Paxcess 9-Pad Foldable Electronic Drum Set

Not a well known brand in the market, but Paxcess has proved to be highly reliable when it comes to electronic instruments. This model is an upgrade on the previous one—the Paxcess 4-pad Roll-Up Drum Kit—and it brings better and realistic sound for those drummers who invest in it.

The Paxcess 9 pad is an electronic drum set that features 9 different pads that are heavily sensitive to touches so that when you strike with your drum sticks, you will receive a reassuring and rich sound. The pads include a snare, a ride, cymbals, 2 hi-hats, 3 toms and 1 kick to create the sound that is reminisce of an excellent real drum set. This model comes with a dual stereo speaker that is good for outdoor performance.

Paxcess 9-pad electronic drum kit is a perfect gift for a child celebrating his or her birthday, Christmas or some other event marking a special activity. The drum set comes with a USB MIDI jack output through which you can connect to your computer and enjoy the best of games or cook some nice beats to spice your music. Your children don’t need a large room to practice with this unit, which is also waterproof across the pads.

8) Paxcess Roll Up Electronic Drum Practice Pad MiDi Drum Kit

The Paxcess Roll Up Electronic drum is extremely portable and professional design suitable the hardcore drummer to enjoy. The Paxcess Drum Kit is a set that includes 3 toms, a snare, one ride, one crash, one hi-hat and two solid foot pedals for customizable and high-quality sound.

There are 8 demo songs included in this model, together with three rhythms and five timbres. The real feature that got our attention is the rechargeable battery that accompanies this electronic drum kit.

The Paxcess is equipped with a 2400mAh battery that you can recharge anytime it runs out. This makes it suitable for drummers living in places where the light is not constant. It is also a good option for people looking to cut down on their energy bills.

You know how people value their peace, and with the earphone jack, Paxcess gives you the ability to play quietly without disturbing the peace of your of neighbors. Don’t forget you can play games or external music by simply connecting the drum to your computer while you’re enjoying thrill from the dual built-in speakers.

9) Spectrum AIL 602 7-Pad Digital Drum Set

The Spectrum AIL is a versatile electronic drum kit. It comes with everything you need to play out of the box. Everything about this model is just perfect for home entertainment and practice playing.

The Spectrum AIL features a very compact body, measuring 25 x 7 x 21 inches in dimensions. You can easily place it atop a table and flare out the living daylight from the pads. You want something to travel with? No problem. AIL is all you need.

The pads included in this model are seven in numbers. Each delivers top quality sound, with 20 preset kits, 215 voices, I demo song and 10 user kits all combines to give you a great deal of play.

A remarkable aspect of this drum kit is the inclusion of a drum sound that you can easily adjust to suit any standing or sitting play. The stand come with non-skid feet to make sure it doesn’t wobble or shift a you are jamming away.

A good electronic drum kit should include excellent accessories. So this model comes with an AC adapter, drum sticks, instructional videos and track jam download as a bonus.

10) Roll-Up Drum Kit Portable Electronic Drum Set with Rechargeable Battery

Weighing below 3 pounds, this is one of the most portable electronic drum set in the market. As portable as it is, it pack a lot of mouth-watering features that makes it worth every inch of the consideration. The drum set body construction is light, stylish and very easy to use.

The drum include 9 demo songs and eleven accompaniments for your style variation. A recording feature means you can record and store your beat for future use. The USB connectivity port allows you to connect your external sources such as your phone and upload files or beats for whatever style you want. This model uses power supply and three AAA batteries for a no stop music demonstration.

The Roll-Up Drum Kit also come with volume control and speed control which you can use to control the blasting sound from the build-in double stereo speaker. With an adaptor, a 3.5 cabl, drum sticks, and a manual, you everything need to get you started.

11) Pyle Electronic Roll Up MIDI Drum Kit

Electronic drum kits are now a favorite for many drummers. For products like the Pyle Drum Kit, portability is the watchword. Pyle brings you a drum kit that can help take your drumming skills to the next level. To say this set is portable would be an understatement.

Unlike a conventional drum set, you can quickly roll up this Pyle drum set and take it along with you on the road. It is most suitable for musicians who travel a long distance and would want to travel light.

The drum is very thin, extremely compact as such that you can place it on a table and jam right away. The unit comes loaded with useful selectable drum kits and songs that you can choose to spice your play. A USB connectivity is also included with MIDI support to connect your computer and perform more features through external devices.

If you think this set will be replacing your hands permanently, think again. The Pyle features a hand percussion mode that allows you to put down your hands to play. A digital foot pedal control gives you excellent playability while the built-in full range speakers, headphone jacks, and tempo controls enable you to enjoy mesmerizing sounds for the Pyle.

12) Alesis Compact Kit 4/ Portable 4-Pad Tabletop Electronic Drum Kit

If you are out looking for a surprise for your kid this Christmas or Birthday celebration, Alesis is offering you this portable electronic drum kit. You will like it as a table top and for the fact that it comes with a blast yet quieter than the typical drum set.

The Alesis 4-pad Tabletop Electronic drum kit is the perfect option for those looking to learn drumming. It comes with 4 pads that are highly sensitive to touch and which delivers amazing 80 percussion sounds and rhythm for the beginner percussionist to learn.

The best part is the interactive game and coach mode which teach you how to play in the best and most convenient way. With this model, you can learn different styles; patterns beat of all classes, even if you’re a complete novice. It includes an LCD screen that gives you feedback as you learn and master the requirements.

The drum set is built to travel with you on any journey you may embark on. Don’t worry too much about electricity, just connect six C batteries and you are ready to rock. The headphone output jack and built-in speakers gives you the choice to play either in a loud or quiet mode.

13) RockJam Portable Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit

As the name implies, RockJam is one of those digital portable drum set that gives you a solid rock ‘n’ roll jam on any musical play. At 12.8 ounce, this drum set is highly compact. It’s the type of drum you can roll up and pack with ease to your travels. Setting this up is like a walk in the park. It doesn’t need much space to fit in.

The RockJam kit comes with thickly padded cymbals and 9 drums that give you the beat of a lifetime. It has two pedals and produces different, rich sounds that emulate a real drum set. The fact that you can even play the RockJam on batteries makes it an appealing consideration. That should save you some energy bills.

There is a built-in recording feature that allows you to record your beat as you play or practice. You can save your best beats for a final mix for your album preparation. As expected, a USB port provides you with ample opportunity to connect your drum to external sources like your phone, laptop to create a more dynamic and more productive sound. Forget the hype with the wood drumsticks; they always break at some point. But overall, you can trust the RockJam to deliver.

14) OCDAY 9 Pad Portable Electronic Drum Set

The OCDAY 9 Pad Electronic Drum Set is a perfect beginner’s drum kit. For the kids who love to play drum in a band, this is a great option. The model features 9 drum pads that are highly sensitive to touch. They sound well for such an affordable product. There are 7 percussion voices and 12 demo songs you can choose from to boost your style and overall play. Its level of touch sensitivity is something to cherish.

The inclusion of a USB cable means the OCDAY support USB connectivity. This means you can conveniently connect the drum kit to external sources and play to the gallery, or simply enjoy some games with it on your computer. The built-in speakers have a great sounding feature that is just perfect for the musician.

You know how kids feels around this sort of device, thus if you don’t want to receive complain from the neighbors or others in the house, simply plug in your earphone and practice quietly while enjoying the peace like a church mouse.

But the thing we like most in this model is that it also features record and play functionality is very reliable in keeping with your performance while coaching yourself to master good playing tactics. It also passes as a good gift for your loved one and is convenient for use in your bedroom, for rehearses and just about anywhere.

15) Portable Electronic Roll-up Drum Kit

If you are looking for a good quality electronic drum kit that will render professional and quality sound, try this set. The kit present 7 pads that include a tom, snare, ride, crash, hi-hat and professional demo songs included inside the kit. Whenever you see the term “roll-up,” you know you are purchasing a drum kit that is highly compact and portable for easy take on the road and less space storage. That’s what this electronic drum set is offering.

With two foot pedals, you know you have something that is very reliable. 3 rhymes, 5 timbres and 8 demos songs gives you a decent range of selection for you music practice and indoor entertainment. There are two built-speakers with excellent quality. With it, you can enjoy a decent bass sound, but don’t expect too much from this unit, even as cannot connect to other speakers.

The availability of a 3.5 audio cable and USB cable means this unit can also connect to external sources like your computer or MP3 for creative sounds and customize beats. Overall, the drum kit is suitable for everyone to use. With two drum sticks and a user manual, everything needed to get you started is included.

16) OLEY Digital Portable Foldup Electronic Drum Kit

Oley present a two foot pedal electronic drum kit that offers a sound and playability similar to a real drum set. It is a super 9 pad electronic drum set that include a hi-hat, snare, bass drum, high tom, ride cymbal, low floor tom, open/close hi-hat and low-mid tom. The drum style and settings is perfect for projecting family entertainment shows and ultimate drum practices.

Oley doesn’t want to be left undone by the rest brands, so it’s also offering recording function which enables you to record your performance. Two high quality speakers give you the sound that informs your decision to invest in this electronic drum kit. And if for any reason you feel that isn’t enough, Oley allows you to connect an extra speaker to take the sound to the next level.

As for additional features, Oley include 7 drum sounds, 9 accompaniments and 5 demo songs for your chosen. Volume and sped control levels measures 10 respectively, meaning you have everything under control. The system and options available in it are simply overwhelming.

Choosing the Best Portable Electronic Drum Set from the Best Portable Electronic Drum Set Brands

Electronic drum sets have brought a lot of revolution to the way drummers play and entertain their audience. We have reviewed some of the best drums above, but in case you are still wondering how to choose the best drums; here are some additional tips to consider.

2) Pyle Electronic Drum Set pad with Built-in Speakers

Pyle Electronic Drum Set Pad
  • Great for All
  • All-in-one Design
  • 7 Pads
  • Flawless Playability

1) Yamaha DD65 Electronic Drum Pad

  • High Quality
  • Reputable Brand
  • 8 Touch-Sensitive Pads
  • Hand Percussion Mode

3) RockJam RJ760MD Electronic Roll Up MIDI Drum Kit

  • Affordable
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • 9 Pads
  • Rolled

What is there in the package?

When shopping for your electronic drum kit, you may want to consider if it comes with things like drum sticks, drum thrones and headphones which in most cases are not included in a package. Nevertheless, expect them to come with the cheaper kits, which are designed for people who are just practicing. Most of what we have reviewed above are cheaper electronic drum kits. Most expensive models doesn’t include these accessories.

How quiet is the kit?

This depends on the brand and quality of the model. Some electronic drum set comes with louder pads while others are soft.

How large is the kit?

Digital drum kits are available in different sizes and styles. However, most are generally compact and portable in nature.

How pleasant is the sound to your hearing?

It is critical that you like the sound before investing your money on a particular model, since that’s what you will be hearing every time you play. Who on earth wants to play an instrument that sound awful? I don’t think you do.

Once you have resolved all of these considerations, you can then get yourself a reliable electronic drum set.