18 Best Electronic Drum Set Reviews 2021 (Best Electronic Drum Set Brands)

Best Electronic Drum Set, Best Electronic Drum Set for Beginners & Best Electronic Drum Set Brands

Best Electronic Drum Set, Best Electronic Drum Set for Beginners & Best Electronic Drum Set Brands

Drumming is one of the essential parts of any musical performance. Musicians, band members and supporters of good music can argue for hours what make up the best component of good music. I would say drumming ranks pretty high up there the instrument chart—whether acoustic or electronic.

Over the years, the musical world has experienced a shift from acoustic drumming to a more sophisticated style—electronic drum set. Digital drumming was first introduced in the eighties and has since then evolved to a greater height. Although one may argue that there is nothing like a good old cymbal in the good old days, the level of today’s electronic drum set makes it difficult to distinguish between the two classes.

What are the Best Electronic Drum Set to Buy?

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2) Yamaha DTX522K–Customizable Electronic Drum Kit

  • Reputable
  • Popular Choice
  • 3-Zones Cymbals
  • Great for All
  • Realistic Feel

1) Roland TD-30K V-Pro series Electronic Drum Kit

  • Professional
  • High Quality
  • Flagship V-Drums
  • Innovative Sensing Technology
  • Great Value

3) Alesis DM6 Eight-Piece Beginner Electronic Drum Set

  • Affordable
  • Best Seller
  • Great Quality
  • Great for Beginners
  • Comfortable Playing

A right turn for the beginner

The crossover to electronic drum set is a natural progression along with every other aspect of the musical environment. But this shift is an ideal option for the beginner drummer. All over the world, neighbors hate to hear the sound of the band practicing drum sessions. They served more annoyance even as the beginner tries harder to hone his/her skills. But electronic drum set has come to save the beginner in this regard.

Now, when you invest in an electronic drum set, whether for practice or live performance, you will not only be pleasing your neighbors, but you will also be able to record and evaluate and share your return from time to time. If you want to master drumming, the electronic drum set is the way out.

What types of electronic drum sets are available for me to chose?

Of course, migrating from acoustic to electronic isn’t always going to be a walk in the park for some musicians. But it is reassuring that there are several options available for you to maintain touch with both world—acoustic and electronic. You don’t have to let go acoustic drumming completely. There are two types of drum sets from which you can choose—a full electronic drum kit or a hybrid kit.

The full electronic drum kit

This type of drum set is a versatile musical instrument. It comprises of an endless variety of snares, toms, cymbals, and kicks. It also includes the ability to experiment with music and customize sound in different ways. A complete electronic drum allows you to move between different genres of music, adjust almost all of the features that accompany it, as well as getting the best out of its transducer and trigger components—the critical parts of the set.

There are many sounds and kits available for you to use in a full electronic drum set. You can record, edit and share your music at any time you want. This type of drum set is perfect for those who are learning because it includes free practicing software.

Hybrid — Electronic-Acoustic drum set

Simply put, this type of drum set is the one allows you to enjoy the raw power of acoustic drum set and the versatile dynamics of new technology that defines electronic drum kits. Using these drum set means you can enrich your sound by way of triggering electronic sounds while mixing them with your acoustic sounds for better range clarity and versatile performance.

18 Best Electronic Drum Set Reviews and the Best Electronic Drum Set Brands

Below are some of the most popular and innovative drum sets reviews of all time.

1) Roland TD-30K V-Pro series Electronic Drum Kit

Roland returns with a bang-continuing the TD series with this beautiful model. The Roland TD-30K V-Pro is a flagship V drum with innovative sensing technology. There is nothing short of supernatural sound—giving you the feel of an acoustic drum set blended with superb electronic features to create excellent playability.

Measuring 1 x 1 x 1 inches in dimensions, the TD-30K V-Pro is among the most compact size electronic drum set in the market. Its supernatural sound is made possible by its behavior modeling. The innovative sensing technology further takes this drum to the next level of playability and quality expressive sound quality. The mesh pads are soft in response and are very encouraging. They provide a better playing experience than you’ll ever get from an acoustic drum set.

For those who want to learn and grow faster in playing, the TD-30K V-Pro is an ideal electronic drum set. The pads give you improved bounce, compare to some models from other brands. We like the fact that you can easily set up this set quality is simply amazing. The TD-30K is a drumset you should have at the back of your mind when shopping for an electronic drum kit.

2) Yamaha DTX522K–Customizable Electronic Drum Kit

Here is another digital drum kit from the Yamaha DTX series that continues its traditional digital drum set. The DTX522K comes with an iOS app that enables the player to customize his or her style of play by importing songs while using training programs. It’s like Yamaha knows that it takes time and dedication to become a good drummer. But with the DTX522K, you can achieve anything in quick time.

Well, let’s say the DTX522K is the best practice drum kit on the market. However, it has a touch of professionalism. Thanks to its three-zone cymbal pads, you can experience different sound in each of the bow, cup and edge zone. The cymbals have excellent stick feel and low acoustic sound. These features are perfect for electronic drums, especially during practice.

As for the module, it has 32 note polyphony tone generator. It also features 691 drums and precaution sound. There is also a wide range of preset drum kits gotten from different categories of genres. That is twice s much compare to what is inside other DTX series. The included iOS App enables to learn and improve on how to play your favorite songs. With over 1000 songs build into the app, you can trust this app too and the drum kit to deliver what you want.

3) Alesis DM6 USB Eight-Piece Compact Beginner Electronic Drum Set

Having a realistic feeling is what makes a digital drum set handy for practice and performance. This is an electronic drum set with practical features. It comes with a DM6 drum module that enables the player to control and customize the settings. It also gives you everything to get started.

Included in this set is a headphone and amplifier output that allows you to practice quietly without disturbing the peace of your neighbor. It also enables you to jam out live and enjoy the best. There is a USB-MIDI output which allows you to play and transfer MIDI file data to software and virtual instruments on your computer.

The Alesis DM6 contains 108 high-quality drum kits, percussion sounds, and cymbals that produces excellent performance. An aux input jack allows you to practice with the external audio source. The drum set includes two cymbals, three toms, a snare, and a hi-kick pedal, a hi-hat pad, and a reliable hi-hat controller. The pads are highly responsive to touch, and they provide a natural feel that gives the feeling that you’re playing an acoustic kit.

4) Roland TD-11K-S V Compact Series Electronic Drum Set

Roland is another brand that has been making the wave in the musical instruments. Measuring 57 x 39 x 72 in dimensions, the Roland TD is a typical compact size digital drum set. The sound engine that comes with this model is superb and overwhelmingly reliable. It is the type of digital drum set you can buy at an affordable without sacrificing quality. This set is created to give you natural drumming experience like never before.

The Roland TD-11K comes with four pad mounts, which provide excellent feel and responsive touch during play. Two cymbal mounts are also included in this design. A cable set for connecting the unit and one high mount further take the qualities of this digital drum set to another level. Setting up this digital drum set is very simple. Apart from online videos on YouTube, you can also get help by consulting the setup manual that comes with the Roland TD-11K.

However, you will have to source for a pedal, an amplifier and speakers differently, if you need them. They didn’t come with this model. It is also important to note that the headphone port that comes with this model only accept a stereo jack. If you’re comfortable with these settings (which are not bad,), you can get on with it.

In a nutshell, the Roland TD-11K does the job for which it was designed.

5) Alesis Forge Kit/8 Piece Electronic Drum Set

The Forge kit from Alesis is a complete eight-piece drum kit. It includes everything you need to play like a professional. For instance, this model comes with three-8 inch tom pad and a dual-zone snare that provides fantastic feel and response that feels completely natural. Also making part of this model is a kick drum pad that adds o convenience during play.

Alesis adds three cymbals to the Forge, a feature that gives it a limitless range of playing expression. The four post-mountain racks and its chrome design helps in keeping everything well organized and secure in one unique piece. 70 drum kits are included for you to play with. You also have over 600 sounds plus 60 play-along tracks together with a built-in metronome to make your time-keeping skills sharp and responsive.

The Forge drum module also enables you to load your samples using the USB stick input. You can assign any of the full samples to any of the pad’s zone on this model. Other prominent features of this model are cable snake, drumsticks, a hi-hat pedal, power adapter, safety and warranty manual and a kit assembly guide.

6) Alesis Nitro Kit Electronic Drumset

Here is another brilliant quality from Alesis, the only brand that can give Yamaha a run for its money. This model is a full 8-piece electronic drum kit. It comes with all the features necessary to get you started. The Alesis Nitro features three cymbals with each measuring 10 inches. It also comes with a crash and chokes that provide you with extensive playing experience.

The Alesis Nitro features innovative module that has over 40 built-in classic and modern kits. Another 385 custom sound allows you to create your kit. There is four aluminum mounting rack that enables you to keep everything organized and secure, even when you play hard. You can also adjust the height to get comfortable playing experience. Memory lock means you have a flexible and easy setup of your playing style.

Overall, the Alesis Nitro is the ideal instrument for any drummer who wants anything realistic and convenient. Other items included in this drum set are cable snake, drumsticks, drum key, module user guide, kit assembly guide, a hi-hat pedal, and kick pad tower. Others are safety and warranty manual for improved and secure playing experience.

7) Roland TD1KV V-Drum Compact Electronic Drum Kit

With a plastic rubber metal alloy, the Roland TD1V V-Drum Compact Electronic Drum Kit is the best beginner’s player drum kit. No doubting the qualities of this V-drum. Roland is a favorite brand in the world. Their models are regarded as the best because they blend quality with superior sound, fantastic feel, and rugged durability.

Every single kit in this model performs wonderfully. Whether you’re using it for a stage performance or practice classes, the Roland TD1KV delivers at the highest level. This kit is suitable for a situation where you don’t have enough space. It is highly compact, and you can mount it just anywhere without taking much room. The drum kit is designed to grow with you as you go further in your drum play.

You have the freedom to add a bonus cymbal alongside the OP-TD1C Cymbal Pad. You can also swap the regular kick pedal for the much improved KD9 model. The accompanying USB cable allows you to record to and fro from your computer using the USB-MIDI interface, which makes it easy to interact with musical software. The simplicity that’s involved with using the TD1KV makes it a reliable electronic drum kit to consider when shopping for one.

8) KAT Percussion KT4 Electronic Drumset

For those who are looking for a studio-grade electronic drum kit, this model from KAT has the Midas touch. It comes with a total of 99 drum kits, which include 55 pre-programmed kits and another 44 programmable drum sets. All of that allows you to have a fully fledged voice control system including pitch adjustment, panning, decay, reverb and pad sensitivity control; among others.

4-band EQ means you have extra control measures for the voice and degree of responsiveness. It also gives you more integrated sequence and tempo adjustment for high-quality recording experience. The KT4 is more of a compact design, a five piece kit that features new innovative drum and cymbal sounds. Enjoy the best of sound and favorite track integration using the 142 built-in play-along tracks with positive seven track sequencer recording experience.

KAT didn’t stop at just providing an exceptional level of a sequencer with recording. The KT4 has a built-in library that contains 780 sounds. These are the best avenue from which you can practice and hone your skills. This is a bass drum and is most suitable for players who love to play bass.

9) Yamaha DTX400K Compact Electronic Drum Set with Free App

The reason why so many musicians and enthusiasts love Yamaha is that they always take thought of everyone and provide something for all classes of musicians. The DTX400K is a typical example of an electronic drum kit for the beginner. The brand knows you don’t have to break the bank to become a professional overnight. This model features a free iOS App that enables you to customize and import your song, as well as have and enjoy free training programs.

The Yamaha DTX400K comes with 297 top notch sounds, including ten kits that you can easily customize and enjoy along with the built-in lesson programs. Another thing that features in this model is the famous Yamaha KU100 Silent Kick Unit, which is very quiet, making the DTX400K one of the most peaceful in the market. Also featured is a remote hi-hat that enables better quality sounds and style for a fantastic experience.

While LED lights make it easy for you to see your operations, entry your DTX serial number will give you a further 25 free MIDI songs. That would add more options to your choice of sound selection. And with the iOS App, you customize the sound for all kits of the DTx400K and enhance your playing experience in the most convenient forms.

10) Roland TD-25KV –Tour Drum Kit

The Roland TD-35KV is the yardstick for all serious drummers to engage themselves in a high level of playability in a mid-level kit for home and studio. There is a sound engine that is derived from the TD-30 flagship. It enables the TD-25KV to deliver the superior quality that made Roland V-drums the favorite choice of every professional player everywhere.

A built-in audio recording function allows the player to record and playback drum performances. With such function, you can evaluate your overall performance and share your playing skill with friends and family. The TD-25KV also features a streamlined interface which enables you to personalized different kits of your choice. Are you looking for a natural feel? The warm mesh pads of this model surely give that.

Another great feature of the TD-25KV is the positional snare sensing, which allows you to have improved expression during play. The VH-11 V-Hi-Hat enables you to play with authentic hi-hat techniques. If you are the type that likes everything to stand high up, this model gives you that flexibility. Everything, including the cymbals, can quickly be set up to be high up.

11) Yamaha DTX562K Electronic Drum Kit

Everyone knows Yamaha as a brand in the musical world. If there is a jungle of instruments, Yamaha should be king of them all.

The DTX562K is the electronic drum kit that gives you a solid bang for your money. It doesn’t matter where you’re playing. It could be on stage or in a studio; this model has the quality to bring you an incredible and realistic response. The drum comes with a high-quality drum sound that ranges over 691. The Hi-Hat system is something else that brings nuance, and profound feel when playing.

A significant aspect of this electronic drum kit is the three zone cymbals and fantastic snare pads. These features give a substantial dimension of reality to any style of play you chose. The snares roll smoothly and the cymbals swell, chokes, and mute to provide a unique sound and great play.

If you’re looking to practice conveniently, the Yamaha DTX652K has a fun scoring function that assists you in developing your playing skills. Overall, the construction of this drum kit is fantastic. Finding anything wrong with this piece is difficult.

12) Alesis Strike Pro Kit/ Eleven Piece Professional Electronic Drum Kit

The Alesis Strike is truly a striker when it comes down to professionalism in drumming. The drum kit combines the familiarity of an acoustic drum kit with the capability and functionality of the best electronic drum kit. If you’re looking to overcome the shortcomings of the acoustic drum set, Alesis Strike Pro Kit is the way out.

The Alesis Strike has a beautiful module that contains an incredible sound library. Enjoy as much as 100 brand new drum kits designed from over 1600 instruments. That is a whole lot to choose from. The Strike comes with pads that had dual hoops with mesh heads. It also features adjustable knobs you can easily fiddle with to customize your taste. The response e and experience from this drum set is fantastic.

Regarding playability, the Strike features a large bell area that enables you to have a perfect feel, bounce, and control. A board sampling capability is also part of this model. Strike comes with 8GB of SD card on which you can store your sounds and instrument play-style.

Additionally, a software editor allows you to create custom sounds and music kits. You also get to import .wav files as you like. If you want to make use of external instruments, there is a USB/MIDI output jack port and jack for such connections.

This eleven-piece drum kit should be at the top of your wish list, provided you have the money.

13) Yamaha DTX720K 8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

For those who want to create their own custom electronic drum kit, the Yamaha DTX720K is something to consider. The DTX series from Yamaha is famous for being reliable and versatile in professional drumming. The ease at which you can set them up is another reason why they have been most successful among many instrumentalists. Let’s take a look at some of the features that make up this model.

The Yamaha STX720K comes with 1,396 top quality sounds. With these, you can enjoy a fantastic collection of high-quality sound from Yamaha’s inventory of favorite drums and Motif XF synthesizer. This model has a trigger pad that gives you that realistic feel and playability. It features textured cellular silicone heads, with 3-zone cymbals. The hi-hat controller gives you unbeatable excellence during play.

An output jack allows you to connect the drum kit to your computer so you can record and play MIDI files

Using your preferred software to improve your play. It is interesting that this mode contains sounds from the Oak custom series, including percussion and effect sounds. Overall, the Yamaha DTX720K is perfect for those looking to make use of their samples. It comes with a KP100 kick, a hi-hat stand, a snare a module and a rack. For a comfortable digital drum kit experience, you can trust the Yamaha DTX720K to get the job done.

14) Simmons SD5Xpress Full-Size 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

The truth is an electronic drum set doesn’t have to be good in every aspect. If you are looking for something to practice with, a 5-piece drum kit like the Simmons SD5Xpress will do. You don’t need 8 to 10 piece drum kit to practice. This model from Simmons gives you the comfort an simplicity to quickly hone your skill while enjoying a good play.

Measuring 32.2 x 19.7 x 11.5 in dimension and weighing 24.9 pounds, the SD5Xpress is genuinely compact size electronic drums kit. The size makes it even more comfortable for beginners to use. The sound that comes from this model is surprisingly encouraging for a beginner instrument. The snare sounds terrific and the hi-hat is adequately sensitive regarding it being hit.

As for the module, it uses a comfortable design to fit in with smooth operation. The drum kit comes with five drum pads that provide good feel, and three cymbals which aren’t that bad either. The sound mimics the SD5Xp, with 107 drum sounds, 14 drum set, and 40 drum patterns. Adjustable pads, sturdy aluminum rack, and stable clamps give you a reliable kit with USB/MIDI file support and MP3 AUX player.

15) Yamaha DTX950K Electronic Drum Kit

Yamaha is a brand that one can hardly doubt. It is regarded as the undisputed king in musical instruments. The DTX950K is just one of the many electronic drum kits that made Yamaha a pro favorite. This model comes with XP10S snare pad that measures 12 inches in dimensions. This pad provides a superb feel that resembles that of an acoustic drum set.

Of course, Yamaha is known for lots of accompanying drum sounds, and this model isn’t left out as well. It comes with 1,115 drums, percussion, effect sounds. It is a vast category you can from which you can choose. The hex rack of this model is highly durable and reliable. Each of the snare and toms provide a distinct response and touch. The hi-hat further adds a natural reaction to both hands and feet.

As for cymbals, they are not always the best as far as electronic drum kits are involved. However, the cymbal that comes with the DTX950K features a 3-zone-choke design. All of these enable drummers to freely and conveniently express themselves about rhythm like when playing an acoustic kit. The DTX950K also incorporate the superior Motif X5 technology to create a solid trigger module that provides a pro sound necessary for bringing your playability to a superb level.

16) BEHRINGER Electronic Drum — Set XD8-USB

The electronic drum set is the talk of the moment. They make practice and playing easier and reliable. That’s precisely what the Behringer does. This drum set comes bearing everything that is required to start playing from the onset. It features an advanced grade pedal that has a trigger pad. This improves the convenience of play and performance. A double-zone snare for the standard rim and head play is another feature that comes with the Behringer.

The drum set comes with a drum rack which is very easy to assemble, and all mounting hardware is included. It features 3×8 inches single-one pads and 3×12 cymbals. The Behringer comes with 15 drum set and 123 sounds from which you can choose and use anytime you are sitting down at your XD8-USB. The drum set is equipped with all the quality that enables you to produce the best in creativity.

The HDS110USB module has ten factories preset and five user-programmable drums set for a better experience. The USB interface allows you to connect to an optical instrument and drum software. That will enable you to swap sounds from multiple kits and enjoy the best of musical play and performance.

17) Pyle Pro Electronic Drumset

If you are looking for an all-in-one electronic drum set, Pyle Pro is something to consider. The stylish PED041 is designed to bring you convenient drumming in the comfort of your home. The features are unique, and you should be ready for the surprise it offers regarding the price. It is unbelievably affordable. So what do we have in here?

Pyle Pro is an electronic drum set that comes in 7 piece settings. The pieces are well designed to give you the necessary digital drumming. The collection features a total of 5 pads for unbeatable digital drumming experience. The design is even more appealing considering you can adjust the pads to create a fantastic and customizable drum session. The pads are rugged and highly responsive to touch. They produce all the sounds of a conventional drum set.

Assembling this digital drum set is like a breeze. It takes less space compared to a traditional drum set. The Pyle Pro has a reliable digital sound module with an LCD that gives you precise information regarding play and style. Two digital foot pedals controllers—Hi-Hat and Bass Drum—also accompany this excellent drum kit. It has other features like a built-in metronome, audio configuration, a headphone jack and selectable pre-loaded drum kits.

It may not be the best in the market but is worth the consideration.

18) Carlsbro CSD130 Electronic Drum Set with Realistic Kick Pedal

The Carrboro CSD130 is the perfect electronic drum kit for rehearsing, recording or performing n stage. You don’t need to make each drum. You don’t need hauling mountains of gears or tuning the heads. Everything about this model is simple for you to operate. The Carlsbro CSD130 is a complete 8-piece drum kit which you can set up in minutes.

Top quality pads feature prominently in the CSD130 electronic drum kit. They provide a natural feel while increasing the level of sensitivity, a more balanced rebound, as well as eliminating wrist fatigue. Complimenting the three top pads is a different dual-zone snare pad that comes handy in triggering drum sound and independent rim at the same time. The kit also features a ride cymbal and crash cymbal pad that has a manual choke to prevent ringing.

Carlbro features a hi-hat pad and controller pedal that works together for an open and close effect. If you want to make use of the bass drum, you can activate the trigger by using the professional pedal to achieve an authentic feel. The pedal is well secured in place by the use of spikes which comes handy during a performance. You can quickly adjust the setting to suit your playing style.

Choosing the Best Electronic Drum Set from the Best Electronic Drum Set Brands

From the above review, we can see that electronic drum kits are not intended to replace acoustic drum sets. But they are made to improve the performance of acoustic drum set, with advanced technology and ease of play. Electronic drum sets are available in so many varieties with one aim in mind—to make the play easy for the everyone while giving you the ability to customize your playing style.

2) Yamaha DTX522K–Customizable Electronic Drum Kit

  • Reputable
  • Popular Choice
  • 3-Zones Cymbals
  • Great for All
  • Realistic Feel

1) Roland TD-30K V-Pro series Electronic Drum Kit

  • Professional
  • High Quality
  • Flagship V-Drums
  • Innovative Sensing Technology
  • Great Value

3) Alesis DM6 Eight-Piece Beginner Electronic Drum Set

  • Affordable
  • Best Seller
  • Great Quality
  • Great for Beginners
  • Comfortable Playing

When choosing your electronic drum set, some qualities should form part of the set. These are:

Rubber or mesh pads: Which enable you to have responsive and replicating acoustic sound effects. It also improves the sound quality significantly.

Acoustic volume: The drum set you are choosing should have a good rubber or mesh pads to enhance a better audible amount. What this means is, you should be able to receive that crisp and satisfying sound that defines the quality of an excellent acoustic-electronic drum kit.

Software & Components: Look out for software included in the kit you are buying. If the drum kit doesn’t have any of that, you should be able to fathom just how convenient it would be for you to use it. Also consider the aspect of various vital components which include hi-hat, snare, crash, tom and kick. Some more expensive quality options would microphone, extra tom and additional cymbal.

Whatever you have decided to stick with, make sure it’s among the best brand in the market. Know there is always a reliable electronic drum kit out there awaiting the cash in your pocket.