20 Best Drum Practice Pad Reviews 2022

Best Drum Practice Pads & Best Practice Pad for Drum

Best Drum Practice Pads & Best Practice Pad for Drum

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Have you ever heard your neighbors cursed and complained about the sound of your acoustic drums? If or when you do, you will start appreciating the comfort and flexibility that practice drum pads offer you and your drumming career.

Unlike wind players and guitarist who can easily carry their instruments to any place of choice for practice and skill demonstration, drummers are usually limited by the much time and space it takes to assemble a drum kit, not to mention the loud noise such acoustic drums produce that often incur the wrath of neighbors or family members.

What are the Best Drum Practice Pads to Buy?

2) Evans RealFeel 2-Sided Practice Pad

  • Made of Durable and Natural Gum Rubber
  • 2 Sizes Available
  • High Quality

1) Vic Firth Double-sided Practice Pad 12’Inch

  • Slim 
  • Convenient in Size
  • Dense Wooden Base
  • Authentic Feel

3) Offworld Percussion Invader Practice Pad

  • Special Rim and Black Pad
  • High Intense Sound
  • Made of High Quality Polymer Material

A good quality practical drum pads will not only allow you to work effectively on your technique as a drummer without disturbing the entire neighborhood; it also gives you the freedom to move it from one place to another with ease.

Seeing the huge benefit in drum practice pads, the need to have them as excellent types of equipment for students and percussion ensembles, becomes paramount, since they allow you to isolate your rhythm and stroke from the sound of your drum.

What to look for in a drum practice pad

If you are searching for the best drum practice pad, there are things you should consider. These include:

The perfect size

The size of your practice pad is very important. It should be able to fit perfectly in your hands as well as on the desk where you put it. If as an adult you decided to go with a 6-inch pad, it will limit your ability to play conveniently, as your strokes will largely be limited. A 10 or 12-inch size practice pad will do just fine.

Portability & weight

While most practice pads are available in lighter weight and compact design, it is advisable not to place too much emphasis on how portable the device might be, especially if you are not traveling too much internationally or domestically. A practice pad with a larger surface should be of utmost paramount due to the advantage it offers you during practice, notwithstanding it will take up much space.

Lastly, make sure you take the weight of the pad into consideration. It is no secret that smaller and lighter drum practicing pads tend to create problems of instability during play, as they often move around and slip from their position.


There are divergent views regarding practicing pads materials. Some people believe that it is better to go for a one surface pad design, which will limit you to focus more on the aspect of your playing while keeping you from being distracted by other rudiments/factors. On the other hand, some people believe that your ability to practice on various surface pad materials exposes you to different practice sessions. Whatever the result might be, you just have to decide what is best for you.

20 Best Drum Practice Pads Reviews and the Best Drum Practice Pads Brands

1) Vic Firth Double-sided Practice Pad 12’Inch

Are you in search of a practice pad that gives you the feel of a marching snare? The Vic Firth is the answer that gives you that feeling. The Vic utilizes a mounted rubber (with a thin layer) to render the feel of the Kevlar that is used in the heads of modern marching snares.

The Vic Firth is very slim and very convenient in size, providing great benefits for the marching percussionists. It is the type of drum pad you can put inside your backpack without feeling too much weight. With it, you can practice anywhere and at any time conveniently. Thanks to its quietness, you can rely on this drum pads for practice while in your dorm or living room with friends or loved ones.

2) Evans RealFeel 2-Sided Practice Pad

The Evans practice pad is one that features excellent playing surface made of durable, natural gum rubber. It is the type of material that provides a nice feel, while its dark grey finish provides solid resistance against wear and tear.

This particular pad is available in 6 and 12 inches sizes. The smaller size version is perfect for a kid who is just starting out or for someone looking for a very compact drum pad to take along when traveling.

As for the 12-inch size, it fits squarely inside the basket of a standard snare drum. Each side of this wonderful drum pad has a neoprene and gum-rubber design on either side. The quality is just the perfect one for you to enjoy.

3) Offworld Percussion Invader Practice Pad

This is a unique design drum pad that comes with special rim and black pad. It is a product of the innovative idea that has been on research for years. Unlike other drum pads that tend to break their playing sticks during practice, the rim on the edge of this practicing drum overcomes such experience.

The dark surface of the drum pad is made of high-quality polymer material to give high intense sound. The bottom is also useful for practicing if the surface sounds too loud. Another feature of the base of the drum pad is proper fitness to any surface on which it is placed; it has a non-slipping base. It’s about 5 pounds in weight.

4) Remo—RT-0000 8’’ Gray Tunable Practice Pad

Remo brings perfection for the beginning drum player. However, this drum pad is also fit for an advanced player to play and maintain his or her playing skills. The bottom of the drum features a protective rubber that keeps it safe from scratching and slipping off tables.

Remo features a versatile design on this model as you can easily mount it on a stand for upright playing while enjoying the bounce and feel of a real practice drum. The beauty of it is that it is available in three different sizes namely; 6, 8, and 10 inches.

There is a whole lot to enjoy from this 1.3-pound weighted practice pad.

5) Hisonic Signature Practice Pad

This product is a brand new practicing drum pad that comes with a year warranty and other accompanying accessories like an adjustable stand, carrying bags and playing sticks. It comes in black colors. It can be placed securely on a table or a desktop as a result of the stand it comes with.

Also, a player can adjust the practicing pad to any desired position of his or her choice since the accompanying stand is adjustable up to 32 inches. The package includes a playing drumstick and a shoulder strapped portable carrying bag for both storage and easy transport. Made of steel and mylar material, the drum pad weighs 6.1 pounds.

6) Tromme Drum Practice Pad

Tromme is another powerfully designed drum pad that is of high-quality materials and gives a player the real experience of playing a real drum. It has a large playing surface which is grey in color and bounded by black rim around to give a cool color combination.

The surface is also large enough for a beginner to freely practice in. It produces low sound and wears and tear resistant. Unlike other drum pads that are made with gum rubber, this comes in silicone materials giving it an uncommon feel, look, and durability. It can be easily mounted on a stand or used as a snare practicing drum pad. The weight is 3.7 pounds and 12 inches surface diameter.

7) The Drumeo P4 Practice Pad

The Drumeo P4 pad is one of the most versatile practice pads you will come across in the musical instrument market. It features four unbeatable surfaces that revolve around three surfaces. It has a standard and well-formulated gum rubber-like design that mimics the quality and performance of the floor tom. The surface of the pad has a feel that mimics a ride cymbal.

With such quality, the Drumeo simulate the feel and resemblance as if you’re actually moving around the drums. If you aim to develop your skill and control, while enhancing your level of creativity with the drum, this is the drum practice pad for you.

8) 12-Inch Double Sided Practice Pad

Here is a high-quality practice pad with four different playing surfaces. The pad is the perfect choice for concert snare drummers. It comes with a full rim to keep it perfectly secure, and it’s the type you can describe as the king of all practicing pads. The surfaces are easy to change and the elevated rim allows you to add rim shot sound to your practice routine.

The bottom side of the pad has a softer and quieter hitting rubber that provides an intuitive surface that is less rebounding. This part of the drum is preferable for drummers who want to work quietly on their chops or increase the development of muscles. Thanks to its laminate design, the pad is very loud and articulate.

It has a 12-inch size, which makes it perfect for all marching band and concert loving drummers.

9) Aquarian TBP12 Practice Pad

This practice drum has super features different from local gum rubber drums and can be heard irrespective of its reduced level of volume. The surface is black and the rim is red having a spherical shape. The sound is so intoxicating and can help you develop higher speed, strength, and control.

This product comes with extra accompanying accessories to help a beginner learn with ease. Some of these additional tools are a pair of black playing sticks, rudiment and facts sheets containing tuning tips and other exercises. It is 3 pounds in weight and 12 inches in diameter. It can be conveniently placed on any desired surface for practice.

10) Luvay 12-Inch Silent Dum Practice Pad

The Luvay is another reliable practice drum that comes in a special octagonal shape and in grey color. Aside from its beautiful shape, it comes with practice sticks well shaped and made from original walnut wood.

To prevent noise and slipping off when hitting it with sticks, the inside of the practice drum is made of sponge. The outside of the practice pad is made of a gum rubber with no smell and it’s environmentally friendly.

In addition, the side of the drum pad is well supported with a high-quality wooden material to give it a perfect look and shape. It is 12 inches wide and 1 inch in height.

11) Gilbrater SC Practice Pad

This practicing drum is made up of a unique but real gum rubber on the surface and a surrounding grey finishing that make it long lasting; tear and wear resistance. Beneath is a steel base on which the drum pad is built. The pad is thick and 4×1/2 inches. It can be raised to as high as 22 inches with the aid of its leg straps and fitting snug that help it for securely to your legs.

Aside from the standing straps, the base of the drum pad has a fitted rubber for tabletop placement. It is also portable and small enough to be carried about for easy assess and practice on the go. The total weight is about 6.4 ounces.

12) Rudi Pad Practice Drum Pad

The Rudi-pad practicing drum pad is uniquely designed to entice beginners and encourage professionals to carry on with their career. This pad can be played on any chosen surface from your tabletop to your normal drum surface. It comes with drum standard drum notations, which are permanent; not prone to wear and tear effect even when washed with a machine.

The surface of the drum pad is made with a similar material with which a mouse pad is made; durable and long lasting. It is portable as it can be easily rolled up to fit into your stick bag. It is 3.36 ounces in weight and 9 inches in size.

13) Ammoon Practice Pad Carrying

This drum pad has two combined colors; black and white. The pad surface made of plastic is white while the rim is black in color with beautiful bolts that add to its natural attractiveness. The pad is firmly adhered to the rim to withstand further wear condition.

The package comes with a practice drum pad, playing sticks and a bag for easy storage/transport. The base of the pad is suitably designed to fit into any hard surface and it also has a screw hole beneath for easy mounting on any desired stand. Aside from the bouncing feeling, one enjoys while playing it, it is also tunable. The weight is 580g.

14) Vater Builder-Double Practice Pad

The Vater drum pad is a round shaped surface that has different surface colors ranging from black to red. It also has a round rim which gives the pad a solid shape and keeps it away from the problem of wear and tear.

While the color of the surface differs, the rims often come in black colors. The round shape of the drum pad gives it a beautiful look. With its 12 inches diameter size, it can conveniently be placed on any desired base or surface for practice. It is also portable enough for easy transport and carriage to and from your home.

15) ADM Silent Snare Practice Pad

This practice drum comes with other additional practicing tools. It has double sides for effective practice results. One side of the drum pad is made with soft rubber to make it as silent and less disturbing to others as possible while the other side.

The stand is of high-quality materials; foldable to make you choose your preferred position in height and it can be stretched to about 19 inches in height. The bag helps you to carry your practice drum anywhere.

16) Vic Firth V200 Practice Pad

The Vick firth product is a practicing drum pad that comes in a special design. The surface is made of white rubber with a solid metal rim that has bolted. It is specially designed to properly fit into any surface and a drum having similar size.

Made of normal drum material, it is an indispensable tool for those learning how to play the drum set and also for home use. With its 1.5 pound weight which is equivalent to 0.680 kilograms, it is lightweight and easy to carry around. However, at the point of shipment, the weight tends to increase to 1.3 kg. It has bolts at various rim edges for ease of loosening and tightening to the desired pad mount.

17) SJC Custom Drum Practice Pad

This beautifully designed drum pad comes in black color with attractive decorations. It is round in shape and hardly distinguishable from the base; making it a long-lasting product that can withstand wear and tear.

This makes it a perfect gift item for drum lovers and irresistible learning tools for beginners. Unlike other Unlike other practicing drums that players can flip and use both sides, this particular one is just one sided but it produces amazing sound.

The surface is made of rubber and the base is well produced to fit into any surface of choice. The surface is 10 inches wide. With a 3 pound weight, it is portable enough for easy carriage.

18) Sabian QTM10 Practice Pad

This Sabian learning drum pad is so attractive as it has a resemblance with a real mounted drum. It is matured designed to making a learner feel he or she is playing on a real drum. It can be securely mounted on a real drum, placed on a stand or on a tabletop for practice. A learner can play quietly on it without disturbing others as it produces low sound.

The surface of the pad is black with an adjustable rim around it. It can be tuned as the tension can be adjusted on the mesh head. The base of the drum pad is also well built for surface placement and mounting on stands. It is 2 pounds in weight and 10 inches in diameter.

19) Innovative Percussion CP-IR Practice Pad

This is a small round practice drum pad for both beginners and experts. The practicing drum pad comes in black colors. It also has a small black rim that helps to fit it perfectly into a desirable drum or desired surface. It gives the normal feeling of playing on a drum because of its similarity with common drums in terms of its shape.

With its 11.5 inches in diameter, it can be mounted on any drum of its size with ease. The normal weight aside shipping package is 1 pound. This makes it portable and an easy-to-carry about tool for handy use.

20) Octagon Shaped Single Sided Practice Pad

This drum pad is designed for those who intend enhancing their percussion skills without disturbing others. It is a silent or mute drum pad that comes in black colors in an octagonal shape. Unlike others, it is one-sided and made from rubberwood. The drum pad itself is made of rubber surface; hence the noiselessness.

The weight is less than 1 kg approximately 341g. The durability of the product is seen in its shape that is well surrounded with rubberwood and it’s lightweight nature. This not only helps in easy movement but also makes it long lasting with a desirable result.

Choosing the Best Drum Practice Pads

Drum practice pads are the best options for people who want to practice discreetly. It is also valuable for a drummer who travels a lot, as they can easily be carried from one place to the other due to their lightweight construction and portable design.

When it comes to choosing the right pad for you, applying the criteria we discussed above is subjective. That is, it will largely depend on your taste and general style of play. You are the one that will define the best drum pad for you. If you happen to be a beginner, the best option for you is a single-surface practice pad, which will allow you to hone your skills as you practice sticks control and time management.

2) Evans RealFeel 2-Sided Practice Pad

  • Made of Durable and Natural Gum Rubber
  • 2 Sizes Available
  • High Quality

1) Vic Firth Double-sided Practice Pad 12’Inch

  • Slim 
  • Convenient in Size
  • Dense Wooden Base
  • Authentic Feel

3) Offworld Percussion Invader Practice Pad

  • Special Rim and Black Pad
  • High Intense Sound
  • Made of High Quality Polymer Material

As for intermediate and professional drummers, practice pads like the Drumeo, offers the best options for their needs, since they have already mastered the majority of what it takes to play such pads. However, that doesn’t mean a single surface design isn’t needed by professionals or intermediates as well. You only have to make the right decision on what you think is right for you.