40 Best Cymbals and Cymbal Sets Review 2022 – Best Cymbal Brands

Best Cymbals, Best Cymbal Set & Best Cymbal Brands

Best Cymbals, Best Cymbal Set & Best Cymbal Brands

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Cymbals are unique and essential instruments that add color to your music. There are various kinds of cymbals and each of them has a unique function and sound quality. Any drum kit that doesn’t have a set of cymbals attached isn’t complete.

Cymbals add tonal color to your drum. Most drum kits often, especially starter kits, come with cymbals attached. Some cymbals can be used to add effects. It will be worth it getting to know the type of cymbal that are available, their functions and the kind of sound they produce.

A Jazz drummer will prefer a very different cymbal arrays from those that will suit a drummer who plays for a metal or hard rock band. One very good tip is to check out the cymbal setups of your best-loved drummer. You may not be able to get every component of their cymbal choices, but it will give you a clue on what you need to do.

When you’ve identified the right cymbals for your drum kit, you can walk into a shop and purchase the models that suit your budget. Just like every other thing, you get what you pay for if your buying cymbals.

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Below are some of the best cymbal set/pack and the cymbal that being sold individually on Amazon.

Top Cymbal Packs

Meinl Cymbals HCS Ultimate Cymbal Set Box Pack for Drums with Hihats, Ride, China, Splash, Bell and Free 16” Trash Crash — Made in Germany — Durable Brass, 2-Year Warranty SCS1
Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Cymbal Box Set - 14 Inches HiHats, 17 Inches Crash, 21 InchRide
Meinl Cymbals HCS Cymbal Set Box Pack for Drums with 13" Hihats, 14" Crash, Plus Free 10" Splash, Sticks, Lessons — Made in Germany — Durable Brass, 2-Year Warranty, Traditional Finish (HCS1314
Meinl Cymbals HCS Ultimate Cymbal Set Box Pack for Drums with Hihats, Ride, China, Splash, Bell and Free 16” Trash Crash — Made in Germany — Durable Brass, 2-Year Warranty SCS1
Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Cymbal Box Set - 14 Inches HiHats, 17 Inches Crash, 21 InchRide
Meinl Cymbals HCS Cymbal Set Box Pack for Drums with 13" Hihats, 14" Crash, Plus Free 10" Splash, Sticks, Lessons — Made in Germany — Durable Brass, 2-Year Warranty, Traditional Finish (HCS1314
Meinl Cymbals HCS Ultimate Cymbal Set Box Pack for Drums with Hihats, Ride, China, Splash, Bell and Free 16” Trash Crash — Made in Germany — Durable Brass, 2-Year Warranty SCS1
Meinl Cymbals HCS Ultimate Cymbal Set Box Pack for Drums with Hihats, Ride, China, Splash, Bell and Free 16” Trash Crash — Made in Germany — Durable Brass, 2-Year Warranty SCS1
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Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Cymbal Box Set - 14 Inches HiHats, 17 Inches Crash, 21 InchRide
Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Cymbal Box Set - 14 Inches HiHats, 17 Inches Crash, 21 InchRide
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Meinl Cymbals HCS Cymbal Set Box Pack for Drums with 13" Hihats, 14" Crash, Plus Free 10" Splash, Sticks, Lessons — Made in Germany — Durable Brass, 2-Year Warranty, Traditional Finish (HCS1314
Meinl Cymbals HCS Cymbal Set Box Pack for Drums with 13" Hihats, 14" Crash, Plus Free 10" Splash, Sticks, Lessons — Made in Germany — Durable Brass, 2-Year Warranty, Traditional Finish (HCS1314
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What are the Best Cymbals?

Here are some of the common and popular cymbal types today:

Premium cymbals are produced with more expensive materials and involve a lot of hand work. However, that is not to say cheaper cymbals can’t deliver. You might be surprised about what some lower-priced cymbals can do. You can get a cymbal with a really good bargain that is within your budget.

Accessory: Cymbal Bag & Case, Cymbal Stand

33 Best Cymbals, 7 Best Cymbal Sets and the Best Cymbal Brands

This guide will help you know what cymbals that you need for your drums, music, and budget. These products have been carefully selected after proper review by our professionals.

7 Best Cymbal Packs/Sets

If you need a complete set of cymbal, here are some good cymbal pack for the money. 

1) Meinl Cymbals (HCS-SCS1) Cymbal Box Set

Perfect for both purposes either as a splash or as a crash. It depends on the kind of music you are performing.

Ultimate HCS Cymbal Box Set Pack is a fantastic purchase. Looks a little dark for some people but they sound great when you use it to record your music. A product that has that traditional touch that Meinl always gives to all its cymbals.

It is an all inclusive set which includes, the Meinl HCS Ultimate Set includes a 14″ hi-hat pair, 20″ ride, 14″ crash, 16″ crash, 18″ crash, 14″ china, 8″ bell, 10″ splash, including a FREE 16″ trash crash. Ultimate HCS Set Pack cymbal is produced with a durable brass alloy, made in Germany and has an official two year Meinl warranty.

2) Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Cymbal Set

K Custom Hybrid Cymbal Set has the features of a modern K Voice and designed in conjunction with Akira Jimbo. This hybrid cymbal is a combination of brightness and darkness which makes it perfect for any type of music.

This set of cymbals has that unique 14-1/4” K Custom Hybrid Hi Hats. They are known to retain the precision of 14” hats and also gives you an additional power and cut like 15” hats. The 21” K Custom Hybrid Ride is a combination of both brilliance and darkness.

17” K Customs gives you the clear and clean sound that every musician wants to hear. It’s a perfect combination of bright and dark sound. The product is popular in the market. This ride keeps you in a high spirit when you are on the drums.

3) Meinl Cymbal Set Box (HCS1314-10S)

If you are a beginner or a learner, this Meinl cymbal set box to pack it is highly recommended for you. You will receive everything you might need so that you experiment and improve your skills in no time. The set features 13 inches hi-hat cymbal for top and bottom, a 14 inches crash cymbal, and an additional free 10 inches splash cymbal.

Further, the set is shipped with a gift from the manufacturer, a set of 5A wood tip drumsticks. And the best part about purchasing this Meinl cymbal set box pack is that it gets you access to free online courses under the guidance of the professional drum instructor Mike Johnston. And since this set was created for beginners, the materials used for the cymbals are sturdy and can face a lot of wear and tear.

The impressive brass alloy allows you to experiment with distinct tones, without getting damaged too quickly. The best part about this set is that you can perform on it almost any style of music you might think of. Since the beginner set was created in Germany under the supervision of Meinl experts, you will immediately notice that it comes with similar designs and features as Meinl's professional cymbals.

4) Sabian SBR Performance Cymbals Pack

Sabian SBR Performance Cymbals Pack has all the qualities and sizes that a beginner drummer will need. This cymbal has its logo well crested on it even when it’s a starter pack, in turn, adds more credibility to the product.

Other manufacturers will not be will to crest their logo on starter packs. They are high-pressure hammered cymbals that produce excellent sound, with the perfect volume to suit any performance. If you are getting a cymbal for the first time, this cymbal will encourage you drive and passion.

Gives you that tight sound that can only be produced by a Sabian Brass cymbal. Designed to meet the need of smart drummers and in a class of its own. SBR makes your first step into the world of cymbals sweet. It is protected by Sabian one-year warranty.

5) Zildjian L80 Low Volume 14/16/18 Cymbal Set

If you are looking for a set of cymbals with outstanding abilities to diminish noise, this Zildjian L80 Low Volume 14/16/18 Cymbal Set might be the best match for you. Experts say these cymbals are a lot quieter than traditional ones, as they come with L80 Low Volume Cymbals. And we do like them since they protect the performer's ear and allow him to get a deeper understanding of the sound experience, he produces. Hence, the chances of ear damage are meager.

Also, you can rehearse and indulge in late-night drum sessions without disturbing others. This cymbal set is versatile and offers a lot of flexibility. You can perform with any stick, mallet, brush, or technique. Thus, we do recommend this set for practice rooms, drum lessons, low volume performance halls, or any other space in which diminished volume is required.

This set comes with a two-year warranty policy, which allows you to return the product in case of any manufacturing defects. This study cymbal set was designed from durable alloy, enabling you to use it for extended periods. The approximate dimensions for this product are 20.8 x 20.5 x 2.2 inches.

6) Meinl Cymbals CCD460+18 Cymbal Box Set 

This cymbal is truly amazing with a very crisp and tight hi hat. TA product with a dark undertone when they are open and a sweet dry ring and decay when they are closed. The sound produced by the crash are aggressive, dark and has a wonderful decay.

Meinl also did not fail their fans when they brought in such a wonderful product into the market. It has that same unique traditional design. Among the Classic custom, Dark Bonus pack are 14″ dark hi hat pair, a 16″ dark crash, and a 20″ dark ride with a bonus FREE 18″ dark crash.

The dark finish adds an earthy growl and clarity. Comes with an official two year Meinl warranty.

7) Sabian 25005XXP AA X-plosion Performance Cymbals Set 

This is a perfect choice for any professional drummer. Manufacturers of Sabian cymbals hand picked and sonically matched this product. If you took a break from drumming, this cymbal will ignite your passion for the art.

Sounds pretty cool and doesn’t produce a broken sound. The cymbal is good for any genre of music. It’s also among the popular cymbal lines of Sabian products. This cymbal also has a pair of 14” stage hi hats and 16” X-Plosion crash. Also, has a 14″ Stage Hats – 16″ Xplosion Crash and 20″ Stage Ride – FREE 18″ Xplosion Crash. This cymbal is made in Canada. Every purchase is protected by Sabian two-year warranty.

33 Best Cymbals from the Different Cymbal Types and Brands

There are many cymbal types that included in this list. Please make sure you know the cymbal type you would like to choose. These include Crash Cymbals, Hi-Hat Cymbals, Ride Cymbal, Clash Cymbal and the China Cymbal.

1) Meinl 14” Crash Cymbal (HCS14C)

Meinl Cymbals are worldwide popular as they range from standard to professional products. And this Meinl 14 inches crash cymbal is highly recommended for beginners and students, as it can help one gain additional knowledge on how to master such instruments. This cymbal was created from study and professional brass alloy, meaning that it can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

As such, it is the go-to product for learners, as it can be used for extended periods without getting damaged. And the best part about this crash cymbal is that you can install it anywhere in your drum kit. It can be mixed and match with all sorts of playing techniques, making it a reliable instrument to have around.

Also, you can play it with sticks, mallets, or brushes, so that you achieve distinct sound performances. It comes with a two-year Meinl warranty, which is quite useful in case you experience any issues with the product. The approximate dimensions for this product are 14 x 1 x 14 inches.

2) Zildjian Planet Z 16" Crash Cymbal (PLZ16C)

No products found.

So, you just learned what’s the deal with performing on drums, and you’re looking forward to getting your first cymbals. And since we are here to help you, we do recommend considering this Zildjian Planet Z 16" Crash Cymbal. Planet Z is a series of outstanding cymbals for beginner drummers, being perfect for getting a deeper understanding of how to make the best sound experience on drums.

All Zildjian cymbals come with exceptional craftsmanship, so you shouldn’t worry about the reliability of the product. Overall, this cymbal offers outstanding performance, along with top-notch sounds and accuracy, making it the best cymbal for beginners and learners. But, of course, it can offer reliable performance for intermediate players.

It was designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear, making it the best cymbal at an affordable price. And the best part about this cymbal is that it was created for both interior and exterior usage. Thus, this series of cymbals are durable and can produce bright tones, along with shorter sustain. The approximate dimensions for this cymbal are 16 x 16 x 1 inch.

3) Roland 12" Black Crash Cymbal (CY-12C)

If you are part of the music world, you most likely heard about Roland. And we do believe they offer access to professional cymbals that can be used no matter your level of experience. Available in distinct sizes, this Roland crash cymbal of 12 inches is one of the best on the market. It comes with outstanding optimization between weight and balance, which in turn provides exquisite sensitivity.

Overall, we do recommend this product for learners as part of their drum set, but from our experience, we can say that this product is more suitable for experienced performers. It comes with a natural swinging motion and outstanding accuracy. As a result, the triggering process leads to consistent crash performance, featuring impressive choke control.

All Roland products are created from durable materials, so you won’t have to worry about their ability to offer impressive sound experience in the long-term. Hence, if you are looking for a natural swinging motion and exquisite performance abilities, you should take into account this crash cymbal sold by Roland. The overall dimensions for this product are 14 x 14 x 4 inches.

4) Meinl 16” Trash Crash Cymbal with Holes (HCS16TRC)

If you are searching for a more traditional cymbal, but at the same time, you want a unique product, this Meinl 16” Trash Crash Cymbal with Holes might be the best recommendation for you. Meinl is a worldwide distributor of professional drum sets and accessories, which is why we do believe this cymbal with holes is rather outstanding.

It offers a trashy effect, along with a short ring, making it a great addition for crash riding when music levels reach top notches. It was created by the most professional percussion experts so that beginners and students get access to a reliable instrument. Overall, this cymbal was constructed from brass alloy, offering outstanding durability and resistance to scratches or any other wear and tear that might happen.

All Meinl products are crafted in Germany, which is why no matter if you purchase a professional or a beginner’s cymbal, both have the same quality levels. Also, it is an excellent addition for instructors, as it offers a lot of liberty for aspiring students. The approximate dimensions for this product are 16 x 16 x 1 inch.

5) Sabian SBR 10" Splash Cymbal (SBR1005)

As you probably already know, Sabian has several cymbals in their catalog, based on your needs and expectations. And this splash cymbal of 10 inches stands out as one of the most interesting products on the market. Don’t mistake this product as one that can’t offer too much in terms of performance. As a matter of fact, the small thin splash from this cymbal is rather fast and impressive.

The best part about Sabian splash cymbal is that it is cost-effective. Hence, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a cymbal, but at the same time you want a professional and reliable product, this cymbal might be the perfect fit for you. Also, we do recommend this splash cymbal for beginners, as it is versatile and simple to master, no matter how advanced you are with your learning.

Overall, cymbals from Sabian are a great addition to any drummer’s collection. It is designed from qualitative brass, which can offer a bright and exciting sound. This splash cymbal comes with a one-year warranty for any issues you might have with it. The approximate dimensions for this product are 10 x 10 x 1 inch.

6) Sabian 20" SBr Ride Cymbal (SBR2012)

Sabian has been on the market for quite some time, and we believe it offers reliable products for both beginners and experienced performers. What we like most about Sabian ride cymbal is that it is a professional product for learners. This means that you will receive a versatile and interesting cymbal, which will allow you to improve your playing skills and get an accurate feel of the performance.

Overall, we encourage you to try this beginner cymbal, as it is cost-effective. It comes with a fair price, but at the same time, it gets you access to a top-notch, qualitative product. It is a nice addition for any learner, as it was designed from a strong brass alloy. Hence, it can withstand a lot of wear and tear while keeping up the best sound experience.

This cymbal is sturdy and reliable, offering an engaging lathed surface for performing. This means that if you are searching for something to help you achieve bright sounds and a focused style, you should consider Sabian’s cymbal. The approximate dimensions for this product are 20 x 20 x 1.5 inches.

7) Wuhan WU10414 14-Inch Lion China Cymbal

This product gives you that trashy sound that you would expect a cymbal of this quality to have. If you hit pretty hard, then you can go for the WU104 14- inch Lion China Cymbal. Just like the name implies, it roars like a lion and scares away other cymbals.

It is truly an awesome cymbal and produces a high-quality sound. You can even make it sound better when you combine it with a splash cymbal. Without sounding biased, this product is a must have in addition to your kit. They are the best China sound you can think of.

Lion China Cymbal is a 14-inch cymbal made of high-quality cast B20 alloy dark explosive trash. Handcrafted with the traditional methods and buffed to a brilliant finish.

8) Pintech Percussion 14" Trigger Cymbal (TC14)

Well, we all know Pintech, but what makes this brand popular is their commitment to percussion instruments. They have a wide array of products, including professional cymbals. And this percussion trigger cymbal of 14 inches is one of the best products sold by Pintech.

Designed exclusively in the United States, these electronic trigger cymbals were created from almost indestructible polymers. As a result, they are incredibly durable and represent a long-term investment. What we like the most about Pintech’s products is how they were engineered. Even though they are created with the most solid polymer, they can offer outstanding performance.

The most exciting part about those products is that they do bend, but they don’t reach the breaking point. So, Pintech Percussion trigger cymbals offer outstanding tracking and dynamics, while being almost indestructible. Also, the quiet playing surface adds a lot in terms of performance quality. The approximate dimensions for this 14-inch trigger cymbal product are 18 x 6 x 18 inches.

9) Meinl 18” Crash Cymbal (HCS18C)

The Meinl 18-inch crash cymbal is a must-have for anyone, no matter if you are a newbie or an experienced performer. And the reason why we recommend you consider this crash cymbal for your set is that it provides a dynamic sound, ranging from massive crash fills to light riding on the bell of the cymbal. Of course, the primary purpose of this cymbal is to be used by beginners and students, as it provides an authentic feel about performing with percussion instruments.

Meinl makes its crash cymbals from sturdy brass alloy, which is why the tone is balanced and harmonious during the performance. The best part about using this 18-inch crash cymbal from Meinl is that it can help you with any style of music. Mainly, this is a rather interesting cymbal to have around, as it comes with all the professional features you find with all Meinl products.

Being designed in Germany, the quality is outstanding. Also, this crash cymbal is able to help you with a wide array of sounds, which we can say it is a big plus considering its price. The Meinl crash cymbal of 18 inches is a nice addition for percussion instructors, too. It gets one access to a sturdy and professional cymbal, which can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Overall, purchasing this cymbal represents a long-term investment, ass one can learn and improve his skills for quite some time. And the best part about it is that you can position it anywhere in your drum set. The approximate dimensions for this Meinl crash cymbal are 18 x 18 x 1 inch.

10) Zildjian A Custom 8″ Splash Cymbal

This is another great stuff from Zildjian. When you hit it, you will immediately know you have bought a good product. The A Custom 8” is not big but produces a great sound. This cymbal can be referred to small but mighty.

Appears small but gives you a bright sound, without sounding tinny and cheap. It is a perfect addition to any musicians drumkit. They are top of the line and exactly what every drummer needs to add color to their kit.

These cymbals are fast, colorful, short crash that sounds very musical. Produced with a copper tin ratio of 80/20. It’s considered a splash but gives you the sound of a crash as well. Big Splash! This little cymbal is the best!

11) ammoon Brass Alloy Crash Ride Hi-Hat Cymbal

No products found.

This is another cymbal that beginners can purchase. You can’t really use them for any stage performance. Brass Alloy Crash Ride Hi-Hat Cymbal still has that accent and nice sound that every beginner would like to hear.

You can purchase them for you indoor practice if you’re a professional drummer. It can be used to practice Lathing cymbals or cutting them up. It doesn’t have that unique responsiveness that professional needs. Gives a beginner the chance to try some new skills.

It is designed with a high-quality brass alloy with a metal that has a shining luster. A set piece that gives you a melodious tinkle sound when you touch or hit with your stick. It will dig out your desire to play crazy and shocking melodies.

12) Foraineam 14-Inch Crash Cymbal

It produces a quality sound that is very loud. The sound of the cymbals cuts through everything like the alarm in your car. This is more like an average crash that any beginner can start with.

Foraineam 14” crash cymbal still gives you that dark and bright side that most cymbals have to offer. If your music genre is garage music, this cymbal suits this purpose. A good crash effect and with the traditional finish expected of any cymbal.

The Foraineam 14-inch crash cymbal is a good addition to your kits. It is a 14-inch crash cymbal for jazz drum, easy play and has a bright crash sound. Foraineam 14” crash cymbal is manufactured with brass. The crash is perfect all purpose size for virtually any musical genre and everything a drummer looks for in a crash cymbal.

13) Paiste 2002 Classic Cymbal Crash 18-inch

This is the perfect cymbal for your live and studio recordings. It has been around for a while and most professionals in the music industry have high recommendations for this cymbal. It produces a medium soft to a loud sound. It is perfect for your live performance in Classic rock blues, rock and another modern genre of music.

This cymbal has been around since 1971. Paiste 2002 Classic Cymbal Crash is made of CuSn8 bronze also called 2002 bronze. An excellent cymbal that drives the crowd crazy when you need to drive deeper.

It’s a professional’s choice. A product with a brilliant clear and warm sound to spice up your music. You use it for your funk R&B soul gospel music. A set piece with a powerful and precise projection.

14) Dream Bliss Hi-Hat Cymbals 14″

This is one purchase you will make and not regret it. Dream Bliss Hi-Hat is thin and not heavy like some other 14” hi hat cymbals on review. This is good for those who love loud music.

The volume is high and also has a good sustain. Dream Bliss will not only impress but it will improve your sound. A cymbal that every musician must have. This cymbal is superior all around, including the finishing, sound, and decay. It fits into all kinds of music genre.

It is micro lathed by hand and also has that low gentle bridge that will give you an edge over other players. The bell is small, articulate and very clear. The weight is a thin taper at the edge. This product is hand hammered before and after lathing.

15) Meinl Cymbals CC12TRS-B 12" Trash Splash

This a classic 12” Custom trash splash that gives you that responsiveness, short sustain, medium-bright sound because of the holes drilled in between. If you love making quick accents while playing then this is the cymbal for you.

Classics Custom 12-Inch cymbal adds some amount of sound effect to your play. This cymbal is made in Germany and it is uniquely designed with B10 bronze. Produces a sharp sound with a precise attack. The holes help to dry out the sound quickly and it has an official two year Meinl warranty.

A trash splash cymbal with a popular appeal and also suitable for any kind of music. You can combine it with other splash cymbals to produce a remarkable effect. Truly a good purchase with a very good finish despite the holes.

16) Zildjian A Custom 18″ Medium Crash Cymbal

This is among the heaviest of all the A Custom Crashes with an acute, attack and a high pitched cymbal sound. A Custom 18” is a brilliant and musical production. It has unique a brilliant finish, a large cup, and a heavy weight.

Offers the drummer light, musical accents to loud and cutting punctuation. They are truly a drummer’s choice because of the following outstanding qualities. It’s bright, sensitive, and refined.

A Custom 18” has traditional Zildjian 80/20 Copper/Tin Alloy made with traces of Silver. They have a modern rotary hammering for cymbals. They are the heaviest custom weight cymbals in the market with an intelligent finish, alignment, and a reasonably loud volume. A Custom cymbals that has the perfect sustain for any kind of music.

17) Meinl Cymbals B18CH-B Byzance 18" China Cymbal

Byzance 18-Inch was designed with that old technique of producing hammered Turkish cymbal. When you tap it with your stick it produces a “cha” sound that is purified and undistorted.

It will give your music that lifts when it’s time to dig in deep. Byzance cymbals are what you need for that big concert. They show the audience that you’re experienced and modern music. Expect a traditional finish with a modern touch. You can use it for live recordings and studio recordings.

Sounds perfect for any type of music. It has a warm attack with dark tones and a two year Meinl warranty. A piece that is highly sought after in the market because of the unique sound that melts into the mix.

18) Sabian 21-Inch HH Raw Bell Dry Ride Cymbal

Delivers a dark, simmering response with every touch. Each sound is defined by the volume of touch you exert. It has a brilliant finish. The product produces a warm and emotional sound.

HH Raw Bell like the coming together of a complex sound that ends up producing a warm and clean sound. You don’t need to hit it very hard to get the result you need. HH Raw Bell cymbal produces a high-definition sound. The sound is clean and clear without sounding broken.

There is always this warm feeling that is gotten when you hit or touch this cymbal. HH Raw Bell is protected by Sabian two-year warranty. Just requires a little effort to produce a sound that will be pleasant to any ear.

19) Zildjian 18″ Oriental China Trash

This is an effect cymbal. It adds that special effect you need when you’re performing on a massive concert. You can refer to this cymbal as China’s Trash. Zildjian products are world class and they always want to outdo themselves.

It sustains very well and produces a crisp shimmering sound. It has good decay that spikes up the funk in your music. It is an all you need to sound like an international artist on stage.

A beginner may not know the worth of this cymbal. Give this as a gift to your mentor and they will forever be grateful. A cymbal with a fast, clear and explosive response with rapid decay. Oriental China trash is produced with a copper tin ratio of 80/20.

20) Zildjian A Series 13″ New Beat Hi Hat Cymbal Pair

The A Series Hi-Hat Pair are among the best-selling cymbals in the market. They are produced with cast bronze alloy of about 80 percent copper, 20 percent tin, and a small amount of silver.

It is a symmetrical cymbal produced with a traditional wide groove. The end product is a luxuriant cymbal that produces a classic sound that is pure, bright, and expressive.

A Series is immortal with a unique and appealing sound. If you have these set of cymbals you may not have the need for any other product. It will suit any gig, studio or live recording of any type of music. Expect a bright and clean sound. Every touch is explosive, very responsive and has a traditional finish.

21) Zildjian A Series 10″ Splash Cymbal

If you are a Zildjian cymbal fan, then here is a product that will increase the love you have for the manufacturer. The sound is that of perfection and they are most drummers favorite.

A set piece highly recommended for hard hitters. This set meets the usual benchmark that these Zildjian products are known for over the years. Properly designed and produces the perfect sound every musician wants to hear.

A Series 10″ Splash Cymbal produces quick, pleasant sound and It’s a short crash. Expect that traditional finish that Zildjian is associated with. A Series 10” reminds you that you need to play your instrument.

It keeps you upbeat and passionate about your music. This product is designed with a copper tin ratio of 80/20 which makes it fantastic.

22) Sabian 11 Inch AAX-Plosion Splash

This a dynamic cymbal produced to meet that responsiveness an accuracy that a modern day musician yearns for. It produces a bright and shimmering sound with the perfect volume to march.

You are able to have full control on stage on any kind of music. AAX gives you a consistent, clear and very crisp sound with every touch either with your stick or finger. The sound of this cymbal to say the least is superb.

It produces the perfect feeling for your performance. Made in Canada and has the perfect finish that traditional cymbal user likes. This product is a world class. The AAX-Plosion Splash is an explosive cymbal with a dark and bright side. AAX-Plosion Splash cymbals lets you know that every touch is important.

23) Sabian NP1916B 19" Paragon Chinese Cymbal

Paragon Chinese Cymbal produces a heavy sound with an excellent decay, sustain and delivery. Expect purified sound immediately you hit it. You will be pleased to have purchased this product.

Honestly, it’s among the high ranking products you can find out there. Every touch gets that precision that is needed. The sound is clear, crisp and unbroken. Produces sounds that flow with a steady speed and vanishes slowly. A perfect addition to every drummer’s kit. 

Although it may look big for some drummers it suits any kind of music. The 19″ Paragon Chinese Cymbal has a brilliant traditional finish. Produced with a metal B20 and has a bright and dark sound. It is very thin compared to the size.

24) Paiste Signature Series 22" Dry Heavy Ride

Series Dry Heavy Ride – 22″ is the best gift you can get for any drummer who has pushed the limits. This design is based on Carey’s dry heavy cymbal. The cymbal is weighty and strong, which allows it to produce loud and clear sound.

Series Dry Heavy Ride – 22″ has a very dark and pronounced wash. It has a unique and an apt bell character. The cymbal is colored in purple. A product that ideal for any drummer who wants to look and sound unique in a nice way. It has a standard finish with a bell that gives you a feeling of satisfaction.

A complex, deep and dark wash cymbal. Signature series increases your quest and desire to play more. Designed from a proprietary bronzed created basically for cymbals.

25) Zildjian K Custom 20″ Dry Ride Cymbal

K Custom 20” produces a beautiful with some dry undertones, extremely unlathed and unpolished. These cymbals are produced to give you that volume that will suit whatever music you to play. It has very sharp cut and a quick attack.

These set of cymbals have a good killer bell, ping, and overtones. To put it nicely, it produces an incredible sound. It takes a good musician no time to know that he has made the right choice.

K Custom 20″ has good dry stick sound. The sound is little but dry nice undertones. Expect that sweet finish with an unlathed, unpolished top and bottom. It’s designed with a copper tin ratio of 80/20 suitable for hard hitters. It has an appealing feel that mesmerizes any musician.

26) Sabian HHX 20 Inch Manhattan Jazz Ride

HHX 20 cymbal gives you a feeling of both 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The modern musician will also love to have this Jazz Ride cymbal among their kit. Expect to this smoky sound “tha” when you touch it with your stick. The sound is warm, dry and with a touch of the traditional tone.

Produces a subtle and simmering blend that a responsive cymbal should have, and an excellent design that crowns it all. It’s appreciated when it used to a specific kind of audience. Jazz musicians will fall in love with this cymbal.

HHX 20 is a highly responsive cymbal that gives players the opportunity to really dig in! A set piece that stirs up simmering heat and gives you a modern dark tone even at the lowest volume. Protected by SABIAN a Two-Year Warranty.

27) Sabian AA 18 Inch Medium Crash

AA 18 cymbal is known for its aggressive attack, loud and it has a reasonably high volume. The Sabian AA 18 Inch can be your flagship among you fleet of cymbals. It crashes properly and also rides very well.

It depends on the volume you want to play on, it can play both on low and high volume effectively. Most drummers wouldn’t mind having just this cymbal on their drum kit because of its unique features.

When you crash it on the edge, it produces a loud and resilient sound. This will be the best choice for anyone who likes crash riding a lot. AA 18 is a good cymbal when you need to produce a very high-volume playing. It’s a full and perfectly aggressive cymbal. Produces the perfect sound for modern day players with a nice finish.

28) Sabian 10-Inch AAX Splash Cymbal

AAX Splash Cymbal is another perfect cymbal to add to your kit. It delivers a pure, bright gleaming tone to your ear. A product that is cool, modern and very efficient. When you tap it with your finger or smash with a stick the results are excellent. Also highly responsive and sensitive.

Purifies its sound and gives you a volume that suits every strike. The splash will be loved by most jazz players. This is another splash that is a great prime buy. This splash has been recommended by most professionals in the music business. This splash is fast and has a bright response. It has that powerful and penetrating cut.

AAX Splash is designed to deliver and completely eliminate volume distortion. AAX Splash Cymbal is protected by Sabian two-year warranty and has Sabian’s traditional finish.

29) Sabian 14 Inch AAX Stage Hats

Sabian14 inch AAX is for an instrumentalist that likes crystal clear sound. This cymbal has a streamlined design which produces the sensational sound that you are looking for.

If you tap this cymbal with your finger or play this with a stick, it will still produce a melodious sound. Sabian14 inch AAX ensures that your sound is pure and accurate. This cymbal will brighten up your stage performance. You can use it for your studio and live recordings. It’s a must have for a musician, an extremely responsive hi hat perfect for stage settings.

AAX produces bright, clear, and modern Bright sounds. AAX responds to every touch with the right and accurate volume at all times. Sabian offers you two-year Warranty when you buy this product with a sleek finish.

30) Stagg BM-B6L 6-Inch Black Metal Bell Light

This is a very small effect cymbal that produces a quality sound and gives you the feeling of a rock star. BM-B6L 6-Inch Black Metal may not be most drummers favorite because of its size.

However, it does its job very well. You can’t expect it to roar like an 18” effect cymbal but will do the magic for you. Sounds great when you use it for accent and percussion rhythms. It’s very small with a very heavy cut.

BM-B6L 6-Inch Black Metal is produced with B20 Alloy, has a 6 Inch Diameter, an effects cymbal with a difference and the typical finish you expect of a cymbal. The BM-B6L is a must have if your music requires the use of a lot of percussions.

31) Meinl Cymbals MB20-20HC-B 20" Heavy Crash Cymbal

Meinl cymbals MB20 is produced with state of the art materials, the perfect craftsmanship, and strength. It produces an aggressive and robust sound which is perfect for any kind of music.

They are heavy cymbals that meet all the requirements of today’s hard hitting drummer. Rock and metal drummers will enjoy playing with this cymbals. MB20 cymbal was chosen to be on this list because of it captivating features.

The perfect choice for a drummer any day any time. Made of quality bronze Alloy and it’s one of the cymbals that is Hand hammered into shape. Drummers get that modern feeling they are looking for. Meinl cymbals have a rough but superb finish.

32) Meinl Cymbals MB20-14HSW-B 14" Hi-Hat Cymbal Pair

MB20-14HSW-B 14-Inch is designed for loud music. They produce a heavier sound compared to other cymbals in the market. The sound is dominant, enduring with an aggressive, powerful and clean sound.

The sound it produces penetrates through the ear and cools the heart. Indeed an amazing cymbal that every drummer or musician needs to have. Heavy hitters will love this cymbal because it hardly dents or cracks. When you hit it, expect a fading sound, unlike others that produce a broken.

Made with a bronze Alloy and hand hammered into shape. This set gives every musician the sound they want to hear. Any genre of music can use because every touch produces a unique feeling.

33) Paiste Signature 13" Dark Crisp Hi Hat BOTTOM

Paiste Signature hi hat has a very thick bottom and thin top cymbal. It sounds full and tight. When you touch it with your finger or stick, expect a warm sound that is full.

Perfect choice for a jazz stuff and sounds perfect when crash- riding. It gives you an edge when you have this cymbal among your kit. You can also use it for any acoustic setting. Paiste Signature hi hat sounds very good on any genre of music. It’s an amazing and a big cymbal with long and nice low sound.

The first version of this cymbal is transparent, delicate and has a sensitive tone. They’re good for recording live shows, with a good finish, very articulate and versatile.

Choosing the Best Cymbals from the Best Cymbals Brands

Cymbals modify your sound and it also enhances the range you can provide as a drummer. The toms, snare, and drum bass will not add the color that cymbals will add to your music. They are not be overlooked at all.

What to Consider When Buying a Cymbal or Cymbal Set

Cymbals are one of the sounding instruments, and they offer you many different types of different tones to mix with your music. A cymbal is a simple enough instrument, and here isn’t much to buy one except for a couple of things that you will need to get the best experience out of them. A few of these are listed below, along with why they are important.

  • The material that the cymbals are made of must be durable. Cymbals are made of many materials, but the cheaper ones are mainly made of brass. However, these don’t sound so much different from the more expensive ones, cymbals made of brass will break much too easily and aren’t worth it. The most commonly used material for a cymbal is copper, and even in copper, there are many different variations. The two most used types of copper for cymbals are B20 and B8. There are debates on which one is better for sound or durability; however, there isn’t much of a difference between the two, and neither can be called the better one
  • There are a few different types of cymbals, and you will need all of them if you are in a band or wish to make different types of music. If you buy a cymbal set, it will have all the types which will be enough for you for a considerably long time. The different types of cymbals are crash cymbals, ride cymbals, splash cymbals, hi-hats, and effect cymbals, and each of them produces different and unique sounds that are very helpful for trying out new sound combinations
  • Another thing you’ll have to carefully pick out while purchasing cymbals are buying sticks for them that are the perfect weight and aren’t easily breakable. The right sticks are very important if you want to be able to get the best experience out of playing your drums and your cymbals. Carefully test each pair of sticks to see if you are comfortable holding them and whether or not they are heavy enough

Popular Cymbal Brands

Most of the brands that make drum sets also make cymbal sets to go along with. This leaves you with many options as drums and cymbals are a very common pair of instruments. Many people that buy drum sets online also buy a cymbal set from the same brand to go along with; however, this isn’t always the best idea. Just because they might be a great manufacturer doesn’t mean that they have to be a great cymbal manufacturer and vice versa. Here are some of the brands that are the best at making cymbals.

  • Trx

TRX is a brand of Turkish descent that is great at making cymbals. They make some of the best crash cymbals out there, but even their other cymbals are a great option. TRX was strong from the start since its establishment in 2006. They have been making some of the best cymbals ever since. They provide great quality cymbals at a great price, making them one of your best and most affordable options if you’re looking for a good cymbal set.

  • Sabian

Sabian is a Canadian company that has been making quality cymbals since 1981. Sabian was started by Robert Ziljian after he fought with his brother Armand after the latter was chosen by their father, Avedis Zildjian, to become the CEO and successor of Zildjian, which is another very popular cymbal manufacturing brand. Sabian then went on to become a huge success, selling 45,000 cymbals in its first year and hundreds and thousands of more up till now. They make great, well-crafted cymbals that are durable as well as great sounding, making them worth every penny.

  • Paiste

Originally a brand of Swiss descent, Paiste now works globally and is famed for being one of the best cymbal manufacturers out there. They are the third-largest manufacturers of the instrument in the entire world and have made quite a few innovations to the instrument, including the introduction of the Flatride.

Helpful Tips for Cymbal and Cymbal Sets Players

Cymbals may not have much to playing or learning them, but it is very difficult to get the exact sound you want out of one. Here are a few tips that could help you accomplish that if you already haven’t.

  • Take very good care of your cymbals. They are very difficult and will break or crack very easily, ruining them completely
  • You can actually repair small damage done to your cymbal by filing around any minor cracks, be careful though, as doing this too much will result in the cymbal sounding bad
  • As mentioned above, sticks play an important role in playing cymbals, choose them carefully


In this ultimate buying guide, we have been able to showcase different sets of cymbals to help you improve your music. Our goal was basically to help both beginners and professionals to know what to buy.

Like we have stated above most drum sets come with a set of cymbals but they are basically for beginners. Having gone through all cymbals listed above, there is no doubt that both professionals and beginners will have a product or more to buy.

Most of the premium options listed above are the best cymbals you can think of acquiring as a musician. It takes more than a tree to make a forest – this also applies in the world of music. Certain elements must be existence in other to produce good sound. Cymbals are among those important elements you need to enhance your music.