15 Best Mounted Tom Reviews 2021 – Best Rack Tom Brands

Best Mounted Tom, best Rack Tom & Best Mounted Tom Brands

Best Mounted Tom, Best Rack Tom & Best Mounted Tom Brands

Drums form the most important aspect of any musical band or song. It would be right to conclude that the percussion segment is the focal point regarding most modern styles of music.

For a beginner, buying the perfect or right tom may look difficult or challenging. The fact is, you have to be conversant with every aspect and capabilities of each drum, what makes it different and how it works for the rest of the entire set. A mounted and reliable tom is a necessary feature for any drum set. It is similar to the floor tom regarding purpose, but its pitch is higher and much vibrant.

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What are the Best Mounted Tom/Rack Tom to Buy?

2) DW Design Series Mounted Tom

  • DW Design Series
  • Great Sound
  • Reliable Tom Manufacturer

1) Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 8×7 Mounted Tom

  • High Quality
  • Reputable Brand
  • Affordable
  • All-Birch Shells

3) Pearl Export EXX Mounted Tom – 13×9 – Pure White

  • Opti-Loc Mountain System
  • Rubber Isolators
  • Great Value

Things to look out for when purchasing a mounted tom

Drum configuration

When buying a drum, you have to know the basic configuration—how is your new mounted tom going to fit into your sound. While the snare drum gives a buzzing sound, floor toms are the lowest tuned drums, and are used as a small bass drum or to play fills. While cymbals are used to emphasized beats and give songs a steady rhythm, the bass drum represents the most critical drum in your kit and is used to provide your music with a heartbeat—being the lowest sounding drum in the mix.

Conversely, your mounted toms have a very high pitch, even though they appear smaller than other floor toms. On a typical level, your original drum kit will come with at least, one mounted tom, but you can add as much as you can.

The Size of the Mounted Tom

Mounted toms have a standard size, and it is either in 10 x 13 or 9 x 12 inches. The drum’s diameter may vary in pitch and tone. The duration and volume of the mounted tom will get longer depending on how extensive the width is.


The quality of sound you will get from a mounted tom will largely depend on the quality of drumheads. There are two types of drumheads—either coated or clear. While a coated drumhead offers subtle sound and less ring suitable for use with brushes, a clear drumhead provide brighter sounds that work well with most songs.

These are the critical elements of consideration when purchasing a mounted tom. We will now be looking at some mounted toms that you should consider when shopping for one.

15 Best Mounted Tom & Best Rack Tom Reviews

1) Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 8×7 Mounted Tom, Raven Black

The Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 8×7 is a continuation of the successful debut and sales of the Yamaha Custom series that started in 2014. Already rated as one of the best and most functional drum sets in its class, the Stage Custom Birch is a next-generation tom that packs significant upgrade. For instance, Yamaha, using a similar sturdier ply concept used on live Custom toms, has upgraded the shells of this Birch tom.

The edges of this Birch bearings are rounded to allow more contact between the head and the shell of the drum, which in turn, provides improved and more robust sound. There is another great addition to this Birch from Yamaha, and that is the inclusion of the absolute-style lug—a feature mostly found on Yamaha’s higher quality instruments.

Overall, the heads from the factory were brighter, but with a little fine-tuning, like adding an Evans EC Resonant head on the bottom, this drum will sound awesome. A proper tuning and regular play will give the player an even better sound, one that is better for the bar gigs and private parties in a locality. At first, this band appears challenging to tune, but once done, the sound is fantastic for the price.

2) DW Design Series Mounted Tom – 8 Gloss White

Here is a drum that packs a lot of DW quality popular with the Design Series Rack Tom from DW. The DW design Series Mounted Tom features remarkable body design and incredible sound projection. It is also noteworthy that the DW comes with a Hard Rock maple HVLT shell, which is unusual for its excellent snappy and punchy tone.

These mounted toms are the ideal choice for someone desiring to put up some drum kit for studio or stage performance. They provide top-notch qualities that are designed to last for many years. The manufacturer, DW aimed to give the players the ability to play great tones reliably and at a moderate price point.

The DW design Series Mounted Tom features a high-quality gloss finish that appears sensational and compelling under floodlights. The drum has the potential to make a beginner look like a pro and sound like a pro. DW top the best drums that will satisfy your taste for a reasonable price. You may want to consider this mounted tom when you hit Amazon to make purchases.

3) Pearl Export EXX Mounted Tom – 13×9 – Pure White

Measuring 15 x 15 x 10.8 inches, Pearl Export EXX Mounted Tom is rated as one of the world’s most selling drum set ever. This tom features Pearl’s new Opti-Loc Mountain System that carries a triangular construction. The triangular design features two-rod attachment points, plus another that comes via one of the air vents in the drum.

The Pearl Export EXX comes with rubber isolators in every connection point of the drum, which enables it to vibrate freely and to achieve maximum resonance and sustain. The rubberized isolators also allow the drum to provide wobble-free performance.

To be candid, most beginner level drum sets are just plain designs with little or no regards for sound quality. But the story is different with the Pearl Export! The EXX Mounted Tom is designed to mimic the sound and resonance of Pearl’s award-winning Reference series. The body construction comprises of pure, rich and popular Asian mahogany that enhances a rich design and excellent full-bodied tone. It is perfect for anybody just learning how to play the toms

4) Gretsch Drums Renown Mounted Tom, Blue Burst 8×7 Inches

Shell quality and sound projection are what makes a mounted tom great, and the Gretsch Drums Renown Mounted Blue Bust Tom doesn’t disappoint in this areas. This tom is constructed to achieve the exact Gretsch Renown standard of rack toms. The tom features 100% American rock maple shell and a bearing edge that measures 30-degrees.

The Gretsch Blue Bust also features a painted UV gloss, with great die-cast hoops which enable it to sound higher and brighter. One good thing about this drum is the inclusion of Evans G1 batter head, which helps in making the sound richer and warmer. Low profile GTS suspension system adds more to the quality of this rack tom, providing unbeatable balance and cool projection.

Overall, the Gretsch Blue Bust Mounted Tom combines excellent features to render incredible tonal balance. The power and sound projection are top-notch. Gretsch Blue Bust Mounted Tom is designed to follow in the footsteps of the Renown series, which are created to enable the player to play his or her very best. The weight is just 8 pounds, which make an ideal choice for the stage and studio performance.

5) Gretsch Drums Catalina CT1-0708T-FB Drum Set Rack Tom Flat Black

The Gretsch 7×8 rack tom and its 1.6mm triple-flanged hoops represent the exemplary configuration and aesthetic design that defines modern hardware tom. This Gretsch tom has a mahogany shell that has 30-degree bearing edges and excellent natural shells interior. The inclusion of the updated parts in this new version, allows the player to have that flair for Gretsch popular style of projection.

As with most of its sister versions, this rack tom incorporates the low profile GTS mounting system that contributes to a balanced and comfortable feel. It also features double and single tom holders that allow a

This Gretsch tom also features 12.7mm L-arms that gives additional hold and enhance positioning. The color of the tom and its body finish is flat black, which also includes a black/silver round Gretsch badge that adds more elegance to their look. Overall, the Catalina has been a successful series—one of Gretsch’s greatest drum kits ever. Not to be forgotten, add-on drums are also available for this series.

6) PDP Concept Maple Classic Mounted Tom – Tobacco with Natural Hoops

For players who will prefer a mounted drum with classic wood hoops, the PDP Concept Maple Classic Mounted Tom is an ideal choice. The PDP Concept Mounted Tom features a tobacco color design with retro looks that gives it a compelling appearance, which will stand out from the crown in any stage or studio performance.

The PDP Mounted tom features an all-round maple shell and counter hoops, bearing a tobacco and natural finish respectively. The drum provides a warm, vintage style and enriches the sound. The plied maple hoops are retained by the recessed stamped claw hooks, which adds to the classic and appeal finish.

Overall, this is a good rack tom—one that showcases elegance and quality to produce a warm, rich sound. It comes with real pitch tension rods and die-cast low-mass claw hooks. The lacquer finish is durable and completes a drum suitable for any occasion.

7) DW Performers Series Mounted Tom – 10×13 White Marine Finish Ply

For some time now, DW has been rolling out lots of excellent musical instruments. So when this Mounted Tom came into the market, hopes were high, and on a closer look; it didn’t disappoint. The DW Performers Series Mounted Tom features a superior shell that is handcrafted and assembled in Oxnard, California. Such blend of American craftsmanship gives the instrument new prestige due to US strong history of maintaining the best standard.

The shell of this mounted tom encompasses a proprietary design that brings together a total number of 8 plies of North American Hard Rock Maple. These thicknesses are arranged to become vertical, horizontal and diagonal plies—all of which combines effectively to give the DW Performers Series full tone and superb strength.

Overall, this is an excellent and reliable rack tom from DW, bearing all the qualities that make DW drums highly recommended. The lacquer finish is beautiful, and the suspension tom mounts come included in this package. This DW tom series measures 10 x 13 and is suitable as a performance series drum.

8) DW Performance Series 8×10 Tom Indigo Glass

DW returns with yet another excellent Performance Series Tom, the significant difference being that this is an 8×10 performance series. It features Rock Hard, North America Maple shells, which excel in intonation and mesmerizing sound. The package of this DW Performance Rack Tom also comes with the popular DW STM—Suspension Tom Mount—system, which provides the user with the best form of resonance and stability.

Talking about the shells, they are cut to precision, with edges of the bearing measuring 45 degrees. The bearing and shells are expertly finished off on the inside while they are coated with active quality light tung oil to prevent moisture from getting to them. The shells are popularly referred to as ‘HVX’ due to its grain orientation design that features vertical, horizontal and diagonal plies. The John Good HVX technology provides excellent and optimized sound in every drum.

Overall, if you are looking for a mounted tom that will provide a low-mid frequency range, but with excellent punch and articulation, this DW Performance series is the right choice for you. These drums are suitable for different types of musical applications—ranging from studio to stage, and from backyard parties to marching bands.

9) Pearl Export EXX Mounted Tom – 13×9 – Grindstone Sparkle

The Pearl Export EXX Mounted Tom is the exact copy of its sister version—the Pure white EXX Mounted Tom. While its sister version comes in a unique pure white body construction, this model features a sparkling Grindstone body design, but with same features as its sister version.

Made from the same highly famous Pearl’s Opti-Loc Mountain System that features a triangular construction, the Pearl’s Export Grindstone Sparkle mimic the very best of a high-quality drum. The design also comes with the important two-rod attachment points and another that comes through one of the air vents.

The Pearl EXX Mounted Tom Grindstone Sparkle features the newly constructed lugs specifically designed to enhance sound for the Export series. While the Reference-inspired shell composition and the P-930 drum pedal cement this drum as an ideal choice, the overall hardware package and sound quality define the Pearl Export EXX Mounted Tom as a significant value in a drum.

Just like its sister version, The Pearl Export EXX Grindstone Sparkle features rubber isolators in every connection point of the drum, allowing it to vibrate freely while obtaining maximum sustain and resonance. The Pearl Export EXX Mounted Tom body construction is made of luxurious and popular Asian mahogany that enhances outstanding full-bodied tone.

10) Gretsch Drums Catalina Maple CM1-0812T-WG Drum Set Rack Tom Walnut Glaze

The Catalina is a new rack tom from Gretsch, and it comes with sleek hardware and new innovative designs. On a closer examination, we discover that each component that makes up this drum is skillfully crafted to ensure functionality, performance and unbeatable style. For instance, the hardware used for the mountain includes bass drum round ‘gas cap’ mount plates, along with a low-profile GTS mounting system, which offers excellent stability and flawless intonation.

The Catalina also features new single and double tom holders, together with reduced mount brackets to further aid stability. Each of the tom holders comes with a post hole for the inclusion of 7/8 cymbal tube post (which doesn’t come with this package). The player can have proper positioning and a secure hold using the 12.7mm L-arms ball. The Catalina also comprises of Gretsch bolts and screws designed to enhance friendly feel.

The popular Gretsch rubber isolators and die-cast bass drum hooks to help maintain the new look of the hoops. Every drum in this Catalina package features a unique round black/gold badge, which also makes the drums to look appealing. The maple shell features a 30-degree bearing edge, with original shell insides. Telescopic bass spurs are included for the bass drums, which match ideally with the wooden maple design of the bass drum hoops.

11) Gretsch Drums CT-0812T-GE 12-Inch Drum Set Rack Tom Tom-Gloss Ebony

Similar to other Gretsch mounted tom the CT-0812T is one of Gretsch’s ideal tom people can use in a variety of music applications. The tom comes with all the necessary features that make Gretsch drum toms one of the most famous in the market. The tom set features the high-quality Catalina shells design, including bearing edges measuring thirty degrees for a classic, warm sound.

The 4-piece configuration package contains big drums for big grooves. The drum set is a 12-inch set mounted on the bass drum using the ever-reliable Gretsch drum ball-socket single tom holder for achieving efficient placement and maximum stability. The tom also features the mini GTS tom suspension structure that comes handy in amplifying tonal timbre.

While the shells feature a mahogany construction, a basswood layer is used to provide a perfect overall finish for the external part of the tom. The overall body design incorporates an ebony multi-step finishing, mixed with UV gloss lacquer touch that renders a reflective, glassy shine.

12) Gretsch Drum Catalina Club CT1-0708T-WCDrum Set Rack Tom, White Chocolate

Here is a revolutionary series from Gretsch that combines sound and classic Ωsw333pattern, with sleek and modern hardware innovations. This rack tom is a 7×8 inch design that is ideal for performance on stage or in a studio. The Catalina Club CT1-0708T-WCDrum Set Rack Tom has all the relevant features that make Gretsch toms the most sort-after in the musical instrument.

14 inches bass drums feature a 4-piece innovative design that renders punchy, vintage and warm tones. Gretsch traditional flair and projection are personalized by the new hardware components that make up the tom. While the ball/socket with its 12.7 L-arms gives the player the grace to secure stability, the Gretsch T-wing screws and bolts provide a drummer friendly feel.

Overall, this is a top-quality drum set from Gretsch featuring the Catalina club round badge, to sum up the aesthetic design of this beautiful and excellent tom. The Catalina Club is available for purchase in three different configurations and an outstanding eight finishes.

13) Gretsch Drums RN1-0708T-SOP-Inch Drum Set Rack Tom Tom—Silver Oyster Pearl

Gretsch is always at the forefront of everything drum kit, and this tom is ideal for practice and performance use.The Gretsch RN1-0708T-SOP is constructed with new visual appeal and improved sound performance, hallmarks of most Gretsch drums. In designing this tom, the company still made use of the Gretsch unique formula that effectively combines the American maple with other softer maple variants

Smooth 30-degree bearing edges are used to expertly complete each drum, including the exclusive Gretsch silver sealer interior finish. Another remarkable feature added to this tom design is the die-cast hoops affixed to all toms shells.

Every single drum in this package is also adorned with the Gretsch classic lugs. The entire combination renders explosive power and attack that is extremely rich with low-end and warm timber.

14) Gretsch Drum Catalina Maple CM1-0708T-DCB Drum Set Rack Tom Deep Cherry Burst

Gretsch offers all that makes this version of the Performers Series an excellent drum kit, and this Cherry Burst CM1-0708T-DCB Rack Tom features similar qualities and options like its sister counterparts. Every single unit in this design enhances the style of play, functionality, and performance. This model features a low profile GTS mounting system which affects the choice of directional sound flow.

The Catalina Maple CM1-0708T-DCB Drum Set Rack Tom offers the tom player a working positioning and excellence, using the 12.7mm L-arms ball. It also features new single and double tom holders, together with reduced mount brackets to further aid stability. Each of the tom holders comes with a post hole for the inclusion of 7/8 cymbal tube post (which doesn’t come with this package). Catalina also comprises of Gretsch bolts and screws designed to enhance friendly feel.

While the 7-ply maple shell features a 30-degree bearing edge, alongside its natural shell interiors, the rubber isolators and die-cast bass drum claws help in keeping the hoops looking new. This Catalina drum also has a round black/gold badge on each drum kit, making it look more beautiful the bass drums has telescopic bass spurs that fit ideally with the wooden maple design of the bass drum hoops. No doubt, this cherry burst version of the Catalina series is a pleasant choice to consider.

15) Gretsch Drums Catalina Club CT1-0710T-SWG Drum Set Rack TomSatin Walnut Glaze

This Gretsch tom is a 7×10 rack tom, and it features the Gretsch 8-ply mahogany wooden shell construction with Remo drumheads and round Catalina badges. It has flanged hoops which measure 1.6mm, alongside 30-degree bearing edges that constitute the mahogany shell design.

Like every drum set that makes up the Catalina series, this tom comes with short L-shaped ball/socket arm which enables the player to adjust the position of the drum as desired. The sockets also provide a secure hold. The design is aesthetic, sleek and convenient to play. A single and double tom holder both combines to offer a post hole for the inclusion of cymbal tube holes measuring 7/8 inches in length.

The Catalina series are famous for their outstanding mountain hardware components such as the GTS low profile mounting system and reduced tom mount bracket. The body construction of this tom bears a Satin Walnut Glaze finish, and the 4-piece configuration revolves around a 14-inch deep bass drum that renders punchy, vintage and warm tones. A muffle ring is visible on the logo head of the bass drum while all drums are fitted with a Remo drum heads.

Choosing the Best Mounted Tom/Rack Tom from the Best Mounted Tom Brands

Mounted toms are an essential part of any band. Without them, the flow of projection and tones combination will lack clarity and purpose. The high pitch offered by mounted toms is distinctive and recognizable in any drum kit setup. They bring out the life and taste in any song or matching band through their brighter and vibrant tones

2) DW Design Series Mounted Tom

  • DW Design Series
  • Great Sound
  • Reliable Tom Manufacturer

1) Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 8×7 Mounted Tom

  • High Quality
  • Reputable Brand
  • Affordable
  • All-Birch Shells

3) Pearl Export EXX Mounted Tom – 13×9 – Pure White

  • Opti-Loc Mountain System
  • Rubber Isolators
  • Great Value

Mounted toms come in different wooden shell designs, each contributing a different sound to the overall mix. The most commonly featured woods on mounted toms include:

Maple – The most famous wood material for mounted toms, which provides warm and balanced sound. However, be ready to pay more for this type of wooden tom.

Mahogany – This wood is softer compared to maple and birch, and it gives a rich tone. There are cheap sets of this wooden tom that will provide you with a different sound that you expect from another set.

Birch – After maple, birch is most popular wood that provides a much brighter sound than maple itself.

Poplar – The sound of this wood is similar to birch’s’ but is less expensive.

Basswood – This wood is usually for less expensive models that have a soft sound.

Falkata – Comparable to maple regarding sound, but is a cheaper alternative.

Lastly, the construction—how the drum is put together—will also determine the nature of sound you will get.