All About Windaroo Guitars

All About Windaroo Guitars
All About Windaroo Guitars

A guitar manufacturing company from China that actually gained quite a bit of popularity between casual and small-time guitar players in the late 2000s, Windaroo guitars have seen a bit of a decrease in their popularity when it comes to the more recent times. However, this does not in any way mean that they have lost the spark that they might have once had. The brand still makes guitars to this day and to this day, have released a few pieces that are actually very good when taking into consideration the quality of the sound of the guitars, the features that they provide players with and their overall price, which was much cheaper than most guitars that were similar to them.

Of course, the brand isn’t all perfect, as otherwise, it would be quite a lot more famous than it currently is. This is because as mentioned above there have been a “few” great guitars that they have released over the years, while there have also been some that weren’t anywhere as good as their more popular ones, which is understandable, as they aren’t the biggest guitar brand in the world, and are bound to have a couple or more “less good” guitars. But that doesn’t mean much, as every brand has a few products that are outshined by their other products, which is the same case here, for quite a few of the guitars manufactured by Windaroo.

All About Windaroo Guitars

A small thing that could actually be considered part of the reason Windaroo lost a little bit of their small popularity between the casual and beginner guitar players might be the fact that Windaroo changed their name from Windaroo to K Tone not so long ago. This can potentially be a reason as not many people may have known about this and may have wondered why Windaroo hasn’t released any newer models in recent times. However, despite the change of the name, the manufacturers are still mostly the same and have actually made a few improvements in their models that, if you owned a Windaroo guitar in the past, may notice yourself.

One interesting thing about their guitar models is the design. Their electric jazz guitars and hollow bodies both have some unique and interesting designs that a lot of players may find either attractive or silly, depending on their preferences of course. One good example of this might be one of their 4 String Bass Electric Guitars that features a machine gun design, a design that is not at all common for any type of guitar.

Sure the designs of some of their models may be a bit different than most other guitars, however, if that is something that puts you off, it is worth reminding you that some of their guitars also sound and play almost similar to any guitar made by the top companies, regardless of their unorthodox design. Windaroo, or K Tone guitars, offer good features and sound quality is given their price. Here are a few notable things in their top models.

  • The fretboard, which is more commonly referred to as the fingerboard, on most of their models is made with fine rosewood. A material very commonly used for fretboards when it comes to electric or acoustic guitars, as it makes the fingerboard more smooth and comfortable to hold. Comfort is a very important thing when playing guitars, and rosewood is a good enough material to provide you with that. The neck of their guitars is also made with maple, which is a type of wood that is hard and provides guitarists with snappy and bright tones. This is included as a feature since it is surprising to see these good materials being used for guitars that are a bit inexpensive than most others that use the same materials.

  • Some of their better electric bass guitars feature tone knobs as well, a useful feature in any electric guitar. If you do not know what tone knobs are, it is worth noting that they do not add the bass or treble that your guitar produces in any way. Instead, they serve to remove the higher frequencies when you turn the knobs up, while also being able to restore said frequencies to their original amount when turned up. They are used to achieve your desired tone of sound by removing or restoring higher frequencies to say simply.
  • As mentioned above, quite a few of their guitars are made with good materials and don’t feature the cardboard or plastic decals that can be found in most cheap guitars. This is a great thing, as this means that the guitar will have more durability and lifespan to it since the materials are of good quality. On top of this, they are also light, as most of their guitars don’t weigh even a little over 8-12 pounds, a weight which is easy to handle by any young or fully grown adult. This allows for easy portability, something that is quite handy if you plan on moving the guitar around with you.
  • Another thing that any person would find good is the fact that the manufacturers are not at all hesitant when it comes to returning one of their products in most cases. Although this isn’t a feature of the guitar itself, it is something that most people will appreciate, as there are quite a few manufacturers that provide buyers with dysfunctional products and are reluctant when it comes to refunds or exchanges.

All in all, it has to be said at the end that while Windaroo, now known as K Tone isn’t the biggest guitar brand around, they and their guitars are a good choice for beginners, as the features are similar to most of the more expensive electric guitars while the price is very affordable. The returning process is easy, so if you have any problem with your guitars that you purchased from them, they shouldn’t really be troubling you too much, as they are quite customer-friendly.

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