All About Shijie Guitars

All About Shijie Guitars
All About Shijie Guitars

Shijie guitars can be defined as a type of guitar. These guitars are now exclusively handled by Enxi, a famous instrument brand in china that deals mainly in these types of guitars. Shijie guitars are a type of electronic guitars that are not really known throughout the world of music. They have been an unheard name for most up until recently but gained a significant amount of more fame when YouTubers started to review them, and realize how good they are considering their prices.

Enxi Guitars was founded on the 1st of December in 2011. Starting off with a group of only a small number of people at the time, they slowly grew in numbers, while also learning as time passed. They are partners of Shijie guitars and are the only main retailers of the guitar type, making their brand a little special as compared to some other brands, due to this originality in guitar designing. They are experienced in the guitar making business and are learning more and more as time passes.

Surely with the advent of time, Enxi can continue to improve on its already great quality for value guitars and make a bigger name for themselves in the future. They have learned how to craft fine guitars by learning how to make guitars that match the standards of America. One attractive part of their instruments is the fact that they only use exotic and rare woods when it comes to the creation of their instruments, which is always an appealing feature for any instrument, but especially guitars.

Enxi, along with their Shijie guitars, were also not all that famous internationally until the rise in Shijie guitar popularity, but now they have also earned a name, not only in China but also in the world, as a great manufacturer of inexpensive but god quality guitars, that are not the same as most other electronic guitars. They use hardware and other parts from well-renowned brands like Hipshot, Seymour Duncan, and Jescar, etc. to create their guitars, ensuring that their guitars will provide great tone and good sound quality because of them.

They are mainly based on Alibaba, the very famous Chinese retail store, but their models can also be found on amazon and other delivery based websites. If you live in China, are currently in China, or plan to go there in the near future, it is very possible that you can find one of their pieces lying around in an instrument store, meaning that you won’t have to pay extra for them to ship it to your home if you can grab one at a store.

All About Shijie Guitars

When it comes to Shijie guitars, there are many attractive features that can appeal to guitar players. Here are some examples of the features that might appeal to you as a guitar player.

  • First off, the design of most of the Shijie guitars is absolutely beautiful. Some of their models are a perfect example of expert craftsmanship, meaning that their guitars don’t just sound good, they also look just as beautiful as well. Making them appealing not only to someone’s ears but also to their eyes. Their guitars also have a unique style of color when it comes to some models, with a few of them having a rare but elegant mix of different colors, while some of them have only one plain color, like baby blue, which looks charming, while also being plain and simple, as too not look like you might be trying to show off your guitar’s appearance.

  • They aren’t only designed to be beautiful, they are also designed to be easy to handle so that you can play while being as comfortable as possible. They are shaped to fit in an average adult’s hands and are not too slim to make it difficult to play one string at a time. Most of them are also light so that they aren’t difficult to carry around and are easier to keep playing with, however lighter guitars are more prone to breaking as compared to heavy guitars, making them less preferable in the eyes of some people. The shape of the neck of most of their models is also pretty nifty, as to help even further in the attempt to make their guitars easy to work with.
  • The sound quality of Shijie guitars is amazing, especially when you take into consideration their price. Their guitars have sound quality that can go up against some models from the biggest companies while being much cheaper than said models. This makes them an excellent choice for beginners and advanced players alike, as they have features that are easy to use for players of almost all skill levels. Once you get the hang of their features, you can use said features to produce sounds of multiple different varieties, making their guitars a great option if you are part of a band too.

  • As mentioned above, their instrument is made with very good and rare materials that are not only beautiful but also helpful for sound and for increasing the beauty of their guitars. The great materials they use to make their guitars helps with the tone of the sounds they make, meaning that exotic woods are just as good as making your guitar sound more appealing as they are at making your guitar look appealing.

Enxi and Shijie guitars have worked together to make some changes to the standard electronic guitar that some people absolutely love. These guitars sound absolutely splendid and are great to hold too. The colors and the shape of the guitars are something that attracts quite a few guitar players toward it and the prices are great as well once you take into consideration the quality and beauty of their models. Enxi and Shijie are starting to become more and more famous because of these guitars and it is well deserved.

When you search these guitars up online, you’ll see that you won’t find heaps of information about it as you would find for the classical guitar or the standard electronic guitars, but keep in mind that this isn’t because these aren’t good guitars. The lack of a decent amount of information and reviews is only due to the fact that these guitars have only started growing in terms of popularity recently.

You will find a lot of people discussing them online on websites like Reddit and other forums and you will also note that Shijie is hardly ever discussed in a negative way. They have been able to keep most of their buyers from abroad satisfied, and they continue to keep it that way. Another thing you might notice online is the fact that a lot of people are hesitant to order from them as they don’t trust the quality and durability of Chinese products, however, you can rest assured as the quality of Shijie guitars truly is great, as has been mentioned above multiple times. Another thing to keep you assured when it comes to quality is the fact that they inspect each and every single model after manufacturing it, making sure that there aren’t any problems with it.

Due to the lightweight of most of their guitars, they will not be as durable as most of the heavyweight guitars, however, they are denser than most other lightweight guitars, making them more durable than other lightweight guitars as well, however, this can not be said for every single one of the Shijie guitars. Most of their models are durable and will last you long enough for you to get your money’s worth and even beyond.

Another thing you can rest assured about is the companies shipping policy. They don’t ship to every country in the world, but they ship to a good chunk of them. You can stay assured knowing that you will receive your shipment no matter what, even if it is delayed due to unforeseen issues such as storms. This is because of Alibaba’s trade assurance service, which will make sure that you get your order or your money back in due time. Any problem during shipment will also be dealt with by the company themselves, as they will provide you with a completely new guitar, or they will make sure that any damage dealt with the guitar will be dealt with by the shipper themselves. Even after you receive their guitars, you will not have to worry about it breaking, as the company provides a warranty with each and every single one of their models, allowing you to play without worrying too much about any damage that may have been inflicted on the instrument.

Overall, Shijie guitars are an excellent choice if you are into electronic guitars as they have good features, great appearance, and great sound quality as well. The warranty also lets you play with ease of mind and seeing them have such faith in their own products is refreshing enough for a player to trust them. They will surely provide you with great bang-for-buck value.

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