Vox WAH vs Crybaby: Which Pedal Should You Go With?

Vox Wah vs Crybaby
Vox Wah vs Crybaby

Guitars are widely used to create music, but they need to be connected with the pedals. The wah-wah pedals are used with electric guitars that help customize the frequency and tone to create unique sounds. In fact, it’s a great tool for mimicking the human voice.

Vox Wah and Crybaby are the two most popular pedals available in the market and suit different playing styles.

Vox WAH vs. Crybaby Comparison

The Comparison Chart

 Vox Wah PedalCrybaby Pedal
Pedal TypeWahWah
Outputs630 Ω and 8.6KΩ10 kΩ
Power SourceDC power supply with 9V configurationAC adapter with 9V configuration
BatteriesOne 9V batteryOne 9V battery

Vox Wah

This pedal is known for its classic design and modern features to create a fresh unit that can work with a variety of electric guitars. It is integrated with an AC jack that can be used to connect the pedal with power.

There is an input jack with a buffered design that helps achieve the natural guitar tones, even if the pedal is not connected or engaged. The majority of guitar players complain about the absence of bypass, which results in odd sound effects, but you won’t have to worry about it with the Vox Wah pedal.

It has a unique sound profile, and the dynamics are wider. There is sufficient variation between the toe down and heel down, which helps create a warm tone. It has a very noticeable growl in the sound, which creates a perfect combination of classic and modern tones.

It has a classic style, with which you can press down the pedal to engage it, and it can be pressed once again to turn it off. When you sweep the foot forward, the sound will have treble-based tones. On the other hand, when the pedals are left in the upward direction, it leads to more bass.

The users can easily rock the pedal back and forth to provide a boost to the frequency. In the tow-down position, the guitarists will be able to achieve the high-end frequency. You must invest in regular cleaning to make sure the surface is clean from debris because dirt and dust buildup can damage the inner workings of the pedal.

So, use a toothbrush and a mild cleaner to keep the pedal clean. The pedal is quite straightforward and simple to use, which can accentuate the signals. In addition, it is an affordable choice but is made with top-notch material, which makes it a durable choice.

The interior of the pedal is protected with a durable shell, which is made from aluminum. These materials make the pedals lightweight. The chassis of the pedal is coated in black, which looks pretty classic. The pedal has a battery on the bottom, which makes it easy to remove and replace the batteries.

A view of Vox Wah pedals on display at a local music store

In addition, the pedal can be powered with the help of a power adapter. It is designed with a hardwired circuit, so it’s not a true bypass. It doesn’t have a significant hum but can easily suck up the tiny particles of the signals.

It is a promising choice to create the 60s and 70s music, but it’s equally great for rock and funk music, given the versatile features. It can add a unique tonal touch to the music. Vox Wah pedal has very well-defined highs and lows and emits a variety of shades.

Keep in mind that it tends to get thin in the sonic spectrum, but other than that, it’s pretty thick. It can work with clean channels and will help amp up the overdriven sounds. It is a great choice for beginner-level musicians as it’s easier to create unique tones.

As compared to the first pedal of Vox, Vox Wah has improved functionality and dynamics. The input buffer helps prevent the impedance loading of your guitar signals to preserve the bypass mode and tone of the guitar. Vox Wah pedal has a redesigned inductor which helps bring the sound closer to the original sound to make it natural.

vox wah front

Moreover, it has an input bugger that prevents the chances of impedance loading to preserve the tone of the guitar in the bypass mode. Last but not least, it works with the 9V power supply input to connect the pedal to the AC adapter. The only problem is that it needs excessive cleaning and is not suitable for professionals.


This is one of the iconic wah pedals that you can find in the market and has been around since 1966, but the latest versions have modern features. It is designed with a metal chassis, which makes it a durable choice, and the use of metal actually improves the aesthetics of the pedal.

The pedal is designed with a rubber grip that improves control over the pedal. The rubber grip will ensure that the pedal doesn’t move out of control. There is a toe on and off footswitch, which makes it easier to turn on and turn off the pedal. It can be powered with a 9V battery, or you can use the AC adapter.

There is no true bypass in this pedal, which means the tone will be affected even when it’s bypassed. The Crybaby pedal is quite easy to use, and you can activate it by pressing it down with the toe until it’s clicked to the footswitch. The best thing about the Crybaby pedal is that there are no presets, settings, or knobs.

The absence of these settings and knobs might not be suitable for professional guitarists, but it’s a great choice for a beginner as there is only one footswitch. When it comes down to the sound, Crybaby sound has a unique configuration, which is why it pairs well with different types of music styles and genres.

However, it pairs best with rock music. This pedal has an exceptional sweep through the sounds and frequencies – it works with overdrive as well as clean tunes. It is suggested that you connect your pedal to the pedal chain in the beginning to make sure you create the best sound.

The pedal is integrated with the tube amp and overdrive, which provides the most authentic class rock sound. In fact, it can be connected to the A/B splitter to prevent the chances of background noise, but there will be a small click whenever you activate the pedal with the footswitch, which is why you must turn it on in the beginning.

original crybaby wah

It’s safe to say that the pedal delivers what it promises, such as classic and authentic wah sound, and you won’t find anything else than this. The users will need to modify the physical aspects of the pedals to change or tweak the sound.

For instance, you can add mods to the pedal, so you create the true bypass (you can also add the LED indicator lights). It has a metal construction, which means it will last a long time. The pedal consists of the pot and a basic circuit board, so nothing will break, and it will probably last for decades.

Overall, it’s one of the easiest pedals to use and suits the needs of guitarists who like classic rock music. It is a high-quality unit that produces exceptional sound, and you can tweak the sound with the help of mods (many people dislike the idea of modifying the pedal).

All in all, it’s not a great choice for people who want versatility. It is designed with the hot pots potentiometer, which helps create the wah sound, and comes with a one-year warranty.

dunlop crybaby wah closeup

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the Crybaby pedal is more suitable for beginner guitarists who don’t mind modifying their pedals and guitars according to their desired music choices. On the other hand, the Vox Wah pedal is a promising choice for people who like versatile pedals that can create different genres of music.

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