Tune o Matic Bridge Intonation Problems: 3 Solutions

tune o matic bridge intonation problem
tune o matic bridge intonation problem

With guitars, you don’t only need to know how you can play them in the right manner and pick the strings using the accurate rhythm but there is a lot more that you will need to be particularly concerned about. With that being said, you will need to know about the tuning of your guitar that you might be playing.

You should also be able to fix it up efficiently so you don’t end up messing something with the intonation that will affect your performance. Yet, the tuning on the default bridge that you get from the OEM is pretty easy since you know all the specs and not only that, but you will also be able to make sure that you are just getting the perfection of having some of the best possible features and access to multiple different tunes at the same time.

All that is perfect, unless you have to deal with the intonation. Tune o Matic bridge is one such aftermarket bridge that you can easily install on your guitar to replace one that has gone bad, or to solve several other problems. Yet, if it is causing you intonation problems, here are a few things to be considering:

How to Fix The Tune o Matic Bridge Intonation Problem

1. Careful Installation

The first thing that you will need to be careful about on such bridges that are not manufactured by the OEM is that you will need to be very precise with the installation. A bit of alignment here and there can cause you to have a constant intonation problem that you will never like to have for a certainty.

That is why you will need to make sure that you are getting it installed just right. If you have the right experience, then you can try installing the Tune o Matic bridge on the guitar yourself.

However, if you don’t feel confident enough to ensure that you can get it perfectly right, you shouldn’t be trying something like this and it would be better for you to get the installation done with some of the experienced guitar technicians and that is going to help you out just right.

2. Adjusting it Right

Tune o Matic is the bridge that can be adjusted at multiple stages, and you don’t have to worry about a single thing if you are adjusting it properly. Yet, there are certainly a number of things that you will need to be careful about since the Bridge o Matic can easily be messed up if the adjustment is not right.

That is why, you will particularly need to be careful about the adjustment because you will be able to ensure that you are getting the intonation right if you are getting the best adjustment configuration on the adjustment. Moving forward, you will need to be careful that you are not changing it while you are using the guitar to ensure that you don’t have to face the problem with the intonation.

3. Tune it Right

If you are using any of the aftermarket bridges such as Tune o Matic, you will need to tune it a bit differently too than the default settings that you might have been using earlier on the tuner, and not only that but you are definitely going to need the appropriate tuner as well that will be helping you to have just the perfect experience with all the needs and it will also be clearing out the issues that you might be facing with the intonation.

You will also need to be a bit more careful about the intonation on Tune o Matic bridges on the guitars that you might have been using. So, you will need to make sure that you are not loosening the strings while you are placing the guitar idle for some time since you will need to retune the guitar every time you are loosening the strings on it.

That is definitely not something that you would want to have on the guitar that you are using. You can place the guitar tuned in the case to ensure you will not have to deal with the intonation problems often.

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