PRS CE24 Vs Custom 24- Which One Should Users Get?

PRS CE24 vs Custom 24
PRS CE24 vs Custom 24

Ranging from PRS CE24 to Custom 24, both of them are high-end guitars designed by PRS. The company has been making guitars since 1985 and has launched a range of acoustic guitars, basses, amplifiers, and electric guitars.

Both these guitars are designed with advanced features and have a great appearance. However, there are some differences in the features that you must know if you want to choose one of these!

Comparing the PRS CE24 vs the Custom 24

Features PRS CE24 Custom 24
Neck Thin pattern neck made from maple Wide thin pattern made from maple wood
Fretboard Rosewood Rosewood
Bridge Molded and patented tremolo bridge PRS patented tremolo
Hardware Nickel Nickel
Bass pickup 85/15 85/15 “S”
Finish Satin Nitrocellulose finish

PRS CE24 Guitar

This guitar is the first bolt-on guitar that’s designed with the slab-sawn three-piece construction and is a more economical choice. The guitar’s body is made of wood and has a separate wood piece for the heel and headstock.

The neck is designed with a satin finish, which has a toned appearance. In addition, this is a glossy finish. You might miss the carved indents under the toggle switch and controls.

PRS CE24 guitar can be integrated with an amp grit to create a powerful tone, making it suitable for modern music.

1. Design

The guitar measures 44mm and has a mahogany wood back with 31mm thickness. The top of the guitar has a maple build, which is 13mm thick. =

The guitar is designed with bolt-on or glued-in necks, which promises perfect fitting into the body. The heel of the guitar’s neck extends under your neck pickup and is connected with the four machine screws with the help of a metal plate.

The guitar is designed with standard-sized fret wire, and the edges of the fingerboard have been rolled to ensure crisp fretting. The guitar has a proprietary design with lampshade-like control knobs and cream pickup rings. =

The best thing about the PRS CE24 guitar has been integrated with a three-way toggle selector switch which helps master the tone and volume.

PRS CE24 Design

In addition, you can use the pull and push switch for splitting the voice and pickups. There is a partial tap circuit designed into the guitar, which leaves behind a part of the dumped coil.

There is a treble-bleed designed for the volume control to retain the highs, even when the volume is low. The back cover plates of the guitar are made from plastic, which covers the vibrato and control cavities.

The guitar is known for the maple wood top and a mahogany wood back. There are 24 frets on the neck and have a glossy satin finish, which makes it easy to handle and smoother to play.

The guitar has been designed with 85/15 treble and bass pickups. It is integrated with a molded tremolo bridge to make sure the tuning remains stable.

It has mass-locking tuners, which are tightly fitted to ensure reliable tuning. It has nickel hardware, which creates a premium feel and looks.

PRS CE24 Turner

2. Sound

The guitar has a super-model feel to it and is lightweight. In addition, it has a slimmer neck shape and 24 frets, which makes it a bit challenging to adjust the frets. The guitar is known for a vintage music output, which results in clear and clean music.

As a result, the guitar will produce a bell-like chime, but it doesn’t have a midrange hump. In addition, the upper-mid and percussion attacks are subtle. It has a promising tune-in vibration, so you can achieve exceptional resonance.

The guitar is known for its classic-rock power but doesn’t have any balance. In addition, the single-coil design lends low output to the music.

It can add extra texture that complements the old music style, including Americana and country music style.

Overall, it has a very balanced string-to-string output. Overall, it has an in-depth resonance and intonation with promising music outcomes.


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy build
  • Improves the clarity and punch
  • Suitable for heavier music
  • Smooth finish
  • Accurate intonation and resonance


  • No colors

Custom 24 Guitar

Custom 24 guitar is known for an appealing carved top and has a unique finish, and it was the modernized version of Custom 24 that was launched in 2005, but the improved model came out in 2009.

The new version is extremely classic and looks closer to the core version. The guitar is integrated with a shallow carve on the top.

PRS Custom 24

1. Design

The guitar has been designed with eight pickup combinations since there is a three-way selector as well as a push and pull tone control. The guitar is known for its 25-inches long scale, and the fret markers are designed with a flying bird design.

In addition, the guitar has an extremely thin neck profile, which makes it convenient to use and control.

The guitar is integrated with the tremolo system that helps control the tension of guitar strings, so you can shift to flat or sharp notes.

In addition, the strings will be easier to handle. The guitar has been designed with a classic and vintage finish, but you can find it in Eriza Verde’s finish as well.

Custom 24 guitar has been integrated with 85/15 humbuckers to make sure the sound output is clean and will be able to hold the shape.

In addition, these pickups help improve the output, and you can adjust it with the help of a three-way selector and push and pull switch.

As far as the tones are concerned, there are eight tone options, so you can play different music forms. The guitars have an incredible construction and feel, and the bodies are carved.

These units are extremely playable and have a stunning finish. The guitar is made from flamed maple veneer wood and has a three-piece design, and the stain enhances the maple wood material.

Having said that, the guitar will boast a promising finish. The top and block plate of the guitar is covered with steel sheets and a brass vibrato, promising a great feel and durability.

PRS Custom 24 Design

Given the integration of steel and brass plates, you will have a great tonal experience while improving the richness and sustain of the music. It promises a well-rounded sound and higher output. It has a combination of great finish, sound, and playability.

2. Sound

Custom 24 guitar is a versatile guitar with eight tone options, such as split-coil feature and thick and full humbuckers. The guitar can handle the tonal variety with extreme precision, so the sound won’t be thin or muddy.

In addition, the users can easily roll back the volume without causing the tinny outcomes. It can lower the output and leads to warm and rich tones.

The guitar has been designed with a wide-thin neck that leads to fluid and efficient playability.

The longer scale lengths of the guitar lead to a tight playing experience and deliver amazing sustain to the Custom 24 guitar. The tremolo is carefully designed and has a convenient configuration, but some users have complained about the tuning.

When it comes down to the tuning issues, it’s suggested to shift to locking tuners, leading to low action and will have mirror-finish frets. This is a modern classic design and is extremely durable.

PRS Custom 24 Turning Locker

The beginner guitarists will enjoy the addictive playability since there are different tones available, so they can experiment with different music genres.

The fretboard is made from rosewood, which leads to snappier and brighter music tones while keeping it balanced. In addition, this material is adaptable to environmental changes, so you can use the guitar for outdoor gigs.


  • Affordable
  • Push and pull control
  • Eight tonal combinations
  • Appealing build and finish
  • Top-notch playability
  • Advanced pickups
  • 24 frets


  • Hardware is generic

The Final Verdict

If you have been looking for a guitar with Americano and country music, PRS CE24 is a better choice because it has an extremely balanced string-to-string output.

On the contrary, if you want to play multiple music genres, you can opt for Custom 24 guitar because there are eight tonal options, so you can experiment with the music.

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