OM-21 vs OM-28: The Main Differences

om-21 vs om-28
om-21 vs om-28

While Martin Guitars is known for manufacturing some of the best possible electric guitars out there available, and have been in the business for almost 2 centuries now, they are also sticking to the legacy and all that allows you to choose any guitar that you might want from them without having to worry about a single thing. They have a pretty wide range of inventory available that one can choose from.

All that is certainly great is to be enjoying the right experience with the guitars. Martin Standard series is one such series that you will be loving as they are the best acoustic guitars, that have looks and features of authentic acoustic guitars with perfection and experience over time has also been blended in these guitars.

This allows you the right edge of playing experience and better posture, tunes, performance, durability and of course the aesthetics that you get on these guitars. OM-21 and OM-28 are two such highly sought-after guitars from their standard acoustic series, and a few things that you will need to know about both of them if you are looking to compare them to have the right choice are:

OM-21 vs OM-28


OM-21 is a standard acoustic, hollow-body guitar that is revered for fingerstyle and tonal balance that is unmatched out there. This is essentially known as the orchestra model with top bracings and you will be able to play it for any genre that you might have on your mind to get just the perfect experience out of it without a single thought or worry on your mind.

The guitar is tuned for a fuller and even sound with richer tones that make it a perfect choice to be enjoyed for a wide range of performance options that you might be preparing for. It can be used for a solo gig, some performance that you might have on your mind, and whatnot. In addition to that, the OM-21 guitar has highly specified materials used on it that would certainly make it the right choice to be enjoyed for all the different applications.

The guitar got a Sitka Spruce and rosewood pairing on the fretboard that doesn’t only get the guitar a better design and richer color but also allows you to enjoy a better fingerpicking experience across all the strings. The oval neck is great not only for overall guitar dynamics.

But, it will certainly be the best thing for you to be enjoying the overall perfect posture while playing the guitar and that would make it a lot comfier for you for such hours long playing experiences that you might be planning on, let it be for practicing the music on your guitar, or playing for some concert out there.


OM-28 is another such cool guitar that allows you to enjoy the best edge of craftsmanship and certainly the right experience with the guitar that you might be seeking. OM-28 looks almost identical to the OM-21 and that might get you a bit confused about them both, but it has a darker shade on it that will help you differentiate the guitar pretty easily and you can distinguish between them both.

OM-28 is simply compact and it is a bit more convenient for you to use this for any sort of playing needs that you might have. It gets you the perfect balance across all six strings and has East-Indian rosewood on it that doesn’t only make the guitar more durable but also pick the tunes better and you will certainly be enjoying having your hands on the guitar if you get it.

The main difference between them both would be a higher grade of rosewood and spruce is used for OM-28 that makes it a bit more luxurious and not only that but there is also an added top inlay around the edge that increases the flexibility greatly.

That way, you will certainly be able to get the most out of your guitar without having to worry about a single thing. Moving forward, the OM-28 is a couple of hundred bucks more expensive than the OM-21 model, and it might not be worth an upgrade if you have the OM-21, but if you are looking to buy one of these, OM-28 would be naturally a better choice.


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