13 Websites to Learn Percussion Lesson Online (Free and Paid Percussion Courses)

Learn Percussion Lesson Online, Free and Paid Percussion Courses

Learn Percussion Lesson Online, Free and Paid Percussion Courses

Percussion refers to a wide range of musical instruments used to create organized and melodious sounds. These instruments are broadly categorised into two groups. Under the percussion musical instruments, we have the membranophones which include the drums, and the idiophones which are the gongs, cymbals, bells, and others. Percussion musical instruments are the oldest form of instruments we know about in our time.

There are university courses designed to teach students how to play percussion. However, it is also easy to learn from the comfort of your home. There are so many paid or free percussion lessons online.

These lessons have been created by professionals to create an alternative learning opportunity for people who may not be able to attend physical classes. A majority of these online percussion lessons are interactive and easy to follow. By applying the instructions, students can easily master the principles behind playing any percussion instrument of their choice.

The following websites offer paid or free percussion lessons.

13 Websites to Learn Percussion Lesson Online Reviews

1) ArtistWorks - Percussion Lesson Online with Luis Conte

ArtistWorks Learn Percussion Online

The curriculum for students who take percussion lessons on this website has been designed for all skill levels. Students can choose to start at the basic, intermediate, or advanced levels. These lessons teach students how to play Conga, Bongos, Tumbao, Timbales, and the Tambourines, among other percussions.

The basic lessons offer postural guidance to all students while playing the different percussions. They also learn how to tune the musical instruments to get the right sounds.

The intermediate lessons help students improve performance while the advanced lessons are for students who need to learn or improve particular percussion techniques. The lessons are presented as video files which feature high-definition images and excellent audio.

The percussion lessons on this website have been created and developed by Luis Conte. He is a Grammy Award-winning percussionist, highly respected in the field of contemporary music.

With extensive experience and successful career as a percussionist, Luis has successfully helped students from all over the world learn percussion remotely. His online lessons cover genres such as jazz, hip-hop, electronica, and others.

Students benefit from the regular workshops online and the use of backing tracks to improve their skills. There are also many opportunities to learn from other students in the community.

Everyone is encouraged to actively participate in knowledge sharing to help the new students on the site. The reviews are positive, and it is easy to sign up and begin lessons.


2) Udemy

udemy Learn Percussion Online

On this website, students can choose from over eight teachers online. These teachers have developed their courses to cover the basics and advanced percussion lessons. However, intermediate or advanced level students can find teachers whose lessons have been particularly developed for these skill levels.

The lessons last for about one to two hours; they have been divided into a different lecture to make it easy for the students. After selecting and paying for a teacher’s course, students can start receiving the lectures under the guidance of the teachers.

It is easy to find a good match when studying the profile of teachers on the website. On each profile, the benefits and expected goals have been highlighted. With this approach, students can know what they stand to gain at the end of the course.

Students can also interact with the teachers to make inquiries. The online percussion lessons have been presented to students as instructional videos, audio files, and PDF files. Many of these files include illustrations and practice exercises as described by the teachers in their profiles. It is a standard website; students are offered a money back guarantee if they do not get the expected benefits at the end of the course.

3) Free percussion lessons

freepercussionlessons Learn Percussion Online

The percussion lessons on this website are free. Students can start learning about one or multiple percussion instruments at the beginner level. The lessons have also been designed to accommodate intermediate and advanced lessons. Asides the pre-recorded video lessons, students can participate in the live sessions.

These sessions are organized via video streaming sites, and they are interactive. The free lessons include learning about percussion instruments such as the snare drums, timpani, mallet instruments, cymbals, hand drums, and the accessory percussion instruments (tambourines, castanets).

The website is owned by Andrew Proctor, an experienced percussionist. He has developed these online percussion lessons to combine music theory and practical lessons for orchestral percussion instruments and bands.

Andrew aims to teach all students how to improve their music ensemble. These lessons are also suitable for students auditioning for Broadway companies or operas. The content on this website is regularly updated to give the growing community valued information and guidance.

Students and visitors can also view the YouTube channel to access videos and instructions about playing percussion. It is very easy to navigate this site to find information, and the videos are of high quality.

4) X8 Drums

x8drums Learn Percussion Online

On this website, students can find instructional videos that cover a wide range of percussion instruments. In addition, there is an online store which features very many percussion instruments that can be directly purchased on the site. The percussion lessons are well scripted and of high-quality.

The percussion lessons cover areas such as postural guidance while using different percussions, and how to play these musical instruments. Students can choose to learn how to play one or multiple percussions by following the instructions on this site. These lessons have been structured to make it easy for children to participate and learn percussion.

During the percussion lessons, students are guided on how to create a rhythm with their chosen percussion. For those people who are not familiar with percussion instruments, a quick course covers the introduction to the different instruments.

Students are also encouraged to be creative while using these instruments. This is done by using exercises through which they explore the versatile sounds that can be produced by percussion instruments.

The teachers focus on simple instruments such as the ankle bells, chimes, and shakers as well as the drums and blocks. The percussion lessons give all students a lasting knowledge about percussion instruments which can be used for further practice.

5) World percussion

worldpercussion Learn Percussion Online

The percussion lessons on this website are designed as online video and audio tutorials to guide students who desire to become percussionists. On the website, students have access to pre-recorded videos which feature the teacher playing and describing the different techniques of particular percussions.

The lessons are usually short and easy to understand. They have been packaged as DVDs and labeled according to the percussions taught in the content. Students can also make plans to participate in private lessons online. The private lessons are done via Skype; students can directly communicate and practice with the teachers.

The percussion lessons on this website have been developed by David Kuckhermann. He is an experienced percussionist and a music teacher. David’s percussion lessons are in video and MP3 formats. They cover essential areas such as teaching the hand pan techniques, Cajon solo phrases, using the frame drum, and the Riq basic lessons, among others.

The website also features many articles related to percussion. In this section, students have access to useful information to learn more about many percussion instruments. There is so much information on the website. The tutorials are regularly updated, and students can also view David’s YouTube channel for more information.

6) Djembe Rhythms from West Africa

djemberhythms Learn Percussion Online

This website offers a vast number of online learning materials to help students learn the Djembe rhythms. There are also professionally created hand drum lessons on this site. Students are taught the notations for the Djembe to produce the right rhythm.

Other guides include how to tune the Djembe and different soloing techniques with this percussion instrument. Students can also learn how to use the Dununs and different types of bells. At the end of the course, students will be expected to be proficient in soloing, jamming, understanding the polyrhythms and improvisation.

The online lectures on this website are designed for beginners who have never played percussion before and others at different skill levels. The lessons start from basic areas such as how to hold and use the instruments, learning the techniques and practice sessions.

It is easy to monitor the new posts on the website. Everyone can sign up for email notifications with an active email. Finding lessons on the site is also simplified with the search portal on the landing page. Additional information can also be accessed by viewing the posts in the blog session.

7) Play Cajon

playcajon Learn Percussion Online

Everyone who wishes to learn how to play Cajon will find the lessons on this website helpful. To get started, students can download and study the free lessons. There are over one hundred and fifty online lessons which have been prepared as pre-recorded videos.

Video lessons can be downloaded and studied by students at a convenient time. The Cajon lessons on this site have been arranged to progress from the beginner levels to the advanced lessons. This makes it easy for students to follow the lessons easily.

The website is very easy to use, online Cajon lessons can be received by using laptops or mobile devices. Students have the option of selecting the three months, six months, or special lifetime access packages.

On this website, students have access to direct support from the teachers online. Cajon kits can also be directly purchased from the site. The step by step approach used to develop the lessons can also be structured to suit the schedule of students.

Time management is also possible when students use the practice plans. The practical exercises are aimed at helping students reach their goals quickly. Students can also benefit from the huge amount of information shared in the community by other members.

8) Alessandra Belloni

alessandrabelloni Learn Percussion Online

The percussion lessons on this website are mainly focused on teaching students how to play the frame drums, and the Italian tambourine according to the tarantella rhythms, dance therapy, and ancient music.

The lessons are done via Skype; they are fun and interactive. Students at all skill levels can participate in these lessons. There are online percussion lessons also created for children.

The lessons last for about one hour and thirty minutes depending on the aspect being taught. Students are also introduced to the ancient music and the early percussion techniques. Students can choose to learn through the group or private sessions.

Alessandra Belloni is the main instructor on this website. She also offers her book “Rhythm is the Cure” to all students. The contents are also available in DVD. Women who visit the site can learn the rhythms that were successfully used to cure conditions such as depression in the past.

There is a special women’s ensemble offered as courses on the site. Students can also learn about the Tarantella spider dance, native South Italian, American and Afro percussion techniques. The online percussion lessons on this website are available in the following languages- English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

9) Music Motive

musicmotive Learn Percussion Online

The percussion lessons on this website have been developed for beginners as well as intermediate students. Students are taught how to produce the best rhythms of hand percussion using instruments such as the conga, Djembe, or bongos, among other percussion instruments.

Experienced percussionists who wish to learn more styles such as Brazilian, Cuban or Afro can also sign up to learn. The online percussion lessons include music theory and practical sessions to help students improve their skills. Students can learn during the group sessions or private online percussion lessons.

Some of the basic areas covered during the lessons include teaching students how to hold and position the instruments. They are also taught hand placements, how to tune percussion instruments and the correct performance techniques.

The instructional videos on the website are of high-quality and have good audio to help students study and understand the lessons. The instructors on the site have been vetted to have the right qualifications as teachers. Students can also explore the opportunity to get scholarships for this program.

10) Dance Papi

dancepapi Learn Percussion Online

The percussion lessons on this website are mainly focused on teaching students all about hand percussion techniques. After registration, students can view and study the video lessons which show instructors demonstrating how the percussion instruments are used to produce melodious sounds.

The lessons are for students at all skill levels from beginners, intermediate and instructions for advanced lessons. The four main areas covered on this site are learning the basic Campana rhythms, the Son and Rumba Clave beat, Basic Maraca rhythms, and the Guiro patterns for beginners.

The video lessons are of high-quality and are easy to understand. Each instructional video is tailored to the particular percussion being taught. The students learn how to hold the instrument and other postural guidance.

The lessons also cover the basic patterns that must be maintained to produce the needed sounds. Students are also taught how to adapt their percussion techniques to suit the different styles such as Cuban or Afro rhythms according to their preferences.

The clave lessons include instructions on how to perform the five-stroke patterns and the rumba clave patterns. There is also a blog on the site. In the blog section, students can read many posts to find useful information about hand percussion instruments.

11) LessonFace

lessonface Learn Percussion Online

The teachers on this website have been selected based on their qualifications and experience as percussionists. This is a popular site for people who wish to learn how to play percussion.

The website design is very simple and easy to use. On the website, the teachers have created individual profiles to portray the aspects of percussion their lessons cover. Many of the teachers also offer their lessons to cater to students needs at all skill levels. This makes it easy for beginners to learn percussion.

Instructions can be given for particular percussion instruments, or students can decide to learn all the percussion instruments the teacher has indicated they can teach. The lessons last for about thirty minutes per session. Some teachers also offer promotions and freebies to attract more patronage.

The use of a five-star rating system has also made it easier to select the best teacher on this website. On their profiles, it is indicated whether the teacher has a five-star overall rating or less. Teachers with five-star ratings get more patronage due to the positive feedback from past students.

The website is responsive and has a friendly user interface. After reading the teachers’ profile, students can proceed to book their lessons after completing the registration process. This website provides a convenient way for students from all over the world to learn percussion.

12) Take Lessons

takelessons Learn Percussion Online

This is one of the popular websites where students can find online percussion teachers. There are many teachers who are ready to start giving percussion lessons immediately students complete their registration. These lessons are tailored to general percussion instruments or particular styles.

Each teacher has created a profile on the website. By reading this profile, students can understand the lessons that the teacher offers and what they stand to benefit at the end of the course.

Many of the teachers have designed their lessons to accommodate students at all skill levels. You can also find teachers willing to help children start their journey to becoming percussionists.

Each lesson on the website has been created to last for about thirty minutes. The rates also vary depending on the areas covered in the package. Students can interact with teachers to know more about the lessons before making a purchase.

The teachers’ profiles also indicate those who have won badges to help students identify teachers who are performing excellently regarding supporting and helping students achieve their dreams of becoming percussionists.

The lessons are mostly presented as instructional videos, and music theory covered in PDF files. Some teachers have also included audio Mp3 files to guide students during practice sessions.

13) Play with a pro

playwithapro Learn Percussion Online

This website - play with a pro gives students from all over the world an opportunity to learn from percussionists who have had years of experience as teachers and performers. The teachers on this website have created individual profiles that reflect the value they propose to students.

Many of the teachers on this website offer to teach students who may have never played a percussion instrument before but want to learn. It is also a good place for experienced percussionists who need to learn more techniques and how to use other percussion instruments.

Some of the teachers on this site have included free introductory lessons to help students understand the scope of each lesson and what they will benefit at the end of the course.

This website can be used by students from all over the world. On the landing page, students can perform searches to find the most suitable teacher. This search will include selecting preferred languages to identify teachers who speak the students’ native language. This is a good site for students who are preparing for music exams or auditions.

There are teachers who are part of the orchestra companies, or bands that can help and guide all students. The website has a very simple design. Navigating through the pages is easy to find more information about the lessons. The rates for lessons have also been set based on the scope covered by the entire courses offered.

Choosing the Best Percussion Lesson Online

The best online percussion lessons offer a variety of options to people who desire to become percussionists. On these websites, potential students can find options to learn via pre-recorded instructional videos that can be studied offline.

Students are also free to use audio files such as MP3 or podcasts to get more information during practice. Some websites also offer private lessons which are very convenient for busy people who can schedule appropriately. With these options, it is easier for students to try them and determine which learning method is most suitable to their lifestyle.

Another factor that can be considered before creating registering as a student is the scope of the instructors’ lessons. Some students may be interested in learning how to play different percussion instruments. For this group of students, it will be cost effective to learn from teachers who offer learning materials that cover a wide range of percussion. It is also an advantage to use websites that offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons on the same platform.

Considering the fact that many of the online percussion lessons are in video or audio formats, it is also important to confirm that the visual and sound quality on the site is perfect. This way, students can clearly hear and watch the performances of the teachers without any issues.

Some websites offer the opportunity to join their mailing list. This is a great way to stay updated with the latest percussion techniques; news and other important information that will help students achieve their goals.


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