13 Best Gong Reviews 2018 – Best Gong Brands

Best Gong & Best Gong Brands

Best Gong & Best Gong Brands

Some people are not familiar with gongs. You may have heard of it but just a few know the value and artistry that it can add in music and culture. The gong originated from China. East Asia and Southeast Asia embraced the musical instrument. It was used for religious activities, to perform rituals, festivals, chasing away spirits, during marriage ceremony and during other ceremonies.

There are various types of gongs in each country. They vary in shape, size, dimension, and tone. Most Gongs have loud and deep tone. Recently, most music schools are currently teaching their students the importance of incorporating this instrument into their music.

What are the best gongs?

2) Zildjian Gong Stand Set

  • Stand Set
  • Affordable
  • Reputable Brand
  • Highly-Rated

1) WUHAN  Chau Gong

  • High Quality
  • Hand-Hammered
  • Classic Look

3) Woodstock Desk Gong

  • Affordable
  • Best Seller
  • Hand-Hammered

If you intend to get a gong, there are questions you need to ask yourself.

  1. What kind of music you play, rock band, a jazz band or solo?
  2. Do you want to use it for meditation?
  3. Do you know how to play the instrument?
  4. Are you looking for Gong or Cymbal? They might look similar but there are differences between them.

These questions will help you know the type and size of gong to buy. The size really matters when you want to buy this musical instrument. The truth be told, most gongs are heavy and not easy to transport.

If you want to permanently keep the gong in your studio or house, then you can get a much bigger one. However, if it requires that you have to travel with it, then you have to consider the size whether it will affect your movement. They are various sizes of gong. A lot of drummers like having a gong because it sounds cool and also adds color to their percussive arsenal.

One thing you need to consider when buying a gong, have it in mind that they vary in sound, pitch, and quality. Some gongs are small but have a very sensitive touch. Pay good attention to their sound. Gongs are personal instruments and they have their own sound and personality.

When you find the one that suits you, there is this feeling of resonance that will be felt inside of you. If you’re planning on getting more than one gong, it’s better to buy different types and sizes to add color to your music. A rock band should get a large sized gong. You can also get a medium size if you intend to use it for meditation.

13 Best Gong Reviews and the Best Gong Brands

The gongs below are among the best gongs in the market. You can through this review and pick the one that suits your kind of music. They are made with high-quality materials.

1) WUHAN WU007-2626-Inch Chau Gong

The perfect size for live recording. It’s a combination of beauty and excellence. A one piece cast hand-hammered gong with chilling sound. This is the choice in Wuhan Chau Gongs in terms of symphonies.

A classic gong that adds depth and special effects to your music. When you purchase it, you can start playing immediately because it comes with a beater and a hanger. However, it’s quite heavy, so if you want to hang it outside it’s important to consider wind.

It weighs about 15.6 pounds and the product has a dimension of 26 x 1 x 26 inches. WUHAN WU007-2626-Inch has that traditional finish you would expect from a quality gong. This product is sensitive to touch.

2) Zildjian 12″ Table-top Gong and Stand Set

On like other product on review, you don’t need to purchase a stand differently. Zildjian 12″ Table-top Gong comes with a stand. It has a partially lathed front and rear surface.

Comes with a well-designed mallet. Smaller compared to the other products which make it easy to carry around. It can withstand a really hard hit. Notwithstanding the size, this gong sounds really great. The size didn’t undermine the quality of sound it produces.

Setting it up is quite easy and straightforward. The sound is neither brash nor harsh but all you get is a pleasant tone. A good product with high-quality finish. All the features of a gong were well crafted into this product.

3) Woodstock Desk Gong

Desk gong is hand hammered with a quality material that have been used for decades to craft gongs. A product with a wonderful finish. It has a black finish ash wood and black gong.

Comes with a mallet and has a height of 12 inches, and a width of 10 inches. You can use it in classrooms and music studio or live concerts. The gong is not so big but produces a loud sound. This product is definitely a great purchase.

Woodstock Desk gong has been around for decades and the first of it kind was produced in 1979. Don’t need to buy a stand separately, well packaged and durable. A mallet is also delivered to you when you purchase it.

4) Dream FENG22 22″ Feng (Wind) Gong

The Dream Feng gong has a flat surface area of about 22 inch. It has a constantly evolving tone that is pleasant to the ear. This is the biggest gong that has a good sound quality and amplitude. When you buy it, you will also get a mallet but it doesn’t come with a stand.

The rope that it came with is a little bit frayed at one end. This gong has a way of beautifying your music. It has that cool effect you would expect from a good gong. Dream Feng gong is good for studio and live recording. This gong truly gives you that wind sound if your music requires this type of instrument.

5) WUHAN WU015-22 22-Inch Wind Gong

This gong has a lush sound and full. The stand and adapter are sold separately but it comes with a Wuhan Gong mallet. Wuhan Wind gongs are produced with a hand hammered brass. The sound can be described as a beater rich full sound.

It is also a large gong with a size of 22 inch. It has a low fundamental tone and a high overtone. Wuhan Wind has a traditional finish and color. You can also use it for your meditation.

Most musicians who play jazz and solo music will enjoy every bit of this instrument because of its cool breeze sound. It will be suitable for most types of music depending on the role you want it to play.

6) Woodstock Healing Gong- Eastern Energies Collection

This gong is 30 inches in length from the hanger. It has a unique finish with a black and cherry ash wood top that is 15 inches wide. Woodstock Gong is a hand-hammered gong. Handcrafted with local methods.

Those who are away from the far east will feel at home when they hear the sound of this gong. Perfect for daily meditation and good for a classroom. This product is musically tuned and produced with high-quality materials that can withstand hard hitters.

It is durable and strong. You really have to hit hard to make this gong sound loud. It is a heavy gong on a lightweight nylon cord. However, the support strings usually don’t carry the weight of the gong for long before giving up.

7) 18″ Subatomic Chau Gong on Spirit Guide Gong Stand

Produced by makers of Wuhan China although it is not really branded. They are produced with a quality bronze that sounds nice. Comes with a stand and a mallet. The stand is stable, firm and sturdy.

This 18-inch gong is perfect for classroom use, as a musical instrument and spirit guided meditation. Easy to set up and play. Just as the name implies, this gong is perfect for meditation and elevates your spirit. The sound is pleasant and shimmering.

The entire product is 29.5 inches wide, 28.5 inches tall and has a depth of 10 inches. Spirit Guide Gong has a traditional finish you would expect of any gong. However, this product is relatively new.

8) Woodstock Medium Emperor Gong, Black

Medium Emperor Gong is a hand-hammered gong with a rich and authentic sound. It has a black ash wood finish. It is 34 inches long and a diameter of 10 inches. A perfect use for your classroom and meditation practice.

It doesn’t produce that much-anticipated gong sound under most wind conditions. The best way to get the sound you need is to manually swing the striking disc on the brass disc. This gong sounds deep, peaceful with an excellent finish.

However, you may not get that loud sound that gongs of this sizes are known for. The sound quality is the only downside, other than that, Medium Emperor Gong is alright.

9) Rhythm Band Oriental Table Gongs 14 Inch Gong Rb1073

Oriental Table Gong has all the qualities you need in a gong. Comes with a firm and steady stand. This gong is hand hammered and it produces excellent sound. You also get a mallet when you purchase this product.

Oriental Table Gongs has an excellent craftsmanship. Expect nothing more than a good finish. Not to sound salesy but this product has a great intonation, good sound and highly responsive.

However, the gong doesn’t sustain it’s sound like other gongs that can stretch their sound like “GGOOOOOOOOooooooonnnnnnggggg……”. It produces a sound and it dies off in two to three seconds. May not be good for meditation because you need a sustaining sound to meditate properly.

10) 12″ Wind Gong on High C Gong Stand

Another product that is made in Wuhan China by the same gong makers who produce the popular name brands. The difference is just that they are not really branded but still have that unique quality you will expect from a gong.

It’s a 12 inches gong. It has a bright tone and splash. The stands are specifically produced for this gong. Very easy to assemble and play. When you purchase it you also get a mallet, so there won’t be need for extra expenses.

High C Gong has the traditional find you would expect of a gong. Finally, sounds perfect for any purpose either meditation, music recording or live concert. You can also use it in your classroom or office.

11) Agazarian 22 in. Wind Gong with Mallet

A wind gong with traditional, flat-faced shape and shimmering sustain. This wind gong comes with a mallet also called Feng gong. This product is handcrafted and produced in the Hubei Province of China.

Comes with a flat design and when you played, produces a vibration which spreads out an exceptionally long sustain. The sound of the gong is low-pitched but smooth.

Good for any traditional ceremony and can be used to compliment any variety of music. Also expect a gong mallet when you purchase this product. A wind gong that is 22 inches in sizes. Has that traditional finish you would expect from a hand hammered gong. It’s among the best products you can find in the market.

12) Design Toscano Sheng Kwong Authentic Metal Gong in Antiqued

Looks good but does not really sound so good. It sounds like a frying pan and has sharp edges. You may not get the best gong sound out of this product. You can use it in classrooms but not for any serious musical recording.

Has an antiqued finish and a classic Asian decor. It is produced with a metal and has a dimension of 18 inches in width and 8 inches height. This is not a big gong as you can imagine.

The striking uniqueness of this gong is the appearance. It’s not among our A list gong but you can purchase this if you just want to start experiencing what a gong is all about.

13) Stagg MSG-165 6.5-Inch Mini Stilt Gong

Stagg MSG-165 is the smallest gong on review. The product dimension is 7 x 7 x 1 inches. This is what you will refer to s small but mighty. A perfect gong any kind of musical event, or traditional occasion.

Produces the perfect sound you need for any purpose either for meditation, classroom or for office purposes. It’s hand held gong. There not be any need to hang it like other gongs.

You get that traditional finish you would expect from a quality gong. Produced with B20 Alloy. You get a mallet and it has the perfect handle to hang it or hold same. A good product that you can travel a long without any stress. Easy to carry.

Choosing the Best Gong from the Best Gong Brands

The above products were reviewed to enable beginners and professional musicians have an idea of what to buy. They are all high-quality products that have been duly tested by users.

However, it depends on the purpose for which you need the gong, most of the gongs on review are suitable for meditation, music recording or live concerts, classrooms and offices. Just a few of these products come with a stand and a gong mallet. Most of them have a custom made mallet and stand.

2) Zildjian Gong Stand Set

  • Stand Set
  • Affordable
  • Reputable Brand
  • Highly-Rated

1) WUHAN  Chau Gong

  • High Quality
  • Hand-Hammered
  • Classic Look

3) Woodstock Desk Gong

  • Affordable
  • Best Seller
  • Hand-Hammered

The gongs with custom stand and mallet makes it easier to assemble and play. If you travel around to play for concerts, it will be preferable to buy a small gong that can fit into your luggage.

Gongs add some beauty and style to your music. This instrument has a lot of spiritual undertones. For most people in the east, they don’t talk bad about this musical instrument. They are highly respected and are among the sacred instruments. Like has been stated above, if you travel to most temples, one thing that you will find is the gong.

Modern musician is now incorporating this instrument into their music. It truly adds a spiritual side to the whole music. However, when ever you visit the market to buy a gong, this guide would have enlightened you on what to buy. Finally, the size of the gong doesn’t always matter. Don’t also go for looks. Go for quality sound and durability.