15 Best Cajon Reviews 2019 – Best Cajon Brands

Best Cajon & Best Cajon Brands

Best Cajon & Best Cajon Brands

The instrument we are going to talk about is an interesting and significant one. It has a really remarkable history and its trend is rising day by day. People like this wonderful instrument and it is not difficult to operate. We are talking about the old instrument that has its origin in the 18th century and there are many amazing stories about its history.

Yes, it is Cajon.

Cajon is actually a Spanish word which means a drawer or box. It is a drum-like instrument that is shaped like a box and is simply played by slapping its rear or front face either by hands or by several different tools. With time, several important and different developments have been made to improve this instrument's structure and this is a famous one till today.

It is generally thought that the origination of this ancient instrument is in Peru and it is the African slaves’ instrument. Actually, in the colonial era, the owners have banned the use of musical instruments including drums.

The slaves were not allowed to keep and play any musical instruments, so they developed one of their own. They came from a music-rich background and their culture did not let them stay away from music for a long time. This ban could not stop the slave community of Cuba and Peru and they fulfilled their passion by using the shipping crates and old boxes of wood as a drum.

In Cuba, the old drawers and any box-like structure in the household were also used as a musical instrument. They used to beat these boxes and crates in their free time and enjoy playing their traditional tones. This was the safest way for them to play music as there were no proper instruments because of which they could be caught in trouble.

Over the course of time, people have made several modifications in the basic structure to improve its tone. The internal wires are added to give a snare sound and the Cajons that are used today have different types. The instrument is easy to use, simply constructed and versatile has many applications in music and is integrated with several playing styles.

These are of great importance and are known to be a significant part of the Afro-Peruvian culture.

What are the Best Cajons to Buy?

2) Schlagwerk CP404-BLK 2 in 1 Black Edition Cajon

  • 2 in 1
  • Beautiful
  • Great sound
  • Smooth Corners

1) Meinl Percussion SUBCAJ5WN Cajon

  • Popular Choice
  • High Quality
  • Reputable Brand
  • Enhanced Slap Tones

3) Meinl Percussion HCAJ1NT Cajon

  • Affordable
  • Highly Rated
  • Great for All
  • Reputable Brand

How to play?

Do you also want to play Cajon? If yes then get the basic knowledge about it first. Only passion to learn isn’t sufficient. You need to make efforts for it. For taking a start, you should first get to know the structure and types so that you can learn properly. You can only play well if you know about the structural significance and role of various parts.

Cajon is basically a box of hardwood on which a player usually sits while playing. A tone is produced when the wood resonates as a result of hitting the face of Cajon. The tonal qualities of different kinds of wood are different. For instance, the hardwoods deliver more strong and accurate bass tones. Each wood has its own sound characteristics.

As far as the technique of playing is concerned, there are no specific rules for this one but if you are playing it with some other musicians or with a band, you are required to be more cautious.

In this case, you will have to be in line with others and start out with a basic beat. Learning the skill of playing it is just like learning the drum kit, or you can even use the cajon pedal or Cajon Brush. Start with the basic ones and once you have practiced enough, you can go for more complex rhythms.

Tips for Playing Cajon

The right sitting posture is very important for playing it right and for your comfort. Don’t strain yourself, don’t hunch and keep your back straight. Use your Cajon as your seat and keep your feet flat on the ground. It will be helpful in learning more efficiently and will prevent back pain and fatigue. You may also need to lean forward occasionally to reach the sides of your Cajon, but make sure you don’t do that more often.

The two main tones of Cajon are named as Bass and Slap. Try to find these two first when you start to practice. The improvement of tones of your instrument is something that you will always have to make efforts for. Initially, you should spend more time in practice. Try playing all the different sides with different hardness and enjoy playing different tones and sounds.

In order to improve your speed and timing, you can practice with a metronome.

15 Best Cajon Reviews and the Best Cajon Brands

We hope you found the above-mentioned information useful. Now we are going to review some of the very common and widely used Cajons for you. Give it a read and you will get to know about the main feature of these famous types of Cajons. It would be very helpful to you for making a well-informed decision about buying the appropriate Cajon for yourself.

1) Meinl Percussion SUBCAJ5WN Cajon

Meinl Percussion SUBCAJ5WN Cajon is uniquely constructed to give low frequency and also contains the systems of snare wires inside that is fixed and produce crisp sound. It is huge in size and gives deep sound. The size measures 13 ¾-inch length, 13.5-inch width, and 19 ¾-inch height. The deep and wide structure produces delightful low notes.

The strong bass sound is created and directed out through the front ports by the help of internal reflex passage. This forward port-style has replaced the old back faced style and give a superb combination of the bass tones.

The top corners of the front plate can also be adjusted to improve the slap tones. Exquisitely designed, this stunning instrument has a front plate of walnut. It is known to be super sensitive to light finger rolls and allows the wide variety of dynamics to enjoy. The resonating body is made of solid MDF and has a strong structure with rubber feet.

Like other MeinlCajons, this is also backed by 2 years warranty. Get this for a comfortable, exciting and pleasing experience.

2) Schlagwerk CP404-BLK 2 in One Black Edition Cajon

The Schlagwerk is a known name providing amazingly crafted Cajon that are made in Germany. It has a great history of over 25 years and supplies professional standard percussion instruments.

The CP404 has remarkable construction and includes the integration of spiral technology inside the box and has up to 40 snares. The spirals are positioned in a way that they are pressed at an accurately defined angle against the surface. When the player beats the surface, the snares inside vibrate in a certain manner and deliver the modern age snare sound.

However, the spiral structure can instantly be moved from the Cajon. Once the spirals are removed, your instrument will start delivering the conventional Cuban sound. This is called as 2 in 1 because of its ability to produce two different sounds, one with spiral vibrations and other after removing the spirals.

It is large in size and the dimensions are 11.8-inch length, 11.8-inch width, and 19.7-inch height. The total weight of this Cajon is 10.50 pounds. The color is as above and it looks appealing.

Manufacturing material is beach wood and birch. The front plate contains Beachwood and the body structure of resonance box is made of eight layers of birch. All the edges and corners are very smooth.

This one is made to give high-quality sound and it is indeed a wonderful instrument.

3) Meinl Percussion HCAJ1NT Cajon

Meinl Percussion HCAJ1NT Cajon is made to deliver classic sound of Cajon and come at an affordable rate. It has a strong construction with front plate made of red oak and matte finish.

The corners of the top are adjustable and it features customizable sizzle effect. To try different variations of the slap sound produced by striking the corners, you can adjust the top corner screws as the distance between the Cajon body and playing surface and be increased or decrease by losing or tightening the screws. It also has the good quality rubber feet.

This is one of the most appropriate options to be used in all kinds of studio and live settings and deliver marvelous bass and snare sounds. It is known to be very responsive. The surface contains 2 different snare and bass sound zones. Beating the central area gives deep bass sound while hitting the corners at the top delivers a crisp snare sound.

It has a sound port cut at the back of resonance body. This port let the air escape when you play the Cajon. This spot can also be used to amplify the sound by placing the microphone.

The body of rubberwood helps in producing fantastic tones of great quality and gives players a wondrous experience. Musicians of all levels can use it. Interestingly, it is provided with 2 years warranty.

4) Meinl Percussion JC50LBNT Birch Wood Compact Jam Cajon

This compact Cajon is known to be more suitable for jam sessions. The dimensions are 10.25-inch length, 10.25-width, and a 15-inch height. The total weight is just 5 pounds. Being small in size and light in weight, it is portable, easy to carry and easy to use.

The solid construction makes it a durable instrument. It is entirely made up of high-quality Birchwood. It also integrates fixed snare wires and produces excellent snare effect. This instrument delivers praiseworthy performance with wonderful slaps and deep bass.

This remarkably crafted article is made in Europe. Players can produce a deep backbeat and variety of slap sounds by changing the distance between the front face and resonating box. This kind of adjustments can be made with the help of screwdriver by tightening/losing the screws located on the corners of the front plate at the top.

Playing it near the center produces low frequency, while when the Cajon is beaten at the corners on the top, it produces slaps of high frequency.The sound hole on the rare side is just perfect in size and improves the overall performance and quality of tones. It is designed to produce a rich sound and goes well with any style of music.

5) LP Americana Groove Wire Cajon LP1427

The company Latin Percussion also known as LP is a well-reputed brand offering wonderfully engineered percussion instruments.

The one mentioned here is one of the best sellers and is made in the USA. Its dimensions are 10 ¼-inch length,11 -inch width and 18 ½-inch height. Made with 11 ply Baltic birch, it has a well-manufactured body and front plate is made of Birch. The base rubber feet are also added for increased stability and comfort.

The corners are round and smooth that adds to a comfortable play. Furthermore, this article has enhanced resonances and efficient response. It is most appropriate to be used when the drum kit is not available.

This Cajon also features internal snare wires that are fixed and give crisp sound and the front plate can be adjusted according to your requirement. It goes well with Pop, Polka, jazz and any other musical style.

Moreover, this Cajon gives a classic woody tone and credible response. You can use it to add a unique touch and have a matchless musical experience.

The LP 1427 Cajon is famous for high durability and has robust construction.

6) Meinl Percussion BC1NTWR Birch Wood Cafe Snare Cajon

This article of Meinl is amazing exhibition of craftsmanship and features admirable response, high-quality sound and increased sensitivity. The BC1NTWR Birch Wood Cafe Snare Cajon is large is the size and measures 12-inch length, 12 -inch width, and 17.25-inch height. Attractive in outlook, it has a wine red finish.

The entire structure comprises top-class Birchwood and integrates a system of fixed wires. One can easily perform well with this tool as it gives rhythmic snare slaps and perfect bass tone. Whether you are new or intermediate, you can perform efficiently with it.

This Cajon allows you to play your favorite tones and personal style. You can easily adjust the front plate’s top corners to change the tone. You can make the screws loose or tight and enjoy playing out a wide variety of slap sounds.

A very well-made and high-quality nylon bag is provided with this Cajon. The bag features a strong grip for carrying. Thus, it protects your instrument and makes the storage and transport easier for the user.

7) Meinl Percussion CAJ3MB-M

This is another well-crafted and strongly built product from the Meinl Percussion. The size measurements are 12 -inch length, 11 ¾-inch width, and 18-inch height.

It is engineered with great care to enhance response and playability. The corners at the top of front plate are made adjustable and the Cajon features an efficient string system inside for sharp, crisp and sensitive snare effect.

The strings are four in numbers and are placed at two points that can be tuned to give classic sizzle when the front plate is beaten. The Rubber feet makes the Cajon more stable and provides comfort in playing. Furthermore, the seating is made easier for the player by providing a non-slip adhesive cushioning on the top of the Cajon.

This Cajon is made up of Makah Burl front plate and Rubberwood resonance box. This rubberwood construction improves the tone quality of manifolds. The rare side sound hole is highly suitable for placing mic for sound amplification. Meinl Percussion CAJ3MB-M gives a bright snare and deep bass. Additionally, it comes with a wrench for the adjustment of strings.

The best part is, it is equally suitable for all the musicians including the new, intermediate and experts. Buy it with great confidence as it comes with a 2 years guarantee.

8) Pyle String Cajon

The cajon that we are going to discuss is from Pyle that has built its reputation by providing well-constructed, good quality and durable instruments. It is one the best-selling Cajons and will bring more excitement and fun to your music.

Made in the traditional instrumental style, this is a wonderfully crafted wooden box. It is beautifully designed and let the players fully express their skills and talent. This Cajon comprises internal guitar strings that are adjustable and deliver flawless rhythmic output for the enhanced musical experience.

It is compact in size and light in weight. The length is 12 inches, width is also 12 inches and the height is 18 inches. The total weight of his instrument is 10.9lbs. Some similar stringed Cajons offered by other brands are heavier in weight as compared to this one. Thus, this is easy to carry.

Moreover, it features rubber capped feet that resist the interference by vibration and help in delivering crystal clear sound. With such commendable construction and high-class performance efficiency, it also comes with a one year warranty.

9) Premium Cajon Box Drum

This interesting instrument can be used anywhere. For instance, you can use it in your friends’ gathering, at home and even at the studio settings.

The size measurements are 12-inch length, 11.5-inch width, and 14.5-inch height. As compared to the compact sized Cajon, this is a bit deeper and wider which makes it more suitable for producing full and deep sounds. This one also makes a more comfortable seat.

The structural material used is for the front plate is high quality and smooth walnut. The body is constructed of birch and the base feet are of rubber of course. It features internal strings that can be adjusted and you can alter the sound as per your requirement.

This Cajon also provides greater comfort to the players as it includes a seat pad of silicone that is adhesive and can’t slip from its place.

It is strongly built with solid wood and has a robust construction. Thus, this is durable and you can use it for a long time. It is best suited for beginners as their inappropriate handling would not cause it to get damaged easily.

10) Meinl Percussion AE-CAJ6 Cantina Line Artisan Edition

The Cajons from Meinl Artisan Edition are all handcrafted in Spain and deliver uncompromised quality and high level of customer satisfaction. These are among the best ones available and are created to produce the purest sound for the greatest ever performance. The angled Tapa with mild curves enhances the outcome and provides a very user-friendly experience.

The front plate is made up of solid walnut and the resonating body comprises Birchwood (9 layers). It is structured to deliver warmth, more sensitivity and response to the tone. The front plate has 16 adjustable vertical strings for the out-class snare and these can be tuned from the top of the instrument.

The stability rubber feet are also included that makes it easy to keep your tool stable while playing. Additionally, there is a special baffling installed inside for the purpose of filtering the sound and delivers focused output as the bass tones are compressed.

The dimensions of this Cajon include 12 ¾-inch width and 18 ¾-inch height. The size and shape of this instrument make it appropriate for very rich and deep bass tone and makes it very responsive.

11) Schlagwerk CP4005 Cajon

As mentioned before, Schlagwerk is a very famous name and all its products are reliable and top notch in terms of standard, quality, and durability. This wonderfully crafted article is tested and tried many times and is known to deliver admirable output.

This beautiful tool has a faceplate of Beach wood and the resonance box comprises the Gabon wood in 7 layers. It features tunable strings inside and has a natural, smooth finish.

This is designed to deliver characteristic snare and bass tones. The strings inside can be adjusted from the base of the tool by tightening or losing the screw. The optimized woods make the bases supportive of the playing surface.

The dimensions include 30-cm length, 50-cm width and 30- cm height and weighs only 10.4 pounds. If you are looking for amazing sound, easy playability, and flawless craftsmanship, this is the one for you.

12) Sawtooth ST-CJ120B

This one is constructed of Birchwood and contains the internal snare system that is adjustable. It is amazingly designed and one can easily adjust the front plate in order to get the desired output.

The durable base feet of rubber are also attached at the bottom. A brighter tone, enhanced playability, and craftsmanship are some of its characteristic features. The workmanship is also flawless.

The size dimensions are 11.8-inch length, 11.6-inch width, and 19.5-inch height. It provides greater comfort to the players by including the seat cushion-padded. Players can place it on the Cajon and sit on order play with greater ease. Not only the front, the sides also give a nice, pleasant sound upon beating.

Additionally, it comes complete with a carrying bag which facilitates the musicians to carry their tool and travel with it.

13) JOY 102 Junior Cajon

The China Joy Guitar Co.,Ltd is a very popular name in China and is known for manufacturing a vast variety of admirable quality instruments. The one reviewed below is one of the most selling Cajons.

This solid and strong structured Cajon is entirely made up of birch wood. It is equipped with a fixed system of strings inside and features rich and deep bass sounds.

The internal string system comprises 4 strings arranged in a pair of 2 Vs to enhance the buzz when a musician plays the slap tone. These steel wires can also be adjusted with the hexagonal key in order to get the required tone.

This one is average in size and does not take much space. The size dimensions are 9.5-length, 9.1 -inch width and 14.6-inch height. The weight is not much and hence it is easy to carry. It weighs only 5.5 pounds and has really smooth corners.

It also features large stability rubber feet that make it more stable particularly for the new ones and kids and they can play comfortably. These are also referred as anti-vibration feet.

The solid construction and beautiful design make it very responsive and it gives an appreciable performance. Considering the price, the quality is just amazing.

14) A Tempo Percussion Peruvian Classic Cajon

A Tempo Percussion is a well-known Peruvian business and is repute well for the production of world-class percussion tools mainly made of wood. It has an impressive professional history and has been serving the music industry since 1999.

The one under consideration is one of the masterpieces. As the name suggests, this is the traditional Cajon with its characteristic deep and well-defined bass. It does not include any wires or strings just like the ones that were used initially. The playing surface is also known as Tapa is partially sealed and delivers the perfect mellow tones.

It is simply constructed yet beautifully constructed. The size measures 13-inch length, 12-inch width, and 18.5-inch height.

The manufacturing material of the playing surface is the Spanish Cedar(multilayer) while the resonant side is made up of Lupuna plywood. The hole for the sound projection is located at the central back position and gives precise notes.

This classic instrument is well constructed and hand-crafted, made in Peru. Furthermore, it comes with a gig bag for the ease of players. Those who love the traditional sound of Peruvian Cajon are going to love it.

15) Sawtooth Harmony Series Hand Stained Elephant Design Travel Size Cajon

Sawtooth Harmony Series Hand Stained Elephant Design Travel Size Cajon

Sawtooth is a renowned name in the industry and specializes in supplying praiseworthy instruments of a vast variety. Among other widely used tools, it also presents a range of Cajons. The one mentioned here is usually recommended and considered one of the best.

This product is commendable both in terms of appearance and performance. It has a very attractive appearance and a glorifying Elephant is a hand painted on it. The elephant is actually a symbol of power, great strength, and stability. Here, on the Cajon, this design not only attracts the buyers but also indicates the properties of this tool.

It comprises 6 snare wires that are equally spaced and coiled horizontally. This internal system of snares produces very consistent and efficient snare responses. The Cajon’s shell is protected by the addition of rubber feet on the base.

The corners on the top of front plate are adjustable and help in producing a great variety of slap sounds.

It comes in travel size and considered to be an appropriate choice for the children. The actual size dimensions include 10-inch length, 9.5-inch width, and a 15-inch height.

Choosing the Best Cajon from the Best Cajon Brands

Now you know about a broad range of Cajons offered by various brands. Some are expensive and some are low in cost. The one you choose should be suitable for you in terms of quality, usage, tone, and price.

2) Schlagwerk CP404-BLK 2 in 1 Black Edition Cajon

  • 2 in 1
  • Beautiful
  • Great sound
  • Smooth Corners

1) Meinl Percussion SUBCAJ5WN Cajon

  • Popular Choice
  • High Quality
  • Reputable Brand
  • Enhanced Slap Tones

3) Meinl Percussion HCAJ1NT Cajon

  • Affordable
  • Highly Rated
  • Great for All
  • Reputable Brand

As you know, you have to sit in the Cajon. In order to play it so always check first that it fits your body. The size is not only related to your comfort but also the quality of sound. The junior models made for entry level are usually inexpensive, small in size and have a high pitch. The ones that are large in size have deep bass sound and have more volume.

The sound quality and type also depend on the position of the sound hole on the Cajon. The exact position of this hole is different in different models but usually, it is located at the rare face in the middle. In some models, the hole is close to the top of backside while some have a hole near to the bottom of the back surface. Even some Cajons have side hole, that is positioned in one of the side panels.

The ones with the hole in the central back have a low depth of tone but feature accurate note. Cajons with a hole near to the top or bottom provide more sustainability. The models with side holes are more suitable for obtaining pure acoustic sound. You can choose any of these based on the type of sound you want.

There are different types and you should know about them so that you can choose the required one.

Peruvian-style Cajon: The traditional one which is known as Peruvian-style is a box having six sides. It has a port/ hole in the back for the projection of sound.

Flameco Cajon: These have an internal system of guitar strings, wires or rattles.

Modern Cajon: These are advanced ones and have wires of snare drum inside. These are usually used in Pop music.

The models with snare are usually louder and are me suitable if you have to play in the unamplified environment. Those without snare give a clearer bass sound as compared to the other ones. If it is your very first time, you should better go for the Cajon with wires or strings. These are better for the entry-level player.

There is another thing that you need to keep in mind while buying your Cajon and its accessories. Remember that the sound hole in one you choose should not be the cause of any problem in your sitting posture. It should also no be problematic in case of using a microphone.