15 Best Tambourine Reviews 2021 – Best Tambourine Brands

Best Tambourine & Best Tambourine Brands

Best Tambourine & Best Tambourine Brands

Are you thinking of buying a tambourine? Tambourine is a percussion instrument that has a single drum head. It is mounted on a ring with small metal jingles. All the tambourines are not created equal, all of them are unique.

This is why you have to be careful selecting tambourine that will help you in making the joyous sound. Choosing a tambourine should be a simple matter, but you must consider some things before buying. In this write-up, we have created a guide that will help you to buy the correct tambourine.

 What are the Best Tambourines to Buy?

2) Remo TA-5210-70 Fiberskyn Tambourine

  • Affordable
  • Reputable Brands
  • Lightweight

1) Black Swamp BSTD2S Tambourine

  • Professional
  • High Quality
  • Highly-Rated
  • Reputable

3) YMC TAM20-BLACK Double Row Tambourine

  • Affordable
  • Best Seller
  • Double Row
  • Easy Playing

Take a look at the things that you should, consider before buying a tambourine.

Things to Consider Before Buying

There are many things you should look out for when buying a tambourine. Some of the important aspects you should focus on are:


The first thing you should consider when buying a tambourine is the shell. It is crucial for the tambourine to have a solid shell so it can produce quality sound.


Another thing you must consider is the head of the tambourine. The head of the tambourine must be made from the natural or synthetic material. A good quality head is vital as it increases its durability.


Next thing that you should look at is the jingles. The jingles of good quality will help in delivering a bright and articulate sound.


The quality of the tambourine is an imperative aspect. Only a good quality tambourine is able to last for longer periods.

15 Best Tambourine Reviews and the Best Tambourine Brands

Here are tambourines ranging from affordable novelty to professional instruments for experts.

1) Black Swamp BSTD2S 10-Inch Sound Art Tambourine, Double Row

Lastly on the list is the Black Swamp BSTD2S Tambourine. This features a clear calf skin head with 10 inches in diameter. It has a double row of Phosphor bronze jingles that are good for producing an articulate and deep tone. The calf head is resistant to moisture in humidity and enables a playable surface.

It is a better choice as it increases the responsiveness of the tambourine. The tambourine has an ergonomic handle that lets you comfortably hold it. It is made from steam bent, solid ash shell that provides it full volume tone.

This Black Swamp Tambourine is a great choice for professional music enthusiasts.

2) Remo TA-5210-70 Fiberskyn Tambourine

Next tambourine is Remo TA-5210-70 Fiberskyn Tambourine. This tambourine has 10 inches head with 8 pairs of jingles in double rows. The drumhead of this tambourine is made using FIBERSKYN 3. It is pre-tuned for all types of music. The tambourine is available in black color making it attractive.

Moreover, the sound that is produced is authentic, classic and warm. For the construction of this tambourine, acousticon shell is used that makes it durable.

The Remo Tambourine is a good choice for teaching music to beginner players. It is great for professional application as well.

3) YMC TAM20-BLACK Double Row Tambourine

Another choice in Tambourine is YMC TAM20 Double Row Tambourine. This is a new half-moon tambourine that has a 20 jingles. It features a double row of jingles that produce loud and bright tones.

The shape of this tambourine helps in giving an excellent sound. This tambourine is produced from heavy duty plastic that makes it strong and sturdy. This instrument is capable of keeping up with any style of music. What makes this tambourine special is its shape and the sound it produces.

4) Black Swamp Percussion Overture Series 10in Tambourine

The Black Swamp Percussion Overture Series Tambourine is another popular tambourine. It features a Remo synthetic head with 10-ply maple frame. This tambourine has polished brass jingles in a double row that give a unique, rich and nice sound.

The jingles of the tambourine make it great for B&O tambourine. The shell of the tambourine is manufactured using the 10-ply maple. It is useful for delivering a consistent and round tone.

Moreover, the Overture series comes has a 10 inches head that resists fluctuations in humidity. The head is able to maintain head tension and quality of sound.

The Black Swamp Percussion is ideal for both professional and novice.

5) Latin Percussion LP160NY-K Tambourine and Cowbell with Mount Kit

Next on the list is the Latin Percussion LP160NY-K Tambourine. This tambourine comes with a handmade and lively cowbell. It is a sensitive LP Cyclops tambourine with ergonomic and adjustable mounting arm. This lets you have a great placement for the tambourine.

The tambourine has nickel plated steel alloy jingles that give a projecting sound. The Latin Percussion Tambourine has round edges that are easy on hands. It enables you to easily hold the tambourine.

Moreover, the head of this tambourine is made from quality materials. This helps in producing warm, clear and loud resonance.

6) Remo Praise Tambourine – Praying Hand, 8″

Another good tambourine is the Remo Praise Tambourine. This features an 8 inches drumhead with colorful graphic. It is produced using an acousticon shell with a pre-tuned drumhead. This tambourine has double row 8 pairs of jingles.

The praying hand on the head makes the tambourine more attractive. The sound this tambourine produces is bright, sweet and rich. It is a lightweight and durable tambourine that will last for longer periods. The dimensions of the tambourine are 2.4 inches x 13 inches x 10.2 inches.

The Remo Tambourine is a great choice to be used in worship services.

7) Remo TA-5208-ML Economy Tambourine

The Remo TA-5208-ML Tambourine is made from Acousticon shell with a pre-tuned smooth white drumhead. It has 2 rows 8 jingle set of 8 inches. The tambourine has a black finish that makes it stylish and classy.

The sound that is produced is rich, sweet and warm. It is a great choice for producing aloud and clear tone. This percussion is easy to use will add a great resonance to the song. The size of the drumhead is designed to offer a smooth and great performance.

The Remo Tambourine is perfect for both players, expert, and beginner.

8) Pro Half Moon Tambourine Double Cutaway MT-1 -Red

Next on the list is the Pro Half Moon Tambourine. It features a double cutaway with a double row of 20 jingles. This tambourine has an ergonomic grip that makes it easy to hold and have a steady grip.

The tambourine has a loud, warm and deep resonance. The sound produced is enjoyable for everyone. The material used in the production of the tambourine is plastic making it long-lasting. This makes the tambourine water, dust and wears resistant. This tambourine is available in the red color that provides it a modern look.

9) Tambourine 10″ Dove Bible Double Row Jingle Percussion Instrument for Church by Zebra Sounds

Another choice in the tambourine is the Zebra Sounds Dove Bible Tambourine. This tambourine has 10 inches diameter with a Bible and dove on it. The unique design on the head makes it beautiful and appealing.

The wooden frame of the tambourine makes it lightweight and increase its responsiveness. It features a double row metal jingles gives a great and exceptional sound.

Furthermore, the tambourine is manufactured using quality materials. This makes it sturdy, classic and great to use during services.

10) LMI Transparent Tambourine with Head Purple 15CM

A popular choice in tambourine is an LMI Transparent Tambourine. It features 5 clear-toned jingle pairs with a clear plastic head. The nickel plated jingle are rust resistant and adds a traditional touch.

The materials used are of top quality making the tambourine durable. The plastic construction makes it lightweight. The edges of this tambourine are soft that allows you to have a strong grip. The sound it produces is deep, clear and bright. The transparent head makes it interesting and attractive.

11) Cannon UPTAMB6S04H 6-Inch Single 4PRS Tambourine with Head

The Tambourine by Cannon is commonly used. This has 6 inches head with 4 jingles in a single row. It produces a sound that is rich, deep and articulate. This tambourine is made from wood that has soft edges.

The non-tunable organic head is great for producing clarity and quality in tone. The skin head enables you to do percussive and thumb rolls. The dimensions of this instrument are 27 inches x 15 inches x 15 inches.

12) Toca Jingle-Hit Tambourine With Mount 6″

Next on the list is the Toca Jingle-Hit Tambourine. This features a 6 inches drumhead with Gibraltar dual post mount. It is manufactured using 6-ply wood construction making it durable and strong.

The tambourine has a rubber playing surface that can be either played by hands or drumstick. The surface is made from rubber that will not hurt your hands. It features a pearl covering that adds a touch of sophistication to the tambourine.

Moreover, it has a mounting bracket that can be mounted on any mounting post without any trouble. The 5 double row jingles are nickel plated that produces a bright and clear sound.

13) CP378 8″ Wood Tambourine, Headed, Single Row Jingles

The Tambourine by CP378 is a great choice for musicians. This tambourine has a shaped grip and gently curved edges that will be easy on your hands. It allows you to comfortably hold it and play it without any difficulty.

The CP378 Tambourine features an 8 inches diameter of the head with calf-skin. It can be traditionally mounted and has single row shiny jingles. This tambourine has a solid wood construction that produces a loud and warm sound.

If you are looking for a tambourine for introducing your kid to music, it is the perfect option.

14) Remo TA410648 Tambourine (6-Inch) – Radiant Head

If you are looking for a great tambourine, Remo TA410648 Tambourine is the right choice. This features a 6 inches drum head with 6 pairs of jingles and a single row. The radiant head of this tambourine makes it flashy, stylish and attractive.

The sound this tambourine produces is a rich, sweet and deep. The tone it creates is articulate and bright. The edges of the tambourine are gentle that enables you to play it comfortably. You can enjoy the excellent sound of this tambourine on any occasion.

If you want to cool look, the Remo TA410648 Tambourine is just what you need.

15) RhythmTech RT7420 Hat Trick G2 Single Row

Another great choice in tambourine is Rhythm Tech RT7420 Hat Trick Tambourine. It features a quick release clutch that offers exceptional player experience. This tambourine has a stick friendly playing edge that will not cause harm to your hands.

The RhythmTech Tambourine has a great sound that everyone can enjoy at any event. The construction of this tambourine is solid, this means it can bear the smashing of hands. The frame of the tambourine is light and responsive that produces an authentic and classic tone. The tambourine has nickel jingles with a single row.

Choosing the Best Tambourine from the Best Tambourine Brands

In the end, you have to be diligent when buying a tambourine. The aspects you need to pay attention to are the shells, heads, and jingles. There are other things you need to consider that includes the shape of the tambourine, the quality, and your budget.

2) Remo TA-5210-70 Fiberskyn Tambourine

  • Affordable
  • Reputable Brands
  • Lightweight

1) Black Swamp BSTD2S Tambourine

  • Professional
  • High Quality
  • Highly-Rated
  • Reputable

3) YMC TAM20-BLACK Double Row Tambourine

  • Affordable
  • Best Seller
  • Double Row
  • Easy Playing

The tambourines are available in various shapes and quality. Choosing a tambourine is a daunting task. With this guide, you can make sure you get the right tambourine.

What things did you consider when you bought your tambourine?

Let us know in the comments below.