How Hard Is It to Learn Classical Guitar? (Beginners’ Challenges and Useful Tips)

How Hard Is It To Learn Classical Guitar

How Hard Is It To Learn Classical Guitar

The guitar is one of the most popular of all stringed instruments, and it quite simply could be considered the most popular of all, but it could be in a tie with the piano. However, the guitar may not be as easy to play as other instruments. There are also several different types of guitars. However, we will be focusing on just one of them. The classical guitar is probably the most common of the guitar variants. When it comes to learning how to play, some challenges are frequently faced by beginners to the classical guitar. For this article, we came up with four of the most common.

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How Hard Is It to Learn Classical Guitar?

Beginners’ Challenges and Useful Tips

  • Have to learn to read sheet music

One of the biggest obstacles or challenges for new musicians wanting to learn to play classical guitar is that reading sheet music is not very fun. However, the ability to sheet even a small amount of notes will make it much easier to get the hang of the classical guitar.

  • Having enough time to devote to practicing

Very few people can simply pick up a guitar and start shredding like a professional who has been playing for years. For that reason, you need to be sure that you have enough time in your busy schedule to be able to devote to playing and learning songs.

  • Learning proper fingering techniques

Because there are a number of techniques that you can use to learn how to finger the strings on a classical guitar. The challenge comes into play when you need to figure out which of the techniques that you will focus on in order to learn how to play a classical guitar properly.

  • Realizing that a classical guitar is not like any other guitar

There is a reason why not all stringed instruments are the same, and that means they are all played differently. While all of the different variants of the guitar, they are definitely unique in their own ways and need to be played differently.

4 Methods For Learning How To Play The Classical Guitar For Beginners

Classical Guitar with Jason Vieaux

One of the best benefits of the Internet is the amazing amount of knowledge that is stored all over the world, and everything is interconnected. Thanks to the powerful technology that has brought us the Internet, computers, cellphones, and digital communications, we can do just about anything we put our minds to.

This is especially true when you think of the musicians of the world like Jason Vieaux. He is a world-renown classical guitarist who shares his love of music will millions of people every year through his music. Now thanks to a website called Artistworks, Mr. Vieaux is now sharing his skills and knowledge of playing the classical guitar with thousands of aspiring guitar players. Members of the website automatically have full access to the many hundreds of classical guitar lessons on video that are contained in the website’s massive video library. His lessons cover a wide range of topics for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

2) Udemy Classical Guitar Online Lesson

Udemy Classical Guitar

Today there are many different ways for adults to learn how to do things. One of the ways that they would have to do is to go to one of several local trade schools, and colleges would offer training courses on a number of useful topics. Today, thanks to the Internet and advanced digital technology, you can go online to a website like that offers online training lessons for learning how to play the Classical Guitar.

The Udemy website offers thousands and thousands of online, video-based training lessons. The website has an enormous database filled with training courses that cover a wide range of topics, including learning how to play the classical guitar. By simply entering classical guitar lesson, you will receive a search result page with a couple of thousand training courses available. As a paid student, you will get access to all of the course materials. It is including all of the lessons on video, which feature an instructor who is an expert in the field. Also, in the case like this, they are likely exceptionally to be a well-respected guitarist.

3) How-To videos on

Thanks to the many millions of people who have shared their skills and experiences on video and uploaded them to the website, there are several billion video clips all in one place on the Internet. These video clips are completely free to access for anyone with an Internet connection on their smartphone, computer, or other mobile devices.

Using, you simply have to type in learn to play the classical guitar into the search box on the website and you will be given multiple result pages with many thousands of video clips that are of varying lengths covering a wide range of topics that are related to learning how to play the classical guitar. Beginners can get the benefit of learning from some of the top classical guitarists in the world, or they can watch a video made by someone who is more like them. The only requirement for this method of learning is that you will need a reliable Internet connection.

4) One on One Tutoring Online

One on one tutoring has been one of the most popular ways to learn most anything that you will ever want to know. This is especially true when it comes to learning how to play a musical instrument, including the classical guitar. Unfortunately, in this fast-paced world, we live in many people just cannot set aside the necessary amount of time that it takes to sit down with someone to have them teach them how to play.

Fortunately, thanks to today’s digital technology and the Internet, one on one tutoring has been revolutionized. No longer do you have to go to someone’s professional studio or have them come to your home in order to get the benefit of learning how to play. Using your computer or smartphone and the Internet, you set up a one on one video chat session with someone and never have to leave your home.

By using video chat software like Skype, a microphone and webcam, you can up a live one on one session with an instructor. If you have an Apple iPhone, you can use the video chat app FaceTime and do the exact same thing. However, this will likely be the most expensive online option.

The Difficulty and Hardness of Learning Classical Guitar

How hard is it to learn classical guitar, that is indeed a very interesting question. However, we hope that by the time you have gotten to this point in the article that you were able to get enough information on how to go about learning how to play the classical guitar. We came up with some things that have been reported to be things that challenge beginners. We also put together a list of successful ways for a person to learn how to play the classical guitar online.

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