22 Websites to Learn Classical Guitar Lesson Online (Free and Paid Classical Guitar Courses)

Learn Classical Guitar Lesson Online, Free and Paid Classical Guitar Courses

Learn Classical Guitar Lesson Online, Free and Paid Classical Guitar Courses

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The wonderful sounds that make classical music so nice are mostly produced from classical guitars. They are one of the most popular members of the guitar family. The classical guitars are mostly made from wood and have strings made from nylon which produce the melodious sounds.

Playing the classical guitars is such a thrilling experience. You can find hundreds of people online seeking for the best instructors to help them learn how these ‘magical’ music instruments produce high-quality sounds. Classical guitar lessons have been developed and improved as online lessons to give more people the opportunity to learn how they are played.

The websites offering online classical guitar lessons can be found by performing a quick search online. They are many and offer different lessons and support programs to help everyone who is interested in playing the classical guitar.

What’s more, these online lessons are suitable for people who do not have prior knowledge about the use of this musical instrument. The websites that offer classical guitar lessons online categorize the lessons for beginners to the advanced learners. These online lessons have become quite popular because they are effective and convenient for a broad audience.

22 Websites to Learn Classical Guitar Lesson Online Reviews

1) Guitar Tricks Classical Guitar Lessons

GuitarTricks.com Learn Classical Guitar Online

The website was launched in 1998, and since that time so many people have learned how to play classical guitars online. The site promises an easier and fun way to become a better classical guitar player. The tricks and tips made available to everyone that registers are aimed at encouraging a practical approach through the online lessons.

The lessons on this site are about eleven thousand in number. They have been divided into the beginner lessons, experienced lessons, song lessons, and the style lessons. With a fun approach, students find out learning how to play classical guitars is not difficult. The online lessons on this site have been prepared by accomplished instructors from all parts of the world.

The beginner and advanced classical guitar lessons help the learners become better by avoiding repetitive lessons. The structures of these lessons are done in a way that the participants practice every day. The beginners’ classical guitar lessons start with simple popular songs.

While practicing with these songs, the students learn how to pick the chords. Many of the reviews have identified the friendly approach of the instructors as the reasons behind their success while learning on this site. Private lessons are also available as well as the group sessions.

2) Jason Vieaux ArtistWorks

artistworks Learn Classical Guitar Online

Jason Vieaux is one of the master classical guitar specialists thoughtful enough to create online classical guitar lessons for the public. Artistworks.com offers online lessons to beginners and other people at different stages of learning how to play classical guitars.

The classes offer well-developed tutorials and instructions presented as video clips, audio files for the students. On the site, there are blogs about learning how to play the classical guitar and ideas everyone who enjoys playing classical guitars will find useful.

The online lessons have been structured into convenient packages that last for three months, six months, and one year. During the lessons, students are encouraged to record videos of their practice which can be sent to Jason for professional reviews and corrections.

Jason Vieaux started playing classical guitars at a very young age. And when he was 19, he won the International Competition organized by the Guitar Foundation of America. With over 13 albums and a Grammy award, Jason offers his knowledge to everyone without reserve.

After registering for the online lessons, students stand a chance to learn how to play the classical guitar by viewing the video exchanges uploaded by others for review. All the online courses can be renewed for another session for people who want to go further in their lessons.

3) True Fire Classical Guitar Lessons

True Fire Learn Classical Guitar Online

True fire offers a vast collection of easy to learn and use classical lessons online. The online courses on this website are interactively presented in a responsive platform. The video clips and online classical guitar lessons can be viewed on laptops and mobile devices running on iOS and Android.

This makes it easy to study and practice with the materials on this site from any location. Enhancements added to the site to make learning easier include the playback functions, video looping, power tab, slow-mo features, tuner, and many other features.

The website has become very popular because over 150 professional classical guitar players are available to teach students. The learning lessons have been developed and divided into the beginner level, intermediate, and the advanced level. These lessons have been improved as practical lessons which make it more fun for the participants.

The instructors are allowed to create as many classical guitar learning courses on the site. Private lessons are also available for people who would like to schedule these convenient lessons. However, the classical guitar lessons help everyone to study the online video and audio files, practice and get guidance from some of the best classical instructors online.

4) Udemy Classical Guitar Lessons

udemy Learn Classical Guitar Online

The Udemy online academy offers courses to students who are interested in learning how to play the classical guitar. On the website, professional and experienced instructors can apply to be vetted before creating their profiles. Each instructor offers online courses tailored to cover the core areas of learning about the classical guitar and how it is played.

These courses offer guidance on the best position while playing the classical guitar. And tips on how to keep playing for a longer period without becoming exhausted. Udemy encourages students to try the courses by offering a 30-day money back guarantee if the student is not satisfied. However, instructors can be chosen based on quality as determined by their rating on a five-star evaluation system on the site.

The rates are quite similar, so students are required to view the offers listed on each instructor’s page before making a decision. Many classical guitar instructors on Udemy have divided their lessons into smaller lectures to help beginners who start the courses.

Some instructors offer as many as 45 courses, developed to guide beginners until they reach the advanced levels of classical guitar lessons. These online lessons have been highly patronized because they are convenient.

What’s more, the instructors have indicated the estimated number of hours for each package. So, students can make plans to follow the classes when they know the duration.

5) JamPlay

jamplay Learn Classical Guitar Online

JamPlay is one of the popular online websites that offers classical guitar lessons for everyone. On this site, beginners can learn the basics about playing the classical guitar. There are also online lessons that have been developed for experienced classical guitar players who wish to improve their skills.

The instructors on this site are world-class professionals who are more than willing to share their knowledge. JamPlay has continued to grow its online community; they are present on the popular social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This online presence allows more people to find and register on the site to learn how the classical guitar is played.

Members are eligible for the freebies regularly offered on the site. Free bundles that can be downloaded and used for daily practice. The regular courses are also refreshed and improved to ensure students get the best value on the site.

Live courses are offered every week in real-time, while the site offers crucial tools such as learning materials about the chords, licks, and scales to help students become better at playing the classical guitar.

6) Gibson’s Learn and Master

learnandmaster Learn Classical Guitar Online

The Gibson’s guide to learning how the classical guitar is played is organized by the pro guitar player Steve Krenz. The package includes online learning instructions that last over forty hours. The lessons are divided into shorter classes to help participants understand and follow the instructions.

In the package, there are DVD files created in high definition, audio files and PDF files containing simple guided instructions. The availability of learning options makes it easier for students to catch up with the lessons. The complete online classical guitar lessons cover beginners’ instructions, styles, and important topics such as picking, the licks, switching chords, etc.

Visitors can view the sample lessons published on the site to understand what the process involves. Online support for all students is also accessible while learning how to play the classical guitar. Students are encouraged to record their practice sessions after learning the basics.

These videos can be uploaded to the site to be reviewed by Steve or other students who have become better classical guitar players through the website. Practice options are endless with the play along CDs included in the package. They include songs added according to the students’ level at that time.

There are simple songs for beginners and more complex songs for experienced players. Overall the entire package makes it easier for everyone to learn and practice with the classical guitar on his or her terms.

7) Lynda online academy

lynda Learn Classical Guitar Online

The classical guitar instructors on Lynda- the online academy have been carefully vetted and selected to offer top-rated lessons to all students. The online classical guitar lessons are presented by over fifteen instructors who cover the basic and advanced areas of playing the classical guitar.

On the website, students are presented a simplistic introduction to learning how the classical guitar is played. Proceeding, the courses have been enhanced to feature different learning modules for all students.

The modules include understanding the tools required to learn how the musical instrument is played. Other areas covered include tuning the classical guitar, learning the chords, reading the tablature, and strumming songs.

After the beginners’ lessons, students can learn more advanced areas such as reading music, learning how to pick fingers and the licks, adding new chords and other advanced techniques. All the instructors on this site offer beginners courses for lessons on playing the classical guitar.

The online lessons have been made easy and more comprehensible for the participants. The videos are created in high definition to ensure the learning process is flawless. All students can learn how to play their favorite musical instrument – the classical guitar – at their pace through the personalized online learning packages.

8) Classical Guitar Lessons

thisisclassicalguitar Learn Classical Guitar Online

The classical guitar lessons presented by Bradford Werner on his website cover all areas required by students who want to be master classical guitar players. The online lessons include the correct sitting positions, how to use the left and right-hand techniques, basic tips, and lessons on finger picking.

The lessons are created as high-resolution videos, audio files, and PDF files which include all the information needed to learn how the classical guitar is played. There are free lessons on this site. These free courses cover the basic ideas beginners need to know about playing the classical guitar.

The advanced lessons are developed to help the students improve their lessons and practice results. Private online lessons are also offered on the site. These special interactive lessons are done through Skype; students can be instructed and corrected via this learning medium.

The online lessons offered on this website are detailed and graded to help students plan and monitor their progress. When he is not offering lessons and supporting his students, Bradford Werner can be found teaching private students at the Victoria Conservatory of Music institution in Canada. All the lessons on this site have been enhanced with photographs and tips to help students understand the techniques being illustrated.

9) The Classical Guitar Corner

classical.guitarcorneracademy Learn Classical Guitar Online

This online academy offers simplified classical guitar lessons designed for students who are not sure about how to start. The courses begin with a well-scaled orientation program to introduce new students to the classical guitar.

The fundamental lessons teach students basics such as the best positions to assume while playing the classical guitar. Other areas covered include strumming songs, fingerpicking and the essential techniques needed to play the classical guitar.

The master classes are designed for students who need to improve their skills and learn more tunes, advanced techniques and tricks while playing the classical guitar. The website also offers podcasts, and blogs that keep the community of students informed and educated.

The online training levels are divided into the beginner, intermediate levels, and the advanced levels. Each part is handled by notable professional classical guitar instrumentalists willing to share their extensive knowledge. After completing each level, the students will be awarded certificates before proceeding to the next stage.

10) Classical Guitar Corner

classicalguitarcorner Learn Classical Guitar Online

The classical guitar corner is a website that offers a platform for everyone who enjoys playing the musical instrument. Both the experienced and beginners are welcome to the site. Every member of the growing community is ready to provide the support new and old members need to improve their skills.

It is easy to develop a passion for playing the classical guitar. This site provides the outlet its students need to learn, practice and improve their skills. Free courses are available to every student who needs the training.

The free courses cover the basic areas of playing classical guitars and strumming songs. The lessons on this site will also make it easier for people who have not played the classical guitar in many years to remember their skills.

The learning curriculum used on the site covers essential areas such as the theoretical aspects of playing the classical guitar, techniques, reading music, and developing a repertoire.

Simon Powis founded the Classical Guitar Corner. He is a passionate teacher who spends hours on the site teaching students. He also creates relevant tutorial content and offers live streaming seminars to improve the proficiencies of every member of the CGC community.

11) LAGA Online Classical Guitar Lessons

onlineguitaracademy Learn Classical Guitar Online

This website is run by the Los Angeles Guitar Academy. Known for its remarkable reputation in teaching the rudiments of the classical guitar, the academy now offers online lessons to a broader audience.

The lessons are created as online videos following a well-ordered curriculum to aid students’ comprehension. The simplified process helps the learning community use a practical approach to understanding the classical guitar lessons.

Students can upload videos which will be reviewed and corrected by the experts. The feedback can be viewed by all students to help every member of the community learn from the corrections. The online lessons are structured to teach students from the beginners’ level to the advanced stage.

New participants are introduced to the classical guitar from a generalized perspective. They are taught the parts, functions, proper posture while playing the guitar, how to care for their nails and simple exercises.

On the site, high-resolution videos are uploaded by the instructors to provide a practical view of the theoretical instructions. The lessons follow a step by step procedure that ensures no part of the curriculum is skipped during learning. Free trials are available for students who would like to find out what is involved before making payments for the lessons.

12) Berklee Online Classical Guitar Lessons

berklee Learn Classical Guitar Online

Berklee is an online music learning platform that offers its students inspiration from the past excellent works done with the classical guitar. The online lessons are structured based on a music syllabus that helps the instructors teach students the important aspects of playing classical guitars.

It starts from the beginning, covering the basic classical guitar lessons and advances to the courses for more experienced students. David Newsam who runs the music college has been in this field since 1989. He also offers private classical guitar lessons to all students who wish to learn how this instrument is played on their own terms.

After registration is completed, the fees cover all the materials needed by students. They will be provided the software materials and other learning tools to proceed with their lessons.

The comprehensive syllabus has been structured to cover the learning areas at a level obtainable in established universities and higher institutions. The vast learning community also offers networking opportunities that promote interaction among the students and with the instructors.

13) Guitar Compass

guitarcompass Learn Classical Guitar Online

The guitar compass offers online classical guitar lessons through a structured learning program. The essential parts of the lessons are covered in different parts which last through the entire program.

Students are taught the lessons and given extensive practice opportunities during which they practice until the skills are perfected. After one stage, the student progresses to the next level.

The initial lessons cover basic areas such as the standing or sitting position while playing the classical guitar. The focus will be on teaching the right-hand technique and fingerpicking while playing the classical guitar.

The next lessons are aimed at helping students practice strumming, picking up speed and playing along with songs of their choice. Students learn how to play the classical guitar by following the instructions from Peter Vogl, who is the host and main instructor on the website.

He stresses the need for students to focus on perfecting the technique at all stages of learning how to play the classical guitar. After learning the technique, students can proceed to improve their speed during play.

14) Learn Classical Guitar

learnclassicalguitar Learn Classical Guitar Online

This website is owned and run by Trevor Maurice; he is a phenomenal classic guitar player. On the site, the learning processes have been developed as mini-lessons which take the students through the learning program phase by phase.

The program includes beginner classic guitar lessons which progress until the master class lessons. The scope of practice covers the essential areas of playing the classic guitar. Beginners are taught basic lessons such as the right position to be while strumming a classical guitar.

Instructions are also offered to help beginners avoid injuries while practicing with the classical guitars for the first time. Experienced classical guitar players are also welcome on this site. They are given the opportunity to identify special areas of practice where they need help from the instructor.

Some specific areas have been highlighted as focus lessons that are targeted at the audience. They include aspects of learning how to play the classical guitar such as holding the guitar, playing the Tremolo, keeping fingernails properly trimmed, reading music, the left-hand technique, and how to switch chords, among other lessons. The popularity of this site is due to the vast areas it covers and the value the students get as indicated from the reviews for this site.

15) Learn Classical Guitar Today

learn-classical-guitar-today-learn Learn Classical Guitar Online

The site offers online classical guitar lessons in a flexible format to help people who have never held a classical guitar before registering. The approach is simple and very interactive.

The students have an opportunity to ask questions, upload videos for assessment and critique and learn by watching videos uploaded by the instructors to teach specific skills and techniques.

For new learners, it starts with the beginner’s classical guitar guide. This package includes seven lessons composed as a course for the students. Basic areas such as learning about the parts of the classical guitar, its care, how to buy one of these musical instruments, how to hold the guitar, learning about the fretboards, and theory as well as sitting positions for new and old learners.

During the offered courses, students will be provided sheet music which helps them practice the left-hand technique. During practice, corrections will be made to improve speed and coordination. The site also provides support for people who are preparing for guitar examinations.

Under the guidance of the instructors, they can learn the crucial guitar techniques that will be tested during the examination. There are tons of freebies on the site. These are educational materials to help the students study about the classical guitars to help them become more familiar with the musical instrument.

16) Classical Guitar 101

classicalguitar101 Learn Classical Guitar Online

The website named classical guitar 101 was established to help everyone who is interested in learning how to play the classical guitar. It is now easier to achieve this dream. The audience is encouraged to visit the website as often as they can to access hundreds of free materials about learning how to play the classical guitar.

The materials on this website have been made mostly free to encourage more people to become masters at playing these musical instruments, at the same time following their passion. The materials and resources on the site have been articulately presented to help the users teach themselves how to play the classical guitar online.

On the site, it is stated that the materials are for everyone regardless of age. It covers the basics from the beginning. You can get valuable information about the common terms used by people who play classical guitars. It also provides information such as the tips to buy the high-quality classical guitars and maintenance of these musical instruments.

The education aspect covers the basic tips to learn the correct sitting position while playing classical guitars, how to hold the instrument, reading music, and practicing with sheet music at different levels. The resources available on the site include tips on strumming different songs and other specifically labeled directories to help visitors and members of the community find the resources they need.

The tips and tricks you can find on this site will help you at advanced stages of learning to monetize your classical guitar playing skills, after perfecting them at an advanced level.

17) The Classic Guitar Shed

classicalguitarshed Learn Classical Guitar Online

You can find the woodshed of online classical guitar lessons easily because they have a large email list and following on social media. It is one of the popular online websites that offer interactive and well-structured classical guitar lessons.

Subscribing to the site gives you access to hundreds of free information about learning how to play the classical guitar. However, for more studies, everyone is welcome to register for the program online which has been divided into three courses.

The courses are designed to improve all areas of the individuals’ skills while practicing with the classical guitar. The three courses include the first part focused on the techniques of playing the classical guitar. In this part, the resources and videos are designed to encourage students to become more confident while playing the classical guitar.

The second course is mainly about reading music and the use of sheet music which aids composing songs and strumming. The third course at an advanced level is where the student learns how to handle playing along all types of songs.

The learning process on this site is gradual. With over 1,000 videos available to all the students, it is easy to find the information needed at any stage of the program. The course in a flexible way to allow busy people to find a suitable time to learn how the classical guitar is played as their hobby.

There are special time allotments for focused practices aimed at helping the students learn particular aspects of playing the classical guitar before proceeding to the next stage.

What’s more, students have access to regular email support, private lessons, and they are free to upload videos of their practice sessions which will be reviewed for feedback to aid improvement.

18) Douglas Niedt Classical Lessons Online

douglasniedt Learn Classical Guitar Online

Douglas Niedt created this site to make it easier for everyone who needs access to high-quality online classical guitar lessons. On the website, the lessons have been developed for students who are interested in learning the basics from the start. Also, experienced classical guitar players can find more helpful information and resources to become better with the guitar.

Doug has extensive experience as a recording artist and his vast experience playing the classical guitar at many concerts. He offers professional and reliable support to all students who want to achieve their dreams of becoming proficient with the classical guitar.

On the site, the students are provided access to online videos created in high resolution to aid study and more engagement while learning. The videos illustrate the practical examples of the lessons that have been described in the PDF files. It is easy to learn how to play the classical guitar on this site. Doug states that payment will be made only after the sessions.

This means you pay only when you believe the lessons have helped you become a better classical guitar player. The lessons have been graded as the beginner level, intermediate and the advanced lessons. All classical guitar online lessons are presented in the English language.

19) National Guitar Academy

nationalguitaracademy Learn Classical Guitar Online

The National Guitar Academy presents the classical guitar lessons in a four-level program suitable for beginners and people who have had some experience playing the classical guitar. There free lessons on this website to give the beginners a head start in learning how to play the classical guitar.

These free lessons include the basics you must learn before proceeding to the intermediate classical guitar lessons. The lessons have been developed to feature practical examples and exercises to encourage students while learning.

On this site, the students are first introduced to the classical guitar chords. They learn how the different chords are strung and the methods of picking. In addition, tips are provided to help the students understand the best ways to hold the classical guitar while sitting.

The lessons begin with teaching the open chords. Next is the fingerpicking lessons and how to play the arpeggio. There are podcasts and blogs which are a source of more information on the site.

The essence of these classes is to ensure all participants learn how to play the classical guitar. This is why unlimited opportunities are provided to help students practice as many times as possible.

20) Lesson Face Online Classical Guitar Teachers

lessonface Learn Classical Guitar Online

This is one of the websites that feature professional and experienced instructors for the classical guitar. These teachers are willing and always available to provide their services to the public. The site is easy to use. All the teachers have been profiled, and the students can make choices based on the reviews and the service descriptions on the instructors’ profile.

The lessons have been pre-made. Some instructors on the site offer their lessons in the form of video clips and audio files. Private lessons are also available. On the teachers’ profile, the number of lessons they have offered so far on the site is indicated. Some instructors have done excellently with over 600 lessons and five-star ratings.

You can find instructors who have been trained at popular universities to play the classical guitar. Others may have recognizable names since they have been affiliated with some of the top bands we know in the entertainment scene. The site is easy to use, simply browse the instructors and make a choice.

21) Take Lessons Online

takelessons Learn Classical Guitar Online

Learn the basics about playing the classical guitar online by receiving lessons from some of the best instructors online. The site is responsive and easy to use; the instructors are featured on the homepage.

The Meta description shows their offers and the value students who use their services will get after the online lessons. A majority of the instructors have been playing the classical guitar for many years.

The lessons are interactive and enough time is created for extensive practice. Some instructors permit students to make video recordings which can be sent for review. This way mistakes can be identified and corrected online.

It is a convenient way to learn how the classical guitar is played online. The online sessions are flexible and can be adjusted to meet the needs of the students. It is also effective since students get targeted training to help them improve areas they may not be performing up to the expected standards.

The online training can be done with a regular laptop with average specifications, so there is no need for advanced operating systems. All the online classical guitar lessons are enhanced to help students achieve their dreams.

22) Preply Online Classical Guitar Lessons

preply Learn Classical Guitar Online

On this site, classical guitar lessons are offered by instructors from all over the world. The site offers people who have aspired to learn how the classical guitar is played access to some of the best teachers. The instructors’ profiles feature important information such as the experience of the instructor, their education and how long they have been playing the classical guitar.

The instructors are allowed to pitch the students in view of getting more attention and subscriptions. The classes are done online via Skype; video files can also be exchanged to help the students practice with the classical guitar at their own pace.

There is no language limitation on this site. Some online sites offer the classical guitar lessons only in the English language. However, on this site, you can find instructors who speak languages such as French, Italian, German, and Russian. The instructor’s profile indicates the languages they can speak and their level of fluency.

This helps students choose the right instructors. You can choose an instructor, who is more fluent in French if you understand the language. This way more value and time is achieved and the progress will be remarkable.

Choosing the Best Classical Guitar Lesson Online

Learning how to play the classical guitar online has come a long way. Now there are so many options available to people who wish to add playing the classical guitar to their skills. The instructors can also be easily vetted from the reviews provided by previous students who have gone through the program. Averagely the prices of these online courses are affordable. This means everyone who has a dream to play the classical guitar can accomplish this goal in only a few weeks of practice.

The online lessons are flexible. Many people who may have postponed their plans to learn how the classical guitar is played state their reasons as the limited time to learn. With these flexible options online, more people have found ways to achieve their dreams. The classical guitar is one of the outstanding and unique musical instruments to learn. It takes only a few days of practice to start playing along with songs and tunes.

The online lessons start from the basics. First, the students are expected to learn how to hold the classical guitar while sitting to prevent stress. Moreover, then the chords, fingerpicking, scales, and the finger keys are learned. The classical guitars in the market function in similar ways, however, some basic tips should be noted during purchase to ensure the classical guitar being supplied will be appropriate to meet your needs.

Aspects of learning how the classical guitar is played such as reading music will require professional help. This is where the online instructors are also needed. They provide professional assistance in the form of materials and resource in various formats to aid the students’ comprehension and education. There are group lessons and private lessons which can be delivered in real time via live video streaming platforms such as Skype.

Overall, the best online classical guitar lessons cover music theory, music lessons, and practical training that are needed to develop the master skills needed to make wonderful music.

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