How to Learn Classical Guitar at Home by Yourself? 5 Methods to Self-Taught Classical Guitar

How to Learn Classical Guitar at Home by Yourself

How to Learn Classical Guitar at Home by Yourself

For many, many years if a person wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument like the classical guitar, they would have had to find someone who already knew how to play and that had the time to teach them or pay a music instructor for lessons. However, these days most people are far too busy to be able to search for a local music teacher who would be able to show them how to play the instrument.

Fortunately, today’s technology has made things much easier and in some ways less expensive to be able to teach yourself how to play the classical guitar without the music instructor. In this article, we came up with five easy to use methods for learning, while might not all of the methods will work for you, but we are hoping that one of them will help you.

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5 Methods on How to Learn Classical Guitar at Home by Yourself

1) One on one Online Professional Tutoring

One on one tutoring is one of the most preferred methods for learning how to play a musical instrument, However, many people find themselves far too busy to be able to work with an instructor in person. Fortunately, today’s digital technology makes it really easy to work with an instructor who could be halfway around the world. Using the Internet or a smartphone and one or more chat services like Skype or Apple’s Facetime.

2) Online Digital Classical Guitar Instruction eBooks

Digital ebooks online have taken the classical guitar instructional guide to all new heights. No more do you have to lug around books and bulky digital devices in order to be able to catch up on your music. These ebooks can easily be downloaded and read at a much more convenient time.

Classical Guitar with Jason Vieaux

ArtistWorks online is a powerful online resource that consists of millions of training courses created by some of the most well-known musicians. Simply by searching for the classical guitar in the Google search box, you will come to understand who Jason Vieaux is and how well known they he truly is. Jason Vieaux is a 20 years veteran on teaching classical guitar. His lesson is suitable for all grades of classical guitar players.

4) Udemy Classical Guitar Online Lessons

Udemy Classical Guitar

Udemy is a website that was created to help people learn how to do a wide range of topics. It was patterned after a traditional university in that it offers training courses or classes that people can sign up for. Each training course consists of training lessons on video. When a person signs up for the class they are automatically given total access to all of the course material. There also comes with various classical guitar paid online courses for students or any who want to learn classical guitar. Each course is price-friendly for everyone to access and it is available 24/7 as long as a reliable Internet connection required.   

5) How-To training videos on

YouTube videos have become synonymous with methods of self-learning. If you can imagine it and wonder how something is done, chances are you will likely find many how-to videos online. By going to a website like and type in “learn to play the classical guitar” and you will hundreds if not thousands of video clips made by people who are looking to help others learn to play.

10 Important tips for playing better Classical Guitar

  • Take it really slow

One of the biggest problems students have when it comes to learning how to play a musical instrument like the classical guitar is that they seem to be in too much of a hurry. Rather than rush through everything and make a whole lot of mistakes, it is far better to go a little slower and get it more right.

  • Nurture your calluses

One of the side effects of playing a string instrument like the classical guitar is that you will inevitably develop calluses on tips of your fingers. The more you practice and play the classical guitar, the more your calluses will become prominent. While a layperson may not understand why your skin around the tops of your fingers have dry patches and are heavily callused, your fellow guitarist will understand.

  • Set up a regular practice schedule

When it comes to learning how to play classical guitar practice makes perfect. The more time that you are able to set aside to practice the better you will get. It is also a really good idea to set up your practice sessions at regular intervals and lengths of time in order to get the most bang for your buck.

  • Don’t leave your pinkie out in the cold

People sometimes forget that they can use all of the fingers on their hands when they are playing the guitar. So, don’t forget to get your little pinkies in on the action as you are practicing. While it may seem hard at first to get all of your fingers involved, but you will be surprised how good it will feel when you do.

  • Practice with a partner

Even though playing a musical instrument is a solo activity it can really be helpful to have a practicing partner to help you pass the time. Having a practice partner can also be a positive as you can challenge each other as you are playing. Pushing each other through tough parts of your practice session is another big positive aspect.

  • Self-critiquing is good for you

When it comes to self-evaluation it is very important for you to be honest as you are critiquing your results. You would be truly doing yourself a disservice if you are not honest with yourself when you are evaluating a sound recording of a recent session. It is the same when you are looking at how you are fingering the strings, be sure to a little extra critical to be sure you are able to make the necessary adjustments.

  • Be a really good listener

While reading sheet music is an important skill to learn when you are teaching yourself how to play the classical guitar, you will need to also develop a strong set of listening skills in order to be able to pick up hints from other guitar players. The better listener you can be will go along ways to make you a much better guitar player.

  • Research is necessary

Find as much information that you can on playing the classical guitar. Many different kinds of books and guides have been written over time by people at all skill levels. By not limiting yourself, you should easily be able to find the information that will help you to be the best guitarist that you can be.

  • Network with other classical guitarists

These days you can easily find groups of other classical guitarists in your area or online. By networking with others who enjoy playing the classic guitar just like you will naturally improve your skill level while getting to know people better. During your network sessions, you are free to discuss whatever things you are wanting to know and who better to ask than someone like-minded.

  • Know when to stop your practice session

Though practice does make perfect, there is something to be said about trying too hard and playing too long. You are likely to find out the hard way when your fingers are shaking or looking bruised from practicing far too long. This is likely because you pushed your fingers too hard and the muscles and soft tissue were stretched too far.

Steps to Self-Taught Classical Guitar

When you have made the decision that you want to learn how to play the classical guitar you will soon find that you need to be able to devote a decent amount of time on a regular basis (preferably on a daily basis). We hope that the information that we have put together in this article will help you to make an informed decision on which of the methods of learning that you will find beneficial to you in the long run. We also hope that you are able to get some use out of all of the tips that you included in the article.

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