Ebony vs Bone Bridge Pins: What’s The Difference

ebony vs bone bridge pins
ebony vs bone bridge pins

Each component no matter how small or big it might be plays a crucial role in the functioning of your guitar, and you will certainly need to make sure that you are choosing the best for your guitar if you seek an exceptional playing experience for your guitar. With all that being said, there are multiple options that you can get out there that would enhance your overall playing experience.

You will be getting just the right experience out of your guitar without having to be worried about a thing in terms of the guitar pins as well that are to be installed on the bridge for holding the strings and establish the right amount of tension on them. There are two major types of pins that are being used for the purpose optimally, and they both are essentially great to help you out through making the intonation right.

Not only that but to be able to play the guitar in the right manner as well on the same time. If you are confused about them both and would like to choose one of these materials to get the pins for your guitar bridge, here are a few things that you must be aware of to get just the perfect experience out of your guitar.

Comparing Ebony vs Bone Bridge Pins

Ebony Bridge Pins

Ebony is a specific type of timber that is really dark and sometimes even black that you get from a tropical tree mainly and it has distinct features on it that will allow you to enjoy just the perfect experience that you might be seeking to have on your guitar pins. The wood is overall pretty dense and that makes it the perfect choice for you to be able to get the right edge of perfection on them if you use the Ebony for guitar bridge pins.

Most of the time, Ebony bridge pins are used on such guitars that are darker in color and that makes it a right fit for them since there is no coloring required and they would go perfectly with the guitar. However, for lighter color guitar bodies these ebony bridge pins will add to the perfect contrast.

Yet, the best thing is about performance, and ebony wood is dense and rich so it doesn’t only hold the strings perfectly tight for the best intonation on your guitar, but there is certainly a lot more to it than you should need to know. The dense structure on these pins makes it possible for you to tune the guitar just right, and the intonation to be perfect as well.

At the same time, the Ebony Bridge Pins will also be creating the perfect tones for you to enjoy on your guitar with the least wear and tear on them.

Bone Bridge Pins

As the name suggests, the bone bridge pins are made out of bones and that is the best thing that one might be getting to have a smooth experience with their guitars without having to worry about a single thing while they are using their guitars. The bone bridge pins are crafted out of bones and that makes them a perfect choice to be installed on any guitar as they are dense and of course rich in texture.

These bones will get you better strings picking experience on any guitar that you might have and you will certainly be enjoying the best possible tunes on your guitar with these bone bridge pins. Bone bridge pins are simply the right thing for you to be enjoying on your guitar, with picking richer and better tunes since the bones are naturally the densest material that you can find for your guitars.

The texture and thickness of these bones will also enhance the looks of your guitar and will make it worth choosing these bones for all the different sorts of needs you might have on your guitar. There are hardly any drawbacks that you might have to face on your guitar if you are using Bone bridge pins with it.

You will only have to worry about wear and tear that will not be uniform at all and that can be causing you to have these problems that you wouldn’t want to have on your guitar for sure.


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