D Addario Exp vs Elixir: Which Should You Get?

D Addario Exp vs Elixir
D Addario Exp vs Elixir

Every guitarist would vouch for the fact that strings are the building blocks of the guitars. This is because strings are the ultimate factors that help enhance the tension and control the pitch.

In addition, the strings help improve the feel, playability, and sound of the guitar, and it’s evident that adding new strings to the guitar will fully change its capacity.

Guitar string

These factors really show how important the strings are and why choosing the right brand is essential. When it comes down to choosing the brand name, D’Addario Exp vs. Elixir is a tough competition.

Both of these string brands have set their name in the market because of the exceptional features they have to offer.

Making a choice between one of these can be a daunting task. Therefore, it is mandatory to study their distinctive features and then compare them.

D Addario Exp vs Elixir Comparison

Features D Addario Exp Elixir
Brand D Addario Elixir
String Material Type Phosphor Bronze Coated Bronze
String Gauge Light Light
Color Light | EXP16 Light | 11052
String squeak More Less

D’Addario Exp

D’Addario is a well-known brand name as they are known for manufacturing musical instruments, including guitar accessories and strings. For the most part, they are designing strings for guitars as well as orchestral and fretted instruments.

Places Of Manufacturing

The company has its global headquarters in Long Island, while the European headquarters are in New Castle.

Moreover, there are offices in Brooklyn, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, China, and Australia. This is basically a family-owned company, and it’s popular as the biggest string manufacturer, which produces an extensive range of strings.

They also make OEM strings for different musical instrument companies.

Versatile Company

In addition to producing the strings, they make capos, humidification, cables, straps, tuners, picks, slides, gear bags, mic stand, drumhead, and snare wire.

Also, you can depend on D’Addario for woodwind reeds, mouthpieces, hearing protection, and care and maintenance products.

Making Of The Strings

Now, coming to the exp strings – these strings are made with the phosphor bronze material, while the 0.36 string gauge makes it a reliable choice.

D'Addario Exp String


It has a round wound construction, and the hex-core promises higher durability. The exp string measures 39ft and ¾-inches in length from the ball’s end to taper.

The total length of the string remains 42-inches, and it is integrated with the ball end design. Moreover, it is a coated string that protects the hands.

Durability And Sound

The exp strings are the most durable and natural-sounding strings. This is because the strings are coated with high-quality wrapping material and are micro-coated through advanced machinery to deliver on-point results.

However, the wounding is normal and delivers the best feel and tone. All in all, these strings are perfect for electric guitars and acoustic guitars.


Elixir is another optimal choice for guitarists who are in search of guitar strings, especially if you are a fan of the flat wound strings.

To begin with, acoustic guitar strings are suitable for achieving the punchy sound that you need from the acoustic strings.


They are designed with steel wrapping on phosphor bronze wire or bronze wire. In addition, the use of the thinnest polymer tuber helps contact the string with windings.

The coasting is carefully chosen to enhance the durability by keeping the dust and dirt at bay, which means the windings will be clear, and the tone will be bright.

Elixir String

The coasting of the acoustic guitar promises pleasant playability with smooth gliding.

Sound And Performance

It is safe to say that using Elixir’s acoustic guitars will actually enhance the sound and performance of the guitar. On top of everything, these strings are easy to pull off and bend while delivering the best tone.

In addition to the acoustic strings, Elixir also has the electric guitar strings, which are designed with the thinnest polymer coating possible along with the natural feel.

Also, these electric guitar strings have warmer and more rounded sound quality. Still, it doesn’t mean that electric guitar strings are bright and full of sound and pitch.


The best part of using these strings is the anti-rust technology that translates into durability. These strings promise ease of playing, particularly when it has the smoothest glide.

It is extremely convenient to play vibrato and regular bends with these strings.


Topping it all, there won’t be any discoloration or fading of these strings. In case you are worried about durability, the electric guitar strings deliver the best performance for the longest time possible, so they won’t require frequent changes.

All in all, these strings promise the most balanced sound quality and have the full-body tone that your guitar will love.

Elixir Guitar String

D Addario Exp vs Elixir

The performance of the string is directed by three factors, tone, durability, and feel. It is mandatory to rate both of the strings on the aforementioned categories and see which one is suitable for your needs.

  • Durability And Longevity

The durability offered by both D Addario and Elixir is pretty impressive. But Elixir wins the race with its superior durability, thanks to its indestructible strings that are manufactured in a unique composition process.

In comparison with the thicker strings, the thinner ones have less durability. Regardless, Elixir is a sturdy brand. Most guitarists do not settle on strings, and they keep replacing them on a frequent basis.

There are also some guitarists who want to keep on playing with their original strings to get their money’s worth. For the people in the latter category, Elixir is an ideal choice.

  • Tone

Not every individual prefers the same sound; therefore, the tone is subjective. However, there are certain factors that set the tone of D Addario and Elixir apart.

The warm tone of D Addario is acknowledged by many greats in the music industry. The credit goes to the round-wound process, which works on every note and ensures their apparent fullness.

The attack of Elixir strings is quite fast, but it is not as prominent as that of D Addario. If you are in search of strings to suit your energetic bass or guitar, Elixir can work great for you. Otherwise, you cannot rely on Elixir for the powerful rock tones.

  • The New String Tone

Another important thing to note is that ‘the new string tone’ of D Addario is lost after a few hours it is played.

However, that’s not a negative point because a slightly worn tone is preferred by a bunch of guitarists to bring more of the character to the tone.

On the other hand, Elixir strings know how to retain their ‘new string tone,’ thanks to the use of synthetic materials in their construction.

All in all, your personal choice matters the most. Regardless, Elixir is a pretty great option for those who want to have a bright sound in their strings.


D Addario Exp strings are an excellent option for people who want to bring warmth and depth to the tone of their guitars. As far as Elixir is concerned, it has responsive and smooth strings.

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  1. I was a huge fan of Daddario Exps for a long time because of their tone. They were my favorite string tones but the tone died quickly. I started using elixir nanowebs strings for awhile but they were so trebly bright. I finally found the original Polyweb string which sounds a lot like d’addario with a glowing presence. And they last so long.

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