Boss RC-300 vs RC-50: Which One To Choose?

boss rc-300 vs rc-50
boss rc-300 vs rc-50

Boss certainly manufactures some of the best electronics and when it comes to the audio equipment, they are better than most and you get to enjoy the perfect experience to enjoy the right edge of perfection on all the audio and musical instrument needs that you might be having. While you are dealing with the guitars, and amps for all the different sorts of performances, you certainly need to be prepared and at times you might need to record it.

This helps ensure that you are getting the right sounds and audio quality. Moreover, you will also be needing to record these tracks and more on the instruments that you might be playing. That is certainly something that you will need to edit the musical tunes later or to remix them for any tracks that you might be playing.

You get some of the perfect recording systems from Boss that can help you out with all such experiences and if you are looking to achieve perfection, Boss RC-300 and RC-50 are certainly something great that you get to enjoy the right experience. A few such key differences that you get on them to enjoy the right experience and choose the best pick for you between these two would be:

Comparing the Boss RC-300 vs RC-50

Boss RC-300

RC-300 is certainly something that you get to enjoy the best possible experience across all the channels. The design is pretty great, and it is designed to be sleek so you can fit it perfectly with the other equipment that you might have in your studio and that will ensure you make sure that you are not having any sort of troubles with the space at all.

In addition to all that, all the connectors are located on the back conveniently that making the cable management a lot easier for you, and you will be getting the right perfection. In addition to that, all the controls are conveniently located on the top that will make it easier for you to control the preferences on your recording system.

Coming to the features, you get pedal controls on it and it has the memory for recording up to 3 hours in a single place. Plus, you will be bale to add the effects wherever you go and that is going to get you the perfect experience at the same time.

In addition to all that, you also get a USB port on it that is just the perfect thing for you to be storing all the loops and recordings externally and after that, you have all the storage to record all the tunes that you might be wanting to store on your RC-300.

Boss RC-50

RC-50 is one of the most advanced loop stations that you get from Boss and that will be the best thing for you to be enjoying for everything that you might be needing. It has the same design with footswitches on the top and knobs to control all the preferences while the cables and all the ports are on the back for you to be enjoying just the perfect experience for having the right cable management.

It also got a digital screen that shows preferences, audio controls, and more for you to be able to get the right experience of controlling all the features, and not only that, but you also get to enjoy the storage reminder on here.

It gets you 49 minutes of recording time, but you also have a USB port that allows you to backup your data or import/export the files as .wav files and that will be enhancing your overall experience on the loop station. The best thing is that you can play up to 3 stereo tracks simultaneously on this loop station and have the perfect remixes done on it as well at the same time.

Moving forward, you also get to enjoy undo/redo functions that allow you to enjoy the right experience of editing and remixing the loops and that will be enhancing your experience with the loop station. This would be the perfect thing for you to be enjoying for all the different needs you might have on a small studio and you will be enjoying it for sure.

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