20 Best Keyboard Amplifier Reviews 2021

Best Keyboard Amplifier

Best Keyboard Amplifier

A keyboard amplifier is an essential device for all keyboardists. The usefulness of these amplifiers is not limited to Keyboard. They work with a wide array of musical instruments and many other devices.

A keyboard amplifier is a combination of a speaker and a powered amplifier that is designed to handle the expansive range of frequencies of keyboard output. As stated above, the function of these amps goes beyond the keyboard.

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What are the Best Keyboard Amplifiers to Buy?

2) Roland CM-30 Cube Monitor/ PA

  • Ultra-Versatile
  • 2-Way Speaker With Stereo Preamp
  • Stereo Link Function
  • Metal Grill Cover

1) Pyle-Pro PVAMP60 Amplifier

  • High & Low Level Inputs
  • Clean & Overdrive Channels
  • 3-Band EQ
  • Powerful Sound

3) Roland CUBE-ST-EX Amplifier

  • 4 Independent Channels
  • 2 XLR Mic Inputs
  • Battery-Powered Operation
  • Dual Woofers & Tweeters

These amps are also be called keyboard magnifiers. They are designed to handle a wide range of frequencies. Apart from that, they come in different shapes, prices, as well as sizes. You need a high-quality keyboard amp if you want to play digital piano, keyboards, or synths for rehearsal or live performance. With the right keyboard amplifier, you sure to get a high-fidelity, crystal clear sound that you always desire.

A keyboard magnifier enables musicians and players to monitor their performance through accurate reproductions of sound. Apart from that, you can easily connect a keyboard amp with microphones, electric and acoustic guitar, backing instruments, as well as drum machines.

To enjoy the benefits that come with a keyboard amplifier, you have to go for one of the best products. Buying the best amplifier might be challenging as there are hundreds of keyboard amps with similar functionalities in the market. Therefore. Picking the best from these hundreds of products may be challenging.

We have come up with the best 20 keyboard amplifiers that will give you a satisfactory value for your money. These products were chosen based on different factors. Each of these factors will be explained in the course of this article. We have discussed, in detail, the features of each amplifier, we have also included their specification. This will enable you to make an educated buying decision.

Factors that you should consider before buying a keyboard Amplifier

As mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of keyboard amp in the market. Before making your choice, you have to look out for some essential factors. These critical elements will be discussed in this section.

  • Types

The type of keyboard amplifier to buy is an essential factor to consider before getting the product. The majority of these devices come with a speaker and an amplifier. We also have bi-amped systems, which use more one amp to control multiple speakers.

  • Speaker Power and Size

The power rating of a keyboard amplifier determines the intensity of its output. For instance, you can go for a 15 to 30 watts’ amplifier if you need something for rehearsal space. With 100+ watts amplifier, you will be able to cover a venue having a capacity of more than 500 people.

  • Multiple Channels

Having multiple XLR inputs enable you to connect more than a single instrument to your amp. With multiple channels, you can connect your mic along with several other instruments. Therefore, singers, performers, and keyboardist should not overlook this functionality as it enables them to more than one keyboard during their performance.

  • Built-in Effects

Some keyboard amplifiers come with built-in effects. These effects include tremolo, reverb, delay, and chorus. With these built-in effects, you can easily modify your sound and make it more appealing to your audience during live performance. Built-in effects are a creativity tool for players and musicians.

  • EQ setting

You can adjust the high, low, and the mid of your signal with an EQ setting. It is worth noting that some keyboard amplifier comes with 7 EQ setting, while there are amplifiers with only 2 EQ settings. The advantage of this setting is that fine-tune your tone and enhance your frequency.

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20 Best Keyboard Amplifier Reviews

1. Pyle-Pro PVAMP60 Amplifier

Are you in search of an excellent amplifier that will enable you to practice independently and silently? If yes, Pyle-pro PVAMP60 Amplifier is a perfect choice. The product comes with an eight-inch speaker, overdrive and clean channels, low and high-level inputs, as well as three-band EQ for adjusting the bass, mid-range, and treble.

Some of the unique features that you stand to enjoy when you go for the Pyle-Pro PVAMP60 Amplifier are simple volume control, headphone jack for silent practice, a wide range of frequency response, output jack for secure connection with external speakers, among others.

The dimension of the speaker measures 15.8 x 10.8 x 18 inches, while it weighs 17.45 pounds. The rated power output is 60 watts. Apart from its high-quality sound, the product comes in an attractive finish. The gain on the overdrive can be adjusted for a unique sound. The Pyle-Pro PVAMP60 is an excellent amplifier of great value.

2. Roland CM-30 Cube Monitor/ PA

The Roland Cube Monitor is an ultra-versatile amplifier that is perfect for stage or live performance, studio performance, rehearsal, and so on. Some of the key features of the Roland Cube Monitor corner protector, metal grill cover, convenient handle. The corner protector and metal grill cover protect the device from damage through impact or fall. With its handle grip, you can conveniently carry the unit.

Other vital functionalities of this amplifier are stereo link function, three input channels, among others. The three input channel comprises two aux inputs and one XLR input suitable for line/mic.

The power rating of the amplifier is 32W, while its dimension measures 10 x 9 x 1 inch. It features a two-way speaker with a preamp. The product comes with several controls that enable you to adjust your sound output. Some of the controls are channel 1 volume knob, channel 2 volume knob, equalizer low, and high knobs, power switch, and others.

The Roland Cube Monitor comes with a mic stand adapter and a stereo headphone jack. If you need a monitor that can handle an expansive range of recording, then you should consider this device.

3. Roland CUBE-ST-EX Powered Amplifier

Roland CUBE Street Amplifier deserves an accolade when it comes to clarity of sound and versatility. It is highly recommended for musicians that travel a lot. A unique feature of this device is it's angled back, which enables you to use it as a monitor. It features four stand-alone channels for connecting instruments, microphones, and other audio devices. The dimension of this product measures 13.4 x 19.3 x 12 inches, and it comes in black color.

The amplifier features COSM tones and preamps. The preamps offer natural and clean sounds. The COSM tones include crunch, lead, and clean. It features a reverb control and a separate EQ. You can also adjust the power of the amplifier for longer operating time when running on batteries. It also comes with an I-cube link that allows you seamlessly to connect your iPad or iPhone for performance recording, and play backing of tunes.

4. Peavey KB Keyboard Amplifier - 573100

The Peavey KB Keyboard Amplifier is known for its versatility and power. It features two separate channels, headphone out, 8-inch extended range speakers, among others. The device is ideal for electric guitar, Keyboard, voice, acoustic guitars, among others. Furthermore, the product is affordable. One of the features that stands this amplifier out is its simplicity. It has an excellent range, and it does not produce any background hiss.

The amplifier offers a great sound that is good enough for practice. The amplifier will accurately produce the notes of musical instruments. The Peavey KB Keyboard amplifier combines everything in a single, convenient package.

It also offers a complete sound system for your stage performance or band rehearsal. The amp comes with five independent channels that enable you to run your Keyboard together with bass, guitar, backing tracks, vocal mic, and a sampler.

The product's dimension is 19.5 x 18 x 13.1 inches, and it weighs 16 pounds. The device also features two-band EQ per channel. If you need an Amplifier that comes with a high-quality speaker for accurate sound reproduction, the Peavey KB Keyboard is an excellent choice to consider.

5. Behringer KXD12 Keyboard Amplifier

Are you looking for an app that is ideal for a stage performance? If yes, the BEHRINGER Keyboard amplifier is all you need. It is a versatile amplifier with a unique tone. It comes with multichannel input that allows you to run more than one device on it. The amplifier comes with an original turbo sound keyboard speaker. Apart from that, it comes with FBQ feedback detection and a Multi-FX processor.

The product uses its revolutionary amplifier technology to deliver incredible sound and enormous power. Another essential feature of this amplifier is its FX processor with 100 presets. These preset include pitch shifter, delay, chorus, reverb, multi-effects, and flangers. With the BEHRINGER Keyboard Amplifier, you are sure of excellent sound and effect for mics.

6. Ddrum DDA50 Electronic Amplifier

The Ddrum DDA50 Amplifier is ideal for serious practice weather as a group or individual. It is described as an excellent tool for the stage as well as the studio. The amplifier is produced by a leading manufacturer of drum amps, drum pedal, drum trigger, drum sets, drum pads, and so on.

It features a 2.5-inch tweeter and 10-inch woofer for excellent sound production. Parts of its exciting features are headphone jacks that enable you to practice without disturbing your neighbor, and MP3 input. The weight of the device is 15 pounds, and its dimension measures 19 x 19 x 19 inches.

The features that set the Ddrum DDA50 apart are quality construction, nice sound, and its aesthetic appeal. This amplifier is designed to deliver the performance that will not fail to meet the expectations of musicians of today. The power rating is 50 watts. Are you in search of a top-performing amplifier for everyday use? Consider the Ddrum DDA50 as it comes with everything you need in an amplifier.

7. Coolmusic DK-35 PA Amplifier

This is a product from Cool music, the company is experienced in designing, manufacturing, and producing high-performing amplifiers, guitar pedals, electric drums, among others. Their amp is one of the best products around the world. Their amplifier is multifunctional, and it is perfect for electric guitars, Keyboard, electronic drums, and so on. The advantage of this amp is that it can be used for personal or group rehearsal.

With its MP3 and Bluetooth functionality, you can conveniently play music in the background. You will be pleased to learn that it comes with a headphone jack that allows you to practice privately without disturbing anyone. Some of its features are USB input, DI output, one headphone input, Bluetooth and record function, and many more.

The shape of the cabinet is irregular; this gives the product the ability to withstand a drop. The dimension of the product measures 21.7 x 19.9 x 15.9 inches. The Coolmusic DK355 Personal Amplifier is designed to meet all your needs and styles.

8. Blucoil Boss Katana Mini Amplifier

If you need a portable amp for indoor or outdoor jamming, then you should give Blucoil Boss Mini Amplifier a try. Despite its compact size, the product offers a tone. It is a guitar combo amplifier that utilizes a multiple-stage analog gain circuit plus a 3-band tone track. If you need a mini amplifier that is ideal for metal leads, consider the Bluecoil Amplifier. Furthermore, the product is light in weight. It sits well on a tabletop, shelf, or any other platform.

The device is easy to move from one place to another, thanks to its convenient handle. AA batteries can power the mini amplifier. With just six batteries, this device can run continuously for about 6 hours. Its portable size makes it an ideal amplifier for electric guitar.

Also, the Blucoil Mini Amp allows you to practice without disturbing others. And, it also shapes treble, middle, and bass sound. Some of the accessories of this product are power supply with a slim AC/DC adapter, Six pack of AA batteries, Instrument cable, among others.

9. Donner DKA-20 Keyboard Amplifier

The next amplifier that we will be considering is the Donner DKA keyboard Amplifier. It comes with a plethora of excellent features which make it a popular choice among musicians. The product comes in black color, and its max output is about 20 Watt. Its frequency response ranges from 20 to 22Khz.

The package of this product includes a User Manual, an audio stereo plug, which is 6.35mm male to 3.5mm female, one Donner DKA Keyboard Amplifier, and a 6.35mm male to male cable.

Furthermore, the product comes in a unique design. It features a perforated grill mesh sheet. Other notable features of this amplifier are durability, rich audio interface, rugged housing, and so on. You can easily control the loudness of the amplifier through its volume control.

The amplifier is protected from damage by surrounding its edge with hard material. The pad of the rubber enhances the stability of the stand. If you desire an amplifier with intuitive control and rich tone, then the Donner DKA Keyboard is an ideal choice for you.

10. Behringer Ultrasonic K450FX Keyboard Amplifier

If you need a good-sounding, ultra-flexible amplifier that is perfect for rehearsal and stage performance, the Behringer Ultrasonic K450FX Keyboard is a top choice. The product is durable, versatile, and it offers incredible sound.

With the Behringer Ultrasonic K450FX Amplifier, you will bring out the best in the sound of your musical instrument. It comes with a 5-band graphic EQ for excellent sound reproduction. Its Feedback protection system allows it to get rid of feedback-causing frequency, thereby producing a noise-free sound.

The amplifier comes with a 10-inch BUGERA woofer. This works in connection with its unique 1-inch driver for the production of excellent sound. Other features of this high-quality amplifier are line output and a subwoofer output.

The line output enables you to connect directly to your mixing console. It features up to 100 amazing presets with a digital FX processor for the addition of flange, pitch shift, reverb, among others. Its CD input enables you to play recorded music for entertainment, or for playing along.

11. Roland KC-200 100 Watt Keyboard Amplifier

For more than two decades, the Roland 4-Channel Keyboard Amplifier has been a reliable and popular choice among keyboard players. This Keyboard amp is known for its exceptional, high-fidelity sound. Other features of this product are lasting durability, seamless connectivity, as well as onboard mixing. The amplifier offers an expansive range of stereo sound. In addition, the product can also run on a battery.

Its built-in DSP effects, XLR Vocal mic support, and aux input enable the product to function effectively like a mini PA system. If you need a keyboard amp that can deliver a robust sound despite its portable package, consider the Roland 4-Channel Mixing Keyboard Amplifier.

The device is perfect for jamming, practice, street performance, among others. Its power rating is 100 watts, and it has XLR mic input, line output, sub outputs, as well as headphones input. The metal jacks are put in place to protect the amp.

The dimension of Roland Mixing Keyboard Amplifier measures 11. 6 x 19 x 17.1 inches, while its weight is around 41.9 pounds. Other noteworthy features of this product are custom two-way speaker system with a high-performing tweeter and woofer, improved bass reproduction, among others.

12. Vox VX50KB Keyboard Amplifier

If you need an amplifier that enhances the quality of your musical performance through the excellent production sound, then you should not overlook the Vox VX50KB Keyboard amplifier. It is a perfect amplifier for small venues and rehearsal. Meaning that it is excellent for practice, and can be used effectively in a small gathering.

Additionally, you will like the fact that the product is portable, and it is light in weight. Some of its features are coaxial speaker, 3-channels, bass-reflex cabinet, among others. The dimension of the Vox Amplifier measures 8.2 x 12.3 x 13.9 inches.

Furthermore, the amplifier comes in an attractive black color. It features a Nutube circuitry that produces tube-like sound. The device comes equipped with three channels, which enables it to handle complex setups. The amplifier features a coaxial speaker that offers a full-range sound. If you are looking for a flexible, portable, and affordable key, then you need to give this product a try.

13. Vox VX15 GT Digital Amplifier

If you need a portable, good sounding speaker that will enable you to monitor your performance, then the Vox VX15 GT Modeling Amp is a great choice. The product is robust and user-friendly. A great surprise feature of this amplifier is the knob that enables you to adjust its power.

Furthermore, it can be used with headphones. It is worth mentioning that the product sounds excellent via headphones. A critical feature of this amp is its big sound. The dimension of Vox VX15 Amp measures 16.3 x 14.6 x 10.7 inches, while it weighs 0.16 ounces.

The amp comes with a full selection of effects that allow you to modify or shape your sound. Also, it features Proprietary Virtual Element Technology (VET) for faithful sound reproduction. Other necessary functionality of this product includes eight preset programs, input jacks, headphone jacks, among others. The Vox VX15 features an update of the VXI. It is a versatile amp that is extremely light in weight.

14. ANLEON PM100 Monitor Amplifier

The ANLEON PM100 offers an excellent blend of a stereo level signal, headphone out, and a microphone level signal. It is well constructed with a low level of noise. It comes with a plug charger, and it offers excellent sound. The product comes in an all-metal enclosure for protection against fall or impact. Its frequency ranges from 20 to 20000Hz.

Some of the notable features of this amplifier are microphone level control, monitor level control, headphone output jack, monitor input jack, among others. With the ANLEON PM100, you will be able to monitor your signal.

This amplifier is also a perfect device for musicians who might want to blend a monitor signal with click tracks. Also, it is ideal for singers who desire to monitor their voices, among others. The dimension of this monitor amplifier measures 7.9 x 5 x 2 inches, while the weight of the device is 14.1 pounds. If you need a low-noise amplifier that offers clear and distinct sound, then the ANLEON is your best bet.

15. Peavey KB 2+PV 20 Combo Amplifier

Are you looking for an excellent keyboard amplifier for areas that are not too large? If yes, you should give the Peavey KB Combo Amplifier a try. The amp is specifically designed to provide you with rich and clear sound. It is perfect for medium-sized areas. The output of the amplifier is free from noise that might affect the quality of sound produced.

The Peavey KB Combo is a compact, self-contained sound system that is ideal for drum machines, electric guitars, voice, among others. The device comes equipped with Neutrik connectors. The weight of the product is about 0.68 pounds, while its dimension measures 4.5 x 13.5 x 1.25 inches.

It features different channels. Channel 1 and 2 have two-band EQ, while channels 3 have three-band EQ. Also, Channels 1 and 2 feature ¼-inch input, while channels 3 have ¼-inch input and XLR. Channel 4 has ¼-inch input together with level control. With the Peavey KB Combo Amplifier, the quality of your performance will be enhanced the high-quality sound production.

16. Behringer KXD15 Keyboard Amplifier

Are you in search of an amplifier that can accurately reproduce the notes of your Keyboard? If that is your desire, then you should go for the BEHRINGER Keyboard Amplifier. It is described as the best amp for a professional keyboardist.

The amplifier is well built, and it offers realistic sound. The amp is loud, making it ideal for medium. If you need an app that comes with numerous preset, the BEHRINGER Keyboard Amplifier is a great choice. Some of its features are a high-performing tweeter, excellent low and mid-tone, and good sounding speakers.

The amplifier is black, and its dimension measures 21. 6 x 14 .8 x 18.9 inches. The product comes with enough inputs to connect your instrument. Some of its presets include pitch shifter, flanger, chorus, reverb, among others. If you need an amp that will offer you great value for your money, you should give the BEHRINGER Keyboard Amplifier a try.

17. Seismic Audio SAX-10M-PW Floor Monitor

This is a coaxial monitor that is ideal for professional audio applications. The Seismic Audio Monitor is perfect for a DJ gig, home use, studio use, karaoke, and so on. It gives singers and players the ability to hear themselves clearly. It is described as a monitor that gives the true meaning of sound. The device comes as a solution for musicians looking for a monitor that is easy to set up and use. Apart from that, it gives high-quality sound.

The coaxial design of the monitor gives it the ability to offer you uniform sound coverage as all sound emanates from a common source. Despite its small blueprint, the amplifier enables you to produce sound at a higher output level.

The dimension of the product measures 15 x 16 x 14 inches, while its weight is around 29.4 pounds. Some of its features include a wide frequency range, full metal rig, Birch Plywood enclosure, acoustic foam backing, built-in cooling fan, among others. The Seismic Audio Monitor is described as an amplifier with great sound in a small body.

18. Kona KB30 Keyboard Amplifier

With the Kona KB30 keyboard amplifier, you will hear the authentic sound of your musical instrument. It comes with a lot of top-quality functionalities that significantly improve its quality. The product is perfect for individual practice choir rehearsal, and well as performance in a small group or gathering.

Some of the essential features of the Kona Guitar Amplifier are 10-inch speaker, Headphone jack located on the front of the panel, CD input, among others. The speaker offers a nice sound, while the headphone jack enables you to connect your headset for silent practice.

Other functionalities are High and low inputs, level controls for treble, bass, master volume, gain, and others. The weight of the product is around 35.3 pounds, while its dimension measures 9.5 x 18.3 x 17.8 inches. The color of the product is in black color.

19. Roland KC-400 Keyboard Amplifier

The Roland KC-400 Keyboard Amplifier is described as a versatile and compact device that accurately reproduces sound for effective monitoring of your performance. The power rating of this amplifier is 150 watts. The product features a universal power supply with a redesigned power amp for increased stability, weight reduction, and enhanced bass reproduction.

It also comes with a custom two-way speaker with excellent horn tweeter and a newly developed woofer. The weight of the product is 50 pounds, and its dimension measures 21 x 21 x 17 inches. Roland KC-400 Mixing Amplifier is equipped with an onboard mixer that has four stereo input channels. Apart from the input channels, there are master EQ, stereo input, among others.

This amp is known for its reliability and powerful high-fidelity sound. The device is durable and can connect seamlessly with different instruments and appliances. The Roland KC-400 gives you total control of the stage, enabling you to perform at your best with great sound.

The KC-400 comes with updated features, which gives it an advantage over other amps. Some of the updates are increased power output, the newly built 12-inch subwoofer, among others. With Roland KC-400 Amplifier, you can achieve the accurate stereo amplification that has always been your desire.

20. Peavey KB3 Electronic Keyboard Amplifier

Peavey KB3 Keyboard Amplifier is known for its portability and durability. It is black in color. The product is easy to set up and use with easy controls. Peavey KB3 Keyboard Amplifier is ideal for home and studio use. With its power and versatility, the amplifiers offer the reliability needed by professional players and musicians.

Apart from your Keyboard, you can connect other devices like microphone, sampler, guitar, drum machine, among others. If you need a classic amp for electronic keyboards or pianos, then you should not underestimate the Peavey KB3 Electronic Keyboard Amplifier. Apart from that, it produces a big piano sound and gives a precise reproduction of notes.

Choosing The Best Keyboard Amplifiers

Some of the advantages that you stand to enjoy when you buy the right keyboard amplifier are clean sound, versatility, portability, lasting durability, and many more. However, selecting the best keyboard amplifier is not guesswork, you have to consider some crucial factors. These factors are footswitch compatibility, multiple outputs, multiple channels, power, and size of the amplifier, among others.

2) Roland CM-30 Cube Monitor/ PA

  • Ultra-Versatile
  • 2-Way Speaker With Stereo Preamp
  • Stereo Link Function
  • Metal Grill Cover

1) Pyle-Pro PVAMP60 Amplifier

  • High & Low Level Inputs
  • Clean & Overdrive Channels
  • 3-Band EQ
  • Powerful Sound

3) Roland CUBE-ST-EX Amplifier

  • 4 Independent Channels
  • 2 XLR Mic Inputs
  • Battery-Powered Operation
  • Dual Woofers & Tweeters

If you are ready to get one of the best keyboard amplifiers, you can select from our top picks, taking the factors we have explained above into consideration.


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