21 Best Electric Ukulele Reviews 2022 (Best Acoustic Electric Ukuleles Included)

Best Electric Ukulele, Best Acoustic Electric Ukulele & Best Electric Ukulele Brands

Best Electric Ukulele, Best Acoustic Electric Ukulele & Best Electric Ukulele Brands

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If you are a guitarist and you are seeking to expand your knowledge of string instruments without completely committing to a new instrument, learning to play the electric ukulele is the answer.

For a layman, there is hardly a difference between a guitar and a ukulele. Truly, it is just a tiny line that separates a guitar from a ukulele. They are closely related except that you have more strings on a guitar than you have in a ukulele (4 strings).

The best electric ukulele will help you a lot in your travel or practice lessons. Electric ukuleles are an improvement on the drawback of the acoustic ukulele, which has inferior volume, compare to a guitar. This is why you need some form of amplifying when planning to play the instrument, and the best for the job is an electric ukulele.

What are the Best Electric Ukulele to Buy?

2) Cordoba 15CM-E Acoustic Electric Concert Ukulele

  • Reputable Brand
  • Popular Brand
  • Highly Rated
  • Mahogany Body Design

1) Epiphone Les Paul Acoustic/Electric Ukulele Outfit Heritage

  • High Quality
  • Elegant Appearance
  • AAA Grade
  • Smart Choice
  • Piezo Film Pickup

3) Oscar Schmidt OU2E Mahogany Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele

  • Best Seller
  • Great Price Value
  • Satin Finish
  • Comfortable Playing

Types of Electric Ukuleles

There are three basic types of electric ukuleles sold in the market. These are:

1. Solid Body Electric Ukulele

This type of electric ukulele is less or more a basic electric guitar fine-tuned down to the size and level of a ukulele. They are usually proficient in sound projection and have more rich and warmer tone with high action.

2. Electro-Acoustic Ukulele

The electro-acoustic ukulele usually features hollow body designs which consist of a piezo pickup. The pickup is intended to make the instrument sound and resonate better when amplified.

3. Acoustic w/ Pickup Ukulele

Similar to the other second one, this ukulele also features a hollow body construction but with an additional piezo pickup. The intention was to get the instrument to produce more excellent acoustic sound.

21 Best Electric Ukulele Reviews and the Best Electric Ukulele Brands

Below is a review of reliable and top-quality ukuleles you can buy today by simply placing an order after determining what you want.

1) Epiphone Les Paul Acoustic/Electric Ukulele Outfit Heritage

If style and appearance matter to you, the Epiphone Les Paul’s Ukulele is something you may want to have. No musician wants to look dull, and this ukulele surely brings about the smartness in you. The Epiphone Les Paul features AAA grade flame maple top that boasts the characteristic Les Paul outline. More than a century’s wealth of experience is brought forward to produce this remarkable and elegant ukulele.

The Epiphone Les Paul Ukulele comes with top-class piezo film pickup perfectly positioned underneath the saddle which captures the classic tone of strings plus the body’s tomes in the accurate fashion. It is then routed to the long-lasting 1 /4-inch outlet. Once connected to an amplifier or a public address system, it elicits amazing sounds that can engulf any kind of stage or auditorium.

Of course, the body frame features solid mahogany construction and the nickel hardware is equally solid. A rosewood saddle is included radio tuners which typically holds the tune in place for accurate playing. The performance is outstanding when plugged in and it plays reasonably quiet in acoustic mode.

2) Cordoba 15CM-E Acoustic Electric Concert Ukulele

Anytime you see or hear of an instrument made by Cordoba, you’re tempted to have look and consider it on your wish list. Cordoba is a reliable brand and has been in the business of making string instruments for decades. The Cordoba 15CM-E is one of the best entry-level ukuleles. Considering the 15CM series has been a great success regarding sales, it is worth mention in this review.

The Cordoba 15Cm-E features a mahogany body design that excels in sound quality and projection. The mahogany design also covers the top, back, and sides of the ukulele. It comes with the popular Cordoba pickup and discreet sound control system. When playing the instrument, it projects full, rich sound that can easily translate to the stage. It features abalone-style rosette and a modern edge burst finish.

The Cordoba 15vM-E also comes with ivoroid body and fingerboard binding that distinguishes it from a host of other models in its price range. And that is not all. The ukulele also comes with silver tuners bearing pearl buttons, premium Aquila strings await your touch, whether you are professional or beginner.

3) Oscar Schmidt OU2E Mahogany Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele

There are a lot of good things about this electric-acoustic ukulele from Oscar Schmidt. Although the brand isn’t much of a competition compare to the likes of Cordoba, Kala and Yamaha regarding design quality, they are reliable and far better than a host of other cheap ukuleles out there in the market. The OU2E is a decent ukulele for the enthusiast who doesn’t have the fortune to spend on a ukulele.

Oscar Schmidt comes out with all necessary accessories that will get you started instantly. The ukulele features a mahogany body design that adds to its rich and warm tone.

The clip-on tuners are so easy to use even as they hold tune in an accurate position. The top, back and sides of the instrument also feature the popular mahogany wood design. The fretboard and bridge are made of rosewood, and they combine excellently to produce a rich, warm sound.

Couple with a satin finish, the Oscar Schmidt OU2E is an ideal ukulele for a beginner. A polishing cloth to keep your ukulele clean is included. There is also a gig bag with which you can carry your ukulele and keep it safe from scratches when not in use. Austin Bazaar’s instructional DVD on how to play keeps you on track.

4) AKLOT Electric Concert Ukulele

Here is a complete set of Ukulele that has all the necessary tools for a good and improved play. From tuners to wood construction, everything just seems to be in the right perspective. And considering the price, this is certainly a good instrument to buy. The board features a solid mahogany top bearing edge chamfering. This one comes with the advanced tuner: 18.1 pure copper gear, which is top quality.

The Aklot’s body also features the mahogany wood design which provides richer and purer sound with great, long sustain. The volume of this ukulele is loud, and the copper gear tuner enhances stable and finer tuning. The tuning provides accurate range and stays just where you want it to be.

Aquila strings are a top-notch addition to this ukulele and you can play and enjoy the best in mellow tones. Also, the player might find it a bit challenging at the initial stage since the strings will take a little time to settle time due to the installation. But you don’t need to tune it all the time.

The Aklot electric ukulele is a concert-sized model installed with the popular Aklot 3 band amp including onboard tuners. You can easily play it like an electric guitar, and it’s easy to transfer from electric to acoustic ukulele.

5) Vorson FSUK1FM Style Electric Ukulele with Gig bag, Flame Maple

From the reviews of Vorson’s electric ukuleles, you must have noted how functional the brand has become. With every design, Vorson lays claim to reliability, playability, and quality. Although, this model is not different from its sister versions—the FSUK1BK and the Vorson FTLUK3BK—it however builds upon the success recorded in the previous models.

The strings, for instance, appear more solid and have improved sound projection. The neck is also straight (like in the previous models) but come looking nicer while the fretwork on it is far better than a host of other expensive models.

Vorson didn’t sacrifice quality for the price, rather, it sounds much more like an electric guitar even though it has just four strings. Of course, you might need to change the strings on arrival, but they do perform the reason why they were included. It stays in tune fairly well after several play. It is even more surprising on how remarkable it holds down tuning.

On arrival, this Vorson’s FSUK1FM is a S type design with neck featuring candlenut material. Dual single coils pickups and dot markers perform excellently on the rosewood fretboard. It is a tenor size ukulele with a length of 432mm. the body is also made of candlenut, and the package comes with a padded gig bag and a cable for assisted use.

6) Vorson FLPUK2BK Electric Ukulele with Gig Bag, Black

Vorson returns with another ukulele from its series of cool and elegant built instruments. This model comes perfectly setup. The action was low (on the one we tested) and like its sister versions on this list, it also features dual single coil pickups. The pickups provide tone with the nice variation using the 3-way toggle control mechanism included in this design.

The quarter inch cable that comes with this design allows you to connect to an input jack on the ukulele while the end goes straight into your amplifier, which you will have to buy separately.

The 3-way toggle design enables you to activate the single coil pickup when the toggle switch is facing the position of the bridge. However, you can activate both single coils when you position the toggle in the middle. Lastly, you can activate the neck pickup once you set the toggle switch to face the neck.

Overall, the Vorson FLPUK2BK is a reliable tenor ukulele, and is perfect for the beginner player. The adjustable truss rod design in conjunction with the bridge enables you to play the instrument with remarkable ease. It comes with a gig bag so you can easily pack up your ukulele and keep it from damage when not in use.

7) Cordoba 20TM – CE Acoustic Electric Tenor Ukulele

We all know Cordoba and its one of the best brand in the market of string instruments. The Cordoba 20TM-CE is one of the best selling, stage-ready ukulele of all times. It is very light in weight and it’s suitable for beginners, intermediate and even professional players alike. The instrument is versatile and fits many playing purposes.

The Cordoba 20TM is modelled after Portuguese traditional ukuleles. The top, back and sides of this ukelele are made of solid mahogany which presents a rich, sweet sound when played as an acoustic ukulele. I like the fact that this model features a soft cutaway alongside Cordoba’s electronics so you can plug and play with ease. The fingerboard and bridge are also made of rosewood, couple with a satin matte finish and 35mm nut width.

Items like 432mm scale length and Cordoba’s 2Band EQ pickup are also included in this design. Aquila nylgut strings are some other quality features of this 20Tm-CE ukulele. Overall, it has a rich, mellow sound and the build quality is high and reliable. I like the fact that the strings are capable of holding the pitch in excellent fashion. It’s one ukelele that even advanced players don’t mind having.

8) Hadean Acoustic-Electric Bass Ukulele UKB-23

Much may not have been heard from this brand, but closer looks reveal the qualities and features that define it as a reliable ukulele. For instance, this model is made from walnut—one of the finest material for string instruments.

And that is not all. The electric functionality is great and beat most of its competitors in the same price range. The model features preamp for amplification and it has a solid volume, bass, treble, and mid control mechanism.

To ensure you get the best from this model, Hadean incorporate Aquila nylgut strings, the best Italy has to offer. The strings guarantee excellent tuning stability while providing increased accuracy of fret intonation. As a bass ukulele, the tuner is very important and the one that comes with the Hadean is amazingly reliable.

Regarding the sound, the Hadean UBK-23 has a warmer tone and it is very easy to incorporate a portable bass amp with much of a fuss. Considering the price, you might just want to ditch the Kala and Cordoba series for Hadean’s all-round quality. Its playability is something that most other ukuleles will have to keep up with.

9) Vorson FSUK1BK Style Electric Ukulele with Gig bag, Black

The Vorson electric ukulele is a tenor ukulele that comes with coil pickups. The coil pickups are dual single and they provide great tone with nice variation by virtue of a 3 way toggle and tone control mechanism. The neck features candlenut with rosewood fingerboard and excellent dot markers. All these provides comfortable feel and helps to ease the play, especially for its adjustable truss rod and bridge.

However, this ukulele has its problems. The strings appear cheaply made and you may need to change them. Once you have changed the strings, everything else starts falling into place. The strings will, however, take some couple of months to settle down. It features excellent tuners that hold tune in position

Every Vorson electric ukulele comes with a gig bag for easy carriage and safekeeping of then instrument. It also features a cable while its fantastic sound is the primary reason why you should consider it.

10) Donner Solid Electro—Acoustic Ukulele Electric Concert Ukulele

The Donner Solid Electro-Acoustic Ukulele is regarded as the DUC-4E model. It is an electric-acoustic ukulele made to reflect the Hawaiian musical instrument spirit. The sound of this ukulele is something else. It’s simply breathtaking. It features Japanese carbon nylon strings which know for excellent sound projection when strung. High-quality tuning machine keeps the ukulele playing in perfect tune.

The body is made of mahogany wood like most popular ukuleles today. The ukulele is perfect for professional and beginner players alike. As an electric ukulele, this ukulele comes with 3 bands Equalizer (EQ), which you can simply adjust to get the proper tone you want. The top is another design that defines the quality of this ukulele. Its bevelled arm rest is good for convenient and long-time practice.

Another good thing about this instrument is the sound. It has good resonance and the sustain level is just amazing. The sound is warm and when connected to an amplifier, it screams like a super machine.

11) Vorson FTLUK3BK T-Style Electric Ukulele with Gig bag, Black

Here is a tenor size electric ukulele with an outstanding length of 432mm. It is from Vorson and is expected to be among the coolest ukuleles in the market. It features dual single coil pickup that excel in tone production with good variation through a 3-way toggle and tone control process. It also features adjustable truss rod and bridge that makes the neck comfortable during play.

The Vorson’s FTLUK3BK body features a real wood design with super quality that will last for many years. The electric features of this ukulele are equally top-class. However, take note that you might need to change the strings as they appear not to be the best, though they provide the decent level of tone that you can use every day. The neck region has a mild radius and is designed to look straight, something that is very good.

Regarding sound and overall performance, the Vorson FTLUK3BK is good in tone and volume adjustment. The switches work excellently and it excels smoothly during play. The sound is great but it might need an amp so people can hear it better. You are guarantee excellent playability while using this ukulele from Vorson.

12) Concert Ukulele Electric Acoustic Ukulele By HANKY KUC-EQ

The HANKEY KUC-70 EQ is a robust concert ukulele that comes complete with all relevant accessories to start playing right away. The model is perfect for beginners and intermediate players. Sometimes, professional players can also buy into this model. There are some better qualities of this ukulele that catches the eye.

For instance, the HANKEY comes with a KOA body having green shell inlay. The neck of the ukulele features a mahogany construction. The fingerboard is fine, and the bridge is all that you need to stay connected while enjoying the feel of the classical die-cast machine head.

The instrument is beautiful, just like all other HANKEY KUC series. The sound that emanates from the exclusive HANKEY nylon strings is rich in tone and well balanced. Thanks to the slim and thin body design, it has great sustained and excellent sound projection.

All relevant accessories such as gig bag for carrying the ukulele, extra Aquila strings, straps, polishing cloth, 2 installed strap buttons, picks and an instructional book are some of the additions. HANKEY is backing this ukulele with 5 years warranty for quality assurance.

13) Luna High Tide Series Koa Concert Ukulele

At 23 inches, you know this is a full-size ukulele with breathtaking qualities all round. What makes this ukulele great is its fret design. The ukelele features solid tropical wood body design that makes it extremely durable and reliable regarding sound.

The Luna High Tide ukulele boasts a well-framed abalone ring which carries the Luna “full moon” sticker. As stated earlier, the body of the ukulele features koa wood design, which produces full, deep sound alongside the concert size frame of the instrument. The ukelele also comes with an onboard preamp which provides simple amplification that you can easily dialled in.

Luna High Tide comes with open tuners that enable the player to keep the instrument in precise tuning. The rosewood binding and satin finish present a beautiful appearance. It is even more interesting for its exceptional sound.

14) Caramel CC100 Zebra Wood Concert Electric Ukulele

Another incredible ukulele with super tuner has emerges from the blue. The Caramel CC100 is a concert ukelele with plenty of sound and loudness for the beginner and intermediate player. It is the type of ukelele that you would want to play over and over again. The body of the ukelele features zebra wooden construction, which is fairly durable contribute to its excellent sound.

Personally, I like the tuner. It stays in play and ensures that the 19 frets and Aquila strings did exactly what they are made to do. All eyes on the rosewood fretboard and bridge both of which determine the level of resonance and sustain the Caramel CC100 project.

The electronics included in this model are the 3 band EQ system for accurate mode controls of the bass, middle, and treble. It features a chromatic tuner with LCD color display—an intuitive way to know what you’re doing. The buffalo bone nut and saddle work excellently, you can plug it into your amp, which is good for its quality.

15) Kala KA-CE Satin Mahogany Concert Electric Ukulele

Kala returns with a ukulele that delivers on nice body package and excellent sound. It’s yet another concert Ukulele with 18 silver frets design that excels in rhythmic transition. Just like most other top-class electric-acoustic ukuleles, the fingerboard and bridge feature rosewood construction—a traditional design that balances tone transition and sound projection with convenient finger placement.

The Kala KA-CE entire body construction features a reliable mahogany wood design, another traditional feature amongst ukuleles that renders warm, rich sound. The neck of this ukelele is also made of mahogany.

Regarding playability, the KA_CE is very easy to play. It is one of those stringed instruments perfectly designed for the upcoming and a bit advanced player. The chrome die-cast sealed gear tuners hold the tune in place, while top-quality Aquila nylgut strings are always on point to take your sound and play o the next level.

Regarding sound, this Kala KA-CE doesn’t look cheap at all. When plugged it into an amp and tested the sound quality, it was surprised at how simple and yet rich and warm it was. The sound projection was almost similar to highly expensive models, and considering the amount, this piece is worth its quality appraiser, even though the EQ system may not have the best look in the market.

16) Luna Mahogany Series Tattoos Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele

Here is another traditional ukulele that derives its design from traditional Hawaiian body ornamentation. Such design was tattooed in black against brown skin and has strong geometric patterns. Design to imitate waves and shark’s teeth as depicted in the fret markers. The Luna is a concert ukulele for entry-level players.

Like most of the electric ukuleles in the market, the Luna’s body also features a mahogany design which is responsible for the arm tone it produces. It comes with Pearloid tuners that help in maintaining tune direction without wavering in play.

The neck is straight—a design that keeps the strings and tuning in proper alignment. While the fingerboard is made of rosewood, the ukulele also features an onboard preamp and the resonance is clear and reassuring.

Overall, the Luna concert ukulele and its concert body resonate rich, woody sound, which appears to be a bit dark. The action is loud for a model considered to be for those looking to save money. The tattoos and elegant look make this instrument a popular choice among the early generation of players.

17) Lohanu Ukulele Cutaway Electric Concert with 3 Band EQ

Here is one ukulele that every player can expect to perform decently. The feel of the design is as real as anything and the action is top-class. The first thing that will strike you when you get to see this ukulele is the aesthetic design.

It even come with a built-in tuner, which is perfect in achieving precise tuning. Well, it might not be the best when you are seeking a full-blown professional ukulele, but at such price and quality, the Lohanu Cutaway is worth mentioning.

The Lohanu Cutaway is a concert ukulele featuring the best of Sapele wood design. It also has the electric pickup, 3 band EQ system. While the 3 band EQ system allows you to have a proper mode selection, the arched back design gives you full sound and longer sustain. It comes with two strap buttons for easy carriage.

Rosewood fingerboard allows you to enjoy excellent hand placement. The installed Aquilla strings are everything you need to strike home rich, bright sound.

All accessories are installed in this model such as case, tuner, strap, 2 picks, pick holder and an extra set of Aquila strings for backup.

18) Kmise Solid Spruce Ukulele

The Kmise ukulele is concert size ukulele with amazing tone. If there is anything to give as examples of trying out spruce ukuleles, it’s because of the nice tone that comes from them.

The top of this model features spruce wood material construction. It features Sapele wood design for the back and sides of the instrument. The fretboard is made of rosewood and there are 18 cupronickel frets spread on it.

The solid spruce body design provides solid resonance and sustain. The sound is bright and crisp due to the spruce wood feature. The accurate fret wire with edge provides smooth, comfortable feel and hold while you play. Bone and saddle inclusion guarantees lossless sound transmission and this enable the Kmise Solid Spruce Ukulele to sound richer and warmer.

Enjoy the best of high-quality Aquila strings, the best from Italy. The ukulele has excellent, strong vibration, which further enhances its sustain level. Overall, the Kmise is a gorgeous ukulele. One look at the hibiscus sound hole and the way the faeries are etched into the front gives you reassuring feel.

19) Electric Concert Ukulele with Amp

All beginners need an electric ukulele that will motivate them to improve their playing style. It is equally good that a beginner ukulele should have all necessary tools that will greatly improve the learning process. This electric ukulele comes with all the electric accessories and such other elements that fit both electric and acoustic play.

The first thing that impresses in this model is the size. It comes in a traditional size setting—23 inches—which is larger, being a concert ukulele. The large size is important because it provides more room between frets which in turn enhances finger placement learning.

As for the body, it features quality mahogany and rosewood construction, which provides bright, warm sound. For a beginner instrument, the body construction is a big plus.

Placing an order will give virtually you need to start playing right off the box. It comes with a suit case size amp and audio cable, a case, strap, tuner, spare nylon strings, and Hawaiian picks. Just everything you need is included. LCD indicator gives you info on tuning mode and settings. It’s just the perfect electric ukulele for a beginner.

20) Caramel CS400 Mahogany Butterfly Style Soprano Acoustic Electrical Ukulele

Caramel CS400 Mahogany Butterfly Style Soprano Acoustic Electrical Ukulele

Most ukuleles are featuring mahogany body design, which is perfect for warm sound generation. But you just might be wondering how does it function with a soprano ukulele?

Well, not much difference from what is attainable from concert size ukuleles. The CS400 is a unique design from Caramel which excel in sound and style. The butterfly style construction is incredibly elegant and the buffalo bone nut and saddle also adds to the overall feel and design.

I was equally wondering why most manufacturers of ukuleles are using rosewood design for their fretboard and bridge. Well, it turns out that the material encourages intuitive hand placement due to the easy alignment of frets attached to them. This model comes with 15 frets and Aquila strings for steadfast tuning achievement.

Overall, the Caramel CS400 is strictly for beginners and is ideal for school practices and the matching band team. The tri-band equalizer controls—Treble, Middle, and Bass work excellently, and the chromatic tuner alongside an LCD display color display is a force to reckon regarding performance. There is a light that indicates when the battery is low.

21) Kala KA-CGE Gloss Mahogany Concert Ukulele with Electronics

Are you in search of a reliable ukulele with value for the money? Kala is a good brand when it comes to string instrument manufacturing. The glossy look of this model is one of the best features that draw people to it. What about the sound? It is simply amazing, especially when plugged into an amplifier.

The Kala KA-CGE features a fingerboard and bridge that is made of rosewood. By this wooden construction, the player gets to enjoy a good feel of comfort and sound. The neck of the ukulele features a mahogany design with satin finish. The entire body also comprises of mahogany construction, which is good for those desiring a warm and rich sound.

Being a concert scale ukulele, the KA-CGE measures 15.2 x 12.4 x 25.9 inches in dimensions, which implies it’s a large size ukulele that is good for easy finger placement. The tuning is proper, but it took several days to settle down and adapt to the playing experience. It comes with pickups that have factory installed batteries. Set up is like a breeze, so you won’t be finding this difficult at all.

Choosing the Best Electric Ukulele from the Best Electric Ukulele Brands

By now you must have figured out what ukulele is best for you to buy. Although the list and reviews above are not all that is in the market, they form part of the best there is. So you shouldn’t waste much of your time searching everywhere for your ukulele.

2) Cordoba 15CM-E Acoustic Electric Concert Ukulele

  • Reputable Brand
  • Popular Brand
  • Highly Rated
  • Mahogany Body Design

1) Epiphone Les Paul Acoustic/Electric Ukulele Outfit Heritage

  • High Quality
  • Elegant Appearance
  • AAA Grade
  • Smart Choice
  • Piezo Film Pickup

3) Oscar Schmidt OU2E Mahogany Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele

  • Best Seller
  • Great Price Value
  • Satin Finish
  • Comfortable Playing

However, before parting with your money, there is something you need to know about ukulele pickups. Most of the pickups an and additional electronics you will come across on most ukuleles are not always of professional grade.

Although they really don’t sound bad, they, however, may sound bit quaky to some people. Against this backdrop, it is strongly advised that you consider serious reviews like this or consult musical experts before purchasing your choice ukulele.

That said, the ukuleles on this review has been thoroughly screened confirm adequate and in some case, surpass your play expectations. So you may boldly make your order at anytime, and you will be glad you did.