12 Best Cordoba Ukulele Reviews 2022

Best Cordoba Ukulele

Best Cordoba Ukulele

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Ukulele is a beautiful musical instrument that is gaining much popularity these days. It is a string instrument that belongs to lute family. The shape resembles a small guitar but it also comes in some other shapes.

Although the shapes usually don’t contribute to the type of sound produced there are some shapes that are more difficult to play. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you should not go for triangular ukuleles. If you want to buy one for yourself or for your kid, there are several different options for you.

Several known brands offer multiple kinds of Ukuleles and among them, one of the most promising names is the Cordoba. If you have ever been interested in Ukuleles, you must have heard about this popular brand.

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What are the Best Cordoba Ukuleles to Buy?

2) Cordoba 25SK Soprano Ukulele

  • Natural Satin Finish
  • Acacia Sides
  • Great Value and Sound
  • Ebony Fingerboard

1) Cordoba 15TM Tenor Ukulele

  • High Quality
  • Hand-Made
  • Great for All
  • Sturdy
  • Beautiful Design

3) Cordoba U100CM Concert Ukulele

  • Protege by Cordoba
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Rosewood Bridge

It is the first name that comes to the mind when you think of buying guitars or Ukuleles. This is a famous brand that specializes in world-class ukuleles and nylon-stringed guitars. It is also known well for its traditional Spanish style. Owing to their innovative approach and top quality Cordoba ukuleles are gaining fame all over the world.

Cordoba Ukuleles are known best for their exquisite outlook, light weight, exceptional craftsmanship, and pleasant tones. It offers a perfect combination of Spanish traditional style and modern developments.

The Ukuleles offered by Cordoba are small instruments with four strings that are made with finest quality material to ensure effortless playability and a joyous playing experience. These are available in a number of sizes and tonewoods and you would definitely find your perfect match here.

Thus, if you want top-class and responsive ukuleles at reasonable rates, Cordoba is the most appropriate choice. Their every product is made with special attention to quality. Their flawless construction and solid structure ensure high durability and they offer great value for your money.

It offers a vast variety of models in different price ranges. In order to make your decision easier, we have come up with a list of top Cordoba Ukuleles. We have covered a broad budget range and whether you need a moderately priced instrument or you want to buy a high-end ukulele, you are covered.

These are the top rated and most recommended models by the expert professionals. Take a look at their brief overviews and functional capabilities so that you can make the right buying decision.

12 Best Cordoba Ukulele Reviews 

1) Cordoba 15TM Tenor Ukulele

You are going to love this tenor size ukulele available in beautiful natural finish. The simple design makes the ukulele more graceful and sturdy construction ads to its longevity.

For the players who don’t want to compromise on looks and sound quality, Cordoba 15MT is a highly recommended option. The best thing is, you won’t have to spend a fortune to purchase it. Besides, you would love the rounded and warm tone.

The size measurements consist of 27.5 x 10.5 x 4 inches and it weighs 1.15 pounds. Lightweight makes it a more desirable model as it is easier to carry and easier to handle. Also, 15TM is designed to offer a convenient playing experience. Like most of the other modes, it is handmade and reflects perfect artistry.

The top, sides, and back of this marvelous ukulele consist of Mahogany that is a wonderful selection for producing rich, warm and full sound. Ivoroid body and fingerboard binding in addition to abalone style rosette make the 15TM an appropriate option. Both the entry-level players and skilled professionals would love it.

2) Cordoba 25SK Soprano Ukulele with Deluxe Gig Bag

Cordoba has a lot to offer. Here is another remarkable soprano ukulele that is usually preferred by the professionals and expert musicians. It is specifically famous for solid structure and conventional Portuguese ornamentation. Try one of the most-selling handmade ukulele built greatly using the high-grade tonewood that enhances its functionality and ensures high durability.

Whether your priority is seamless craftsmanship or you want a focused and bright tone, you are covered. If you can afford to spend a bit more of your money, 25SK soprano would not disappoint you. Play with Cordoba’s top-rated model and enjoy easy playability in addition to comfortable tuning.

As the size measurements are concerned, it consists of 24.5 x 11 x 5.1 inches while the weight is 5pounds. Additionally, it is made with extensive attention to details and the wood used is chosen to ensure you get the high-quality instrument. The 25SK soprano is built with tropical acacia that is among the best tonewoods.

Ukulele’s top, back and sides all comprise Acacia wood which makes it robust and long-lasting instrument. Other specific features include an ebony fingerboard and matte natural finish. You will also get a sturdy gig bag with this ukulele for free.

3) Protege by Cordoba U100CM Concert Ukulele

Cordoba covers a diverse budget range. You will find several high-priced models as well but it also caters the needs of those who want a low-priced model for practice. The one mentioned here is one of the most affordable options that deliver a good quality experience.

The new players and fresh learners should take a start with U100CM concert size ukulele. It is built to last long and offers a delightful playability along with easy tuning. Here is a unique blend of easy affordability and high functional capability.

Its size dimensions consist of 26.7 x 11.6 x 5.3 inches. Being an appropriate choice for the beginners, it is made low-weight. Those who are playing it first time would be able to easily handle it as it carries only 2 pounds weight.

Top quality mahogany wood is selected to make its top, back and side. Robust construction makes it the best for fresh students. In addition to this, a mother of pearl rosette and satin finish makes it a more appreciable choice.

Furthermore, it comes complete with an upgraded gig-bag that enhances the portability and supports the students to carry their ukulele around.

4) Cordoba 20CM Concert Ukulele

We have included another concert size ukulele that is available at the very reasonable rate. Not only the price is low, the functional efficiency and structural design are also fantastic.

Whether you want one with easy playability or you are looking for a durable model for long-term use, the 20 CM by Cordoba is an incredible choice. The natural matte finish makes the outlook more attractive and it is certainly a great sounding ukulele.

The size and weight make it easy to carry. It has 29 x 9 x 7 inches in size and total weight is 1.12 pounds. Being light in weight, it is a preferable option for the new players. Furthermore, careful construction along with phenomenal workmanship makes it a suitable choice for enthusiastic players.

Its top, sides, and back are all made of mahogany which is one of the most recommended woods for musical instruments. For the bridge and fingerboard, rosewood is used and it has Aquila concert strings.

The rosette has a natural wood pattern that feels and looks great. Try the Cordoba 20 CM concert and you would love the rich and strong sound. Interestingly, you can purchase this at a modest price.

5) Cordoba 25TK Tenor Ukulele with Deluxe Gig Bag

The Cordoba’s 25TK is a well-structured tenor sized ukulele. For the professional players who want to purchase a high-class ukulele to deliver excellent performance and delight tone, it is a very appropriate option.

You may find it costlier than some of the other models but if you analyze its construction quality, smooth playability, and high durability, this is worth spending some money. Featuring excellent resonance, good voice projection and powerful tone, it is one of the preferred options by the professionals.

It has 28 x 17.5 x 10 inches in size and the total weight is 6.4 pounds. This is light in weight and completely handmade with special attention to detail. The top, back, and sides are made of solid acacia and it has ebony fingerboard. You will love its natural matte finish that makes the outlook more attractive.

Try it if you want an easy to play and easy to tune option. Last but not the least, it comes complete with a good quality gig bag. Thus, you can carry your ukulele around with greater ease and comfort.

6) Cordoba 15SM Soprano Ukulele Bundle with Hard Case

Here is a wonderful soprano ukulele that you can get at a modest price. Considering the structure, outlook, tonal quality and playability, this is an excellent option. Particularly, for the players who want a low-price model that can deliver better learning experience in addition to appreciable tone, the 15SM ukulele is the most suitable for you.

The solid construction is backed by the Mahogany top. In addition, the sides and back are also made of good-quality mahogany wood. It is built to provide an effortless playing experience and delivers a very pleasant tone. The addition of clip-on tuner makes it easy to tune and assists the players to perform well.

The size dimensions include 28x 6 x 11 inches and total weight is 5 pounds. Its exceptional craftsmanship makes it one of the top recommended models. Mahogany wood is used to make its neck while the rosette comprises abalone. Besides, the bridge and fingerboard are made of Rosewood and the cream top binding along with

Aquila Nylgut strings add to its remarkable structure. Moreover, 15SM soprano comes in the natural satin finish and looks delightful. This ukulele comes complete with a hard carry case, a polishing cloth and a manual DVD for your assistance.

7) Cordoba Guitars 25C Concert Ukulele, Concert

It is a concert size ukulele that comes in natural color. A very thin layer of natural matte finish is added to enhance its attractive appearance. This is known best for its unmatched construction quality and beautiful tone.

If you want to get a strongly structured and highly durable concert ukulele at a reasonable rate, go for 25C and you would have a joyous playing experience. Moreover, the incredible rope weave binding makes it a more desirable option. You would love its bright yet warm tone and it is designed to deliver excellent sound quality.

The size dimensions for 25C concert Ukulele include 24 x 8.2 x 2.8 inches. Its weight is not much and it measures 5 pounds. Speaking of the construction, it has a strong acacia top paired with acacia back and sides. This Hawaii native tropical wood is preferred as an excellent tonewood.

Integration of wooden top binding in rope-style makes it a more interesting instrument. Also, the natural matte finish makes it more attractive and adds to its stunning feel. Addition of Aquila nylgut strings make it more reliable and the authentic ukulele has nut and saddle of bone. You can also buy this in soprano and tenor size.

8) Cordoba 24T Tenor Ukulele

Have a look at this unique Cordoba Ukulele built in Tenor style. It is structured carefully to deliver enhanced quality and improved durability in addition to impressive tone.

Speaking of the outlook, that is amazing. The natural matte finish adds to its simple style and makes it look more appealing and graceful. Along with elegant appearance, the functional capability is also worth mentioning. If you need robust structure and appreciable tone at a competitive price, try this one and you would have an excellent experience.

Its size dimensions comprise 27.5 x 10.5 x 4 inches. Furthermore, the lightweight makes it easy to carry and handy to play. It carries just 1.9 pounds weight. The premium quality material is used to add to its remarkable construction.

Cordoba24T Tenor Ukulele is made up of strong woods to give strength to its tone. The top comprises solid Cedar, the sides and back are made up of spalted maple, and the fingerboard and bridge consist of rosewood and it has Aquila tenor strings. Additionally, headstock veneer of spalted maple and mahogany neck makes it a more reliable option.

9) Cordoba 23T Tenor Ukulele

Take a look at the beautifully designed Tenor Ukulele. It is made with special attention to aesthetics and exhibits commendable craftsmanship. It comes with a matte finish that makes it more elegant.

Considering the construction quality, this is a robust choice. The top comprises solid ovangkol and the same wood is used to strengthen its headstock veneer, sides, and back. Besides, the bridge and fingerboard comprise rosewood and the neck have solid mahogany.

The exotic selection of woods ensures improved durability in addition to high-quality sound. Moreover, the addition of Aquila Nylgut Tenor strings makes it a more reliable option. Try 23T Tenor ukulele for enjoying a more articulate and powerful and rich tone. It delivers excellent resonance and appreciable action.

Speaking of the size measurements, it includes 27.5 x 4 x 10 inches and its total weight is only 1.94 pounds. Being light in weight, this is easy to carry and easy to handle. Also, it is made to be very user-friendly and offers a comfortable play and easy tuning.

It is a great option for learning players and even if you are a beginner, taking a start with the 23T model would be great as it offers a convenient playing experience at a very reasonable price.

10) Cordoba 35T All Solid Tenor Ukulele with Polyfoam Case

Cordoba 35T is famous for its world-class construction, immaculate craftsmanship, and longevity. This is handmade and the hand rubbed PU finishing ads to its appealing look and enhances the resonance.

Not only it is beautiful in outlook, the functional efficiency is also matchless. If you are willing to spend a good amount of money, here is a worth buying ukulele for the expert players. Play it one and show your skills to the world. The easy playability and functional capabilities make it among the top-ranked models and you won’t regret your buying decision.

The physical dimensions include 31 x 13 x 5.5 inches and it carries 5 pounds weight. Its unique structural design features Spanish heel that makes it lightweight and assists in delivering high resonance. Additionally, the innovative structure adds to its durability.

Furthermore, the wider fingerboard design and fan bracing makes the play easier. 35T Ukulele uses solid acacia to form the top, sides, and back, while the binding, fingerboard, and bridge comprise rosewood. Moreover, it has abalone rosette. Lastly, it comes complete with a polyfoam case.

11) Cordoba 15CB Concert Ukulele

Check out this exquisite Concert Ukulele which is made to provide a pleasant and comfortable playing experience. Like other Cordoba models, it also reflects flawless craftsmanship and the solid construction makes it sturdy so that it can last longer.

Besides, you can purchase it at a very competitive price. Thus, if you want to get a good, well-made and nicely designed ukulele at a reasonable price, here is your pick.

The satin finish makes it look more elegant and adds to its aesthetic appeal. The 15CB concert ukulele is made to deliver high resonance and features a very commendable action and very strong tone.

Considering the size, it measures 24x 6.2 x 2.8 inches. This is very light weighted and carries only 4.25 pounds. As far as the construction is concerned, it is a hand-made ukulele and comprises high-grade bocote wood. It delivers a richer and round tone in addition to a distinctive appearance.

Some other prominent features include out-class Aquila strings, cream binding, abalone rosette, pearl buttons, and silver tuners. The easy playability makes it more favorable. Interestingly, you will find it a suitable option whether you are a beginner or a pro.

12) Cordoba Protege U1-M Concert Ukulele Natural

If you are looking for a concert sized ukulele and want to buy a more economical one, here it is. The simply made ukulele exhibits an elegant and decent outlook. Its structure is strong and good quality wood is used to enhance durability.

Thus, to enjoy a good performance with a long-lasting ukulele at a low price, try this one out. You won’t get such incredible quality at low rate elsewhere. What you would love the most about Cordoba Protégé U1-M is its natural wood color. Not only it looks attractive, it feels great as well.

As far as the size is concerned, it has 25.5 x 10 x 3.8 inches size while the total weight measure only 1.75 pounds. Being light in weight, it is easy to carry and also enhances the portability. A high-grade mahogany wood is used to build its top, back, and sides and it delivers a mesmerizing and strong tone.

Furthermore, the abalone style rosette and natural satin finish make it more desirable. Here is a perfect selection for the newbies. Take start with this affordable and well-structured ukulele and you will have an excellent learning experience.

Choosing the Best Cordoba Ukulele

All these are fully functional and matchless in terms of quality, construction, and playability. Cordoba offers some of the best ukuleles but the question is, which one is more suitable for you?

2) Cordoba 25SK Soprano Ukulele

  • Natural Satin Finish
  • Acacia Sides
  • Great Value and Sound
  • Ebony Fingerboard

1) Cordoba 15TM Tenor Ukulele

  • High Quality
  • Hand-Made
  • Great for All
  • Sturdy
  • Beautiful Design

3) Cordoba U100CM Concert Ukulele

  • Protege by Cordoba
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Rosewood Bridge

Well, the answer would be different for different players. The more appropriate ukulele for you would be the one that you choose according to your level of skills. There are some that are easier to play and are made for the beginners.

The starters should select from those in order to have a better learning experience. Similarly, these are some that offer pleasant and powerful sound and professional performance and the skilled players should choose them.

In addition to your level of expertise, another factor that should be considered while making a purchase is the music that you wish to play. Some models offer deeper tones than the others and you should select one as per your needs.

In short, first, you have to identify your skills and then your playing needs. Last but not the least, considering budget is also important. For instance, if you are taking a start, go for a low-priced model.

Similarly, the learners can choose moderately priced models and for professionals, expensive options are also available. Choose as per your requirements and budget and have a great playing experience with Cordoba Ukuleles.