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As a small member of the guitar family, Ukulele came into existence following its development in Hawaii during the exploration era of the 1880s when cabinet makers among Portuguese immigrant designed instruments similar to those are particularly popular back in their native land.

This was when the ukulele was born, and it quickly gains reputation across the island, especially from the wide support it received from the king kalakaua whose palace often play host to lots of ukulele performances.

The modern concept of the ukulele and its popularity in the present day of the United States became a reality when America music composers and songwriters started doing music with Hawaiian themes and sound during the 1920 period, and from then onward, it became popular, known across the music world.

People normally mistype the "Ukulele" as the "Ukelele" due to the pronunciation. The correct one should be "Ukulele". Here are the best Ukuleles or best "Ukeleles"

Top 3 - Best Ukuleles or Best "Ukeleles"

2) Everjoys Soprano Ukulele Beginner

  • Fine Basswood Body
  • Blackwood Fingerboard
  • Extra Light String Gauge
  • How-To-Play Songbook

1) Ukulele Concert Size Bundle from Lohanu

  • Premium Sapele Wood
  • Deep, Rich, Full & Loud Sound 
  • Step-By-Step Video Lessons
  • Aquila Nylgut Strings

3) Ranch
Concert Ukulele

  • Top Notch Quality
  • Aquila Strings
  • Warm & Dark Tone
  • Ideal for Beginners

Buying Ukulele for the first time?

Today, if you are considering buying a ukulele for the very first time, you might find the task a bit difficult because there are so many ukuleles in the market, and you just might not know what to buy.

If that is the case, this ukulele buying guide is for you - the guide you on how to buy, what to buy, and what types are there to buy. This guide will help you to avoid the mistake of buying the wrong product.

Ukulele and their different sizes

Before you buy your ukulele, first understand and determine what size would be most suitable for you. Generally, there are four main sizes of ukuleles in the market, each which its own peculiar characteristics. From small to large, ukuleles sizes ranges according to their names—concert, soprano, tenor, and baritone. A concert size ukulele is far much different from a soprano size ukulele.

Concert size Ukulele

Concert size ukuleles are designed to be a bit bigger and larger than their Soprano size counterparts. This type and size of ukulele typically come with frets ranging 15 to 20 in number markings, and due to their longer scale length, the strings tension is more than that of their Soprano counterpart, meaning the user will have to exert a bit of pressure on the strings.

Notwithstanding, the larger body size of these type of ukuleles provide a fuller and complete sound more than the Soprano can offer, even though the strings are tuned the same way.

Soprano size Ukulele

In sharp contrast to the Concert size ukulele, the Soprano size ukuleles are the most famous form of ukuleles known around the musical market. Typically, this type of ukulele comes with a smaller body shape, including the shortest fretboard.

As a result of its smaller size, it is highly portable, but also led to the general misconception that smaller ukuleles are more difficult to play, a wrong opinion held by many concerning the Soprano ukulele. Soprano size ukuleles usually comes with 12 to 15 frets.

Tenor size ukuleles

Talking about something that is large in length and body scale, the Tenor ukulele fit that description. This ukulele has 15+ frets, and just like the Soprano and the Concert, it is tuned to gCEA. If you are looking for a ukulele that will give you a fuller sound, trust the Tenor ukulele to deliver due to the larger size it possessed.

Baritone size ukuleles

Unlike the other sized ukuleles, the Baritone ukulele is tuned to DGBE, instead of gCEA. This positional DGBE tuned is the same position where normal top 4 strings guitars are tuned. The Baritone has a very unique and larger sound due to its larger size and body frame. For those who are good in playing the guitar, it would be a nice transition to play the Baritone.

That said, if as a player, you have no concrete reason to pick a Baritone ahead of the other ukuleles mentioned here, it is strongly advised that as a beginner, you shouldn’t buy it for the time being. The reason is, Baritone has different variations in tuning, which means, you will have to learn and master different chord shapes, with so much learning to be done.

Before you buy your ukulele, try as much as possible to try every size and see the one that suit you most.

Ukulele Body types

Every ukulele in the market comes in different body types and form. A ukulele is either made of plastic, laminate, or solid wood construction. Typically, most ukulelescome with solid wood construction, which are more expensive than plastic or laminate ukuleles. But don’t be fooled, it doesn’t mean they are always better. Prices for laminate and plastic ukuleles range from $30 to $135 as the case may be. Make sure you determine your budget first before making a choice on what to buy.

As for solid wood ukuleles, the nature of the wooden construction material will largely affect the price and quality to an extent. Ukuleles made of mahogany wood are more popular, while others made of basswood, hardwood, rosewood or zebrawood construction also fare well in quality and style. The one thing common to all of this wooden construction is that they tend to last longer and offers better sound quality than their plastic and laminate counterpart.


As a cardinal rule, no man goes to the farm without a matchet, so also when buying an ukulele, you will have to determine how much you are willing to spend. To be frank, rushing to buy the cheapest ukulele in the market is absolutely the worst and ill-informed thing you can do. This is because, the possibility that you might end up disappointed is very high, and you might even find it difficult to play and enjoy it.

That said, not all cheaply priced ukuleles are inferior or low quality. In fact, some can even compete with the best of the expensive ones out there. In other words, the price is not always the best determinant in measuring quality and durability. In this case, you are obliged to do thorough research and compare products before buying your choice.

Be that as it may, bear in mind that the cheapest ukulele typically starts from a $20 price, which can easily rise further into thousands of dollars. But if you are a beginner or just want to do your home or class work, you can get a playable ukulele with good resonance from $30-$70 without having to break the bank.

56 Best Ukulele Reviews and the Best Ukulele Brands

1) Lohanu LU-C Concert Ukulele 

This is perhaps, the best and most complete ukulele in terms of bundle pack and accessories. This concert size ukulele is by far better than the soprano size, with 3 inches bigger and better, offering bigger and better sounds, frets with wider space which are perfect for the adult player.

Lohanu is a famous brand in the ukulele market, and this one measures 24 inches long, made of the best mahogany from Sapele. The mahogany design covers not just the body but also the neck, top, the back and sides of the instrument.

The fingerboard of this Lohanu ukulele is made of rosewood while the best of all ukulele strings, Aquila strings is installed, alongside a handmade ABS binding, chrome die cast tuning gear and arched back for better sound control and playability.

As result of the Italian made Aquila quality strings, the sound from this Lohanu bundle concert size instrument is far better than what is attainable in most cheap soprano ukuleles.

But what actually set this ukulele apart is that it includes all necessary accessories—from case, strap, tuner, picks, to pick holder and an extra set of Aquila strings for better comfort and lasting play.

2) Everjoys Soprano Ukulele Beginner

What can be considered a great deal? When it is possible to get most of the available budget, then one can say he or she landed a great deal. Because in this case, we are talking about buying a ukulele, getting more than just the instrument in one single deal is definitely something one needs to consider.

This all-in-one kit offers more than just an instrument. This ukulele comes accompanied by plenty of accessories as well. But first, let’s take a closer look at the instrument. The body of the instrument is made of basswood, for increased resistance and sound. The fingerboard and bridge are made of blackwood, while the neck of the instrument is made of solid wood.

Due to the use of natural materials, the instrument is both enjoyable during playing sessions and it’s eco-friendly at the same time. It can be the ideal kit for a beginner, as the instrument comes with a manual meant to help anyone start playing the ukulele. Besides this, a digital tuner will always help the player stay in tune. Plus, a shoulder strap and soft gig case will give the player the chance to carry the instrument with ease.

3) Ranch UK-23 Concert Ukulele

Those who already master the art of playing the guitar, passing onto playing the ukulele will not represent such a difficult transition. With this professional-level kit, any intermediate or experienced player will be able to get everything he or she wants from a ukulele.

The ukulele does play differently than a guitar, but the basic skills acquired while playing the guitar will definitely come in handy for this type of instrument as well. Because it is a kit, everything required for a complete playing session is included. This means a digital tuner, shoulder strap, gig case, and even a set of extra strings and a cleaning cloth.

When it comes to the instrument, it is worth mentioning that it’s made out of sapele wood. Does this make any difference? According to specialists, ukuleles made out of this particular type of wood provide darker and warmer tones than instruments made out of other types of wood. In other words, it may be worth making the investment if it offers access to high-quality instruments.

A poorly made instrument can be disappointing in terms of sounds, tone, and easiness of play. An instrument is often something one doesn’t buy that often, so it may be worth thinking well before making the final decision.

4) Hola! HM-21BU Soprano Ukulele

There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and going by the elegant nature and quality of this ukulele, that saying is certainly true—the Hola HM-21 Soprano Ukulele is a head-turning musical instrument of extreme beauty.

In terms of general design, the Hola HM-21 is a well-made ukulele designed to achieve the soprano tone. The instrument features a durable and solid maple construction both and the top, back and sides of the instrument.

The maple construction was closely followed up with a series of elegant paintings bearing classy different colors. As for the fingerboard and bridge, they are made of rosewood capable of lasting for years. The frets on the instruments are 12, which are made of nickel silver, with fret positioning marks at 5th, 7th and 10th lying on top of the fingerboard.

The Hola HM-21 comes equipped with durable white nylon strings that are neatly arranged in place, while it also comes with silver geared tuners for purpose of achieving accuracy in tuning and overall quality sound output.

With this Hola!, you can say hello to music as a beginner or professional who just desire something more affordable.

5) AKLOT AKC23 Concert Ukulele

An instrument can easily become the ideal gift for a music enthusiast if it comes packed in the right way. This particular product isn’t just shipped with all the accessories required by any player, but it also has a box suitable to be offered as a gift.

First of all, the ukulele delivered in this package is made entirely out of mahogany, which gives the instrument sturdiness and a warm sound. In comparison to ukuleles made out of laminated materials, this option is a much better investment.

An interesting fact is that the instrument gets even better in time, as the wood ages. So, offered to a beginner, both the student and instrument will evolve together, improving their style in time.

Because we are talking about a kit, the ukulele has all the accessories required for comfortable playing sessions. A tuner will keep the instrument in shape, extra strings just in case, a set of picks, a shoulder strap, gig case, and even a manual will be available.

The manual is meant to help the player acquire the basic set of skills for playing the ukulele in the shortest time possible. The instrument’s booklet will also recommend online videos that will complete and complement the learning process.

6) Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

If you have been looking for great way to feel the vibe of a tropical atmospheric sound, the Kala KA-15S is your best bet to achieve such purpose. Whether you are lying put, kicking back in a recliner in your living room, or you are strumming in the comfort a hammock right on the beach, the Kala KA-15S is a great way to spread and feel some wonderful vibrations.

The Kala KA-15S ukulele features rosewood and mahogany body design suitable for beginners as well as four-strings strumming professionals. The instrument is cheap for a beginner, offers great sound and classic functionality.

It is perfect for a beginner in the sense that it serves the purpose for someone to play and practice with and see if it’s the right choice for them.

Although the strings come as plastic strings, they are not inferior in any way, as they have the ability to hold their own for a very long time. The neck and body of this ukulele are good and doesn’t appear flimsy. This is one of the best beginner’s ukulele you can get in the market.

7) Donner DUC-1 Mahogany Concert Ukulele

Here is wisdom: the best ukuleles are those that conform to traditional styles and settings, without deviating from quality and durability. Donner Concert DUC-1 is a traditional ukulele that is built with strong mahogany wooden material both on the body and neck of the instrument. The mahogany design brings the player a rich and brighter sound.

The DUC-1 also features a bridge and fingerboard design that consists mainly of rosewood material, which in turn, offers the player comfortable feeling of play. Right on the fingerboard and neck top lies 18 brass frets with their markings starting from 5 to 7, 9, and 12 fret positioning respectively.

Donner DUC-1 also features a smooth and completely patented tuner similar to chrome plated guitar style types, which ensures the instrument is always in perfect tune. In addition, the ukulele bundle comes with a gig bag, a reliable strap, durable carbon nylon strings, and solid digital clip-on tuners as purchase gift.

8) Kmise MI2169 Soprano Ukulele Beginner

Anyone interested in learning how to play the ukulele should take a closer look at this starter kit. The kit contains a beautiful instrument and other items required to rehearse and play music by using the ukulele.

Made out of mahogany, this instrument doesn’t just look good but also plays amazingly well. The wood makes the instrument produce warm sounds, improving one’s performance, regardless of the played music.

The manufacturer added a digital tuner in the package as well, so that tuning the instrument will never be an issue. Until a beginner learns how a ukulele should sound, having a tuner around is certainly an advantage.

The frets of the instrument are sanded with care. This makes the instrument easy to play and comfortable even during extended rehearsal sessions. The player won’t feel tired after playing the ukulele because a minimum amount of pressure is required to make the instrument play.

Sore fingers will never become an issue in this case. The kit can also be a solution for those who want to learn to play the ukulele at home, on their own. With the help of a booklet and a set of recommended online videos, basic skills can be easily acquired.

9) POMAIKAI Hawaii 21 Inch Soprano Ukulele

It is always best to learn to play an instrument during the early years of childhood. Children are much more receptive when it comes to acquiring new information and developing new skills. Not to mention that learning how to play music is great for children, as it stimulates their creativity and gives them something fun to do. So, this instrument was specially created for children.

It measures only 21 inches, so it won’t be a heavy instrument for a child. The instrument comes, of course, with a gig case. This will help with its protection and for easy transportation of the ukulele to and from classes. But, even if it is a small instrument, it was still made out of real wood.

After all, a child is best to learn an instrument while hearing the real sounds it makes. This is why this ukulele made out of mahogany can be a great option. The mahogany is a wood that provides warm tones and high pitches to instruments. So, it will be very enjoyable to play such a bright-sounding ukulele.

Also, the nut of the ukulele is made out of real cattle bone. This material is much better than plastic, in terms of offered tonality. Thus, this instrument may be small, but the quality it offers is great.

10) Martin Smith UK-222-A Natural Soprano Ukulele

This Soprano ukulele from Martin Smith can be an ideal instrument for a beginner. The price tag is more than accessible, so it can represent a good way to start for those that don’t want to invest too much in instruments. As the player acquires experience, he or she can move to more complex and expensive instruments.

But, for the moment, this ukulele can serve them well. The affordability of this ukulele can also make it great for children. It is a known the fact that children are more prone to getting their instruments damaged if they get distracted or disregard the teacher’s recommendations.

When paying this little for an instrument, the damage, if it occurs, won’t be that expensive. Also, an affordable instrument is a good option for children that would like to learn music, although they may not have this hobby for very long. So, this beautiful ukulele with a glossy finish can help them satisfy their curiosity and introduce them to the secrets of playing a string instrument.

Speaking of strings, the ones that are on this ukulele are made out of nylon. This means that they will last for longer, even if the player is inexperienced and pulls on them rather careless.

11) Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Ukulele

It is not that hard to respect a budget, even when buying an instrument. With this ukulele, the budget will survive, and the player will enjoy an easy-to-play instrument that is made out of real wood. However, it is worth mentioning that this is a Soprano ukulele.

If a player is looking to enjoy an instrument capable of producing a set of deeper and more profound sounds, the Soprano ukulele may not rise to one’s expectancies. But, apart from this, the Soprano ukulele can be a great instrument to have around. It has the possibility to improve any musical performance.

The body of the ukulele is made out of maple wood. This will give the instrument resistance and beautiful sounds. But, even so, it is recommended to have a special case or bag for the ukulele, to protect it against accidents and environmental factors. The wood is protected with a layer of gloss finish, which improves its aspect and keeps the wood safe for longer.

The ukulele also features tuners just like the ones seen on guitars. With their help, this ukulele will stay in tune all the time with minimum effort. Also, the instrument comes accompanied by a soft gig case for convenient transportation.

12) Diamond Head DU-106 Soprano Ukulele

If beauty is anything to go by, this Diamond Head Ukulele 100s series composes mainly of attractive designs that easily attract all eyes in any music store because of their bright and flashy colors. The Diamond Head Ukulele is available in 11 different colors that are built to thrill all customers—including kids and grownups.

Made of maple wood design, this Diamond Head Ukulele is built to satisfy customers’ budget without sacrificing toner quality or level of functionality. The maple-crafted design adds a crisp and bright edge and a lovely contrast to the airy, warm island sound which a lot of people are familiar with.

Built as a soprano ukulele, this instrument has a gloss finish design to last longer, in addition to the strong maple body and neck. The instrument also comes with three geared guitar style tuners which ensure your instrument stays right with the tune.

Coming in a complete set of rainbow colors, Diamond Head DU 106 comes with a correctly spread out and painted fingerboard, with smooth and polish fret, while a matching gig-bag makes this instrument beautiful to play and to carry about.

13) Hola! Music HM-124MG+ Concert Ukulele

If you are truly interested in an instrument that offers both quality and durability without breaking the bank, the Hola Music HM-124MG+ Deluxe Mahogany Concert Ukulele has got you covered.

Coming from the high success selling rate of its sister version—the HM-21, the HolaMusic HM-124MG+ is a proud follow-up of the HM beautiful line of ukuleles in the concert series.

This ukulele is suitable for new and professional players alike, and because of its traditional look, this deluxe series is the perfect choice for you at anytime and at anywhere.

As a concert scale instrument, the HM-124MG+ overall body length measures 24 inches, featuring a nato neck and body made of the best form of mahogany wood. The bridge and fingerboard are designed using rosewood while the 18 frets of the instrument are made of nickel silver. The markings of each fret position stands at 5th, 7th, 10th, 12, and 15th on top of the fingerboard.

The HM-124MG+ also features premium Aquila nylon strings of Italian origin, which is durable, producing warm and embracing sound for all players.

14) Kala MK-S Makala Soprano Mahogany Ukulele

Starting out as a ukulele student doesn’t mean that the instrument has to be a cheap option or an item that is not of good quality. It is possible to find great quality instruments, suitable for an entry-level player, without spending a small fortune on them.

In fact, it is recommended to start with an instrument that is not too expensive, considering that practicing on it could take a toll on the instrument. So, having said all these, this ukulele represents a good option for anyone looking to learn how to play this kind of string instrument.

The traditional mahogany ukulele was taken as an example of the making of this product. This is why this ukulele looks and sounds like a vintage mahogany instrument, but without a high price tag. Due to its construction, this ukulele can provide warm and full-bodied tones that anyone can enjoy.

Besides mahogany, this ukulele also features walnut for its fingerboard and bridge. To provide great quality during performances, the strings were imported from Italy, more precisely from the famous Aquila brand. So, the player is actually getting a beautiful instrument that is more than ready to perform.

15) Hricane UKS-1 Soprano Ukulele

Keeping with the Hawaiian culture and tradition of making instruments, Hricane steps out to take part in the competition by producing a unique concert ukulele design featuring a Sapele body and perfect nylon strings.

As a soprano ukulele, the UKS-1 is a great instrument with amazing sound quality. The tones of this instrument are deep, rich, loud and welcoming, with sweet and unmatched resonance.

If you are thinking about learning the ukulele, this is the perfect choice for you. This Hricane UKS-1 is a high-quality ukulele which features a gray neck fingerboard and 18 brass frets to match.

The Hricane UKS-1 comes with durable and quality gig bag with shoulder straps which you can easily take out and install at will. The ukulele is very light, and the easy arrangementsof the nylon strings makethis particular instrument the top choice for beginners and children alike. Among all the ukuleles, the Hricane has the highest pitch you can think of. It has a very rich sound and melody.

16) Cordoba 15TM Tenor Ukulele

Most people, if not all, knew that Cordoba is famous brand name when it comes to the manufacturing of musical instruments. The construction and overall quality of the 15TM Tenor Ukulele is designed in like manner after the 15CM Ukulele, which happens to be Cordoba’s best selling model till date.

The Cordoba 15TM Tenor Ukulele is designed to offer more room and comfort for players who find the concert ukulele too small. The 15TM is a hand-made ukulele and it features a mahogany wooden design at the top, back, and sides, which this little body ukulele a complete size, with rich and enticing sound.

Features like the abalone-style rosette and ivory body, including the fingerboard binding are the unique things that set this ukulele apart from the rest in its category.

Furthermore, the 15TM also comes with satin finish, made up of silver tuners with pearl buttons, and a classic style premium Aquila strings. For beginners and professionals, this is the perfect ukulele to acquire, especially with its good look and intuitive functionality. This wonderful instrument is also available in concert size (15CM) and soprano size (15SM).

17) Mahalo MK1TBR Kahiko Series Soprano Ukulele

The Mahalo Ukulele MK1TBR is the type of instrument that was motivated by the old-fashioned dance of the Hawaiian folks—the ancient famous Kahiko dance. The Mahalo MK1TBR is the type of ukulele design to suit festive celebration due to its unique sound output and top class ease of playing among different classes of players—from the beginner to the serious-minded and professional player.

This Mahalo MK1TBR Ukulele features a bridge and fingerboard made of solid and durable mahogany construction. The ukulele itself is available to players in four characteristic and part-gloss, transparent finishes.

The frets of this instrument are made of brass, and although it doesn’t sound as smooth as the more expensive types, the Mahalo MK1TBR helps in recreating the mellow sound that characterizes the unique Hawaiian ukulele at an enviable value.

The MahaloMK1TBR Ukulele is an instrument designed to achieve the soprano sound. However, this ukulele is mainly designed for the beginner and because of its simplicity; it is suitable for learning classes and practices at all levels. This kahiko ukulele comes with a super thin carrying bag for easy storage and transport.

18) ENYA Nova U-WH Carbon Fiber Concert Ukulele

Those that have nothing against spending a bit more on a ukulele could direct their attention toward this product. It is ideal for concerts and other artistic manifestations because it performs just as great as it looks.

Made out of carbon fiber, this ukulele was made to last. It is a good option for experienced players and beginners alike, due to the fact that it is easy to use and resilient to wear and tear, in comparison with instruments made out of wood.

What’s the difference between a traditional ukulele and one made out of carbon fiber? Well, besides the obvious modern appearance, carbon fiber ukuleles tend to provide brighter sounds. Besides this, the instrument has a side hole design that helps propagate the sound to the audience even better.

Of course, it is worth taking into account the instrument’s light weighed. Carbon fiber is not just durable and reliable, but also lighter than wood. This makes transporting the instrument comfortable and convenient. Speaking of transportation, this ukulele is shipped with a soft case. A shoulder strap is also included, together with spare strings and a capo. So, it is possible to say that the player has the basic accessories required to get started.

19) ENYA EUC-25D BU Concert Ukulele

Although traditional ukuleles are beautiful due to the natural color of the wood from which they are made, there are players who prefer something different. This gorgeous Enya ukulele, suitable for a variety of performances, including live concerts, can rise up to their expectancies.

The soundboard of the ukulele is made out of solid mahogany. The wood chosen for this part will give the instrument a balanced sound and warm tone. Without a doubt, it will be a pleasure to play this kind of ukulele. The tuning gears are made out of die-cast and the strings are made out of fluorocarbon, Enya made as well. This combination of strings and tuning gears will allow the player to enjoy a tuned ukulele for much longer.

Also, the fingerboard was made to suit the needs of students. In other words, it is very easy and comfortable to play this Enya ukulele. A great advantage is a fact that the instrument comes together with all the required accessories. We are talking about a gig case, digital tuner, shoulder strap, capo sand shaker, a set of extra strings, picks, and even a cloth that can be used for polishing the instrument.

20) Kala KA-C Satin Mahogany Concert Ukulele

Who can resist or withstand the laid-back vibe and chime from one of the best Ukulele producers and trusted designers in the market?

The solid sound and vibrations emanating from these small, slim four-stringed strummers make money spent on highly priced ukuleles a waste of fund. The Kala KA-C is a unique ukulele that is suitable for the new or seasonal player.

The instrument features a gorgeous string of high-quality design that plays and sounds much like expensive models. Kala products are not regarded as the best for nothing. This concert model offers the perfect size, and it’s so easy to play. Not overly fancy, the Kala KA-C gets the job done and doesn’t look cheaply made at all.

The kala KA-C features a mahogany with customary white binding. The 18 silver neck frets and tuners with Chrome Die-Caste sealed gears lined up on the bridge and rosewood fingerboard. The strings are made of premium quality Aquila Nylgut designs, while the Mahogany neck with gloss finish rounds up the overall quality of this ukulele.

21) Forever Trustly Vizcaya UK23C-MA Concert Ukulele

A string instrument enthusiast will always look for a special instrument, the one that speaks best in his or her case. This is why this handmade ukulele may attract the attention of someone searching for a beautiful instrument that was made with a lot of attention to details.

With a body made entirely out of mahogany wood, this ukulele looks amazing and plays even better. The sounds are deep, warm, and pleasant while offering high and loud pitches at the same time. For a better playing experience, the fingerboard and bridge were made out of rosewood. This type of wood is softer and will not put pressure or create discomfort for a beginner, who may not be used to playing the ukulele for very long.

The tuning pegs are of the same style and model like the ones used for guitars, so keeping the ukulele in tune will not be a difficult issue. By simply twisting the pegs, the instrument will provide the sounds desired by the player. There are 18 bass frets and 15 more frets on the neck and the top of the fingerboard. So, in spite of its reduced size, this ukulele is a versatile and reliable instrument to have and to enjoy.

22) HUAWind Beginner Soprano Ukulele

HUA Wind is a 2-inch size ukulele designed as the soprano-tone instrument, and available in many colors like blue, brown, dark, pink and light blue to choose from.

The material used in making this ukulele is dried for two years before usage, which ensures great sound quality and resonance that is almost like those of expensive models.

The body of the HUA Wind Soprano ukulele features a basswood construction, which covers the top, back, and sides of the instrument. The body is designed to be lightweight, which makes it suitable for children and beginners.

The fret board is made of hardwood, with 12 fret markings, while the neck material which is made of maple, is summed up with a gloss finish.

HUA Wind ukulele also features nylon string which plays and sound good, something that is perfect for kids and teenagers to practice on. The accessory that comes with it the HUA Wind Ukulele include a gig bag, 1 nylon string, 1 tuner, 2 picks, and a polishing cloth.

23) Kangaroo 10333 22.5" Ukulele

Are you looking forward to win one of the biggest and most exciting talent shows in America and beyond? This unique ukulele with Electric tuner and a host of accessories will sure help you to claim the coveted prize and set you up for life as a good player.

Kangaroo’s ukulele is a solid design that features a special geared electric tuners and high quality premium strings for maximum sound control and effective playability. The ukulele body features include a special, durable plastic and faux wood, a design that is suitable for up-coming artist or beginners. The electronic tuners include batteries to ensure a hitch-free tuning.

Design with comfort and ease of play in mind, this ukulele comes with attractive accessories like the strap and carrying case for easy carriage and safety of the instrument, a song book and a step by step instruction manual for ease of play and maintenance, and two guitar or ukulele picks. Although this Kangaroo’s ukulele was designed for the beginner, adults or professionals can also play it as well.

24) ADM JU441BK-23 Mahogany Concert Ukulele

All day Music Inc. is a reliable brand name in the musical instrument world, and the design of this ADM Mahogany concert Professional Ukulele is a commitment to ensuring that all entry level or student grade musical instruments are playable and comfortable, with enjoyable quality to insure the overall success and enjoyment of the individual making use of the instrument.

This ADM ukulele is a professionally made instrument that features a zebrawood body, with the rich satin mahogany finish, while the bridge and fingerboard are made of solid rosewood construction.

The instrument also features Chrome-die-cast tuners which ensure your instrument will maintain a proper tune all the time. The ADM Professional Ukulele provides a great sound, coupled with enduring playability that far exceeds most of its competitors.

The mahogany body and rosewood fingerboard features make it a great choice for beginners, including four-strings strumming professionals of all levels. Areas around the sound-hole feature a stylish patterning which elicits fresh feelings during play.

This model comes with premium tuners and Nylgut strings originating from Italy while featuring a gig bag for easy protection and transportation.

25) ADM JU114-21 Soprano Mahogany Ukulele

ADM keeps up with the competition by continuing the Professional series of its awesome Ukuleles designed for beginners and professionals alike. This particular model features dustproof-die-cast tuners, which mean the player can achieve accurate tuning while maintain the ukulele in a perfect tune and desired sound effect.

Like its sister version—ADM Concert 23 Inches—this ADM 22 inches ukulele features mahogany body construction, with fingerboard and bridge made up of rosewood finish.

Furthermore, the four strings that come with this ADM 21 inches’ ukulele is made up of high Italian Aquila Nylgut materials, which is very helpful in protecting your fingers during play, while also giving you a clear and solid sound that is perfect for classical tone, jazz or any other music style.

The ADM 21-inch ukulele is designed to suit many occasions and can be handled by beginners or professionals strumming for strings instruments. It comes with a gig bag for easy packaging and transportation and safe keeping, while the company has included full money-back guarantee plus another one year warranty to underline its capability and reliability.

26) Kulana GUKT Mahogany Tenor Ukulele

A beautiful ukulele made of mahogany wood, this product can be a great start for beginners and students. It comes with everything needed to get started in the shortest time possible. This means that besides the instrument, the package will also contain a set of spare strings, three picks, a digital tuner, a shoulder strap, and a soft case. In other words, the player has everything he or she needs to use and play the ukulele safely, by making one single purchase.

The best part is that this bundle comes at a very affordable price. Beginners should bear in mind that making significant investments is not necessarily a good choice. Even if one wishes to invest in his or her musical career and evolution, it’s best to start small and work your way toward great performances.

In spite of the fact that this product displays an affordable price tag, it is made by hand. Thus, quality is great, and the product is made to perform well each time. The only condition is to keep it in tune at all times. Besides this, the mahogany wood body and genuine Aquila strings will make the rest.

27) Sawtooth ST-UKE-MS-KIT-1 Soprano Ukulele

Although all ukuleles appear the same in look and style, what really set them apart is the quality of sound, durability and control mechanism. These qualities define the Sawtooth MS-KIT as a solid mahogany soprano ukulele.

The Sawtooth MS-KIT is a soprano ukulele that features a mahogany body construction both at the neck region, at the top and at the back of the instrument. It also has beautiful and elegant laser imbedded rosette, together with 15 frets, all revolving around a natural satin finish.

The fingerboard and bride of the Sawtooth MS-KIT Ukulele is constructed out of rosewood with charming dot inlays. Like most other ukuleles, this one also features 4 strings of Italian Aquila Nylgut design for easy play, and the geared tuning keys ensure your instrument stays in position for perfect tune maintenance.

This model comes with an instruction manual guide designed t aid the player in quick understanding of the entire instrument.

28) Sawtooth ST-UKE-MPS-KIT-2 Pineapple Ukulele

As the name of this product suggests, this is a ukulele with a special shape. This time, Sawtooth prepared a Soprano ukulele that is shaped like a pineapple. The shape will not affect the performance of the instrument in any way. On the contrary, the ukulele is balanced and more than capable to surprise the audience with beautiful sounds.

It is worth mentioning that the entire body of the instrument is made out of mahogany wood. So, not just the front is made out of mahogany, as it happens in the case of many other ukuleles, but also the sides and back as well. This aspect will make the instrument come up with warm and rich sounds, transforming each performance into a very pleasant one.

The ukulele also features 15 frets, which makes this instrument a rather versatile one. The bridge and fingerboard are made out of rosewood, which is beautiful and makes playing easy at the same time. The fingerboard features dots as well, allowing the player to guide himself or herself easier when learning to play the instrument.

The tuning keys of this ukulele are geared, and the player will enjoy a set of Aquila strings, which are already installed on the instrument. So, quality is available at lower prices as well.

29) Balnna Rainbow Maple Concert Ukulele

Measuring 23 inches, this ukulele looks like a smaller guitar, yet it sounds that a well-balanced ukulele. It will be impossible to ignore the rainbow design of the ukulele. It looks so cheerful and makes the instrument capture a lot of attention during a performance. But the design and looks of this ukulele are not the only details that will impress you.

The instrument is made out of tiger maple, which doesn’t just look good but also contributes to making a ukulele sound amazingly well. This is due to the fact that maple wood is wood with high-density fibers. This means that the sound produced by the instrument will be deep and rich, as its body will resonate in an incredible manner to the actions of the player.

However, the gorgeous colors of the instrument are more than just aesthetic details. The fingerboard features different colors, which will help a beginner find his or her way around the keys easier. The ukulele comes equipped with Aquila strings and is accompanied by a suitable case.

30) Luna UKEHONU Soprano Ukulele

Feel the taste of the tropics and bask in the euphoria of unmatched soprano sound, all from the glorious strumming of this outstanding Luna Mahogany Series of Honu’s soprano ukulele. This piece of wonder is primarily designed to replicate the authentic traditional style Hawaiian body ornamentation.

Designed from solid mahogany wooden construction, the Luna features a rosewood fingerboard with 12 frets and a triangular MOP inlay. The entire body decor is finished up with quality satin, even as the body boasts a laser-etched Polynesian tattoo construction on the body of the instrument in order to represent a Hawaiian turtle known as “honu”. Each of the fret markers in this awesome ukulele represents shark teeth, and the designs are monochromatic, coming in black and tanned brownish colors.

In terms of playability, the four strings that accompany the Luna can easily be adjusted with the open style tuner to achieve a rich, melodious, warm and balance sound. The instrument is lightweight, weighing just 2 pounds, which means it can be taken to anywhere of choice.

31) Oscar Schmidt OU5 Concert Ukulele

The competition to keep up with the high famous and regarded Hawaiian culture and tradition of sound and play, continue in breathtaking fashion. Oscar Schmidt is no new comer to the world of musical instruments and is not surprising that they could come out with something unique and reliable in the form of the OU5 Concert Ukulele.

The Oscar OU5 Concert Ukulele features a classy Hawaiian koa top, back, and side construction, which look striking in a natural gloss finish. From the go, the OU5’s rosette and abalone binding is the icing on the cake for an instrument that is as beautiful as it is in quality and reliance.

At the Nyatoh neck of the instrument lays a 16-fret fretboard made of rosewood, while the Grover chrome tuning machine ensures that player stays on the right and appropriate tune all the time. Regarding appearance, the wood finish of this ukulele looks very nice with some depth to it.

Every note and sound on the OU5 concert ukulele is very clear and is exactly what it should be, compare to some of the cheaper models, this is certainly a dream come true instrument with beautiful design. The fact that Oscar Schmidt places a life time warranty on this ukulele denotes their commitment to quality and reliable instrument.

32) Ranch Starry Blue Concert Ukulele

When one is looking to begin the learning process of playing an instrument, even the selection of the instrument can be difficult. There are aspects that are unknown by inexperienced players or persons that never touched a ukulele but have the desire to learn playing this kind of instrument.

For instance, it would be better to get a ukulele with an arched back, rather than one with a flat back. Why is this important? An instrument with an arched back will provide a better resonance to the sounds it makes. Thus, the sounds will exit the soundhole louder and richer.

This concert ukulele has this rounder back feature, this is why it is worth taking it into consideration. The size of the instrument is suitable for concert performances and regular playing sessions or study. 23 inches are enough to help the instrument sound well during live performances while allowing the player to learn and improve his or her techniques.

The headstock and neck of the ukulele are made out of Okoume, while the fingerboard and bridge are made out of rosewood. The top is made out of Sapele wood and the entire body of the ukulele is stained in a gorgeous blue shade. It comes with a gig case and Aquila strings, plus it offers access to 12 online lessons meant to give the player a good start.

33) Cordoba 20CM Concert Ukulele

Who is like Cordoba in the musical instrument world? The giant returns with the Cordoba 20CM, a concert size ukulele packing lots of attractive and durable features. The Cordoba 20CM is of wooden design, consisting of the best mahogany finish at the top, including the back and sides of the ukulele.

The Cordoba 20CM Concert Ukulele has a satin finish and a natural wood pattern rosette, which combines to make a solid and beautiful instrument for both beginners and ukulele enthusiasts as well.

Although this instrument is much of the flashy type, it is however, well made. The mahogany construction at the neck is extremely solid, while the fit and overall finish are good; without extraneous glue, nice tight joint, and even finishes across the neck and the body.

Regarding sound and functionality, the Cordoba 20CM offers nice sound and are easy to play. It has a nice mellow tone, good to sustain, and a reasonable volume. It allows easy action on the fretboard and almost in tune.

The fact that it stays in tune for a remarkably well for a new instrument, shows how solid and reliable this ukulele is to players of every range.

34) Ellen Spruce Mahogany Electric Concert Ukulele

If the player has acquired a set of skills when it comes to playing the ukulele, he or she may be interested in getting an electric instrument. This option is more suitable for being used during concerts and other live events. Of course, one can also practice and participate in rehearsal sessions with this ukulele.

The advantage is that it is possible to enjoy an electric concert ukulele, with all the necessary accessories, when this is needed. Beginners may be interested to learn that this is also a kit suitable for the inexperienced players. When looking to learn how to play the ukulele, one doesn’t have to opt for an acoustic instrument, if the electric version presents more interest.

It is worth mentioning that the ukulele comes with everything needed for both electric and acoustic use. So, it doesn’t matter how the player will prefer using the instrument because every situation is possible.

Also, due to its slightly larger size, of 23 inches, it will be easier to use this ukulele in a concert. The sounds it makes are louder and brighter, which are also improved by the presence of an amplifier. Mahogany and rosewood were selected for the making of this ukulele, so there’s no doubt it will perform as expected.

35) Kmise MI0969-KUS Concert Ukulele

Playing the ukulele can be a fun and relaxing hobby. For some, playing this instrument transformed into more than just expressing their artistic side, as they are participating in various events. Regardless of what drives a person to learn playing the ukulele, this instrument can be found in the affordable price range.

This instrument from the Kmise brand, for instance, is suitable for concert performances and for personal enjoyment at the same time. It comes with a proper gig base and digital tuner. The tuner will help the player maintain his or her ukulele in tune at all times. Thus, the tuning part will be done fast and extremely easy, even for a person that doesn’t have too much experience in tuning a ukulele.

The body of the ukulele is made out of mahogany, while the saddle and nut are made out of animal bone. Choosing animal bone instead of plastic will make the instrument vibrate better and enjoy an increased resistance. The fingerboard is made to be smooth and easy to use, minimizing the chances to inflict scratches on its surface. All in all, it is an enjoyable instrument to have around.

36) Luna UKETATTOO Soprano Pineapple Ukulele

A ukulele can easily be transformed into a nice gift. Anyone loving string instruments or looking to learn how to play one could certainly use this kind of gift. And if the instrument is beautiful decorated and shipped in a presentable box, the surprise will be even more pleasant. This is where this ukulele comes into the scene.

Having a reduced size and being shaped like a pineapple, this ukulele looks adorable. But, at the same time, it is a real instrument, capable of producing beautiful sounds. So, this is also a fully functional ukulele that can be easily used for a variety of performances and musical production.

The design and decorations used for this ukulele were inspired by the traditional body ornamentations of Hawaii. The meaning of the so-called “tattoo” present on the body of the ukulele is connected to what Hawaiians are fond of the most, and that is the sea. Thus, the symbols represent the waves, but can also represent the teeth of sharks, which are animals populating the nearby waters.

The same “shark teeth” symbols can be seen as fret markets, so a lot of attention to details was invested in the making of this ukulele. The ukulele is shipped with a soft gig case and a beginner’s manual, meant to help anyone get started right away.

37) Luna UKEMALU Maluhia Peace Concert Ukulele

Lots of ukuleles are designed to suit the traditional musical taste of the Hawaiian culture and heritage, and it’s no wonder that Luna is following in this direction. The Luna MALU Mahogany series continues with this wonderful Maluhia version, which means “peace” in the Hawaiian culture and tradition.

The Peace design is a strategic and special type of instrument, especially for designers at Luna as it embodies and represents a traditional philosophy they hold cherish.

In terms of design, the Maluhia features a laser Peace sign cut marking just at the sound hole of the instrument, including different languages interpreting the word “peace” forming a wonderful pattern across the soundboard.

The fret board of this concert ukulele is made of rosewood; the tuners are of the “open style” types, while the entire bodily design is complimented with the satin finish.

The Maluhia comes with a gig bag which enables the player to transport it easily from one place to another. The instrument is known to produce the quality sound that put smiles on the faces of listeners, including that of the beginner or professional player.

38) SanDona UKCB-MH Sapele Concert Ukulele

Another beautiful and typical instrument, this ukulele will certainly bring smiles on the faces of the player and audience alike. But it is not a ukulele made for aesthetic purposes. It was created to deliver the best sounds and make enjoyable music.

This is possible due to the spruce top, headstocks made out of Okoume Sapele, a fingerboard made out of walnut with ABS edges for increasing endurance, and a bridge made out of ox bone. So, it is easy to see that this ukulele has everything required to deliver a beautiful performance.

Because it was made to suit the needs of students and beginners as well, the ukulele is shipped with a digital tuner, a set of spare strings, a capo, and a gig case. This way, a student or enthusiast will have everything he or she needs to start learning how to play the ukulele.

Considering that it is a rather large instrument, measuring 24 inches, this ukulele will be ideal for live performances and concerts, as it is large enough to allow loud sounds and beautiful solo parts.

39) Fender Seaside Soprano Natural Ukulele

The soprano ukulele by Fender is a tenor sized ukulele that is suitable for both children and adults, as well as novice players, amateurs, and professional musicians. The Fender Soprano Ukulele is designed with a hardtail bridge as well as a C shaped neck that is much slimmer than usual ukulele neck profiles.

This neck profile is specifically designed to serve the purpose of making the ukulele snug and comfortable to use, it also makes it easier for children to pick it up and carry around with ease and makes for easy traveling. This ukulele is sold in five different styles that are, The Montecito, The Seaside, Seaside pack, Venice, and Zuma.

Buyers can also choose between six colors; Koa, Natural, Lake Placid Blue, Shell Pink, Candy Apple Red, and Burgundy Mist. Every ukulele, no matter what style and color are chosen, is constructed using mainly mahogany wood and basswood while the attached strings are made of nylon.

The soprano ukulele by Fender features what is known as a no-tie bridge. This no-tie bridge allows the ukulele player and maintainer to replace the strings without any struggle. The ukulele also features tuners that are vintage-styled, saddles, and even bone nuts.

40) AKLOT MI2649-AKM Bamboo Tenor Ukulele

This ukulele by AKLOT comes in 2 sizes; 23 and 26 inches. It is constructed for players of all kinds, whether they are beginners, amateurs, experts, or professionals. The ukulele has a neck, head, and body constructed using bamboo. This feature produces a sound that is bright and clear.

This bamboo ukulele caters to areas that have higher levels of humidity as bamboo is physically harder than wood and is known to shrink less in humidity. This also stops the ukulele from scratching the players' hands during usage.

The ukulele also features an advanced tuner machine, which means that this ukulele comes with advanced intonation which allows it to stay in tune throughout playing. Although, the player is still able to further tune their ukulele according to their requirements.

The purchase of each ukulele comes with multiple accessories such as a ukulele bad that is padded for protection, an extra strap, and one pick. Each purchase also comes with a warranty that is valid for two years after purchase. AKLOT has described this ukulele to have what is described as a low action play, unlike high play ukuleles which tend to tire out the players; this low play ukulele serves the purpose of not tiring the player after a long session.

41) WINZZ AU07L-23 Concert Ukulele

The Winzz Ukulele is a traditional and premium quality ukulele that is sold in two separate sizes; 21 inches and 23 inches. This product can be used and played by everyone, ranging from children to adults. However, as the name suggests it is built and designed to specifically cater to musicians, whether they are amateurs or professionals.

It has been constructed with mahogany and tonal wood and has a curved and rounded back. Every Winzz ukulele is crafted by hand which is why each ukulele has even and level lines on its body. The strings of this each ukulele are made of Aquila nylon. Furthermore, the fingerboard has been designed to have a higher density, which allows it to be suitable for both single-note players as well as multiple chord players.

However, the rosettes engraved on the soundhole and head of the ukulele have been engraved using a laser, as this amount of precision and continuity could not be achieved by hand. This ukulele comes with multiple accessories such as a nylon bag that is padded and waterproof, a digital turner that can be clipped on, one extra pack of the nylon strings, a finger sticker, a cloth used for polishing, and lastly three of picks of different and random colors.

42) ENYA EUC-M6 DB Concert Ukulele

There are cases in which a ukulele can present both modern and traditional features. For instance, this particular ukulele provided by Enya is made out of solid mahogany, just like classic instruments, but it is suitable for concerts as well.

Its 23-inch size allows the player to offer stunning solo performances, as the produced sounds are bright and rich. The design, however, is a modern one, looking more attractive to those searching for a more contemporary aspect. But, going beyond the special design of this ukulele, there are many other details that recommend this instrument.

For example, the tuning for the instrument can be done easier and will last longer with the help of a gold agate die-cast. This option is of a higher quality than the regular brass-plated zinc alloy used for this part of the ukulele. The finish of the ukulele will protect it against wear and corrosion, so it’s the kind of instrument that will be around for a very long time. It comes together with a padded ukulele case.

43) Paisen Rosewood Concert Ukulele

The Paisen Rosewood Ukulele is a professional concert ukulele, which means that it is specifically designed for professional musicians. However, it can be used by novice and amateur ukulele players. It can also be used for those who are learning how to play the ukulele, whether for fun or to become a professional player.

This ukulele by Paisen has an S-shaped, 21 inched, brittle sound and a T shaped bass, which is 26 inched. It is sold in one size, that is, 23 inches. This ukulele is finished and ready to be sold after going through a traditional Hawaiian process of manufacturing.

As the name suggests, this ukulele is built using rosewood, therefore, it has a rosewood panel that, when played, has a bright treble, a clean midrange, and a deep bass. The arched and rounded back of this ukulele helps in creating sounds that are both loud and clear.

Just like the panel, the fingerboard, bridge, body, and neck are all made of rosewood. The ukulele is easy to carry using the two buttoned strap installed. With a purchase of one ukulele, buyers get the following accessories; one ukulele bag, one strap, an extra pack of strings, one tuner, a pick, and a tutorial.

44) Diamond Head DU-200B Baritone Ukulele

Diamond Head returns with this Deluxe Natural Mahogany Ukulele—the DU-200B—the Baritone ukulele with authentic and distinctive shape that generate a complete body sound. The neck and overall body of the Diamond Head DU-200B are well crafted and designed with enduring mahogany for clear tone and high resonance.

The satin finishing of the instrument body enhances the warm rich colors of the mahogany body design.This DU-200B ukulele from Diamond Head continues to turn many heads with surprise and admiration.

First, the intonation is good, which makes it a real playable instrument instead of a toy. The sound is loud and the playability is simply unbelievable for the price.

Although the DU 200 series is designed as mid level instrument showcasing classic looks, regardless of the body style, it is the perfect choice for a beginner, even as the rosewood fingerboard is smooth and accurately spaced alongside the tuners for top notch accuracy and playability.

45) Sawtooth ST-UK-BSRED-KIT-1 Soprano Ukulele

Maintaining quality and style in unique form is what keeps most successful brands and products in the market, and Sawtooth is not in any way ready to depart from such cardinal principle.

The Sawtooth BSRED is a continuation of the company’s unique commitment to producing highly reliable and quality soprano ukuleles that wouldn’t break the bank in order to achieve stated objectives.

This BSRED version is designed to meet the needs of the beginners and kids who love to master the art of playing strings instrument using the soprano ukulele as a starting point.

The Sawtooth BSRED features a body construction made of basswood that is capable of lasting for years. The fingerboard and bride of the instrument after the same pattern of rosewood construction that’s common among most models of ukuleles. On this fingerboard is an inlay of 15 frets dot positioning.

The Sawtooth BSRED ukulele is available in three main colors namely; pink, red and green. It also comes with a quick start instruction manual guide, together with chords.

46) Kala KA KA CEMB Blue Satin Concert Ukulele

Kala returns with yet another top quality construction - the KA CEM Exotic mahogany ukulele - one of the best in the market. Kala brings to you something that can give you amazing bang for your buck. This gorgeous is capable of competing with the much expensive types, and in some cases, supersede some of them.

The Kala KA-CEM ukulele on arrival looks exactly what is in the picture at the pint of order, and the blue color adds more glamour to its overall elegance. It features mahogany body construction that extends to the top, back, and neck of the instrument, while the fingerboard and bridge are made of rosewood material.

Kala KA-CEM Ukulele features a super nylgut string derived from Italian superb quality Aquila material, which makes the sound good and adorable. Although the picture at the point of purchase shows a gig bag along with the instrument, some have complained of its absence upon arrival. However, this is a great ukulele for the beginner and the professional alike.

47) UBETA US-041 Soprano Ukulele

This ukulele is designed as a soprano instrument, measuring 21 inches in overall body size and length. The UBETA US-041 ukulele features an all inclusive mahogany body construction—both at the top, back and neck region of the instrument.

The fingerboard and bridge of the UBETA US-041 ukulele are of rosewood construction, something that is very good for beginners owing to its comfort-ability during play.

The strings of the UBETA are made of Aquila design—an Italian high-quality material which enables your fingers to easily scale through the lines effortlessly and painlessly.

The fret positioning on the fingerboard starts with a marking of 5, 7, 10, 12 and 15 overall. This instrument comes with lots of accessories like strap, bag, nylon string, picks, chord card and durable tuners as the gift.

Capping it up, the manufacturer is slamming a lifetime money-back warranty on this product for the comfort of the beginner and professional player alike.

48) Paisen Spruce Concert Ukulele

The Spruce Concert Ukulele by Paisen is a premium quality ukulele that is built in two separate sizes; 21 inches and 23 inches. The design and features mainly cater to those ukulele players that may be amateurs or play professionally. However, this spruce ukulele can also support novice players and anyone who plans on learning how to play.

This concert ukulele uses convex technology within its resonant box that allows the player to both increase and decrease the volume of the resonant box. This further allows for good quality of sound and supports the player to play their ukulele anywhere.

The fingerboard of the ukulele is ensured to have a smooth finish and feel during performing. The strings attached to this spruce ukulele allow the player to switch between chords without any hindrance and difficulty, therefore supporting any techniques that the performer uses.

Unlike other natural colored ukuleles, this ukulele comes in soft pastel pink. Each purchase of this ukulele comes with a ukulele bag, a strap, an extra set of strings, a ukulele capo, and a tutorial. Each ukulele, when purchased, goes through the debugging process once more. This helps Paisen ensure that, before shipping, each ukulele is intact, and all accessories are accounted for.

49) Bailando Handmade Wooden Soprano Ukulele

Have you been searching for that perfect beginner’s ukulele for your son or daughter? Search no more; the Bailando Handmade Wooden Soprano Ukulele is the perfect choice for your ward.

Bailando may be relatively new to most people in the musical instrument market, but their products certainly speak for their capability to measure heads with the best in the business.

The Bailando 21 inc ukulele is a deluxe ukulele that is handmade with high-quality materials. The instrument features a basswood body construction which includes the neck region, as a traditional shape designed to produce a complete body sound.

The fingerboard of this ukulele is made of rosewood, which provides comfortable feeling during play. On the neck and top of the fingerboard are spread 12-brass fret marks. Featuring chrome-plated guitar style tuners carrying plastic buttons for the durable and easy play nylon strings makes the overall playing experience a memorable one.

This Bailando ukulele also features a high great strap, suitable for the road-show or the evening campfire, an extra nylon string for tuning stability, plus a waterproof bag with storage compartment for accessories. This is truly a unique ukulele to acquire.

50) Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Ukulele

Are you in the market looking for a nice and sounding ukulele? You have found it!The Lanikai Lu is a unique ukulele that offers top quality sound and great playing, but one which demands some patients from the player.

The strings that accompany this ukulele appear to be extremely tight, so they needed sometimes to stretch and break into the point that they will not require much tuning.

When tuned to the right octave and to the G-C-E-A, the Lanikai LU is committed to rendering awesome sound quality that makes it suitable for the serious musician. The ukulele is something perfect to play with, plus the fact that it comes with a top class quality bag and tuner. It is very easy to carry along to anywhere of choice, especially when traveling.

The Lanikai LU also features a rosewood fret board with white binding. It has nato top, also at the back and side of the instrument. Apart from the gig bag and tuner, the instrument comes with a polishing cloth and an Austin Bazaar instructional DVD for easy use and maintenance.

51) Lanikai LU-21C Concert Ukulele

Linakai comes back with yet another daring, tried and proving ukulele that has met the test of time! The tune and the tuner that accompanies this model is perfect.

Although it’s cheap, it does the work far better than a phone app. So, it is highly recommended. The Lanikai ukulele provides a breathtaking sound woven in top quality and ending up serving new and upcoming artist well.

Although the A and E chord tend to go out fast within the first few days of playing because they are the tightest strings, they reserved the ability produce a great tune, especially when finely tuned to the right octave, rendering great sound quality that makes it suitable for the serious and committed ukulele player.

The Linaiki LU-21C Concert Ukulele provides great playing experience, including a top class quality bag and tuner. At the top of the instrument, their top design, including to the back and sides of the ukulele. The gig bag aside, Linaiki LU-21C also features additional accessories like DVD instructional tape and polish colors.

52) Caramel CT102A Zebra Wood Tenor Ukulele

Here is one superb ukulele you can call your own and trust to deliver the purpose why the money was being spent. Caramel CT102AZebra Wood Ukulele is designed primarily as a tenor acoustic ukulele with Aquila super nylgut strings capable of an action measuring 1.4mm at the first fret on the A string.

The Caramel’s unique capability was not just in be overtly cheap, with free shipping, but it sounds so richly and plays wonderfully in so much that its almost hard to believe it’s for such a cheap price.

For those with small hands, this is the perfect choice as it has great action, but the alluring irony is that people with large hands have also come to like it that much. The Caramel CT102A zebra wood design comes with bone nut and saddle, with solid 17 frets.

The quality and reliability of the Caramel CT102A are absolutely flawless. The tuning keys are something new, with some kind of rubber coating the button thereby making it easy to grip and tune.

It might just turn out to be the only tuning key you won’t have to replace at all. The neck and frets are just perfect, and with the zebra wood design, this is truly a revolutionary ukulele.

53) Fendor Soprano Ukulele “U” Uku” Mahogany

This stylish and splendid Ukulele derives its name from the Hawaiian word translated to mean “tiny”. The Fendor new Soprano Ukulele is among the smallest forms of the instrument in the ukulele family, but they composes of elegant designs and great sound which create untold happiness and rhyme when played.

The Fendor Soprano Ukulele features a mahogany wooden body design with soundboard bracing to elicit bright tone, a neck made of three piece mahogany and 12 fret rosewood fingerboard. The instrument also features a black body finish with a fingerboard binding, alongside an exclusive Fender headstock shape design and gold logo make.

Additionally, it features an open gear tuner which is common with moist ukuleles. The Aquila strings reverberate with classic soprano sound that is so rich and clear, while the smooth natural satin finish completely sums up the durability and elegance of this beautiful ukulele.

54) Makanu Mahogany Concert Ukulele

The Makanu ukulele is a 24-inch instrument that is made of strong and high-quality mahogany wood construction. The mahogany construction covers both the neck, back and sides of the instrument, in addition to a clear and high gloss finish which ensures long lasting durability.

In order to ensure the user get a better sound and durability from Makanu line of ukuleles, every material used in the making of this ukulele is natural and is dried for a period of 2 years before use.

As a concert ukulele, the Makanu Mahogany ukulele features carbon Nylon strings originating from Japan, together with Makanu metal tuning pegs which are engineered for optimum sound quality to keep the tune in proper shape and fit. The strings of this instruments are soft and smooth when touched, providing a very clear, sweet sound during play.

Demonstrating its ability to manufacture quality and durable instruments that compliment great and splendid voices of our time, this Makanu mahogany concert ukulele incorporates a rosewood fingerboard that makes this instrument great for beginners or professionals at all levels.

55) Keenery UK-210 Professional Soprano Ukulele

The professional Soprano ukulele by Keenery is a handcrafted ukulele that is sold in one size, that is, twenty-one inches. This ukulele is designed to cater to children, teenagers, young adults, and adults who either are learning how to play the ukulele or are novice ukulele players. Each soprano ukulele is made by hand with mainly mahogany wood and rosewood.

The strings of this soprano ukulele are made of Aquila nylon and attached by hand. The body of the ukulele is constructed using mahogany wood, the bridge and fingerboard of this ukulele are constructed using Rosewood. Keenery makes sure that each soprano ukulele gives a fuller sound and sustains for a long period of time by giving a curved structure of the back of the ukulele.

For aesthetic purposes, each ukulele is decorated with purfling as well as white binding encapsulating the body of the ukulele. The white binding also acts as a protective layer against moisture and wear and tear. With each purchase, the following accessories are included with the ukulele; ukulele padded and fitted case, three picks of random colors, one holder for given picks, one extra pack of Aquila nylon strings, one strap, and one tuner.

56) Honsing Sappeli Soprano Ukulele

As noted, all traditional soprano ukuleles derive their frame and overall designs from traditional Hawaiian ornamentation, and this Honsing Sappeli Soprano is not an exception.

The material design of this ukulele is gotten from Sappeli durable plywood construction, which covers both the back and sides of the instrument. The wood color is natural and the design style is very simple.

The entire body is well made, and if you are ordering this for a toy, be ready to get the surprise of your life as this instrument is far from being a toy.

This Honsing New Sappeli Soprano ukulele features a 12 fret, open style tuner. The fingerboard and bridge are made of the same natural Sappeli wood material. The nylon strings attached to this ukulele generate a glorious sound with mouth watering resonance.

The instrument comes already tuned before shipping, further providing convenience when traveling or vacationing.

Choosing the Best Ukuleles from the Best Ukulele Brands

You must have seen Taylor Swift and Dwayne The Johnson rocking their world and yours with ukulele, and ever since then, people have been going gaga over it.

Going back to the 19th century, Portuguese immigrants introduced this musical instrument to the Hawaiian community originating from the regions of Azores and Madeira. Fast forward to the 20th century, the popularity of ukulele impregnated the United States of America. These musical instruments are unique in their nature with four different sizes and construction variations. If you have taken a vacation to the beaches or islands, you must have seen the musicians playing this instrument and being in their element.

The best ukuleles are those that offer great sound and resonance that fit their description. A solid and quality built ukulele will maintain a perfect tuning condition, is able to last for a very long time, and comes with all necessary accessories that will make the playing experience easier for the beginner and professional alike.

2) Everjoys Soprano Ukulele Beginner

  • Fine Basswood Body
  • Blackwood Fingerboard
  • Extra Light String Gauge
  • How-To-Play Songbook

1) Ukulele Concert Size Bundle from Lohanu

  • Premium Sapele Wood
  • Deep, Rich, Full & Loud Sound 
  • Step-By-Step Video Lessons
  • Aquila Nylgut Strings

3) Ranch
Concert Ukulele

  • Top Notch Quality
  • Aquila Strings
  • Warm & Dark Tone
  • Ideal for Beginners

Facts About Ukulele

As interesting as ukulele looks, it comes with equally exciting facts which we have managed to bring out for you. Read up and widen your knowledge about it!

Ukulele is the infusion of cavaquinho and braguinha which are the Portuguese musical instruments. It is an active part of Hawaiian music. It has a nickname, the uke rather than being called “jumping flea” which is its literal meaning in the Hawaiian language. The first ukulele was introduced in 1879. The soprano is commonly used size of ukulele while the other three include baritone, concert, and tenor. There are only four nylon strings on ukulele and are named as G – C – E – A as notes. Usually, mahogany wood is used for the construction but the kids, plastic ukuleles are used.

George Formby Jr. was a comedian, and he often used ukulele in his performances, With My Little Ukulele in My Hand and With My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock to name two of them. In 1968, Tiny Tim used ukulele in his song, Tiptoe Through The Stulips. Also, a famous The Beatles song player, George Harrison used ukulele in his song, Free as a Bird. Martin Guitars has sold ukuleles as guitars in the 1920s. Further, Gretsch and Gibson were able to retain their business during an economic recession by selling ukuleles.

The ukulele’s strings aren’t tuned in an upward direction which is the main reason behind the captivating sound of ukulele. The bass ukulele is a combination of ukulele and banjo. In the early days, the ukulele strings were made of sheep and catgut, but today, nylon is used. As well, Neil Armstrong had a flair for playing the ukulele.

Popular Ukulele Brands​

When you are going to invest in the ukulele, make sure you are getting the value for it. By opting for one of the following manufacturers, we ensure that you will never regret your choice!

  • Donner

The company was first launched in 2012 to enhance the musical performances with their top-notch musical instruments. Donner was the first company to offer mini-pedals, and they have not let their baby-age decide the business for them as they are already making bounds with it.

  • Hricane

Rising from the roots of music, the company was launched in the year 2004, and they have been breaking the tradition of using basic musical instruments. They have inculcated advanced technology and the highest quality of materials in manufacturing. The company has a manufacturing factory in Huizhou City, Guangdong.

  • Fender

The company was launched as K&F Manufacturing Corporation in the year 1943 by Leo Fender. In the start, Fender manufactured lap steel guitars and amplifiers. Fast forward to the year 1985, and the flagship store was launched its flagship factory in Corona, California. Moreover, they also have a factory in Ensenada, Mexico, that was launched in the year 1987.

What to Consider When Buying a Ukulele

Due to the intense competition in the market place, every ukulele brand/producer rolls out different style and designs with the aim of beating the nearest rival in the business. If you want to invest in the ukulele, you need to consider the following aspects to ensure it provides value and the sound you want it to produce!

  • Ukulele Shape
    • Guitar shape type: You heard that right! This type is by far the most prevalent shape among the ukuleles. Every part of this shape is similar to the normal guitar. Whether it is the shoulder or upper bout, which is the curved portion that showcases the upper body or any other part thereof, this shape is a replica of the normal 4 string guitar. It also has a waste region, while some modern design incorporates a cutaway atop the upper bout, providing easier access to the upper frets. It produce a focused and balanced tone with its symmetric contours.
    • Pineapple shape: Which features a rounded back profile design, an inspiration from Hawaiian innovation that was first incorporated on instruments by the kamaka company? It produce sharper sound than the guitar shape type.
    • Boat Paddle shape: Once you understand the name, you already knew what it means. This is the most unknown shape among the ukuleles.
  • Size – There are four main sizes of the ukulele and are named;
    • The soprano is the commonly used ukulele and measures around 21 inches. The sound of the soprano is bright and high tones
    • Concert measures 23 inches and produces warm tones
    • The tenor is a bit larger than concert and tone warmth is a little enhanced as compared to a concert
    • Baritone measures around 3 inches
  • Material – The ukuleles are made of different materials and wood. The commonly used material is mahogany woods, but there are more diverse options as well. Different types of wood include;
    • Koa – for pleasant and focused sounds
    • Cedar – for enhanced midranges
    • Spruce – sensitive to strumming with an ability to make sweet sounds
    • Rosewood – for producing rich overtones
    • Maple – for fast notes and midranges that are balanced
    • Redwood – for sharp tones and clear melodies
  • Strings – The strings that come with your choice ukulele will definitely determine, to a large extent, the sound and resonance that emanates from it. This aspect of the ukulele is more pronounced among cheap models since most of them come with cheap strings and sound very badly. However, if you are looking for the best-stringed ukulele, we advise that you go for the one with Italian Aquila strings—they are usually of high quality with good sound and full resonance.
  • Fretboard – also known as the fingerboard, and its duty is to hold the frets along its position markers, dot or such other images designed to help the player stay oriented with the ukulele. We advise that you should consider fret board that is made of rosewood, as it is more visible while offering comfortable feeling.
  • Accessories – Whenever you are investing in the ukulele, make sure it comes with the accessories. The must-have accessories include tuners, picks, stand, hanger, capos, straps, and cases
  • Make sure you are opting for the right type of the ukulele such as acoustic or electric